Ok folks well I've been on a bit of a Supernatural kick lately(what with Netflix getting season 13-Jack and Scoobynatural are awesome) and as I was rewatching the show I just kept thinking what if Lucifer from Lucifer was Lucifer? So this happened end/start season 4/5 Supernatural and post season 2 Lucifer(so he has his wings)That's Lucifer!?

"He's coming." With that ominus statement Sam and Dean stood staring at the ever increasing light of the final seal broken before them.

"Wait a min what is that?" Dean questioned staring transfixed as a shape begain to form in the middle of the blinding light.

"I don't know? I mean he is still an angel right? Doesnt he need a vessel?" Sam said his confusion evident in his voice.

"I don't know it's frican Lucifer man."Dean said

"Will ye-" Sam stops cut off when the light flares it then dissapates leaving behind a tall man with dark hair.

"-otch." The man says with a british accent " Ditective? What the? Where on Earth am I?" The man questioned aloud looking around seemingly attempting to catch his bearings. "Oh nevermind." He says noticing Lilith dead on the floor he glances up at Sam and Dean. "The 66th seals, nasty bisness always gave me the-" *he shutters*"-well you know."He says.

"No I don't know." Says Dean in his what Sammy has dubbed his 'I will shoot your kneecaps off if I don't get answers in the next five seconds' voice.

"Anyway..." The guy presumibly Lucifer continues ignoring Dean "... I'm going to assume that you're here to stop me taking over the world. Along with whatever other nonsense dear old dad has been spewing about me. Bravo to you and all that however I have to be getting back to L.A. I now have to explain my dissapearince to the detective and then I have a very nice night planned with some lovely ladies I encounterered earlier today"

"Woah woah hold up where who and what are you going to be doing tonight?" Dean interups the guys little tangent.

"Well where, probably my bed as for what it's a tad R-rated plus I don't kiss and tell I'm the Devil not evil." Lucifer says.

"He means L.A. I thought you were in Hell I mean wasn't that the whole point of this? To get you topside?" Sam says a tad calmer now.

"Oh no not at all I mean I was in Hell but I've been on vacation for the past few years." Is Lucifers response

"Vacation?" Dean questions.

"Look boys nomaly I'd be all for a chat and maybe some more" Lucifer says sugestively " However I really must be off stop by sometime and we'll continue this nice little chat ok?" He says and then dissipears leaving a bissness card in his wake. Sam picks it up and reads aloud.

" Lucifer Morningstar

Owner of Lux


"Son of a bitch!"


Ok well that's all for now I'm thinking of maybe adding more like just oneshots in this universe but for now goodbye~KilluaLawliet

P.S. I apoligise for spelling and grammar mistakes I've been speaking reading and writing English my whole life but I still can't seem to master the last one.