since there is no female anthro alolan Ninetales, dusk form Lycanroc or ninetales that has shiny dialga colored fur, spines, chest plate and helmet: I have decided to make one myself and it's a huge anthro harem, but anyways on with the story. Disclaimer: i do not own pokemon, it is owned gamefreak. however: I do own: the plot, and the custom ninetales.

Joey P.O.V: me and my friends: Austin Clayton Boykin, Jacob Semler, Josh Mcmorris, and Daniel Wagers were all playing Minecraft doing the normal things that we do: Build statues, build mini games, build custom homes, build airships, build huge villages, and other cool stuff that we normally do over XBOX Live. Clayton and I were building a Lucrehulk Class-Battleship with a few parts of the Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship and after we finally finished the huge ship on our personal minecraft map: Let's Play which was named after Achievement Hunter's Let's Play channel and minecraft world. we decided to call it a night and get off for the night. i now live in my dad's old room in my grand parent's house with my grandpa and grandma, and even though they are a pain in my ass because they need me to do almost everything to me, it's worth all the aggrivation because I get new stuff for the Xbox One and the other gaming consoles that I have. before I went to bed: I looked out of the window next to my dad's bed that is now mine looking at the night sky, even though I am living in Sulphur Springs Texas it never gets old i then saw a Shooting star and made a wish for pokemon to be real, and for me to have a whole lot of female anthro pokemon that I thought would be nice to have and they were on my mind at the moment: a Dusk Form Lycanroc, a Ninetales that had Shiny Dialga's chest plate, helmet, claws, and spines on her hips that grew larger when she launched her roar of time attack and having her fur look like Shiny Dialga itself, an Alolan Ninetales as they are unique to me, a normal Ninetales like they appeared originally, and a Reshiram since it looks like a mammal looking dragon to me. but before I went to sleep i said: "heh. i know that'll never come true, but it's the thought that counts. but if it does come true, it'll be like my cat Piggie giving me a gift from beyond it's grave." little did I know: my wish came true and I had the strangest dream, of me talking to Arceus it said before my dream ended that: "your wish has come true, and your cat: Piggie has returned to your home." after that: everything went black. the next morning I saw that Arceus was right and on my bed beside me: was my cat and best friend: Piggie, and the anthro pokemon that I made a wish for. and to say that they were hot: was an understatement. all of the anthros had natural HHH-Cup breasts which would make most men have a nose bleed, but they looked the same age as me since I am 19. when the Dusk Form Lycanroc woke up: she looked at me blushing as my sapphire blue eyes stared into her emerald green eyes but i then looked at her breasts like an idiot and once I found out that I was doing that: i slapped myself hard enough to blood to my mouth and then swallow it. then i noticed that she was lactating, but she still kept her eyes on me and blushing indefinitely. i then asked: "what's wrong? do you like what you see or something?" after I asked her that question: the others woke up and looked at me the same way while they too were lactating.

the Lycanroc then walked up to me and put my hand on her face before nuzzling me affectionately and the others tried to come up to me as well but she growled at them as if saying: "Back Off! he's mine for right now." which made the other anthros back away from me and I turned on my TV to Disney XD only to see an important news flash about pokemon becoming real. and my jaw dropped, "it appears, ask: and you shall receive." later in the day: me and the me anthros cleaned up my old room and moddified it heavily to their own room with me and my friend's and family's help which took us almost all day: but now the anthros had a new room or "barracks" as i like to call it and all the anthros went to sleep but Lycanroc decided to sleep in my room with me as she stood there completely patiently but the room smelled funny when I walked in and the way it could be described was: sweet and warm. I immediately looked at her only to see her panting heavily and once I put 2 and 2 together: "crap." was all i said before she pounced on me. and i then said: "ok girl, just next time try to tell me that you are in heat." and she nodded to me.

Lemon Start

she immediately undressed me letting me know that she was ready and she got on her hands and knees so that I could do her doggy style which I made the joke remark: "having sex with a dog: doggy style, how ironic." which made her smile, but I warned her that: it is going to hurt for her first time which made her nod but whimper at the same time but i reassured her that: after a few seconds, the pain would be replaced by pure pleasure. which made her then smile at me before I went through her pussy which she yelped out in pain but she trusted me and I kissed her on her muzzle which she knew that I was right and after i entered her womb: i had cummed inside after i had cummed: i looked at her stared at her milk filled breasts which she also saw that i was looking at her lactating breasts and let me pull out of her before letting me suck on her breasts and drink her milk, i started sucking on her left breast and after a few minutes i switched off her left breast on to her right breast and after a few more minutes i passed out.

Lemon End

she then stroked my hair and dressd me back in my underwear, and turned on my TV, and turning my ceiling light off before snuggling me up into her orange and white fur and wrapping me up with her arms and tail and putting my head on her breasts and putting her head on my back before falling asleep too.

my first lemon fanfiction ever, i know that it's probably god awful but at least it is a thing now. Read and Review. and no flames ya bastards, but constructive criticism is encouraged.