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Chapter 17 Summary: Harry and Nymphadora play video games. Harry's birthday happens and it's nice. He gets a nice little birthday bonus from the game, but the dungeon he is given access to is way too hard. Later the duo enters the Entrance to Hell dungeon and slays Kelvileth with a little help from a holy friend.


Chapter 18: Pluto

Andromeda Tonks née Black was not looking forward to what she was about to do. Sure, she had gone over how it was probably going to play out a million times in her head. How there was no possible way she could get hurt in a place as fucked up as Azkaban, but she could not help the heavy weight that settled into her gut as she sat in a chair in Amelia's office. The woman in question was currently bent over, showing off her undeniably impressive derriere earned through years of Auror work and regular fitness, and fiddling with something within her fireplace.

"Sorry this is taking so long Andy. The personal floo for Azkaban is only used for the gravest of emergencies such as a breakout of some sort. There are a couple of odd mechanisms and a few passwords I'm putting in in order for us to access the floo."

"That's quite fine Amy. Take your time."

A minute later Andromeda heard a slightly loud *clunk* come from the fireplace and watched as Amelia extracted herself from the slightly tight fit, the expansion charm only activates when the floo was in use you see, stood up straight and then bent backward causing several spine chilling, in Andromeda's opinion, cracks to be heard.

"Sweet Maeve! I'm out of shape, haven't had to do something like that for years." A sly smirk bloomed on the redheaded Auror's face. "Do you remember Danny Sworag?"

Andromeda started slightly at the unexpected question. "Danny Sworag? Isn't that the Gryff you dated for a bit?"

"Mhm. He loved doggy style. This just reminded me of him a bit. Wonder how he's doing."

Andromeda choked on air at the answer and Amelia could not help the guffaw she let out upon seeing her face.

"Oh relax Andy. I know you're worried. I am too, to be honest. I haven't been to the prison in quite a while and have probably only been about six times in my entire career! We both know the Patronus charm and, forgive me if I'm bragging, are very capable witches. We'll be fine. So move it!"

'This witch is crazy.' Andromeda thought to herself, but she could not deny that the shocking piece of trivia Amelia had shared took her mind off of her worries. "Alright, let's go."

"Great." Amelia then turned back to the fireplace, lit it with an Incendio, grabbed some floo powder from the mantle, threw it in, stepped inside the green flame, winked at Andromeda, and said, "Azkaban."

Andromeda groaned even though the redhead could not hear her. "Oh, Amelia Bones. The hard-ass Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Meanest witch of the bloody isles." The grown woman said to herself in a high pitched mocking voice. "My ass. How on Earth did my daughter grow up to be just like my best friend?" The witch lamented her lot in life.

"Urgh, and now Azkaban."

One green teleportation later, funnily enough Andromeda did not see any other fireplaces on the way, the former Black found herself in a small, barren room made of stone with a single door. The only furniture was a desk, a single chair, and a filing cabinet. Wizards love filing cabinets.

Amelia was rummaging through one of the cabinet's drawers and triumphantly pulled out an ostentatious metal key. Before Andromeda could ask what it was for Amelia marched over to the door and unlocked it with the key. The witch shook her head. 'Of course it unlocked the door.'

The redhead then swung the door open and gestured to the opening grandly. "Welcome to Azkaban. Happiest Place on Earth.™"

Andromeda rolled her eyes and banished the image her mind had conjured of her daughter overlapping with her old friend. It was scarily accurate.

"Fasten your seatbelts and conjure your pratroni… patronuses? Whatever. Because you're in for a wild ride!"

"Please, stop, Amelia. Please. We went to that blasted muggle park in America once! Let it go! And can you please be a little serious?"

"I'm sorry Andy, but I can't. That's who we're here to get."

"I hate you. That was never funny and we all know it. So please, can we treat this with the… gravity that it deserves to be treated with?"

"…Fine. Expecto Patronum!"

Out of the 14-inch oak wand, with a dragon heartstring core, came a beautiful, silvery eastern dragon. It momentarily wrapped itself around Amelia before heading into the hallway outside of the office.

"Well, I'm ready." The Auror taunted.

Andromeda rolled her eyes before casting the spell herself.

"I'll have my Patronus go ahead since it can fly and yours can stick with us. Sound good?"

Andromeda simply nodded in response.

"Ugh, what a party-pooper. Let's go. I think he's on the third floor… err… and near your sister."

"I'm not here for her." Andromeda snapped.

Amelia was not touching that with a mile long pole.


It was not a long walk to Sirius' cell. The Dementors did not give the witches the slightest problem and Amelia made sure to use the stairwell that would bring them to Sirius before Bellatrix to avoid any sort of confrontation. When the witches arrived at the cell in question they were both caught off guard. Instead of the expected Sirius Black, most likely a sallow shadow of the man he once was, there was a large, emaciated dog.

"Is that a Grim?" Amelia asked.

"Sirius?" Andromeda asked at the same time.

When they got no response Amelia unlocked the cell door and slowly walked in, closely followed by Andromeda.

"Is- is he dead?" Andromeda asked hesitantly. 'You better not be dead Sirius or I swear to Merlin I'll find a way to kill you again. Oh, Morgana, I don't even know who would be the head of the family now. Is everyone dead? Oh no, I hope it's not Cissy's kid.'

Amelia hesitantly leaned in to hear for breathing and was able to relieve her friend's fears.

"He's alive. For now. I want to know why he isn't in an animagus cell." No longer worried about the prisoner Amelia kicked the half-dead dog in the side and screamed. "Wake the fuck up ya' bloody bastard."

The grim who was most likely her cousin startled awake violently and let out several pained yips as it tried to catch its breath. Then it realized that it was not alone and quickly returned to human form.

Sirius Black, now 100% identified as Sirius Black, was on his ass as he tried desperately to back away from the two powerful and not so happy women.

"I-" he interrupted himself with a violent cough. It was a bit difficult to understand him given how raspy his voice was, but the witches figured it out. "I- I can explain!"

"What is there to explain? You're an animagus. I'll be moving you to a different cell once this is over to ensure that you can't escape. Now, your cousin has some things she needs to ask you." The redhead backed away to let Andromeda in front.

Sirius' eyes widened as he fully realized that it was actually Andromeda who was here with Madam Bones.

"Andy! Andy! Listen! I'm innocent, I swear I'm innocent. Please, you need to help me! It was Peter!" He ranted, working himself up into something that slightly resembled a fervor.

Amelia rolled her eyes and Andromeda kneeled down in front of Sirius and placatingly said. 'Of course you are innocent Sirius. I already knew that. Now, I need your help."

"You knew?" Sirius asked suddenly calming down. "Of course you knew. That's why you're here after all. To get me out, right? Oh, thank you, Andy, thank you."

Growing impatient Andromeda simply said, "Yes, yes. Of course. Now, as I said before, I need your help. I need to get to Grimmauld, but I can not get in since I have been blasted off the tapestry. Can you do me a small favor and bring me back into the family?"

"Anything for you Andy. Anything. You're going to get me out of here, right Andy? Right?"

"Of course I am Sirius. Now about the tapestry."

"Yes. Right. The tapestry, That's right. Err…" Sirius put his hand on Andromeda's shoulder and continued saying, "Andy can be back in the family now… yeah."

A faint glow could be seen where Sirius was touching Andry and suddenly Andromeda felt as though someone who had been pinching her for years without letting go finally did so. It was not any sort of great unburdening, but it was nice to let go of something you didn't even realize you were carrying.

Andromeda swallowed her disgust and cradled Sirius's sunken face. "Thank you so, so much Sirius. You have no idea how much this means to me. To us. To Harry."

"Harry? Harry is with you? But how?"

Andromeda stood up and dusted off her robes. "I think that's a story for another time." She then turned to her best friend. "Amelia?"

"Thank Merlin, that was taking too long."

Confusion quickly filled Sirius when he suddenly found himself staring down Amelia's wand. "Wait, what? I thought-" He was interrupted by a lightning-fast Stupefy and bonelessly collapsed onto the stone floor.

"What a nutter. Everyone knows he's guilty. We can just look at, his… mark." Amelia's voice suddenly slowed as she grabbed Sirius's left arm and pushed the sleeve up, therefore, exposing his forearm.

"There's nothing there." Andromeda helpfully supplied when Amelia could not speak.

Andromeda's voice shook Amelia from her stupor. "Well, that doesn't mean much. I mean, he could have been unmarked for the sake of espionage." Amelia quickly supplied, her voice slightly shrill. "Yeah. That's it. Let's move this scum to a proper animagus cell and get out of here."

Amelia used a featherweight charm and a levitation charm to bring Sirius to his new cell and Andromeda quietly followed. Both women were deep in thought, so neither realized that they were not walking back from whence they came, rather they were continuing down the hallway which brought them to-

"Ooooohoohoohoohoooooooo~. Well if it isn't Little Miss MUDBLOOD FUCKER! THE BLOOD TRAITOR HERSELF COME TO GLOAT over little ole me?" Bellatrix let out an insane, though very weak, cackle and then spit on the floor. Or at least she tried to, nothing came out of her mouth. "The wittle whore wuvs sucking mudblood dick aww the day long. WELL FUCK YOU, YA CUNT! Oh wait, he already did. What's it like having a muddy pussy, Andy? A muddy pussy makes muddy babies, oh I wish I could just wrap my hands around that wee babe's-"

Halfway through her sister's rant, Andromeda grabbed the cell key from Amelia and walked right up to Bellatrix. At that point, the psychopath was playing with her fingers and talking about Andromeda's private parts. The middle Black sister saw red when Bella started talking about Nymphadora. She could not stop the violent slap she delivered to her older sister's sunken left cheek.

Bellatrix suddenly snapped to attention as she was awoken from a nap and grabbed her stinging, red left cheek. Her eyes locked with Andromeda's and she said, "Andy? What-"

Amelia knew her friend was about to explode and slowly backed down the hallway.

Seeing her sister react like that sent Andromeda into an apoplectic rage. That looked so clearly reminded her of all the people she could be mad at. Voldemort for taking her big sister, herself for letting her sister go, Bellatrix for being taken, her parents for raising them the way they did, her family for BEING WHAT IT WAS!

"DON'T YOU FUCKING LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!" Andromeda screamed, her eyes welling up with tears that quickly spilled onto her cheeks. "YOU DON'T GET TO FUCKING PLAY THAT CARD! YOU ARE FORTY YEARS OLD! THAT TIME IS LONG PASSED!" The burning rage suddenly became a deathly quiet one as Andromeda knelt down to be face to face with Bellatrix. "Talk about my daughter again and I will splatter you across-"

Bella's face twisted from confused to enraged as she curled into herself, started tearing at her hair, and let out an eardrum-shattering screech. Then she started screaming.

"YOU LEFT! YOU LEFT! YOU LEFT! YOU LEFT! I COULDN'T! I COuldn't! You left… you left." Hate fueled screaming became broken sobbing and Andromeda's anger was quenched faster than a spark in a cotton factory.

Andromeda could never explain why she did it, it was practically instinctual. An action she had repeated an innumerable amount of times long ago.

Andromeda hugged her sister. For a moment time ceased to exist and Andromeda was overwhelmed with old memories and emotions.

Bellatrix was deranged anyone could tell you that. A long time ago that had simply been, "Oh, she's a bit touched in the head, but she's alright." She was "alright" because Andromeda made sure of it. Whenever Bellatrix would have a fit it was not Druella who stepped in to soothe her eldest daughter, it was Andromeda.

There had been a countless number of nights that Andromeda had spent holding her sister until she fell asleep and the first time she remembered doing it she had been three. In that situation five-year-old Bellatrix has simply grabbed Andromeda and used her like a teddy bear. Back then Andromeda did not understand what was going on, but by age five she knew that it her responsibility to calm her sister down. It was not until Andromeda had been burned from the tapestry that she understood exactly how important what she had been doing most of her life had been.

Andromeda loved reading and it was a matter of coincidence that she had picked up a psychology textbook one day from Paddington library. She was mildly curious and liked the cover, but the experience took a turn when she started reading about disorders. Too many descriptions, like that of bipolar disorder, began to perfectly apply to Bellatrix. Beyond the eldest black sister's terrible life choices something was very clear.

She was sick.

"I am… sorry I left Bella, but I could not stay in that house."

"Yes. You. Could." Bellatrix bit back.

"I will not have this argument with you. Thank you for never sending your friends after me Bella… I- perhaps I will visit again someday soon."

Bellatrix just sneered.

"I am going to help you Bella." Andromeda got up and left the cell. "Goodbye."

Bellatrix did not yell again.


An hour later found Amelia and Andromeda back Amelia's office and drinking some delicious hot chocolate to combat the chill Azkaban had left within them.

After taking a long sip Amelia laid back in her chair and stared at the ceiling. "Andy?"


"What if Sirius is innocent?"

Andromeda rolled her eyes and put down her mug. "Listen Amy, Sirius is insane. The years in Azkaban have no doubt perverted his view of reality. And even if he doesn't have the mark that does not prove anything. In fact I would say it's even more damning. Sirius putting up a front for most of his young life and worming his way into the Dumbledore's little army in order to better serve Voldemort is something well within the bounds of reality. Such devious and downright evil plans are something I expect from my family."

Amelia squirmed uncomfortably in her chair. "But wasn't he… you know, abused?"

"That's the explanation we were given as to why he ran away from home, but what if that was just a convenient story to make himself out to be the poor, helpless puppy that the Potters could not help but take care of? Now he's a part of a light family, no way he can be dark right? It's the perfect spy cover. A deep agent if you would."

"You've been reading too many spy novels. And while it sounds good and "everyone" knows Sirius is guilty and Voldemort's right hand man… he just seemed far too… earnest today. When you mentioned Harry he was worried about him, not angry that he had survived."

Andromeda simply listened and sipped her chocolate.

"I don't know what's the truth. But I do know that if a man has been wrongfully imprisoned in Azkaban for ten years then we've got a problem."

"Whatever you say Amy, you are the Auror. I will pop over to the office for a bit now. Have a good evening."

"You too Andy. Take care."

When the door closed behind her best friend Amelia tapped a small button which summoned her secretary.

"Nancy, head down to the archives and get the gophers to find everything on Sirius Black's case. I want it on my desk before the day is out.


Amelia was just about ready to check out for the day and return home to her cute niece when her assistant entered her office.

"Oh? I gave up when you didn't come back after two hours. What's the news?"

Nancy fidgeted for a moment before answering. "Madam, we pored over nearly everything in the archives starting from the year of Black's incarceration but… Madam Bones, we believe that Sirius Black may not have received a trial."

Amelia blinked.


"I'm sorry, but it sounds like Sirius Black is in prison without having been given a trial. We gave the damned Lestranges a trial, what happened?"

"I do not know madam."

"Well, Crouch had my position then and I know he did a lot of personal sentencing. Nancy, would you know is Bartemius Crouch is still in the Ministry."

"Yes I do madam, Crouch is known for staying as late as possible. I've heard he's even slept here a couple of times."

"Hmm, call for him."

Fifteen minutes later Amelia sat across an unsurprisingly grumpy Bartemius.

"Why on Earth am I here Amelia? Need some advice?" Crouch asked. The unsubtle condescension clear in his voice.

'Old bugger never got over being fired. A shame.'

Amelia grabbed a file and slid it across the table into Crouch's waiting hands.

"Tell me Crouch, what's in that folder?"

Crouch opened the folder and his face contorted a reddened as he became enraged.

"What the bloody hell kind of fool-" He began to spit out between clenched teeth before Amelia interrupted.

"Whoa there Crouch, what's the name of that folder?"

Crouch's lip curled in disgust. "Sirius Black. What of it?"

"You see Crouch, the issue here is that that folder is supposed to hold the information pertaining to the trial of Sirius Black. It is empty, in fact, it did not exist before I wrote that name on a random folder. You were the Head of this illustrious Department of Magical Law Enforcement before me Crouch. Why didn't Black get a trial?"

Crouch sputtered as he tried to fart out an answer. "W-well, we all knew he was guilty. Dumbledore himself informed us that he had been the secret keeper for the Potters and then he blew up all those muggles and Pettigrew hours after Harry's victory. You-Know-Who's Right Hand Man and all of that. A trial for him would have been laughed at by the public so I just skipped it. The war was wrapping up and people were ready to celebrate Amelia, was I supposed to damper everyone's spirits by parading that monster in front of them?"

"Yes! He's a citizen of Magical Britain! You gave the Lestranges and your bloody son a trial!"

"Don't you dare bring that bastard into this!"

"Or what?"

Crouch said nothing.

"Nothing. I looked up to you Crouch! You were hardass, but you got the job done! Now, because of you, I have to give Black a trial. Be happy I'm not going to drag you through the mud. Get the fuck out of my office."

Crouch rudely shoved his chair aside as he stormed out of Amelia's office. A few seconds later Nancy's head popped into the doorframe.

"Did… I suppose that didn't go well madam. What were you hoping to hear?"

Amelia let out a long sigh as she let the tension she had built up during the short meeting flow out of her body.

"I just wanted to hear that Bagnold had given him carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with known Death Eaters, but I already knew it was hopeless because Black's the only one with this situation. Honestly, I just wanted to yell out my frustration at someone. Nobody's going to like this."


Harry and Nymphadora blanched at the screen that appeared before them once Kelvileth had fallen to the ground.

Nothing in life is easy. Sometimes to have to get your hands dirty to get what you want, what you need. Consider this to be a learning experience oh Gamer. Remove the heart you need from Kelvileth's chest lest your quest fail. After all, it did say "harvest his organs."

Nymphadora read it much faster than Harry. "Oh, eww, that's nasty."

Harry reacted in the exact same way a few seconds later. "Ugh, I don't wanna."

"Me neither kiddo, but c'mon. You got something that will work for this?"

"... Yeah, I still have a bunch of short swords from the slime dungeon." thechild said before confirming that fact.

The duo then walked towards Kelvileth's body and spread it out. Then Nymphadora had a brain blast.

"Wait Harry, what if his heart isn't where hours is? You have to go slow."


The next half hour was filled with far too much gore and Nymphadora had to run away and throw up.

"Nym! I'm done."

"Harry! What the hell? Why did you do so well?"

"Hmm, I saw and did stuff like this when I lived with the kneazles. It was deer instead of demons, but I just went slow. Skin first, then cutting tendons and removing muscles; tossing the intestines and breaking open the ribs; Finally, getting out all of the interesting bits."

"That's… that's horrible Harry."

Harry just shrugged before showing off what he held in his left hand. "Anyway, check it out, it's Kelvileth's Heart!"

Nymphadora balked at the disturbing tumor that Harry claimed was a heart, but then she used observe.

Kelvileth's Heart

The heart of a Lesser Demon is not particularly special, though to humans and wizards it is a legendary item that only great heroes of old could ever get their hands on. Kelvilth is a healthy boy so his heart is in great condition.

Rare Item

Quest Item

"Well, you're not wrong I suppose." Nymphadora answered while cringing away from the grotesque muscle.

"OOO! Also, his heart was in the middle of his chest and his bones are super hard! And-"

"That's wonderful Harry, I hope you put it all away?"

"Yeah! It looks like all of his body parts are useful! The game even mentioned crafting and upgrading weapons when I was observing his bones."

"That's-" Nymphadora shuddered before continuing with a strained voice, "so cool!"

"Mhm! Mhm!" Harry responded as he vigorously shook his head.

"I'm happy that you're happy. So, we've got some time. Wanna complete the quest or check out… Hell?"

"Hmmm, can we at least walk into Hell? Just for a couple of minutes? Then we can get my wand!"

"That's just fine Harry."

After casting a couple of different cleaning spells to clean up Harry the duo entered the gaping maw of the red cave.

You have entered and thus gained permanent access to a new dungeon!


Have fun!

"Merlin's bloody bollocks I do not like this Harry." With the message came the full realization of where they were and the teenager was having some serious doubts as to whether or not they should actually be there.

"Aww, but it's so cool! Look at all of the skeletons!" The boy answered.

The cave was straight out of a low budget horror film. It was about ten feet tall and wide and awash in an ungodly red glow that could not possibly have any sort of natural origin. It was not completely littered in bones, but skeletons of various races had been strung up along the walls. The worst part in Nymphadora's opinion was the constant drip of water from wicked looking stalactites, at least she thought it was water. Upon closer look the liquid was far too red and thick to be water, the ceiling was bleeding.

"That isn't making it better. Let's just fight one mob and go okay Harry?"

"...fine." Harry sulked.

Oh and before you go! You two have earned a brand new title!

Apprentice Demon Hunter

The denizens of hell will one day fear your name! You are on a holy crusade to wipe them from existence… if you want.

+10% damage to Demonkind

"Hell yeah!" Nymphadora screamed while Harry let out an excited 'woo'. The two proceeded to equip their new titles.

A few minutes later the first mob appeared and Nymphadora breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't anything too freaky.

"Observe." The cautious teen said.

Title: Grunt Demon

Name: NA

Race: Imp

Level: 90

HP: 1,200/1,200

MP: 2,000/2,000


Str: 60

Vit: 60

Dex: 100

Int: 100

Wis: 100

Luck: 20

Charm: 10

XP: 90,461,297/157,285,800

Summary: A simple grunt level demon used to patrol one of the entrances of Hell. Kelvileth and his family are known to do good work, thus only weaker demons are used. Despite their lack of strength imps are crafty demons that hurl powerful fireballs. Imps are also good messengers because they have a short range teleport.

Drops: Cash, XP, ?, ?, ?


20% Fire Magic Damage Reduction

Grunt Demon

25% Magical Damage Reduction

10% Dark Damage Reduction

10% Boost to Dark Damage Deal


Holy Damage

"Huh, I'm pretty sure you can one shot this blighter Harry. So have at it."

"Oh, I got a great idea."

Harry grabbed Nergal's Hammer from his inventory and then started swinging it at nothing. Then he blinked right on top of the imp and completed his swing into the demon's skull.

Damage Calculator

Nergal's Hammer

Str Holy (Super Effective) + Str Necrotic + Str Blunt


Heavy Weapons Proficiency Lvl. 13

Damage Bonus: x1.13


Demon Hunter Apprentice

+10% Damage against Demons


Critical and Sneak Bonus


For a Grand Total of:


He dead

"Morgana's sweet snatch! That's a lot of damage!" Nymphadora exclaimed as she watched the rundown.

"Nym look! I got an eye!"

"Eww, no. Put it away and let's get out of here. R do you not want to get your wand?"

Harry gasped in shock. "Of course I do!"

"The move it tiny!"

As if spurred on by the gods themselves harry chucked the eye and the cash into his inventory, grabbed Nymphadora, and yelled, "ID: Escape!"


Two hours later Nymphadora consoled Harry as they walked out of Ollivander's. "I'm sorry you have to wait until tomorrow, but don't forget you're getting a wand! A special one at that if that old man's reaction is anything to go off of."

Harry was not cheered by her words. Since the quest reward had been a wand he was hoping for instant gratification, not to wait until tomorrow.

"Uhm, let's get some ice cream on the way home then!"


The cheery mood the two had as they slurped on some creamy goodness was unfortunately dashed when they arrived home. In the doorway silhouetted by the light shining from inside in the waning dusk stood a toe-tapping mother filled with righteous concern.

"Where have you two been?"

"Uhh, we popped over to Diagon Alley after the park and got some Fortescue's."

Andromeda let out a small sigh of relief. Azkaban had been a bit more stressful than she anticipated and her worry over her kids grew when she was working in her office. She knew Nymphaora would not do anything too stupid, but still…

"Okay new rule, you two need to be home before ten. Alright?"

"Okay." The two quickly chorused which threw Andromeda for a bit of a loop.

The mother eyed her children suspiciously as they entered her house, but ultimately she was just relieved they were fine.

"Sleep well my angels."

What Andromeda didn't know was that Harry and Nym could hop into a dungeon whenever they felt like it, a curfew was hardly an issue.


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