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Joey P.O.V: I woke up with my head on Nova's breasts with Nocturna holding me tightly while Aleu and Rockruff were on top of me, I began sucking on Aleu's left breast and drinking her milk first since she was the one directly on top of me which caused her to stir and moan blissfully before I began sucking on her right breast which caused her to blush, smile, wag her tail, and nuzzle me. and I did the same thing to the other girls, before I ended: I started on the second to last anthro which was Nocturna. I began sucking on Nocturna's left breast which made her jump awake, but smile and nuzzle me before I began sucking on her right breast. I then got dressed before leaving the room, I then exited the cave and I saw that my Munificent was not far from the cave and I asked the girls in the cave if they wanted to come home with me which made them nod. once we reached the ramp: I was tackled by Lycanroc who was yelping and in tears because she was so happy that I was ok. after we entered my ship: I was swarmed by the girls, Lycanroc, Kate, Lilly, Lupe, Olivia, and the other girls that I had met. I then began sucking on Lycanroc's left breast and drinking her milk for a few minutes causing Lycanroc to moan out in pure pleasure and bliss before I switch off of Lycanroc's left breast and I begin sucking on her right breast for a few more minutes. after dinner: I headed to my room Absol waiting for me with her soaking wet and dripping pussy.

Lemon Start: Absol undressed me before she got on her hands and knees for me to do her doggy style and I began thrusting in her pussy for a few minutes before I entered her womb. I then began thrusting in her womb for a few more minutes before I cummed inside of her womb. Absol then began letting me nurse off of her breasts: I began sucking on Absol's left breast for a little bit before switching to and started sucking on her right breast and drinking her breast milk before I let go

Lemon End: I fell asleep with absol and she turned on my TV and turned off my ceiling light.

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