Hello guys! I know it's been awhile but I went through a hard break up and this school year was a bitch and I just wanted to become a better writer before returning to writing fanfic. I'm co writing this with my best friend TayRita who just joined fanfic but is an amazing writer. Please read and review with any questions, comments, or concerns and we will pm with answers. Thank you and enjoy

Rose POV

Coffee had never been my favorite beverage, but sometimes I needed to compromise with my best friend. After all, it had been my idea to skip Chemistry.

As I'd guessed, Lissa was apprehensive of the idea when I first mentioned it to her during Spanish. Thankfully, through some prodding and reminding her that if she went she'd have to deal with Aaron and Mia's canoodling in the corner, she agreed to miss class under the condition that we were only gone for that period.

"Yeah, I'll just have a grande caramel frapp. What do you want, Rose?" Lissa's words pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Um, I'll just have a plain black coffee," I said after briefly glancing at the menu. The barista cocked an eyebrow at me. I smiled bitterly and she went back to make our drinks.

"So, Lissa," I started as we went to the back counter to wait, "how's Andre been."

Lissa's face clouded a bit, but she quickly covered it with a smile. "Good actually! He hasn't sent any letters yet, but from how my parents are acting it must be going well."

I nodded. I hadn't meant to upset her, but sometimes the smallest things could set her off. "That's great! Maybe you'll get to visit him sometime soon."

Lissa looked away. "No, I don't think so."


"—it's getting late, let's get ours drinks and head out."

My brows knit together in concern, but I said nothing. I didn't want to argue with her in a Starbucks.

"Grande caramel frapp for L-Lisa?" the barista called, butchering Lissa's name and effectively dissolving our tension. My drink came out shortly after, and Lissa

led us to an outside table. The fall weather was perfect for a short coffee break.

"How's Mason?" Lissa questioned, waggling her eyebrows at me suggestively. I rolled my eyes.

"He's fine," I said, not giving her the satisfaction of seeing me blush. "You know, you should stop worrying about my love life and start focusing on yours. When's the last time you've even considered dating since you and Aaron broke up?"

This time it was Lissa's turn to blush. "I don't know, I've just been focusing on cheer and grades lately and haven't really had time for romance." She shrugged and stretched her arms over her head in a fake bored yawn. As she did so, her expression twisted.

"Hey, isn't that Mr. Alto?"

"What?" I questioned, peering over her shoulder. Sure enough, Stan's sneering face came into view as we locked eyes. "Shit," I ground out, grabbing my jacket and drink, "Lissa, we need to get back to school."

Lissa grabbed her purse and frapp as we speed walked to my car. I tossed my keys to Lissa and she slid into the driver's seat. I'd just gotten my license and wasn't very confident behind the wheel, especially when I was in a rush not to be noticed by our school's baseball coach. I slammed the passenger-side door shut as Lissa backed out of the lot and sped out of the shopping center at a speed I wasn't one-hundred percent sure was legal. Looking at the rear-view mirror, I noticed Stan standing by his car talking into his phone, eyes locked on us. I could've sworn I saw him smile at me.

"Rose, I swear to God if we get busted for skipping…!" Lissa started semi-angrily.

"Relax!" I snapped, feigning confidence, "He probably didn't even see us! I promise, we'll be fine!"

Lissa started to slow the car for a yellow light, but I tapped her arm and urged her to run it.

"Rose, your dad literally just bought you this car. I am not crashing your brand new Ferrari!" Lissa huffed our in irritation as she brought the car to a complete stop. I sighed and drilled my fingers on the dashboard as I waited for the light to turn.

At long last, the light flashed green and Lissa sped around the corner back to Belgrade Senior High School. This was the first time I'd skipped with Lissa, and I'd rather die than be caught now.