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Charlie's POV

We all sat down to eat, taking our usual spots at the Poseidon table. We were excited for the much-awaited game of Capture the Flag. I was hoping Chiron would put the Athena cabin on the other team. I know that sounds crazy, but I really wanted to beat my siblings. Those two had won last time and didn't let us forget for two months afterwards.

We got ready for the game, heading down to the armory to gather weapons and armor.

We were called to the area in front of the forest where each game starts. Chiron announced the teams.

"Alright, campers, let's play! The teams are going to be a little interesting since our new arrivals. For red team, we have the Zeus, Demeter, Athena, Hephaestus, Hermes, Hades, Hypnos, Apollo, and Tyche. For blue team, we have Poseidon, Ares, Nike, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Iris, Nemesis, Hebe, and Hecate. Please, no maiming, killing, or anything that happened last timeā€¦" Chiron looked over at the Nike cabin, which all started to look elsewhere and start twiddling their thumbs.

"Alright, to your spots!" Chiron called. Horizon and I ran to hide in the trees. This year, we were on the offense. We could see the red flag mounted on top of Zeus' Fist, completely unguarded. Or so it appeared.

Horizon started to bee-line to the flag. She gave me a cocky look, one that I had recognized whenever she started to become reckless.

"Riz, no!" I whispered loudly. She froze, just barely in time. I saw multiple arrows being shot, one of which impaled her arm. She winced, and ran to the flag anyways. I ran after her, cutting the arrows shot at me with my sword.

We ran through the way we came, sprinting to get to our side of the arena. Horizon passed me the flag, taking her sword into her left hand, and trying to block any incoming attacks from hitting me. I was grazed by a couple arrows, but I continued to sprint, happy that I ran track this year.

I almost made it across the line, when I was tripped by a sword. My foot was bleeding everywhere, and a chunk of my shoe was gone. I looked to see who had butchered my new Nike shoes (Dad forbid us from Adidas. Something about a quest.) It was none other than Ryan. He grinned. We had faced each other like this before. Despite our family-like relationship, we still battled. I got back up, raising my sword, prepared for battle. Then I did the unexpected, I rolled under and past him, handing the flag to Madlyn Stoll, who ran as fast as she could across the line. Ryan and I continued our battle. I tried to stab his calf, diving down. He used my move to his advantage and cornered me, pointing his sword at my throat. We laughed, and he helped me up. We jogged over to the camp fire to sing songs and stuff ourselves with s'mores.

Once it was lights out, I could practically hear Wesley Stolls' giggles (They are apparently manly giggles, he claims) I got out of bed and walked down the steps of our cabin, only to see the Stolls spray painting the Hades cabin bright pink, the Aphrodite cabin black, and the Poseidon cabin red. I ran back into my cabin and woke up my sister. Horizon had a certain personality, she wasn't someone you wanted to mess with (taking after our mother.) Once we were both outside, all of Tartarus was unleashed.

Horizon immediatly yelled at Rider to stop painting sushi in read paint on the cabin, and chasing after him. This in turn, woke up Ryan and Evander in the Hades cabin, who also started yelling and chasing the Stolls. Their shrieks and laughter soon woke up everyone in camp, everyone chasing the Stolls. Some chased for the graffiti, some for fun, but most for waking them up. Chiron came out in his PJ's, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and glaring at the Stolls.

"Trash and dish duties for two weeks! Now, I want everyone in their cabins, now!" Chiron said, with a face that could make even Zeus back off. Horizon went to take a shower, she was covered in dirt and spray paint. I went back to bed, and of course, being a legacy even, I had dreams.