Hey guys! So, new story! I know I haven't updated VSIC (The Ventures of Sam, Isla, and Chloe), but I've been really busy lately. I got two new jobs, and a couple other things going on this summer, so yeah. But hopefully I'll get it updated soon. ANNNYYWWAYAYSSS here we go-

Horizon's POV

"But Mom! Which cabin will they put me in?" I complained. It was a sunny May day. School had just gotten out the week before. My mom had given me her old, stained, torn up, Camp Half-Blood shirt and her necklace with all the beads on it. We were walking up to the entrance of camp, the huge suburban we owned to fit all seven of us parked on the side of the road where Dad and Grammy had crashed their car before.

"Mom, can you put on Kung-Fu Panda on the way home?" asked my baby sister. The twins were fighting, something about a prank they were going to pull on Travis and Katie Stoll's kid. Charlie, my favorite sibling, was drawing a model of the college in New Rome. He was in all the advanced classes, he had inherited the smarts our Mom had, but he couldn't wait to be in college. He wanted to build so many things. Our Mom had gotten to rebuild Olympus when she was fifteen or sixteen. She was a big architect for New Rome now. Dad was head New Rome's marine anything, basically. He helped with any ordeal's under the sea, checked to make sure they actually had good boats, unlike the one he had on his quest with Mr. and Mrs. Zhang (who we usually just called Uncle Frank and Aunty Hazel).

As we walked to the Big House, Mom and Dad showed us all the Cabins and pointed to the archery range, the strawberry fields, ect. We saw a couple other campers that we didn't know, but I recognized everybody else.

"Uncle Leo! Aunty Calypso!" Yelled my baby sister, Erica, excitedly.

"Hey sweetheart!" said Aunty Calypso, her arms wide open, waiting for a hug. Erica ran into her arms and hugged her tight.

"Hey, man," said my Dad, greeting Uncle Leo.

"How you been, Aquaman?" Leo chuckled. I never did quite get why Uncle Leo called Dad Aquaman. Whenever I asked, they said it was an inside joke.

"Good. Towing these 5 to camp for Erica's first time." My Dad said. My Mom was giving Aunty Calypso a hug. I walked over to Cally and Jase, Uncle Leo and Aunt Calypso's kids.

"Hey Cally, Jase," I said as I greeted them with Charlie.

"Hey Horizon," said Cally.

"Hey, Charlie," Jase said, shaking Charlie's hand.

"Looks like our parents might be standing here awhile, do you guys want to go find Evander, Ryan, and Bianca?" asked Cally.

"Sure," Charlie and I said at the same time. We ran off to go find them.


"Evander!" I yelled. He was standing in front of the Hades cabin with Ryan and Bianca.

"Huh?" My technical cousin turned around.

"Hey Horizon," said Ryan, holding Bianca who was balanced on his hip.

"Hey, whew, Ryan," I said, breathing hard from running over.

"Horizon?" said Bianca.

"Hey, sweety!" I said. I had always had a place in my heart for Bianca. She was a very sweet little girl. She reached out for me to hold her.

"Here you go, I could use a break anyways, I've been holding her ever since Dad and Papa went to go see the Apollo Cabin," said Ryan, handing me Bianca.

"Oh, cool," said Charles.

"So, which cabin are you guys staying in?" I asked, while booping Bianca on the nose. She gave her cute little giggle and booped me.

"Evander and I are going to share the Hades cabin. How about you two?" said Ryan.

"Oh, we are going to share the Poseidon cabin, since we can both bend water. Eliza and Percy are going to be staying in the Athena cabin, because they decide their older siblings are too "boring"," Charlie chuckled. Despite his smarts, he had wanted to stay with me in the Poseidon cabin. I could understand that. We would technically get our own table and our own cabin, although usually we would sit with Cally, Jase, Evander, and Ryan at our table. Chiron had let us since we were little.

"Ha-ha. Yeah, we should get to the dining hall," the conch blew and we all raced to the Poseidon table. I won. We grabbed our food and gave offering to Athena and Poseidon, while Ryan gave to Hephaestus, with Cally and Jase, as well as Apollo and Hades. Evander offered to Ares and Hades. We all sat down at the Poseidon table while Chiron gave announcements. We ate, talked about what we had done in school. Then, we said goodbye to our parents. Nico and Will took Bianca back, who cried when she had to leave Ryan. Mom and Dad took Erica, and we started our adventures at camp.