Notes: So first time that I'm posting something on this site. So I am a bit nervous about it… This little story is originally part of a long one but I don't know if I'm ever going to finish that one. But I liked this and I it can stand alone… but who knows maybe it will get another chapter…

Anyway it doesn't need much explaining. Season 1 of the Musketeers is canon except the pregnancy (sorry) although… it doesn't matter much in this fic. But if I'll ever continue it…

Also the poem is from the 1800's but I couldn't find a good one from earlier so hope you're not bothered by it… And finally I'm not a native English speaker, so I hope it's ok…

Also this had not been beta'd…

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Poem is by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton


It was a beautiful day. Queen Anne had trouble keeping attention to all the troubles that were presented to the King. She always supported her husband when he held audiences with the people. But that didn't mean it was all that interesting. Especially when it was expected of her to keep her mouth shut and to keep her opinions to herself. But she was a dutiful wife and supported her husband whether she agreed with him or not on the various cases.

Right now some Comte from who knew where was appealing the King, but it couldn't interest her. It didn't help that the room was smouldering hot and full of people. Her thoughts going back to a few days ago when Aramis had been with her.

/ I do not love thee!- no! I do not love thee!

And yet when thou art absent I am sad;

And envy even the bright blue sky above thee,

Whose quiet stars may see thee and be glad.

Aramis was reading a poem to her. She was, very unqueenlike, leaning against him. Her feet up over the edge of the small settee they were sitting on. She was only wearing a simple white chemise. It had been a warm day and the night did not bring much coolness.

I do not love thee!- yet, I know not why,

Whate'ver thou dost seems still, well done, to me:

And often in my solitude I sigh

That those I do love are not more like thee!

I do not love thee!- yet, when thou art gone,

I hate the sound (though those who can speak be dear)

Which breaks the lingering echo of the tone

Thy voice of music leaves upon my ear.

Aramis had shrugged out of his pauldron; his rapier and musket residing on a chair beside it. His arm was resting on her abdomen; their hands intertwined. With his other hand he was holding the poetry book he was reading from.

I do not love thee!- yet thy speaking eyes,

With their deep, bright, and most expressive blue,

Between me and the midnight heaven arise,

Oftener than any eyes I ever knew.

I know I do not love thee! Yet, alas!

Others will scarcely trust my candid heart;

And oft I catch them smiling as they pass,

Because they see me gazing where thou art.

Anne sighed when Aramis finished reading and closed the book. 'I love it when you read poetry to me. You have such a beautiful voice for it,' she said, caressing the back of his hand.

Aramis smiled, setting the book aside, but said nothing. He just kissed the top of her head and tightened his grip on her hand a little. After a moment of silence he did speak, 'I'll be leaving tomorrow for a couple of days.'

Anne nodded slowly, 'I know,' she sighed. 'I heard the Captain and the Cardinal speaking to each other about the trial. You're to escort the prisoners I assume…'

'Yes,' Aramis answered. 'But don't worry. I'll be back before you know it…'

Anne smiled, 'I know…' she sat up, turning towards him and looking at him. 'I always worry when you're on assignment.'

His hand cupped her face and he looked intently into her bright blue eyes, 'I will be fine, we will all be fine. If there are easy missions then this is one of them. And besides… I have my brothers with me.'

Anne nodded, but Aramis could see in her eyes that she still worried, but he let it go. He knew there was nothing he could say or do to stop her worrying… he just needed to come back to her. And he had every intention of doing that.

'How long will you be gone for?' she asked, knowing she would be counting the days for his return.

Shrugging, Aramis let his hands fall to his side, 'it depends… 5 or 6 days I think.'

Anne sighed resigned, 'Well… I will miss you."

He kissed her gently on her lips; his hands cupping her face. Her hands resting gently on his chest. The kiss grew deeper and soon Anne was pulling away, breathlessly. Her eyes still closed, she said, 'come to bed with me…'

Aramis, helping her up from her seat, made short work of the distance between the settee and the bed. Setting her gently on the bed he pulled his shirt over his head; before kissing her again he smiled, looking into her eyes; a mischievous glint in his eyes, 'I'm going to miss you too.'

Anne laughed, slapping him playfully on his chest, kissing him back.

It had been the middle of the night when Anne had woken up. She didn't know what had woken her up and she looked around the dark room to see what could have woken her but saw nothing that could have been the source of her awakening. Settling her head back on her pillow again, Aramis rolled over to her pulling her towards him in his sleep. Anne smiled, revelling in the feel of being in her lovers' arms. She knew he had to leave her soon; no one could know that he was here. He had to be gone before people inside the palace woke up.

Turning towards her lover she sighed regretfully shaking his arm, trying to wake him up. 'Aramis, you have to wake up…' she whispered, placing a light kiss on the top of his nose.

Eyes still closed, Aramis could not help but smile while pulling her closer to him so he could nuzzle the curve between her neck and shoulder.

Anne giggled pushing him off of her, 'I'm serious, Aramis. As much as I do not want you to leave, you have to.'

Aramis sighed finally opening his eyes, 'Alright,' sitting up and getting out of bed.

Anne looked at him while he dressed, feeling sad. She knew she wouldn't be seeing him for at least a week and who knew when they could be together again. 'I love you,' she said softly when he was fastening his weapons belt.

He looked back at her, smiling and going back to where she was sitting in the bed, 'and I love you.' He kissed her softly before saying, 'Now sleep… I will be back before you know it./