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I awoke in the morning with Lycanroc holding my head against her breasts and nuzzling my face lovingly, blushing while she does so. I asked her if I can get up and hesitates to let me go when i tell her: "i need to be fair and spend time with the other anthros too girl, it's only fair." which made her smile at me and kiss me on the mouth before she let me go. afterwards i got dressed for me to go outside and i looked around outside before yelling out in the voice of Chilled Chaos in the Dump Truck Joyride episode of Seananners's GTA V video playlist: "WOAH! WHAT IS THIS?!" before the Dialga looking Ninetales jumped down to me, nuzzling me affectionately and purring as she did so. and then I looked up at the thing that she was on, it was: a Lucrehulk Class-Battleship. a gigantic cargo freighter used by the Trade Federation and later: the Confederacy of Independent Systems from the Star Wars prequel movies, and I had a feeling that the anthros that were in my old room were up to something. was i upset or angry? not at all since I now had a huge starship, and once the Dialga looking Ninetales pulled me inside: the ship had everything that was used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems or CIS from star wars legends, canon, and in the star wars games. as i took in the breath taking view of CIS vehicles, droids, starfighters, shuttles, weapons, and equipment. the Dialga looking Ninetales was wagging all of her tails behind me and smiling that I am happy to see that I now have my own personal starship. i then turned around to the anthro, asked her: "did you build this starship and everything inside of it?" to which she yipped and nodded, and I was extremely impressed by the work done by her. i then asked her: "you look exactly like one of my custom pokemon, her name is Crystal." to which i found out later, that she is Crystal. me and Crystal started going through my MASSIVE starship and i was amazed by how she got everything on this thing as it was technology that is lightyears away from our time, i then told her: "thank you Crystal, but we're going to have to find a safe place to put this ship so that it doesn't get stolen." to which she pulled out a remote and I noticed that she used a button to lower the Lucrehulk down below ground to keep the ship safe, after which: we both went inside and got Lycanroc and the other anthros out of their beds and began doing some modifications to my house and afterwards it had: a pool, a second story to the house, a basement, and an elevator. so that i can go up to the second, floor basement, and hangar that held the my Lucrehulk, then while I went on my walk, the anthros then built more CIS ships such as: the Subjugator, the Providence (both the carrier and the dreadnought), the Recusant, the munificent, and the DH-Omni. after i got back: me and the guys went swimming over at Claytons's house until we all had to leave for dinner. after dinner: me and the guys began playing Minecraft over xbox live, and my cat Piggie who was resurrected by Arceus jumped on the bed as me and the guys finished with what we did the night before pokemon became real, the Piggie's resurrection, and me having the anthros who all have a massive crush on me as I have discovered with Lycanroc who was nuzzled against me and i smiled and petted her head, after me and the guys got done with what we were doing on Minecraft: we said goodnight and got off for the night. I then told Lycanroc that I will be with Crystal tonight and she understood by nodding to me before heading to my old room with the other anthros then Crystal walked in the room with me and as soon as she did: the room had that sweet and warm smell again and she looked at me blushing, while panting heavily. i could already tell: that she was in heat, and she wanted to mate with me, just like Lycanroc.

Lemon Start

Crystal walked over to me and put my hand on her face before pulling me into a passionate kiss, then I asked: is it ok if I take the chest plate off your breasts, and helmet off your head Crystal?" she nodded to me and I took off the chest plate which made her lactating natural HHH-CUP breasts fall free, then I took off her helmet. and then she undressed me letting me know that she was ready, she got down on her hands and knees so that I could do her doggy style like with Lycanroc. i then told her that it's going to hurt for her first, but after the pain leaves: it's all pleasure from then on. which made her smile at me and then I entered her and she yelped out in pain but she trusted me and I kissed her on her muzzle, and she knew that I wasn't trying to hurt her and and that the first time was indeed painful. then i began slowly thrusting into her pussy which she was now in pure bliss, after a few moments of me thrusting through her pussy: I entered her womb and I began to thrust in her womb before I had cummed inside, after i pulled out of her: she immediately dressed me in my underwear and pulled my head to her left breast: letting me suck on it and drink her breast milk, which she loved and began purring and after a few minutes I switched off her left breast and on to her right breast. and after a few more minutes: i let her right breast go.

Lemon End

i passed out from exhaustion, which Crystal could tell. she put her helmet and chest plate on my computer chair and she snuggled me up in her fur and wrapping me up with her all of her tails and putting my head on her breasts like how with Lycanroc holding me for the night, she then began to nuzzle my face before smiling, and going to sleep.

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