A/N: Another beautiful day. Happy birthday to Cale, my OC character in my FictionPress fic.

To Hephataetus (Well, if we are talking about the Demigods here, might as well as the Gods themselves...at least until Zeus starts attacking us.): Lord Hephataetus, why don't you break up with Aphrodite? I mean, I'm not a marriage expert, but I can see if a marriage isn't working out, so sir, you should really file a divorce, and then Ares and Aphrodite can get married...or not. Aphrodite is kind of a ***(you can guess what I'm saying here).



Well, I'm not exactly Aphrodite's dream guy. I can repair stuff, but that's not what she likes. And if my dearest wife is tortured by me, then why shouldn't I stay and torture her? Not that I see her much, but the other gods get a couple laughs out of it. Besides, do you think Hera would let us be divorced? She is the one who got us together. ~Hephataetus

Well, I can't just let you be alone! So you can be pining for Athena forever. ~Hera

*Everyone in Hephataetus Cabin but Leo who is in his corner glares at Hera

What? Is this about tossing you off? ~Hera


I apologized! ~Hera

*more silence

Fine, be that way! ~Hera