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Chapter 7 Part 2 Shock and Awe

1250 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. Ops Div. Building - Armory (The Cage). Alexandria, Virginia.

Marius Dubois was dressed in black cargo pants, and a dark gray collared shirt, that had the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem on the left. Wrapped around the emblem were the words Firearms Training Unit, and under the bottom of the emblem were the words, Lead Firearms Instructor in black print. On Dubois' feet were also a pair of black combat boots, tucked into his black cargo pants. He looked the picture of the perfect instructor, hands neatly clasped behind his back, waiting for training unit Echo to arrive. As he waited, he went over his day so far in his head.

He'd gotten up at 0350, why so early? He was a man who liked to get up early to start his day. All Operations training instructors specifically, whether they were Officers or just Training instructors had a sort of set schedule of their own. They had long days ahead of them. After he'd woken up in his single faculty dorm room, he'd brushed his teeth for the allotted two minutes, then he'd proceeded to get ready for his morning run around the campus grounds.

Marius had met up with three other instructors, he'd gotten to know over the course of the three days they'd all been here. Shane Morrison, James Austin, Viktor Morozov. The four of them had formed a running group of sorts and they'd meet up outside their housing building, and go for a three sometimes four mile run. Each run they'd take, one of their stops would always be the outdoor firing ranges so that he could get and make sure everything was in order. Each day had been different, where they'd ended up at the end of their run. Today they'd ended up at the airfield, that was a part of the campus. At that early they'd actually gotten lucky and they'd gotten to see Agents Barnes and Rogers off for their mission to Colorado.

After his run with the other instructors, Marius hopped in the shower and let the warm water cascade down his back muscles. Getting a few of the kinks out. He dressed in his uniform and went to go check on the indoor range and checked in with both the range attendant and the armory attendants. All this done it was about 0532. He knew he unfortunately wouldn't have time to head back over to the staff rec lounge in the faculty building to unwind a little. He usually played video games if he had time with anyone who was also there, if they wanted to play that was. He instead just headed over to the cafeteria in the Academy Hub for breakfast which started promptly at 0600.

After breakfast since he had six hours to kill, he headed over to the Armory to clean his personal weapon as well as recheck the necessary weapons that he'd be demonstrating with today. Since it was just Marius at two other attendants, he asked first before he brought out his phone to play music. Cleaning the weapons to the rhythmic sounds of the music was soothing and relaxing to Marius, it helped his ADHD also gave him something to focus on. It was also a way to help him center himself for the day get in the right frame of mind for the upcoming day's events whatever they may be. His daily morning duties done for the day he headed over to the staff rec., lounge in the facility building to relax.

Several hours later he was waiting for his training unit to arrive. Marius saw the large form of the unit's training officer Ken Harkin first from a distance. The man was a foot taller than Marius at least. Marius was only 5'11, and about 100 pounds lighter than the hulking training officer marching up to him. Then on the right-hand side of the column formation Marius saw Thomas Latimer, the unit's supervising officer more affectionately known as the den mother of a training unit. Someone the trainees could confide in when training got tough or they just wanted someone to talk to. Even though they had their recruiters on speed dial and essentially at their beck and call 24/7. It was nice to be able to talk to someone who's been in the field before, and knew what it was like out there. Not saying recruiters didn't, but some were recruited themselves solely to be recruiters, less than half were actually former operational Agents out in the field.

"Ah Bonjour Agent Harkin, a pleasure to see you." Marius greeted his fellow French speaking Agent.

Ken greeted the dark pink haired Agent in kind calmly and respectfully. "Bonjour Agent Dubois. I'll leave the trainees in your capable hands."

"They'll be just fine with me sir. I am one of the best marksman S.H.I.E.L.D. has aside from Agent Barton, Agent Carson and yourself of course."

Ken doesn't comment, instead he nodded curtly to Dubois and left the trainees by the armory door. He walked away from the younger Agent instructor with Latimer at his side. Out of ear shot from Dubois Ken remarked, "His hair is fucking pink, dark pink that can't be regulation."

Latimer barked out a laugh. "Dubois' a decent instructor. He may be a bit eccentric in his appearance, but he'll get them trained up really well." Latimer admitted.

"I'll wait to see that. I'll be overseeing and observing a few of his classes in the coming months."

Latimer turned to the younger Agent and grinned widely. "You ready to do this Harkins?"

Ken's lips curled up into a rare smile and replied back, "My favorite part of Frenzy Friday, the shakedown, let's go find us some contraband."

The two Agents left the Ops. Div. building and headed back to the dorm building. First trainee on the list, for a search Roman Gomez. The order of the list was completely random to be fair and to not single out any one trainee.

1300 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, Ops. Div. Building - Armory. Alexandria, Virginia.

Back with Dubois and the neatly formed line of trainees, Marius was taking them around his domain of the building. the armory and indoor firing range. The Operations Division building or classroom building was divided into four main areas, Administration area, Classroom area (where all the classrooms were) each located near an outdoor exit, Assembly area which was a smaller auditorium like setting just for the Operations trainees, also used for separated specialized briefings, and last area was a unit storage area which was where all operations training gear and inventory was located, i.e. flak jackets, bullet proof vests, ghillie suits, paintball guns, and ammo, wire taps, other such listening devices etc. Those were the four main areas.

There were other areas of the operations division building as well, general support area (with maintenance, janitorial, and locker rooms), special support area (with specialized simulators and training equipment) last area was the armory itself which was adjacent to the indoor firing range. Not too far away from the firing range was an infirmary that dealt with the little accidents in Operations that often happened when practicing on the range. If it was anything more serious than a muzzle burn trainees and cadets got brought up to Medical.

Ryan was glad he was at the front of the formation, right now they were just outside the armory, nicknamed the Cage, because the exterior of the armory was a black steel mesh, and part of it was see through. This was the training divisions armory so it didn't hold the full might of S.H.I.E.L.D.s arsenal, but Ryan could see a decent amount of varying firearms and other weapons kept in this armory.

Dubois looked back at the group of trainees and saw several of them smiling. It wasn't an odd or scary thought at all to Dubois. Seeing the training divisions' armory always put a smile on certain incoming trainees faces. Those who had grown up around firearms, and grown up shooting or those who had had military experience and knew how to shoot and were experts marksmen or markswoman. Yes, in Marius' ten years of service in S.H.I.E.L.D. he'd seen a dozen or so female trainees come through that ended up being snipers for the agency. Seeing the armory for the first time always got varying reactions out of the trainees no matter who they were or what their backgrounds.

Ryan was genuinely feeling happy and content, for the first time since he'd gotten here two days ago. He was in his element so to speak surrounded by weaponry around him. He felt at ease, was that odd to say, he felt like that was odd to be thinking about. To at ease or comfortable around so many weapons.

Agent Dubois lined them all up, though this time in single file, so Sarah's line started behind the last trainee in Ryan's line which was Roman. Now the last in trainee in the single file line formation was Adam. Dubois entered the armory had the trainees following him like his little ducklings. That's what they looked like, little ducklings falling their momma duck.

Kept in single file and not leaning on any of the weapon racks or cabinets Dubois positions himself to where all the trainees can both hear and see him. The first firearm he takes out from one of the nearby racks of handguns was an I.C.E.R. pistol.

"Here at the Academy we have a new practice of entrusting our trainees and cadets with three sets of equipment. Before last year in 2014 it used to be just two and only Comms cadets and Operations trainees got to train with both," he told them, walking up and down the line. "Each trainee and cadet in our program now each receive three firearms, you will be issued a S.H.I.E.L.D. standard I.C.E.R. pistol, a Glock 17, and a standard M4A1 assault rifle. Toward the end of last year, the I.C.E.R. pistol was cleared for active service; you are the third-tier of trainees and cadets being drilled in its use. By the time you graduate, it will be standard for all Agents to carry an I.C.E.R. variant of their weapon, even if they are Infantry troopers or Praetorian security guards. The Glock 17 is now replacing all Smith & Wesson variants of the firearms currently in circulation."

Agent Dubois lifted the I.C.E.R. in his open right palm considering it like he was weighing it. Considering its value. It was quite valuable, it was a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents nonlethal option besides a taser. Only one person in S.H.I.E.L.D. ever carried a taser, that was one Ms. Darcy Lewis.

S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't always want to take out a target or suspect, or sometimes they don't want to get into a combative situation. Then along came the I.C.E.R. pistol, first called the Night-Night Gun.

"Can anyone hazard a guess at what I.C.E.R. stands for anyone, anyone at all?" Dubois looked up and down the line of trainees. All looking back at him with curious yet clueless expressions on their young faces. "No, that's okay you'll learn, I.C.E.R. stands for Incapacitating Cartridge Emitting Railguns, they're an upgraded version of the Night-Night Gun developed by our very own engineer Leo Fitz over at Sci-Tech. He actually developed them in the field when he was a part of Agent Coulson's mobile command team last year."

Dubois moved the I.C.E.R. from hand to hand as he walked up and down the line giving the trainees and up and close look at their secondary weapon. "This'll be your secondary firearm." Dubois announced to the teens. He put the I.C.E.R. on the center table where two other firearms were laid out. "A break the glass in case of emergency type deal. You're primary firearm will be the Glock 17." Dubois turned back to the table and picked up a Glock 17 pistol. Though this one looked different than normal Glocks. "This'll be your best friend throughout your training here, and most of you will graduate you'll stick with this firearm. Those who wish to qualify on a different firearm perhaps a Sig Sauer maybe do so."

"Can anyone tell me what the difference between these two firearms are?" Dubois asked as he picked up a second Glock 17, and held it in his left hand.

Chessie raised his hand. "Yes, Trainee Aria?"

"The pistol in your left hand is a live firearm. The one in your right hand is a dummy or training pistol, because of the blue handle." Chessie parroted back the words from Agent Harkin earlier on the tour of the campus.

"That's absolutely right bien, good job." Agent Dubois replaced the live firearm back in the stand on the table where he got it from. He now held the dummy blue handled Glock 17 up for them all to see. "This the training version of the one you will be issued once you graduate, unless you request a different one. It is identical to your future issue sidearm in weight, balance, and operation, with only one difference."

Marius pointed the gun at the trainee's chest in front of him, right over his heart. The trainee in question just so happened to be Roman. And he pulled the trigger back. A few trainees in the line actually gasped at the instructor's audacity. Though nothing happened it didn't shoot, not a single bullet.

Roman wasn't going to lie his heart was racing a little, his instructor had just pulled a gun on him after all. "This Glock is a dummy a training pistol, you'll all carry one of these around in a holster for the duration of your training here. As well as an I.C.E.R. that's right you'll be carrying two firearms on your person at any given time. If you're found without either one there will be consequences."

What could they possibly do if they catch me without either. Ryan questioned himself in his head. Then Ryan remembered the demerits that Harkin talked briefly about yesterday. Oh, right those demerits. I'm going to hate those.

"Now I told you there are three pieces of equipment we entrust all you trainees and cadets with. The third firearm is the M4A1 Assault rifle. How many of you have shot one of these before?" He questioned the trainees.

Five trainees raised their hands out of the fourteen assembled, Quinn, Leo, Sarah, Adam, and Alexei raised their hands. "That's good how many of you have shot anything other than the two firearms I just mentioned.

Almost everyone raised their hands, except for one trainee this time. Chessie Aria. Marius filed away that information for later. It was interesting to considering the teen's father was an Agent. Chessie looked around at the thirteen other trainees beside him as they'd raised their hands to Agent Dubois question. Yet he'd kept his hand down. He'd never shot any form of firearm before, pistol, shotgun, rifle you name it he hadn't fired a single bullet in his life. He didn't think he'd be the only one though, he'll get over it though.

I mean it is a graduation requirement. I have to do this to graduate and I will graduate. Chessie thought to himself.

"Okay everyone, the first two firearms we'll be focusing on at this moment is the Glock 17 and the I.C.E.R. first you'll learn parts identification, and gun and range safety among other classroom based materials. Until I have seen you know how to handle a weapon personally you will not be allowed within sneezing distance of the firing range. Is that understood?" Dubois asked.

"Yes Sir, Agent Dubois sir." The trainees chorused.

"Excellent. You'll first all get holsters, one outside the waistband holster and one right or left thigh holster your preference. Then you'll go over to the window attendant and sign out one I.C.E.R. and one training Glock 17 pistol. The Glock 17 goes in your waistband holster and the I.C.E.R. in your thigh holster." Dubois instructed clearly. "The serial number on both your I.C.E.R. and your Glock 17 are important memorize those numbers these firearms that you check out now will be yours to maintain and keep track of for the duration of your training."

Marius looked at the trainees sternly for once his eyes casting over each trainee in turn. "Now let me be absolutely clear on this, if you aim your either of your firearms at another person without authorization or instruction, you will wash out of the Academy instantly. You will only handle your firearm when instructed. If you get clearance from me to use the range freely, on your own time, that is the only time you are allowed to use a live firearm. If you are caught using any firearm and I have NOT expressively given you permission your time at the Academy will also be terminated instantaneously."

He looked at the line of trainees for a moment to gauge whether his words have had sufficient effect.

"Now you will approach the attendant one at a time, and sign out holsters and your firearms. Once you have received your respective firearms, you will go back to the end of the line and reform it. Go."

The trainees all followed their instructors instructions and before long they were all holstered and strapped. Ryan felt good he felt almost giddy with happiness as he took his dummy Glock 17 and put it into his waistband holster. He then did the same thing with his issued I.C.E.R. and holstered it in his right thigh holster. He stood in his place in line ready with the rest of the trainees. Standing there in his uniform of short sleeve black t-shirt, coyote cargo pants, and boots and two holstered firearms, he felt like he was truly a par of S.H.I.E.L.D. and ready to take on anything that S.H.I.E.L.D could throw at him.

Dubois looked up and down the line of the trainees one last time all kitted out with holsters and firearms. Incapable of live fire, but still firearms non the less and they'd all learn to treat them as such.

"Now you are all ready to begin your training. Let me leave you with this, if your firearm isn't loaded it's not lethal and never ever point your firearm at something or someone you don't intend to shoot. Once you all master the basics of these two firearms we'll come back here and you'll be issued your M4A1 assault rifle. In the meantime, treat these two firearms like your babies, you will NOT go anywhere without these two pieces of equipment. They go everywhere with you, the classrooms, the locker room, the cafeteria. The only obvious place you will not have them is when you're doing PT, but when you do PT you will store your firearms in your assigned locker that you'll receive later today with Agent Morozov."

Now the trainees and Dubois are stood in the observation booth over the firing range with the range attendant overlooking several Agents as they fire off rounds of their firearms into far off targets. Sarah immediately spots her brother Drew. He looked good in his uniform and also deadly and serious with the weapon in his hand. Each shot that he took was a perfect bullseye. One after the other.

Marius took in the trainees stunned expression at the Agents down below practicing. "You can only hope to be as a good as our STRIKE Team Alpha." Dubois informed the trainees. "Alright that's enough gawking, it's time for you all to begin your skills assessment. First PT, with Agent Morozov, then your swim qual., co-led by Agent Harkin and Morozov, followed by firearms and combat with myself and Agent Morrison."

The trainees were then led by Agent Dubois over to The Pit, where Agent Viktor Morozov was waiting for them. Viktor instructed the trainees to go to their respective locker rooms to change into their swimsuits.

1400 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad. Multi-Purpose Training Complex - The Pit. Alexandria, Virginia.

"Swimming we have to swim on our I.S.T.?" Quinn balked as she and the other five females of Echo Squad came out of the Women's locker room in The Pit. Dressed in their black and gray lined one piece swim suits.

"I know what you mean. I haven't worn a one-piece suit since I was little. I forgot how much I hate them." Kiera griped. "I seriously hope we don't have to wear these suits every time we do a swim test. I'll petition it I swear."

"I'm so with you there." Sarah agreed. The other three girls, Kyra, Victoria and Veronika nodded in agreement.

There was the general consensus that at least there was some good eye candy in the form of their eight male squad mates. The guys were all shirtless with just their black and gray striped swim trunks on. Several of the guys had tattoos on various parts of their bodies.

"Ladies this is S.H.I.E.L.D. not high school, no time for chit chat. Get over to the left side of the pool double time. Move it!" Harkin barked. The six teens did not jump, at the older man's voice, they just very quickly moved to the ordered position where their male squad mates were waiting for them.

The fourteen trainees all lined up in alphabetical order at the ladder that led up to the tower they'd all be jumping off of. Chessie was up first and Leo was the last one in line since two of them Val and Veronika couldn't swim. So those two lucky ducks were sat off to the side on one of the benches and watched one by one as their squad mates jumped into the pool.

Chessie crossed his arms and took that first footfall of the ledge and plunged into the water below. Chessie came up spluttering a bit, but then began his swim to the other end of the pool. Chessie swam breast stroke and made it to the end of the pool in a decent amount of time. The clock on the other end of the pool read 10:07 so ten minutes and 7 seconds. The trainees had to make the 500-yard swim in under 14:00 minutes.

Sarah went next, she said a quick prayer in her head, and took the plunge into the water below. Came and started swimming breaststroke across the length of the pool. She came to the end of the pool and looked at the clock. 12:03, pretty impressive, her brother would be proud. She had yet to complete the whole of initial strength test. Sarah climbed out of the pool and grabbed a towel and sat on the bench next to Chessie.

"That was impressive Sarah, really good job." Chessie complimented her.

Sarah took a sip of water from the bottle under the bench. She wiped her mouth on the back of her mouth. "Thanks. Haven't swam like that in a while just glad I made it."

"Me too, one event down 4 more to go." Chessie told her.

"Yep." Sarah popped the 'p' on the word, as she focused her eyes back on the pool where everyone else was taking their turn swim the length of the pool.

Sarah was interested to see Ryan swim. Ryan went after Adam had gone and Adam swam the length of the pool in nine minutes flat. "Navy SEAL indeed" Sarah murmured under her breath.

Ryan stepped off the ledge of the tower and came up like a bottle rocket. Ryan was the first one of them to yet go who swam side stroke the whole length of the pool. Ryan loved the water, it's like he was a fish in water, he felt most at home in the water. I mean he'd lived in places so nice where water was readily available to swim in and it was great. This reminded Ryan of how his Marine Corps swim qual., test went. Though this time after he reached the end of the pool. He saw his time, 8:35 eight minutes thirty-five seconds. Ryan hauled himself up and out of the pool easily, grabbed a towel and winked over at Adam as he went to go sit down by him.

The two teens looked at each and it's like they were having their own silent conversation. The challenge was issued, it's on. The Marine V.S. the Navy SEAL. Who would come out on top. Both teens knew that while in the service they were still fighting for the same team. Fighting on the same side, but now, now they were free to do and be as competitive as possible and not feel bad about being competitive. S.H.I.E.L.D. favored those it liked as Harkin had told them.

Everyone after Ryan swam the length of the pool in the allotted time. Alexei came close to beating Ryan's time it was like the teen had already done this before. Knew what to suspect. That intrigued Ryan. Alexei had dropped into the pool and swam sidestroke as Ryan had done and swam the length of the pool in 8:42, eight minutes and forty-two seconds.

After the swim portion of their I.S.T., the teens had a ten-minute rest, well actually it was more of a five-minute rest and five minutes to shower and change. More like rinse off the chlorine and change into their PT uniforms for the physical portion of their I.S.T. It was all done in quick expedient fashion, and the teens were speed walking out to training field 1.

1436 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad. Operations Training Field 1. Alexandria, Virginia.

Training field 1 was marked up like a high school football field, but without the goal posts at either end. Yet somehow the design of the field and what every was doing on the field made it seem a whole helluva lot bigger to Adam. He still couldn't believe he'd been beaten out by Ellis. He wasn't mad at all he was slightly impressed at the other teen's skill. Swimming was only one portion of the test though they had four other portions to complete before the test was all over. If they all passed they'd be able to begin training with those in Delta squad who made the cut. Delta squad was doing their I.S.T. in reverse order to Echo, so there wouldn't be a pile on waiting for lanes and pull-up bars etc. Adam was secretly glad they'd done that and they'd gotten to get the swim portion out of the way first. Delta had the swim portion as the last thing they were going to be tested on.

Adam, Alexei, Andrew, Leo and Chessie were grouped up talking to each other. "This is going to be a long day, isn't it?" Andrew questioned the other four guys.

"It is mate and this is only the beginning, I feel slightly bad for the blokes and sheilas in Delta though they have the swim portion at the end of their test."

"I don't we're at an advantage you remember what Harkin hard ass said." Leo remarked his arms crossed over his gray PT shirt, which by the end of this test he was sure would be soaked with sweat.

"What about you Alexei you seemed to breeze through the water like this was nothing." Andrew commented.

"I've swam a lot over the summer I practiced." Alexei said as he pulled on the hem of the gloves he was wearing. The others thought it was a bit strange that the other teen was wearing gloves in this heat, but the instructors hadn't questioned him or told to take them off. So, they all ignored that little quirk for now. It wasn't hurting anyone.

Before any of the guys could respond to Alexei their instructor Agent Viktor Morozov appeared alongside their training officer Agent Harkin.

Viktor Morozov was a man known for his brutality and ruthlessness when it came to training trainees and cadets. It's actually why he'd be made the PT instructor. It was let demanding and less likely for one of the trainees or cadets to get hurt. Viktor had been the Combat instructor for amount six months in 2013, but the higher ups found his pre-HYDRA training to be a bit too intense. So, they'd removed him and placed him in PT and given the positon of combat instructor to someone with a more level head, and had experience training young teens, Shane Morrison.

He was only here temporarily to see who prospered through the program and who failed out of it. He'd let to have anyone fail out since he'd been transferred to PT from combat and he wasn't going to start now. He looked over the heads of the training unit in front of him. He like the other instructors had the advantage of having their profiles before and knowing about them. Yet they knew nothing of their instructors. On paper was one thing, Viktor wanted to see if some of the trainees really were as well trained as their papers said they were.

Hands clasped behind his back he walked up and down in front of the gathered teenagers sizing them up.

"Good Afternoon."

He got a chorus of Good Afternoons, and Good Afternoon sirs, back at him.

"I'm Agent Viktor Morozov and I'll be conducting the physical portion of your I.S.T. today." Viktor informed the teens. "Spread out I want enough room for everybody to be able to kick their legs and not kick someone in the face. For the I.S.T. it consists of the swim which you have all successful completely, but it also consists of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and a 1.5 mile around the track. We here at S.H.I.E.L.D. treat every trainee, cadet, instructor and Agent as equal when it comes to physical standards, there is no separation. Females…" Viktor eyed the six females of the squad. "You have to complete the next four exercises in the same amount of time as the males if you can't well, we'll just have to wait and find out won't we."

Viktor let that sink in for a minute as he saw Trainee Fedorov explained what he'd just said to Trainee Sokolovsky. The female Kazakh and Russian teen stared right back at Viktor as if challenging him.

She'll be one to look out for and watch that's for sure Viktor thought to himself as he readied his whistle to begin the first exercise.

"You have two minutes to do 42 push-ups. You'll call out the number you've completed, once I blow the whistle and yell time. Starting position ready…" The teens got down on the grassy field in the front leaning start position for push-ups, eyes faced forward, legs straight back arms locked in. "Go!" Viktor started the stopwatch he had in hand. Agent Harkin had the clipboard that had everyone's scores on it from the swim test and had all the other four test laid out as well.

Alexei kept his breathing slow and steady as he cranked out the required number of push-ups and then some.

42 push-ups I can barely do fifteen. Kyra thought to herself as she just focused on herself and her breathing not looking around too much at the others.

All too soon Agent Morozov blew the whistle and called, time. Trainees one by one called out their number of push-ups.

"50." Chessie called out.

"58." Alexei called out.

"42." Kyra called out, out of breath.

"44." Quinn wheezed out.

"70." Adam called out from his row.

"82." Ryan called out, from behind the Australian teen.

"67" Sarah called out in surprise to her five other female squad mates.

"Two-minute rest then it's sit-ups." Agent Morozov instructed. Quinn and Victoria slumped back onto the grass in a heap. Veronika looked over at them and said something to Val in Russian that neither of the other two girls understood, but Val laughed lightly.

Two minutes up, the teens got into the sit-up position, no foot holding, that was a rule in S.H.I.E.L.D. for the sit ups to count. The teens had to plant their feet flat on the ground and keep them that way. Having extra added weight of someone's hands or knees on their feet was actually bad and could cause more harm than good. The teens in position to do the sit-ups waited for Morozov to give the command.

"Two minutes to do 50 sit-ups. You'll keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Cross your arms over your chest placing each hand on the opposite shoulder. If you move your hands from this position that rep will be disqualified. Raise your torso to vertical position, stop when you are at 90 degree along. Lower your back until your shoulder blades touch the ground. That's one repetition. On my say you may begin."

The trainees nodded from their positions on the ground. "Ready, Begin!" Morozov instructed the trainees, and started the stopwatch again, for two minutes.

Viktor walked up and down the formation of trainees doing sit-ups critiquing their form internally. All of them were doing it correctly, but some were slowing down and they were only at the minute five mark.

"Feet planted, Trainee McGuire." Morozov instructed firmly. Andrew looked at him with disdain in his eyes and continued to do his sit-ups feet planted now firmly on the ground. This was hard without anyone holding his feet.

Two minutes were up in a flash and Morozov blew the whistle, "Time!" He yelled. Trainees called out their numbers.

"45." Kiera called out.

"49." Quinn yelled out, she was upset she'd been one off from the required amount.

All the guys called out 50 or higher numbers. Sarah called out 63. All the girls and even some guys looked at her in shock.

"Army basic training remember. I had a PT test every 6 months."

Harkin wrote down the trainees' sit-up numbers and wrote notes down by their numbers as well. Carson was one to keep an eye as well, given her background. Just as several others had various notes marked down by Harkin. Alexei Nikula was one of those trainees.

"Two-minute rest, then over to the pull-up bars." Morozov ordered.

"I'm tired already that's bad, right?" Kyra asked Quinn as they did a few stretches to ease their muscles.

Quinn looked the younger girl up down and just shook her head. "In this line of work physical fitness is paramount. If you can't do what's required you shouldn't be here." Quinn told her matter of factly and walked off to talk to her roommate Victoria.

"Thanks for that vote of confidence." Kyra muttered as she bit her lip nervously.

Sarah walked up to Kyra and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey don't listen to Lyons you do belong here just as much as the rest of us. This is just an initial test, I'm sure they won't drop anyone." Sarah tried to be reassuring.

If she was being honest with herself she wasn't all too sure. Her brother was shut up as tight as clam when it came to answering any of her questions. She hadn't seen him to talk to him since she'd seen in him in Medical. She'd been texting him, but he'd just been sending her back GIFs and texting Nice try Sis or some other variation of that since he'd been released from Medical after his twenty-four-hour observational hold.

The trainees at Morozov's shrill whistle all jogged over to the seven pull-up bars on the right side of the field not being used.

"First seven up, Gomez, Holden, Lyons, McGuire, Nikula, Ryan and Sokolovsky." Morozov called out said trainees' names and they stepped up to the pull-up bar in front of them. Awaiting their instructors' instructions. Instruct, he did, "As stated previously S.H.I.E.L.D. is all about equality and fairness and equal opportunity in every area. So…that means Holden, Lyons, and Sokolovsky you'll preform your pull-ups from a dead hang locked out elbows and chin coming completely up over the bar and then lowering yourself back down."

Val came up and translated for Veronika, Veronika nodded in understanding. "When you mount the pull-up bar, your fingers will face outward away from you as if you were gripping the handle bars of a bike. 8 pull-ups no time limit."

All the trainees nodded in understanding. "Mount the bar…" Trainees mounted the bar at a dead hang. Kyra had to climb up the side of the side bar at first, to get up to the pull-up bar. "ready Begin!" Morozov instructed.

The seven trainees on the pull-up bar in total took 15 minutes to do 8 pull-ups. Morozov shook his head in dismay.

Trainee Gomez how many?" Morozov asked.

"12 sir."

Morozov went down the line of seven and asked the other six trainees for their count number. The count ranged from 8-12. The trainees who just completed the exercise stepped back and away and started stretching while the next seven trainees came up, in line order, Aria, Carson, Cho, Dalton, Davidson, Ellis, and Fedorov.

Ryan had Victoria in-between himself and Adam "Mr. SEAL" Dalton. He looked at the other teen with a wolfish grin on his face as Morozov instructed them all to mount the bar. "Begin!" he ordered as he started the stopwatch for the next round of the trainees.

As the two-minute mark passed, all but two trainees had not dismounted the bar. The other trainees were all looking at Ryan and Adam with rapped attention as the two teenagers kept going on the bar. "Time trainees!" Morozov called, but to no avail. Harkin saw this and came over to the two trainees still doing pull-ups.

"Time!" Harkin barked out the order still the two now clearly seen as competitive teens continued their pull-ups. "Dalton! Ellis! I said time. Okay…" Harkin scratched the back of his neck. "You've proven endurance isn't your weak point now give up your little pissing contest and get your asses to the track!"

This time the two did stop, Ryan dropped first followed by the Aussie teen. Harkin goes off to supervise the other teens doing cool down stretches for ten minutes.

"You know I woulda won right?" Ryan declared boldly. He knew it too if he hadn't stopped at Harkin's order he would've beaten Adam by two pull-ups at least.

"Right sure you would've mate, you're just tryin' to one up me again like yah did in the swim." Adam exclaimed a playful gleam in his eye.

"Oh, is, that right?" Ryan questioned. The two had moved over from the bars now to do cool down stretches for ten minutes before they all had to hit the track for their 1.5 mile run. "Maybe I just like a challenge."

"You're a coy one aren't'cha." Adam commented as they both heard Morozov call time. Then they heard him yell.

"Lets' hit the track ladies and gentlemen." Morozov yelled.

Harkin was behind the group also yelling random things. The track they'd be running on for the foreseeable future was an 800-meter track, with eight lanes. A mile and a half on a track this size was two complete laps around the track. That was nothing for long distance runner Victoria.

She sized up the track and immediately knew how fast she needed to go and how she needed to pace herself to get a decent time. The first eight trainees in line on the track were, Victoria, Adam, Sarah, Kiera, Kyra, Ryan, Leo and Andrew. The other six trainees got in line behind the first six trainees, and waited for Agent Morozov to give instructions as he'd given for the last four events of the I.S.T.

"Two full laps around the track, you first eight-" Morozov eyed the first eight trainees lined up. "-Don't have to stay in your lanes when you begin running this isn't a high school track meet. The same goes for you six." Morozov told the six trainees that were behind the first eight. "Run the laps in under 12:45, twelve minutes and forty-five seconds and you're in the clear. Let's make this a good clean run this isn't a competition." Morozov pointedly eyed Ryan and Adam. The two teens got the meaning, and got ready to run with everyone else. Morozov got the stopwatch ready and yelled out, "Go!" to the trainees.

The trainees were all off like rockets, out of the lanes like race horses. Two laps around the track was nothing to Victoria. She could do this is in her sleep. Victoria paced herself just like she'd planned and passed both Kiera, Quinn, Leo and Chessie on the first lap. She saw that Ryan was way out in front, she sped up just a little bit.

"Hey…I want to see if you can keep up." Victoria called out next to Ryan and ran a bit past him.

"Hmmm." Ryan smirked and increased his pace just a tad, to keep up with Victoria.

The second and final lap came around and some trainees were lagging behind. "Come on McGuire, you got this. Keep going." Sarah called out next to Andrew.

"I…hate…running." Andrew wheezed out.

Morozov finally called time as the last trainee crossed the line, which indeed was Andrew, at just two seconds to spare, 12:43 twelve minutes and forty-three seconds. "Time!" Morozov called, as he blew his infernal whistle.

The trainees all came to a stop on the track where they'd all started, hands on their knees or hands over their heads breathing deeply.

"I agree with McGuire running sucks." Leo commented.

"Running might suck, but the view sure doesn't." Adam said as he saw a trio of female trainees, hot and sweaty walking past them. One trainee in particular caught his eye and Adam squared away that information for later.

"I'll agree to that man." Leo responded back to the older teen.

Viktor decided the teens had had enough socializing and called them all back over to him. "Trainees front and center on the double. Let's Go!" Viktor called out and all fourteen teenagers jogged over to their PT instructor. Some more out of breath then others. Harkin was by Viktor's side looking over the clipboard with everyone's scores on it.

Ken handed over the clipboard to his colleague. Viktor looked over the clipboard briefly and frowned in mild disappointment. "I am going to say this once, you are ALL lucky that this is an initial test and we in a sense throw out your lowest score. If you want to do well here some of you need to seriously improve. If you don't improve your scores in all five areas, by your first PFT, you're out done finished we don't want you." Viktor told the fourteen teens in front of him.

Ken looked over Viktor's left shoulder and saw the clipboard there were five trainees with near identical or passable strength test scores. Five out of fourteen trainees. So, what Viktor was saying was just for show, he didn't want to single any one trainee out just yet. Though one of those five trainees would be singled out soon.

"You lot are in for a rude awakening come tomorrow when PT starts." Ken told the trainees seriously. "Hit the showers and head back to the Ops division building classroom 127, Delta Squad is going to use the track now."

As Ken informed the trainees of what they were to do next, their companion squad Delta Squad ran past them in perfect formation. Two trainees one female and the other male leading the formation. They were in the same time frame as they were training wise. As in the fact that they were just on their assessments as well, and hadn't started actual training yet. Yet they looked so much better than their own squad at the moment.

Viktor saw a few of the trainees gawking at the other squad of trainees, "Enough gawking get moving. Agent Dubois is expecting you and he doesn't like to be kept waiting."

With that the trainees were sent back to the locker room to change back into their daily uniform. All the trainees were dressed back in their daily uniform of black t-shirt, and coyote cargo pants and black combat boots, in under fifteen minutes. Black backpacks on their backs and boots on their feet, the trainees of squad of Echo headed back over to the Ops., Division building to meet their firearms instructor.

1532 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. Ops. Div. Building - Classroom 127, Gun Room. Alexandria, Virginia.

"Bon après-midi stagiaires. [1] I'm glad to see you made it here in one piece." Agent Dubois greeted the trainees as they filed into the classroom. That was more affectionately called the gun room, for obvious reasons. It was where all the trainees and the trainees before them learned the ins and outs of their various firearms.

"Bon après-midi Agent Dubois comment allez-vous?" [2] Alexei greeted his firearms instructor in kind. Marius shook off his shock at actually be answered back and responded to the Finnish trainee in front of him.

"Je vais bien cet après-midi, merci d'avoir demandé au stagiaire Nikula."[3]

The trainees as they filed into the classroom saw the tables they sat at were long tables set up one to a table. The tables were four to a row, so there was ten rows of tables to accommodate two squads at once if need be. Ryan always hung back in classes or tended to sit toward the middle or back, not wanting to draw any attention to himself. Being in a S.H.I.E.L.D. classroom was no different.

A classroom was a classroom to him. Adam, Sarah and Chessie were also in his row, the third row from the front. Val, Andrew, Veronika and Kyra were sat up front. Ryan noticed Alexei was sat directly behind him at the third table in. On either side of Alexei was Roman and Leo, and next to Leo sat Kiera.

Once everyone was settled Marius started speaking. "Now since I've got the pleasure of conducting your firearms assessment I shall give all of you a quick dry run through what you need to know about the firearms you'll be firing. If you're all still here on Monday, we'll begin an in depth familiarization with the firearms all you all saw in the armory earlier."

There it was again that not so empty or vague threat of whether or not all of them would be here on Monday. Well Ryan was damn sure he'd still be here on Monday and the rest on through the rest of training as well. No way he got kicked out or failed out. Ellis' didn't fail only succeeded. Ryan wasn't about to be the first one to not pass something that he attempted. Little did he know he wasn't the only one trying to live up to that perfect image of family.

Agent Dubois spent a good forty five minutes on the bare bone basic fundamentals of the two firearms that the trainees would be shooting today. How to load, unload, proper positioning, basic gun range safety etc. After that forty five minutes though it was time to put the pedal to metal and test and see how good some of the trainees claimed they were on paper.

Agent Dubois led all the trainees out to one of the eight outdoor ranges that was one campus. This one used for both long range rifles and pistols and other handguns.

1602 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy - Outdoor Gun Range #1. Alexandria, Virginia.

"How much do you want to bet Ryan over there totally misses his targets?" Ryan asked Adam as they stood in line with ear and eye protection on waiting to shoot. They were going in reverse alphabetical order this time. To shake things up is what Agent Dubois had said. So Leo Ryan was one of the first to go. Along with Veronika, Alexei, Andrew, Quinn and Kyra.

"I'll take some of that action there mate." Adam said. "Twenty good." Ryan shook the aussie teen's hand in agreement.

Leo ended up missing half of his targets. "I think something's wrong with my gun." Leo told Marius.

Marius just wrote down the teen's scores along with the others and called up the next six trainees. The next six trainees to go were, Roman, Val, Ryan, Victoria, Adam and Kiera.

Marius knew this set of trainees was one to watch and watch he did along with the other trainees who had gone previously and the two that had yet to go. Ryan was set up with the middle lane, lane 3. As Marius called out the various positions Ryan went into them with practiced ease and shot perfectly every time, with speed and accuracy. Victoria Adam and Roman weren't far off, but they didn't get perfect marks as Ryan did.

"American sniper." Sarah commented.

"I'll say god damn." Andrew remarked mouth open wide.

"Shut your trap McGuire it's unattractive." Leo hit his roommate on the shoulder, and earned a stern glare from Agent Dubois. The gun range indoor or outdoor was a no horseplay zone whatsoever.

"You shut up Leo." Andrew shout back.

"Real smooth Andrew." Sarah remarked offhandedly.

"Oh who asked you Sarah." Andrew asked.

Sarah and Chessie were last two trainees to go through the firearms assessment. Chessie was nervous, which wasn't good. I mean he wasn't afraid of guns. He just had a healthy respect for what they could do. He realized that that was kind of silly seeing as guns held no power on their own it was person behind the barrel of the gun that held the power. People kill people, guns down kill people, on their own. People with guns can kill people. This was just a simple skills assessment, to see where everyone started off at.

Chessie took a few calming breaths, before he picked up the Glock 17, and waited for Agent Dubois to call out the positions.

There were four initial positions that Agent Dubois was having the trainees shoot from. Standing, squatting, kneeling, and prone. There was a fifth position sitting, but Agent Dubois would wait until the trainees got ahold of the basics first. One had to crawl, walk and then run as it were.

Chessie took the shots evenly and as steadily as he could breathing in and out between each shot. Prone was the last shot he took, on his stomach and it was a bit harder then he anticipated. Chessie managed to at least hit the target each time, it may not have been as perfect or clean as say Ryan or Sarah, but good for a beginner. At least he didn't miss any of his shots like Leo did. After Chessie cleared his gun and safely put the safety back on. Agent Dubois finished writing down everyone's scores, and led them away from the firing range and back to the armory to retrieve their dummy blue handled guns again.

After retrieving their blue handled guns Marius led the trainees back to the classroom they initially met in to give what S.H.I.E.L.D. called the Reality Check speech. Marius as he walked the trainees back heard two of them speaking.

"What's the point of this it doesn't even shoot." Andrew asked tapping his holstered blue handle as he was walking side by side Ryan and Leo.

"It's so you get used to having the weight of a gun on your person." Ryan informed the other teen. "We just shot live rounds out of firearms. It's to make all of this more real, give it weight."

"They take things literally here don't they." Leo commented with a laugh.

"Were you paying attention at all Ryan, Agent Dubois said these dummies are the exact weight as the real live fire ones we just fired not twenty minutes ago. S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't a joke."

"I know that I can do this, just because I haven't had training like you. You're no better than the rest of us here."

Marius decided to intervene before Trainee Ellis decided to throw a punch or worse at Trainee Ryan.

"Trainees may I remind you about the no fighting outside of the sparring rooms. You don't want demerits so early on in training do you?"

"No Agent Dubois, yes sir Agent Dubois." Both Ryan and Leo parroted back to the French Agent.

"Good, now get in there I have very little time left with you before Instructor Morrison takes you to the mats." Agent Dubois informed the two teens. Ryan's lip curled up at the mention of the mats, as he sat down next to Adam in the third row again.

Marius stood up at the front of the classroom and looked out at the trainees, — by now wearing S.H.I.E.L.D.-issue uniforms of black athletic t-shirts, coyote cargo pants and black combat boots.

"No questions, no sidebar conversations, just sit and listen." Marius told the trainees. Even with the man's French accent there was no misunderstanding in his words. All trainees present sat quietly if not a little tired and listened to what their instructor had to say. "You were all recruited for different reasons, you all said yes to your recruiters for specific reasons, I'm not concerned presently with those reasons. No matter your background, military, intelligence, S.H.I.E.L.D. legacies, or high school wrestler there is no doubt in what we're asking you all to do here. What you'll have to face outside of these walls of the Academy." Marius started.

"You are volunteering to put yourself in harm's way" Dubois told them. "When everyone is running away from danger, you must run toward it."

That was something Ryan was used to. He was a Marine after all. Marines ran toward the sounds of chaos toward the sounds of tyranny, injustice and despair. He was formerly part of the few and the proud. Now he'd be a part of the noble honorable silent few. Trading one set of beliefs for another.

"I want the following trainees, Ellis, Holden, Fedorov, Nikula, Aria, and Davidson to look under your seats right now." Marius told the selected trainees. "Under your seats is slip of paper tapped to the underside of the chair. I want each of you to stand up and read the name and age on your slip of paper."

Ryan went first. "Sander Michael Olsen, 20 years old, Asheville, North Carolina."

Kyra swallowed a lump in her throat as she read the name, "Lucas Nathaniel Mikkelssen, San Luis Obispo, California 21 years old."

Val was next to read off the name he had, "John Alexander McPherson, Providence, Rhode Island 17 years old."

Alexei read off the name he had, "Mona Nicole Beers, 18 years old, Washington, Maryland."

Chessie's finger tighted slightly around the paper he held, "John Franklin Coleman, 18 years old, San Jose, California."

Victoria was the last one to read the paper she held in her hand, "Dennis Ezekiel Long, West Fargo, North Dakota, 17 years old."

"You may all be seated now." Marius took a silent minute to compose himself as the trainees sat back down. "Thank you. Each of the six names that your fellow trainees read off were of former trainees who were mercilessly, senselessly shot and killed in this very room, in those exact seats." He explained letting this information wash over the room. "They were just like you. They had lives, dreams, ambitions of being Agents, had families, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids even. All that gone in an instant. Don't think it can't happen to you. You need to think about it."

To reinforce the message, he played security camera video footage from the attack on the Academy last year. The trainees saw this very room reflected back on the projection screen. Saw Agent Dubois take two shots to the abdomen in defending a group of trainees upfront. The ones in the middle and back weren't so lucky. In seconds the video ended with six trainees being shot and more wounded, Agent Dubois yelling out in French for backup. In the background a gurgling sound could be heard from one of the trainees closest to where they guessed the speakers on this side of the room were.

The trainees stared on in stunned silence.

"Think about this over the weekend." Dubois told the trainees. "Make sure this is the job for you. If it is, I'll see you next week. Agent Morrison is waiting for you in The Pit, Mat room 2, dismissed."

What no escort. Trust so soon. This is so NOT Army BCT and I'm lovin' it. Sarah thought to herself and she and the others exited Agent Dubois' classroom and headed over to the Pit still in formation.

1632 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. Multi-Purpose Training Complex - The Pit, Mat Room 2, Alexandria, Virginia.

Shane Morrison one of the elite combat instructors of S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy was waiting for Echo Squad to arrive, so he could begin their assessment. Fourteen trainees it shouldn't take too long. Also with this assessment would come the trainees sparring partners. Most would be paired up by height and weight simply because it was easier, but other would be paired up based on prior ability and experience.

Shane was dressed in simple workout outfit, a black nylon PT shirt, with Combat Training Instructor written around the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem on his left side, and a pair of charcoal gray cargo pants, and bare feet. His black combat boots sat off to the side of the mats. Shane had this specific mat room for an hour, just in case their assessments went overtime. Which it was quite possible they could.

He heard the footsteps before he saw them, and the trainees of Echo Squad entered mat room 2. Before they'd gotten too far Shane stopped them his voice. "STOP!" He ordered in his Marine Corps Combat Instructor voice. That's what Shane was before he got recruited to S.H.I.E.L.D. a few years back.

Shane started out as 0311 or a rifleman as eighteen year old kid, a punk with a bad attitude. Then he in a sense grew up a whole helluva lot once he got deployed a few times. Following those deployments he did a few cycles as a Drill Instructor at MCRD San Diego, after that he became a MCMAPP Instructor. After he became a MCMAPP instructor for the Corps, S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited him a few years later. Now here he was one of the Academy's best combat instructors there was.

"Take off your boots and socks, and stow your bags at the edge of the mat and come on over." Morrison instructed. The trainees wasted no time in following the African American man's instructions. "Gather round trainees take a knee and I'll explain how this going to go."

Morrison spent ten minutes explaining how the assessment was going to go, and by that time his assistant had arrived. Morrison turned slightly away from the trainees as he saw who his assistant would be. "Bout' time you showed brother." Morrison greeted his assistant a jet black haired forest green eyed man in similar attire to his own.

The younger 28 year old man, was dressed in navy blue cargo pants sans boots and a plain black nylon S.H.I.E.L.D. shirt with the emblem on the left beast, showing off his tribal tattoos on both his arms and part of the man's USMC tattoo.

"I had to get away from the mother hen that is my partner Barton. If he knew I was here well…" the man looked toward the trainees and eyed two in particular. "let's just say you better not bruise me too bad. Or you'll be answering to an enraged Iowan and a furious Russian red head."

"Well we've got to give these youngins' a good demonstration." Morrison informed.

"That we do. Let's do this." Drew exclaimed. "You ready to go down old man." Drew smirked at the man two years his senior.

Shane and Drew circled each other as the trainees watched on and Shane leapt and made the first move lunging at Drew. The younger man hit the mat hard and was effectively pinned by Morrison.

Morrison turned to the trainees still pinning Drew and asked, "Now can anyone tell how Agent Carson here can get out of this hold?"

Chessie raised his hand. Shane pointed to him. "Yes Trainee Aria?"

"Agent Carson can use his forward momentum to head butt you off of him sir. Or perform a twist maneuver and also throw you off sir."

"Very good correct answers Trainee Aria." Shane told Chessie. Chessie took the praise quietly. Shane turned back to his still pinned assistant. "Care to demonstrate Agent."

Drew without speaking twisted his upper body sharply and flipped Morrison off of him. The trainees all clapped and applauded. Shane sat up on his knees and pushed up off his feet with his hands.

"Now it's your turn trainees, we've paired you up according to various factors there is no changing your sparring partner once assigned unless for a good reason." Drew informed.

Morrison read off the names of the trainee partners and then the trainees got to sparring. Sarah couldn't believe her luck, or rather lack of luck. She'd been paired with Ryan Ellis of all of the trainees.

Ryan cracked his knuckles in apprehension. "So we gonna spar or what? Or you just gonna stand there all day?"

Sarah looked into the other teen's eyes and shook herself from her stupor. With speed and agility Sarah was able to use her smaller size to her advantage and kicked Ryan behind knees. To get him onto the ground. Once he was there she used a few grappling moves her brother taught her to pin and hold Ryan in place beneath her. Sarah had Ryan pinned much like she'd pinned her brother a few nights ago.

"Damn Carson where'd you learn that?" Ryan asked still pinned. "No way in hell you learned that in the Army."

"Wouldn't you like to know Marine." Sarah got off of Ryan and held out her hand to help him up. Ryan took the proffered hand. He smirked lightly and used her hand to actually flip Sarah over his shoulder and pin her down that way.

Drew was watching the whole time, and came over to the pair. "Impressive moves there trainee Ellis."

Ryan's lip curled slightly in a smile. "Thank you sir."

Drew got closer to Ryan invading his personal space. "Try and stick to what you're told yeah Marine, I know one when I see one."

Ryan was taken aback by this a little. How'd he know I was a Marine Then Ryan saw Agent Carson's right arm and the ending o C. Oh great, that explains a whole helluva lot.

"Keep it up trainees you are being assessed." Morrison reminded them. "Don't go easy or soft just because you may have a female partner."

The assessment lasted another twenty minutes, before Shane blew the whistle he took out from beneath his shirt. Drew was stood back by his side his mouth in a thin line all traces of emotion gone.

"Hit the showers trainees. You've got fifteen minutes then hit the chow hall." Morrison instructed. "Fall out."

Shane and Drew followed the male trainees as well into the locker room to change out. There was no separation in the locker rooms in terms of who used them. Trainees, Cadets instructors all used the same locker rooms. The only separation of course was by male or female of course.

To both trained S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives it was funny to hear some of the conversations that the young trainees were having.

1655 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. Multi-Purpose Training Complex - The Pit, Men's Locker Room, Alexandria, Virginia.

"I am so dead beat tired, man no joke. I haven't worked this hard since well ever." Leo admitted to Ryan as they both were getting redressed after their showers.

Ryan chuckled at Leo. "Oh, Nardo you're gonna figuratively die I'm gonna laugh as you drop out dude."

"Who says I'm gonna drop out. I can totally pass these thirty two weeks. Just you watch Ellis, it'll be you and me at the finish."

"If you make it through I'll, shit I don't know what the fuck I'll do. I'll be damned surprised that's for sure."

"Oh you'll be surprised Mr. Military. You don't know me."

"And you don't know me what I've dealt with. I know you lost family though, and that's rough."

"Yeah. You're a freakin' animal when it comes to fitness." Leo stirred the conversation away from it's current path.

"One word, Nardo. Marine."

"Yeah Mr. Super Marine. You freaking PT animal with Mr. Super SEAL, over there." Leo thumbed a finger over in Adam's general direction.

"So I'm fit so what just means I'll have a better chance of getting through this then you."

"We'll see who comes out on top Ellis." Both teens slammed the black lockers shut and collected their locks and backpacks exiting the locker room with the other guys.

1718 Hours. 18 Jul 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, Academy Hub - Cafeteria. Alexandria, Virginia.

The trainees split off into their own little groups that had naturally formed and picked out what they wanted to eat.

Ryan set his tray down along with Adam, Sarah and Leo. All of them had decidedly stayed away from the meatloaf. Even though it did look good, they just preferred the herb roasted chicken and mashed potatoes.

Leo looked at Ryan's plate and the absence of peas. "You don't eat peas Ryan. I'm shocked." Leo had a hand over his mouth in surprise.

Ryan put down his fork and looked at the other teen. "I hate green peas disgusting vegetables. I'll stick with my other vegetables thanks." Ryan picked up his fork again and shoveled mashed potatoes into his mouth.

"I hate peas too Ellis. Whoever made them is a sick sick person." Sarah commented as she took a sip of her milk. Out of her corner of her eye she saw her brother heading over to what she'd heard of as the Lion's Den. The place in cafeteria that all instructors and officers sat to eat their meals. He was walking with Agent Morrison as well as Agent Barton. She didn't dare call him out, not here. She'd hopefully catch him alone sometime before Monday.

"So I see your brother is an active Agent, Carson how weird is that him being here when you're going through training?" Adam asked.

"Pretty weird if I'm bein' honest with you. I had no idea he'd end up here. I thought he'd stay back in New York and maybe come for graduation. It's a bit hard, pressure wise, seeing him he's a legend around here, apparently and that was before his accident." Sarah told the others.

"His accident?" Ryan asked eyebrows raised.

"I don't know the full details for obvious reasons but, back when my brother was a few years older then me, he went on a routine scouting mission with his partner, Agent Barton and it went horribly wrong and he ended up needing surgery to save his life. He ended up enhanced because of it."

The table was quiet for a moment at hearing that. That was some serious stuff Sarah had just dropped on them. "Enhanced. How? Is he like Captain America 2.0 or something?" Leo asked honestly curious.

"He likes to think so, that's he's invincible, but he's not. Even with his enhancements. I don't know what they are exactly, but they enhanced his speed, strength, vision that sort of stuff."

"Sounds like Captain America to me." Leo exclaimed. "Damn that's cool."

"I almost lost another- my brother almost died Leo. You think that's cool?" Sarah upset asked.

Leo backpedaled quickly. "What no no of course not. I just meant that he's like really elite and can do stuff other Agents can't."

Needless to say Leo had a serious case of foot in mouth syndrome today and didn't speak for the rest of dinner. The conversation turned into a comparison of Ryan's, Adam's and Sarah's previous training and stories they shared.

"I'm bettin' this is nothing like SEAL, sniper, or medic training." Adam said. "I mean covert ops, espionage and all that. I can't imagine what these next 32 weeks are going to be like."

"It'll be tiring and pretty damn interesting that's for sure." Ryan said. Little did he know how interesting and a rollercoaster of ride it would be.

1805 Hours. 18 Jul 2018. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad., Ops Dorm Bldg - Dorm 318. Alexandria, Virginia.

As soon as Ryan and Roman saw their room Roman exploded, and he was usually pretty good at hiding his anger. "What the FUCK happened in here! It look like a fuckin' goddamn tornado flew through here." Roman exclaimed.

"Daaaammmmnnn this is S.H.I.E.L.D.s version of a shakedown." Ryan exclaimed looking at the absolute mess his side of the room was. Boxers and his new boxer briefs everywhere. His personal everyday carry gear on his desk. Other items on the floor.

"I'm so fucking pissed. My laptop's missing, but my other tech gadgets are here." Roman fumed. If he was a dog he'd be foaming at the mouth.

Ryan also saw that his tactical knife and a few other essentials items he'd keep on his person were missing as well. "Oh someone is so getting a fucking earful I don't care who it is. Nobody touches my gear. NOBODY!"

"I'm with you man." The two roommates headed out into the hall and saw everyone else just in similar states of irate anger at their stuff being taken or tapered with.

1810 Hours. 18 Jul 2018. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad., Ops Dorm Bldg - Third Floor, Hallway. Alexandria, Virginia.

"Good you're all still up." Latimer spoke as he strode down the hall hands behind his back. "No need to loose your shit rooks. Those of you with electronic contraband i.e. laptops and other such gadgets will get your personal items back at the end of training, or before if you wash out. Those of you with personal tactical gear, it's been logged and tagged and you'll get it back before lights out. You'll also be able to carry those items with you, in uniform."

Tom could see several of the trainees had relieved looks on their faces. Tom knew what those personal tactical items meant to the trainees. He was just like them when he was a fresh face trainee over two decades ago. Some habits were hard to break. "Now if you'll follow me, we can get this brief over with. The quicker you guys can some shut eye. On my six now."

Half the trainees looked confused at the older Agent's verbiage except a few, who started moving. The others who didn't get it got it after Alexei and Sarah started following the older Agent.

1814 Hours. 18 Jul 2018. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad., Ops Dorm Bldg - Echo Squad Room. Alexandria, Virginia.

They stood before him now, the trainees of Echo Squad. Latimer had the unfair advantage of having access to their files, so he knew more about them academically and personally than they'll probably ever themselves, but he can see now, however, that there was also a deep, platonic understanding between them that he'll never hope to achieve. That was standard. S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted the trainees to bond, to form firm ties between themselves. Even just in the short time they'd all known each other, the tentative bonds were already there. That firmness comes from superiors, that comradeship comes from their comrades.

Some trainees before him had it rough over the years, Latimer knew. Holden, Lyons, Ryan, to name a few. He'd heard Harkin talking in the Den to a few other instructors of Echo Squad.

But he can see it in their postures, in their tense gazes and expressions of begrudging compliance. In Sarah Carson, who has come to protect the trainees who couldn't protect themselves or keep up with the physical demands. She was a true blue caregiver, and advocate for those who couldn't or wouldn't speak up for themselves.

In Veronika Sokolovsky, who saw the instructions given to her as useless and unfounded. In Quinn Lyons, who had hidden her real talents for the sake of her peers, not wanting to stand out and been known. In young fiery optimistic Kiera Cho, so much like her birth mother, yet so different her mother Sciences and her Operations. Wanting to distance herself, but she knew she'd never be fully apart from her legacy. In Ryan Ellis, who reminded Latimer a lot of himself at that age minus the Jarhead tattoos; all military muscle and command. If Ellis made it through, Latimer knew the kid would go far, be something great. They all would.

In Alexei Nikula, who appeared to have adapted to them and the Academy life with suspicious ease. Almost as if he'd been through this before. In Val Fedorov, who had seen enough war to last a lifetime. He'd seen a lot in his young eighteen years. In Adam Dalton, strong and silent, unwaveriable in his loyalty. In Kyra Holden, short yet powerful, who was destined to break in this Academy, unknowing untapped potential in a small frame. In Andrew McGuire who was determined to make it through this training no matter the cost.

In Leo Ryan, much like the former, fiercely protected by Agents all his life and valued for his skills many of the other trainees could only dream of possessing. Who hid his true feelings behind a jokesters façade. In Roman Gomez, who emitted a surprising amount of raw, natural anger for reasons unknown to Latimer. He'd been told of man's combat assessment by Agent Morrison. In Chessie Aria who when Latimer looks at the younger Aria see's the man's father reflected back at him. In his pride, his determination that broad never wavering smile. Chessie Aria is the trainee all other trainees want to be.

Latimer saw it. He did. What he wanted to know, was why. But that was something Latimer will have to learn over time. The reason all these young trainees stood before him. Latimer won't lie to himself or the trainees, the cards are stacked against both Delta and Echo, Echo more then Delta. Due to what some of them are unknowingly being trained for at the end of training.

He stood firm at parade rest, looking at each and every one of the trainees before him.

As for now, introductions have to be made formally at least.

"I'm Agent Tom Latimer, I'm your squads' S.O. or supervisory officer or den mother you have a problem with anything or anyone you come to me. If you need someone to talk to that gets it you can come talk to me. If it's about Agent Harkin you can still come talk to me but chances are I'll say suck it up and deal with it."

"You are different." He continued. "Very, very different. Some of you will have known this from a very young age, some of you will only have realized this in the last few years. But you should all know that you are special, extraordinary, cream of the crop of trainees, picked from all over the world."

Some of them squirmed. Some of them just stared back at him. But given the subject, that wasn't entirely surprising.

"You all have different skillsets that are as individual as your personalities, different levels, different strengths and weaknesses." He paused. "We'll make you better."

"You were all selected," he went on, to say. "S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy is first and still the premiere teaching facility of its kind in the world, you and Delta Squad are the first new batch of teen trainees in three years.

You will be taught here for 32 weeks, trained by some of the finest Agents in their fields, as well as other skills and subjects we feel are necessary for you to survive in the field."

"However, I'll make this point clear to you, especially those who believe that they know all they believe they think they need to know you DON'T. This training is serious. Life or death. You have all made a conscious decision to use your abilities and skills for the benefits and betterment of humanity. This is where you start. Once you walk out those doors there you're fully committing yourself to the cause no turning back."

"There's no doubt that this world you will find yourself in is a dangerous one, but if anyone can survive it, if anyone can make it safe, it is you, with our help." He glanced across them all again. "After all, the so-called superheroes might win us the war; the so-called superiors and politicians might reap us the benefits; but it's the commitment and the bravery of the S.H.I.E.L.D. guards, the specialists, the medics, the engineers, the scientists, the Agents, that wins each individual battle along the way."

Wow pressure much. Adam thought as he stood toward the back of the group, with Leo, Andrew and Chessie.

Latimer moved from in front of the trainees to the desk that was placed up front and retrieved the clipboard upon the desk. Written on the paper were the trainees duty assignments for while they were under his and Harkin's care.

"Before I read off what's on this clipboard you all can sit down where you are criss cross applesauce like if you want."

The trainees followed the simple instruction and sat down where they were, that completed Latimer began the task of giving out duty assignments.

"Who here thinks they can lead well or has decent leadership qualities?" Latimer Tom asked the group of assembled teens.

Six trainees raised their hands. Tom made the motion of looking over the trainees as if he was deep in thought thinking of who would be a good choice.

"Put your hands down. Trainee Ellis your Squad Leader, whenever Agent Harkin isn't around you're in charge. It's your duty if you will to make sure everyone is squared away, maintain order within the squad. Make sure whatever Agent Harkin orders you to get done gets done in the appropriate amount of time. You'll also march your squad in formation to classes and PT and chow in the morning, afternoon and evening. It's also your responsibility to make sure EVERYONE is up on time showered, dressed and standing by for accountability in the morning by their doors. Same goes for after you come back from breakfast there are no slackers in S.H.I.E.L.D. you make sure everyone is setting up their side of the dorm making their beds, making sure everything is in order. Same with night time dorm set-up, make sure everyone is showered, dressed for bed and has set out their uniform for their PT uniform for PT the next day. If this means you have to get up earlier then everyone else so be it."

"Understood Agent Latimer."

Tom read off who were the Section Leaders next, "Section leader 1 is Trainee Carson. Section leader 2 is Trainee Nikula. You're jobs are essentially to make Trainee Ellis' job easier you each will be in charge of 6 other trainees when in column formation. If other trainees have a problem with something or another trainee they come to you first and then if it can't be resolved it gets kicked up the chain of command to Trainee Ellis as squad leader, and then if he can't resolve the problem, it falls to me, and then finally Agent Harkin, as your training officer. In all my years of being an Academy S.O. problems have never been kicked up to the training officer. I'm not going to start now are we are we clear?"

"Yes Agent Latimer sir." The trainees chorused back to him.

Academic monitor was next down the list. "Who gets good grades, I'm talking A's and B's here boys and girls."

Fewer trainees raised their hands this time, among them were Val, Kyra, Leo, Adam, Andrew and Quinn. Sarah and Ryan would've raised their hands, but they'd already been assigned duties. Tom looked at the trainees with their hands raised and his eyes land on Val.

"Trainee Fedorov you're the Academic Monitor for the squad." Tom informed the teen who was sat in between Trainee Nikula and Trainee Aria. Val's eyes went slightly wide in surprise at being given this duty or task. "It is your duty to make sure everyone is on task while you're all in class, make sure when it's time to study that everyone is indeed studying. It's important that you all study, you need to in order to pass your classes. You have to get 80% or higher all written tests, in order to graduate."

"I understand Agent Latimer sir. I'll do my best." Val told the older Agent.

"That's all I ask Trainee is that you try that all of you who have duties to the squad try. Next up E.C. Monitor, E.C. monitor stands for entry control monitor. Now this duty is split up between squads and is on a monthly rotating squad schedule. We also determine which squad goes first by last in is first up on the rotation. So you lot along with Delta Squad will be taking the first schedule shift starting Monday."

Chessie raised his hand after Tom had finished explaining what E.C. was. "What does the E.C. monitor do?"

"Glad you asked Trainee. E.C. monitor duty is simple its stands entry control duty. Some of you may know it as standing watch, fire guard duty, or fire watch. The E.C. monitors job is to make sure no one enters or leaves the building that isn't supposed too. I'm sure you all saw the desk off to the right side of the lobby as you entered the building." Trainees nodded their affirmation. "That is where E.C. duty is held. It's an all night duty starting from 2100 to 0400. If your shift starts at 2100 you'll get woken up at 2045. Each pair of trainees will take an hour shift. E.C. monitors are also to report any odd or out of the ordinary happenings in the log book at the end of their shift. Also any and all entries and exits. If you forget to log it, it screws up the next pair of trainees watch, and they don't know what went on. It's one of the simplest duties a trainee can have. The E.C. monitors will also do roaming patrols of the lounge on the ground floor make sure no one is in there. E.C. monitor from your squad is Trainee Dalton, along with Trainee Everett, from Delta Squad. You'll all formally meet your companion squad tomorrow and get to know each other a little bit."

Man I am damn glad I'm squad leader and not on E.C. duty fire watch sucked ass in the Marines. Especially since I had shit recruit fire watch reporters in my platoon. Ryan thought to himself as he was sat by Adam and Leo with Kyra in front of him along with Sarah.

Tom glanced over the tired faces of the trainees and walked over to the desk and pulled something out of the one of the doors. Before any of them could see what Tom had brought out Tom blared the air horn from this morning several times. "Eyes open Trainees! No sleepily rack time yet. If you can't stay awake sitting down go stand up in the back at parade rest, DO NOT lean on the wall chairs, or couches. Go!"

Several trainees got up and stood in the back of the room at parade rest. Chessie, Val, Kiera, Kyra, Quinn, Andrew and Leo among them. The other trainees remained seated and attentive.

"Alrighty then." Tom put down the air horn on the desk in view of the trainees and began doling out duty assignments again. "Who here is big into fitness or workouts regularly?" More then half of the trainees raised their hands. Tom scanned the trainees with their hands up and his eyes immediately landed on the olive skinned form of Roman. "Trainee Gomez you're PT monitor."

"Yes Agent Latimer sir." Roman responded as he tried to hide a yawn behind his hand.

"As the PT monitor you'll call out the exercise as Agent Morozov calls it out to you all, and you'll essentially be leading your squad in PT every morning. It's a simple task, but you're form as to be perfect. If you screw up, the whole squad screws up and has to redo the exercise."

Talk about pressure and puttin' me on freakin' display. I'm up for the challenge though. Roman thought to himself.

After Roman was given his assignment the rest of the squad was given their duty assignments that most would have for the duration of their training. Unless that is they got fired from their job. After duty assignments were given out Agent Latimer gave the trainees one last order for the night.

"It's still early and that means if you've got time lean Trainee Ryan-" Latimer raised his voice an octave. "You've got time to clean."

Leo jerked awake and wiped a bit of drool from his mouth. "Sorry Adam." The younger teen mumbled.

"You drool like a bloody fountain man." Adam griped wiping drool off of his left shoulder.

"You're to clean up the mess in your dorms. Your academic supplies are to be placed on or in your desk in a neat and orderly manner. There is a piece of paper now laminated to the outside of your lockers by the hook it details your inside locker display and how it should look at all times. What uniforms go where and such. You all will also find your stenciling kits, and stencil your last name on the back of all your PT t-shirts." Tom paused briefly to make sure they all understood before he continued.

"Once all that is done Trainee Ellis, your job starts tonight. You'll go through everyone's dorms and make sure everything is in order. Trainee Carson and Nikula you will do the same. Oh and before I forget you're civilian clothes are not to be worn for the next month. The only civvies you are authorized to wear is your sleepwear whatever that may be. Civilian clothing wear must be earned. Once all tasks are completed you'll proceed with your nightly routine, shower, change, and you'll have personal time, until 2100 whatever little time that is. Dismissed."

Sarah called Agent Latimer to her attention. "Sir?"

"Yes Trainee?"

"Are we going to get our personal gear back?" Sarah asked as she stood at parade rest.

"Yes Trainee you, Dalton and Ellis stay behind here."

Tom left the three trainees to their own devices in the squad room as he went to retrieve their personal tactical gear.

"So…" Sarah stared. "What did you guys bring with you?"

"Tactical knives." Both guys said in unison.

"Jinx." Sarah called smiling at the two guys in her presence.

"I brought my trusty Ka-bar never leave home without it." Ryan said. "It's helped me out of a lot of jams in my time."

"You sound like an old man." Adam joked.

"My Ohana wouldn't think so man. Save their own lives a few times as well. You never know when you'll need it."

"True very true Ellis." Sarah commented.

"So you brought a knife too then?" Ryan asked.

"That and something of my brother's that he doesn't know I took from him."

"Your brother's a Marine like me. You think he's going to be happy about that."

"Nope. Not at all, but he'll get over it. Eventually. I may give it back to him."

"You should sheila there's a few things you don't take from a Marine, his coffee and his tools."

"Oh alright Mr. SEAL."

"I'm not gonna get away from that name am I?" Adam asked rolling his head to the side looking at both Ryan and Sarah.

"Fraid' not brother." Ryan clapped Adam on the shoulder just as Latimer walked back into the room with their gear.

Tom placed each of the trainees gear on the table, and told them to collect their stuff and get out.

2045 Hours. 18 Jul 2015 Ops Div. Dorm Bldg. - Dorm 318, Alexandria, Virginia

Ryan had just finished up his rounds on checking everyone's dorms and their locker displays and making sure everyone was squared away. Ryan just exited Chessie's and Alexei's dorm shutting the door behind him as he tried to hand a yawn behind his hand.

Man am I beat. Ryan thought as he entered his dorm. "Hey Gomez you still pissed about your laptop?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah I am. I'm just glad we have our phones still. That's something I can't live without. I'm tech kinda guy you know."

"Right." Ryan looked at his side of the room, still a disaster area from the shakedown. "Great now I got clean up all my stuff, wonderful. That's a bunch Latimer." Ryan grumbled as he started to dutifully put away all his stuff. He emptied his civvie clothes that he was wearing early this morning into his three dresser drawers. He then placed his empty duffel bag in the bottom compartment of his locker.

Roman walked around to Ryan's side of the room in his sleepwear and leaned on the dividing wall casually. "What do you think weekends are like here?"

"Probably just like they were back in boot camp, PT on Saturday mornings, then clean dorms and or make sure everything's in order for Monday." Ryan told Roman as he finished putting the last of his personal tactical gear away in the bottom space of his locker. That's where it went according to the display.

"Sounds boring, but I'm strangely okay with that maybe because we haven't started training yet it'll be different once we actually start."

Ryan started getting undressed totally unabashed at Roman standing there talking to him. "It maybe but I'm hoping its different and we actually get to get off campus or maybe even explore a bit on our own of the campus. That'd be ideal."

Now Ryan just dressed in his boxers, sleepwear in hand headed over to bathroom to shower and change for the night.

"Yeah that would be pretty cool actually, kind of sucks we have to stay in uniform on the weekends though."

"Eh not a big deal to me, but just like the military training I received certain things are a privilege and have to be earned. I guess wearing civvies'll be one of those things." Ryan opened and shut the bathroom door behind him. He brought his phone into the bathroom to check his messages. He had four missed calls two from Catherine, those he expected and two from his the Admiral. Those he didn't expect he also had texts from an unknown unrecognized number. Maybe I get Catherine to trace that number Ryan thought as he stepped into the shower and under the warm water. He took a bit longer in the shower than usually knowing, Roman, Alexei and Chessie had already showered. Letting the warm water cascade over his muscles, he'd worked muscle groups he hadn't worked on in a while at least to that intensity.

Ryan rinsed off quickly, dried off and put on a pair of smiley face boxers and an USMC olive drab t-shirt. He checked his Facebook as he brushed his teeth, and saw a few interesting posts, then closed out his news feed.

He reentered their dorm and saw Roman laying on his bed messing around with gadget or another. Ryan hadn't really notified what Roman was messing around with yet. He'd probably ask him tomorrow. Ryan sat on his bed, and leaned over to his nightstand dresser and set his alarm for 0400.

"Night Gomez." Ryan called over the room.

"Night Ryan." Roman called back.

Ryan leaned back and got under the covers of his bed, relaxing into the soft sheets and blanket. Way better then boot camp sheets I slept on. I wonder why the Admiral hasn't called me yet? Were the last thoughts on Ryan's mind before he shut his eyes to dreamland.

1055 Hours. 19 Jul 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad., Outdoor Training Field 2. Alexandria, Virginia.

Fresh out of their first protocols, policies and procedures class with the legendary Agent Philip J. Coulson the trainees were already laden down with the manuals and handbooks they had to memorize. In addition to their trainee S.H.I.E.L.D. handbook, with all the organizational structure and hierarchy in it. And there'd be bi-weekly quizzes.

For all Leo's other smarts he sucked at memorizing stuff. Give him a math or science test or an essay and he was golden. But tell him he had to memorize the fifty states or government and economic stuff back in senior year of high school and he was toast. He honestly doesn't know how he graduated early. By the skin of his teeth that's how.

"I'm tellin' you man my brain's gonna implode." Leo complained to Andrew as they both walked to the outdoor training field in their combat uniforms. That consisted of a black undershirt, a black long sleeve blouse (fancy way of saying collared shirt), and black cargo pants, and black boots. At least the uniform won't show mud and dirt. Leo thought as he passed by a few rather muddy trainees coming back from somewhere further off on campus.

Andrew nodded in agreement with his overly dramatic roommate. He agreed with him completely. "S.H.I.E.L.D. has paperwork for EVERYTHING. Agent Coulson wasn't kidding when he said that."

"I know I mean what to do if you're contaminated by a slime bug spewing an unidentified acid." Leo remarked aghast.

Chessie jogged over to Andrew's other side. "Let's not forget the 3 p's surrounding the guy named Agent Wade Wilson. I mean some of that stuff can't be real right. I mean and I quote "If you shoot Deadpool and he collapses to the floor, even if he looks like it, he isn't dead." How do you shoot a guy and him not be dead? Quote "we should back away slowly and inform a higher ranking officer or Agent."

"Or or quote "Don't let Agent Wilson near the coffee machines and if we see him tampering with them inform someone and don't let anyone drink the coffee." Who even is this guy." Andrew asked.

"No clue dude and I am hope to God I never have the pleasure of meeting this guy. He sounds like a totally whack job." Leo replied. Chessie as politely and well mannered as he was actually agreed with Leo and Andrew. Whoever this Wade Wilson is must be a certified psycho. I can't imagine S.H.I.E.L.D. would employ someone like that.

Harkin stood in his own uniform including eight point black patrol cap with his last name on the back in light gray lettering. On the front of the cap or cover never a hat was the black embroidered eagle emblem. The reason the trainees didn't have a patrol cap or cover, they hadn't earned that yet.

The trainees were actually five minutes early which surprised Harkin internally of course. The man was as stern and stone faced as ever.

The grassy neatly manicured field where they were currently assembled was where the trainees would learn basics of moving like operatives. It's called "Drill", and it takes five seconds for Leo Ryan to determine that "Drill" sucked, a whole helluva lot. If it made the three super stars of their squad roll their eyes discretely or inwardly groan, but not show any outward emotion in front their training officer.

Wow finally something those three don't like.

Leo had nothing against the three military trainees, well not all of them anyway. Well he didn't exactly have anything against Ellis it was just their personalities were the polar opposite. The whole black white, pot kettle deal. Leo considered himself fun, a jokester, outgoing, he considered Ellis a stick in the mud and stickler for order and rules more so then his happy go lucky roommate Andrew. He hadn't even had many major interactions with the young Marine from Hawaii, but they just didn't get along. His Nardo nickname given by Ellis non with standing of course.

"Drill-" Harkin started. "-the basis of any military members or paramilitary operatives movements, and something you will all learn and master. You will also be evaluated on your Drill movements periodically." Harkin informed the trainees.

Roman, Adam, Sarah, and Ryan all visibly relaxed when they were told what was coming up next. That was, until they were informed that they will be the ones teaching the squad.

"Gomez, Dalton, Carson, Ellis, front and center on the double. Face the squad." Harkin barked out. The four mentioned teens all got out of their two line formation and lined themselves upfront in a line a bit in front of Agent Harkins. Harkins ordered the four trainees up front to start from the very beginning with the very basics.

The four teens rearranged themselves so that Ryan was in the center and Sarah was flanked by Gomez and Dalton. From the beginning is exactly where the squad drill trainee instructors began their lesson on drill and ceremony.

Alexei smirked slightly when he saw Ryan zero in on Leo and his poor excuse of executing a right facing movement. It's quite comical to Alexei actually. It's takes all of Roman's effort and Adam's intimidating presence to get the squad to respond cohesively to their movements along with Sarah's help. For a short girl she's pretty intimidating in her own right. Andrew got a real kick out seeing Ryan march over to Leo and get real up close in the other teen's personal space. Ryan leaned forward and pointedly poked Leo repeatedly in the chest.

"I swear to God!" He whispered yelled. "If you don't start to shape the FUCK up Ryan, I'll make your life a living nightmare for the next 32 weeks!"

"You can try." Leo shot back. Meanwhile Harkins was stood back merely observing the interaction. He'd only intervene if it got physical.

Alexei's face contorted to one of mild confusion. He thought Ryan was the mysterious confusing one. Now Leonardo Ryan had just unwittingly added himself to that equation. Both guys had the beginnings of an odd sort of friendship brewing it looked like to Alexei, that or they had a strange way of showing how they hated each other.

"Gomez have you ever seen worse marching?" Sarah asked Roman.

"I have not, this is the worst piss poor performance I've seen." Roman commented, in his honest opinion when they all try to march across the field. Key word try.

"You lot march like a herd of doped up cattle! I've seen sea cadets, little kids march better and faster!" Ryan shouted.

After an hour and thirty minutes of loud and repetitive instruction, Andrew found it best if you just shut your brain and don't think. It's easier that way robotic in a sense. It got him through the hour and some change easily enough. The rest of the squad came to the same conclusion pretty much. Singing little songs in their heads. We are S.H.I.E.L.D.s little mighty warriors, we are S.H.I.E.L.D.s little mighty warriors, and cadences of other variances. Chessie, Kyra, Alexei, Kiera, and Victoria seemed to be doing pretty well with Drill, form wise. They pick it up easier then everyone else.

Alexei in particular seemed like his movements were practiced and well coordinated which in turn since Chessie and Kyra were behind him made them look better. Val was actually trying with the concept of drill alongside Andrew. Quinn and Veronika couldn't care less about this drilling and marching in formation. To rigid and structural for the young Asian teenager. Veronika just didn't see the purpose of it whatsoever.

It's plain and simple really, they sucked donkey ass and it'll take a fucking miracle for them to improve and actually move like a cohesive unit. This non cohesiveness was bugging Ryan they weren't a cohesive unit at all. His annoyance showed clear as he let out little huffs of breath and ran a hand through his hair in exasperation at the squad's lack of skill.

When Harkin called back the four trainee drill instructors, to form them all back up. It was NOT pretty. As they got chewed out for their less than spectacular drill skills, Quinn considered walking up to that smug bastard and announcing that she wanted to quit, before she ends up putting in a ton of work and washing out anyway. She could always get a normal job in Virginia not back home though. She'd said yes to her recruiter to get away from the mess that was here. Did she really want to mess it up by thinking about doing something so absurd. It was quite tempting for the youg Asian teen. Very tempting.

After that abysmal display of drill practice, the trainees were ordered back to their dorms to change back into their dailies and hit the cafeteria.

Even though the menu listed looked divine and to die for. Nobody felt like they could stomach anything more then a simple sandwich.

S.H.I.E.L.D. CAFETERIA Saturday Menu 19 Jul 2015

Breakfast: Omelet Station, Fresh Fruit, Oatmeal w/toppings

Lunch: Sloppy Joe Sandwiches, Fresh Fried Chips (French Fried Potatoes for the Yanks), Salad Bar, Fruit Bar

Supper: Strip Steaks, Baked Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Vegetables, Salad Bar.

Dessert- Blackberry Pie ala Mode

1337 Hours. 19 Jul 2015. Ops Division Bldg. - Classroom 107. Alexandria, Virginia.

After lunch it was more intro to S.H.I.E.L.D. briefing sessions. S.H.I.E.L.D. called them briefing sessions instead of classes, not that anyone gave a damn what S.H.I.E.L.D. called them. Why they called them briefing sessions again no one really cared or knew the reason behind it. Not even the three super trainees, Dalton, Ellis or Carson cared why. They were still teenagers after all no matter what they'd been through. A class was a class, a briefing session was a briefing session whichever way you diced it to Leo he was bored.

It was death by powerpoint via Agent Coulson the man loved his slides and visual aids that was for damn sure. This particular hour long class after lunch was a class, sorry briefing session on how to properly fill out indoctrination forms. A whole class on filling out forms. It wasn't death by powerpoint it was death my fucking paperwork. If there was one thing Phil Coulson loved more then coffee and Captain America it was paperwork. Some Agents say he was raised doing paperwork.

As class dragged on and finally came to and end twenty minutes later, the whole of class 1084 of twenty eight trainees was numb in the brain department.

"I expect those forms to be filled out and on my desk on Monday trainees." Coulson called out to the trainees retreating backs. He only got a few replies back. Phil loved teaching, but teaching a group of twenty eight teenagers would take a whole new realm of thinking. Then again he could probably just use Clint, Tony and Drew for reference if he really thought about it.

After class the trainees were ordered back to their squad rooms in the dorm building by their respective training officers.

1412 Hours. 19 Jul 2015. Ops Dorm Building - Third Floor, Echo Squad Room. Alexandria, Virginia.

As soon as Ryan had gotten them all formed up for Latimer's entrance, the man himself entered the room and started writing on the whiteboard in front of them.

He'd written the words DAILY ACTIVITY SCHEDULE in black white board erase marker.

Under the words DAILY ACTIVITY SCHEDULE he'd continued to write down the schedule that the trainees would follow. Though this schedule was tentative and was subject to change depending on what the instructor wanted to have them do. Or whether they were going out into the field for an extended period of time or not.

0445: Wake-Up Call

0500: Training Field or Gym; prepare for physical training (PT)

0500 - 0600: Physical Training; alternates daily between running, aerobic exercise, obstacle course, kickboxing, etc.

0600 - 0630: Cafeteria; Breakfast

0640 - 0745: Barracks Setup; make beds and make sure everything is in order

0800 -1130: Field training, classroom training, drilling, classes, background screening, psych evals, gear issue, etc.

1130 - 1230: Cafeteria; Lunch

1300 - 1700: Classroom instruction, Field training and mail call. Mail Call is 1630.

1700 - 1800: Cafeteria; Dinner

1900 - 2045: Set up the barracks for nighttime, showers, free time

2100: Lights Out

"Ladies." Latimer turned around from the whiteboard and addressed the six female trainees "At ease." He commanded.

The six female trainees stood at ease in the formation while the males still stood at attention. "I want you to commit this schedule to memory take a picture of it if you must, but then the phones go away. Execute."

Three trainees took pictures and then sent them to their roommates. "All done good. You've got a female only briefing session to get to. Ops division building classroom 111, your instructor will be waiting for you all and your fellow classmates at the door. Rest, Dismissed." Latimer ordered.

The six females fell out of formation and exited the squad room and headed back to the building they'd just come from not twelve minutes ago. Why couldn't Agent Coulson just tell us to stay behind and wait for this other instructor Kiera griped in her head as they walked back.

Once the girls of the squad had vacated the room, Latimer turned on the remaining male members.

"Alright trainees since today is Saturday and you've already completed PT for the morning, and everything indoc., wise is completed, you've got the rest of the day to yourselves." Latimer informed the remaining trainees. Tom saw their varying surprised expressions. They'd all been told numerous times already that this wasn't the military, they had certain freedoms that the military didn't afford them while in basic training. S.H.I.E.L.D. was different, treated their trainees different gave them a bit more freedom to do things. "After I retrieve your personalized schedules and give you a rundown of the regulations for weekends, you're dismissed to do as you please, explore the campus within reason." Latimer informed them.

Personalized schedules, won't we all be taking the same classes, ah briefing sessions. They're called briefing sessions, Ellis. Ryan thought to himself.

It seems a few others in the room had similar questions. "We get personalized schedules, I thought this was supposed to basic S.H.I.E.L.D. training everyone gets taught the same thing?" Chessie wondered aloud.

"I know this'll make training a lot more interesting for sure now that we get personalized schedules I wonder what those sessions will be like?" Leo asked.

"Huh for you Ryan, I think how about how to follow a simple command. Left face right face is so simple turn left turn right." Ryan stated simply.

"Oh you're a real funny one Ellis. I got one for you how to grow a freakin' sense of humor man." Leo replied.

"Okay, okay how bout' we all chill out yeah, and marvel at the freedom we've been given already huh?" Chessie tried to defuse a would be fight between their youngest and their apparent squad leader.

With all the commotion and talking nobody heard Latimer coming back into the room. "There a problem here trainees?" Latimer asked in his gravely tone of voice.

"No sir. Just talking." Alexei spoke up for all them.

Ryan and Leo side eyed and glared at the other teen respectively.

"Good, because I definitely wouldn't want anyone of you to get a demerit so soon. Your schedules for your briefing sessions." Latimer waved a cluster of papers in his hand at the trainees. "When I call your name come and get your schedule."

Latimer started reading off names as the trainees stood in formation still.

"Aria." Chessie went moved out of formation and up to Latimer to receive his schedule and walked back to the formation. When he grabbed the paper his hands shook slightly as he did. Latimer noticed, it but didn't say anything for right now. If it continued he would say something and pull the young man aside.

"Dalton." Adam stepped up and out retrieved his schedule resisted the urge to moan and complain to any who would listen as he looked at his schedule.

"Ellis." Ryan walked purposefully up to Latimer and received the white piece of paper that would dictate his entire life for the next eight months.

The rest of the trainees were called up to retrieve their schedules as Agent Latimer handed them to their respective owners.

Some of the trainees look extremely uncomfortable with the fact that an institution titled Operations and Espionage still had to participate in academic work. Only Fedorov, Nikula, and Aria appeared to be actually smiling. Alexei loved learning languages and with S.H.I.E.L.D. he knew he'd be able to expand on his already vast knowledge of language. The Finnish teen was a polyglot when it came to languages.

"Don't you all look happy." Latimer remarked at he saw some of the teens' faces at the academic work they'd have to partake in. "Now listen up rules for the weekend. First, you can't leave campus grounds. Secondly, you have to stay in uniform at all times, either PT uniform or your dailies. Thirdly, anyone found with any contraband will receive an automatic demerit. Fourthly, no outside food or beverages. Fifthly, all communication with the outside must be made from the telecommunications building for the next two weeks." Latimer explained. "We'll see if you've earned unrestricted communication access by then or not. Also your phones are now mine." Latimer motioned for the trainees to hand over their phones. "Hand'em over now I'm NOT going to ask again." Latimer raised his voice slightly.

The guys some more reluctantly than other handed over their phones. "You'll receive these back at the end of training."

Latimer looked out at the eight shocked faces. "Don't looked so scandalized McGuire, I'm sure you can survive a few hours without a phone."

The guys all looked around confused what was he talking about he just took our phones. "Tomorrow morning after PT, you'll all receive your brand new S.H.I.E.L.D. issue cell phones." Latimer told the males in front of him. "Tomorrow being Sunday, you'll also be able to go to the chapel on campus, and attend any one of the religious services you wish. I do recommend even if you're not religious to attend a service to just relax. The Jewish service I know serves food at the end of their service. After PT and your choosen religious service, the rest of the day is yours to do as you wish within reason on campus. Mingle with other trainees from other squads, get to know your companion divisions of Sci-Tech and Communications if you want to." Latimer informed them.

"On a normal week after the first month on Saturday and Sunday there are morning and afternoon shuttles that'll take you to nearby cites, and attractions, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Downtown Virginia to name a few places. After the first month if any of you have your own personal vehicle on campus, you can use it to travel to and from locations as wish on weekends as long as you're back on campus by 2200 or 10pm, on Sunday, dorm building curfew is 2300 on Sundays."

Latimer let the trainees process that information before he continued onto his last bit before letting them loose on the campus, "You can all stay in here for the next two and half and relax or you can explore the campus. I know the Carter Café is popular with trainees your age. You all will be back in here by 1630 for mail call. IS THAT CLEAR TRAINEES?"

"Yes sir, Agent Latimer sir."

"Ready. Rest. Dismissed." Latimer ordered the trainees and they were let free from formation. Latimer soon left the room and didn't even look back to see if the trainees had left the squad room or not.

"So…" Alexei started the first one to break the silence. "Who has what on their schedules?" he asked looking at his other seven squad mates with interest.

Today was Saturday. Tomorrow it would be Sunday, and the only had a half day then, so classes would begin properly on Monday. Chessie looked down at his paper, pretty much what Agent Latimer had written on the board was what was written down on his paper. They woke up at zero four forty five, where they'd get ready for PT or physical training by zero five hundred. PT was was from zero five hundred to zero six hundred. Then they'd come back up to the dorms shower and change for breakfast which started at zero six hundred, but just like today they'd gotten there at zero six ten. Chessie thought that that'd be the norm. After that they had morning dorm set up where they'd make their beds etc. and get inspected by their squad leader Ryan, that went until zero seven forty five.

From there it was classroom briefing sessions and or field training from zero eight hundred to eleven thirty. That was three and half hours of different instruction by various instructors. Tactics and Strategy, Leadership, First Aid etc. Then from eleven thirty to twelve thirty was lunch. What came after lunch was more classroom instruction or briefing sessions, such as Languages, Countries of the World, Human Behavior and Body Language, and History of Espionage. That was four and half hours of classroom instruction, because the trainees were let out of their last class of the day early to return to their squad rooms for mail call at sixteen thirty. Dinner followed shortly after at seventeen hundred and lasted until eighteen hundred. At eighteen ten they were expected to be in the dorm building. And once in they couldn't leave for any reason short of an emergency. At nineteen hundred they were expected to be in their dorms, for night time set up, and again they'd be inspected by Ryan their squad leader to make sure everything was set up right. At twenty forty five E.C. monitor duty started and was on an hourly rotation from there until zero four hundred. Twenty one hundred was lights out. all trainees were expected to be in their beds and asleep, except of course for those unlucky few on E.C. duty.

That was just Monday. They had another four days after that, and the two half-days on the weekend, with only PT in the morning. Then the weekend after PT was completed was essentially theirs to do as they pleased. The briefing sessions changed bi-weekly, and there was field training and FTX's thrown into the schedule as well. Though that was in the overall training matrix schedule. Their personal schedules looked much the same as a high school schedule, just more jam packed.

"What languages does everyone have?" Alexei asked. Ryan looked down at his schedule and grimaced, almost threw down the paper he was so pissed.

"I've got fucking French, of all the classes I could get why fucking French. I speak fluently a dozen different languages and can passably conversate in another six…er wait I DON'T have French thank God." Ryan declared obvious delight in his voice.

"What do you mean? Chessie asked raising an eyebrow at Ryan.

"I mean this isn't my schedule. Look." Ryan showed off the schedule to the others. "This must have been mixed in with our Squad's. This is from Delta Squad some girl named Grace Ellis."

Leo was about to open his mouth to comment when Ryan shut him down. "I know it's not my schedule because not only is there a girl's name on it. But also a briefing session titled The Art of Seduction and there's a Dance Elective on here. I DON'T dance."

"Okay then well the smart thing to do would be to take the schedule back to administration, in the Academy Hub and get your schedule back." Alexei suggested to Ryan.

"No shit there's no way I'm taking a dancing class." Ryan scowled down at the schedule in his hands.

Over with the girls in the Operations division building, in classroom 112. Agent May had just finished her briefing on what do when it's that time of the month and you're out in the field. She'd just gone and retrieved the both Delta and Echo Squad's schedules for the remainder of their time here and passed them out.

A dark brown haired teenage girl with striking hazel eyes stood at the back of the classroom with the three other female members of her squad. They were all looking over their schedules together. "Hey Grace what'd you get?" A younger girl asked her who happened to be her roommate, Kaitlyn McBride.

Grace scowled down at the paper in her hand that Agent May had handed her. "Why the long face Ellis?" Helena a fiery Italian American teen asked her.

"Admin fucked up and gave me the wrong schedule. They gave me some dude's schedule with the same last name. Ryan Scott Ellis."

Kyra was going over her schedule and comparing it to Sarah's when she overheard one of Delta's female members say Ryan's name.

Kyra walked over with her schedule in hand to the back of the room. "Sorry to interrupt but I couldn't help but overhear did you say Ryan Scott Ellis?" Kyra asked.

Grace looked up at the blonde haired teen in front of her. "Duh it's kind of what I said."

Kyra ignored the other girls' slightly rude comment, "Ryan's my squad's squad leader. And you've got his schedule which means…"

"That he's got MY schedule." Grace concluded.

"You should probably go get your schedule back from him." Kyra told the older looking girl.

"Right, you girls wanna come, we go scope out the café after?" Grace offered to the other girls.

"We'll meet you there, I want to go talk to Leo first." Sarah told Grace.

"No problem you go talk to him, and you and whoever else wants to come can meet us over at Carter Café say in thirty minutes." Grace proposed to the other girls.

"Agreed." Sarah said as she couldn't help but notice a slight resemblance between the girl in front of her and her squad leader Ryan.

"Wait Agent May said we can't go anywhere by ourselves." Grace frowned slightly. "McBride you've gotta come with me you're my partner."

Kaitlyn McBride finished up with her conversation with Helena and walked over to Grace, and the two said their goodbyes to the others girls. They walked out of the Ops division building and headed back to the Ops dorm building to see if Grace could find Ryan the guy with her schedule.

"So Grace what do you think this Ryan guy is like?" Kait asked.

"Don't know, haven't met him yet. Someone in the dorm building there's a guy runnin' around with my schedule and I want it back."

"We'll get it back Grace no worries." Kaitlyn replied easily as they both keyed their I.D.s to get into the Ops dorm building.

1509 Hours. 19 Jul 2015. Ops Div. Dorm Building - Lobby. Alexandria, Virginia.

Ryan expertly dodged and weaved other trainees on the stairs as he made his way down to the lobby or ground floor of the building.

Come on come on I want to see if I really do have French or not? God I hope I don't. Ryan thought as he continued at his hurriedly distracted pace through the lobby.

Grace and her roommate Kait were walking through the doors of the building and barely made it passed the E.C. duty desk before Grace was plowed into.

Ryan continued his decidedly distracted yet determined walking and didn't register the two girls coming toward him. In particular the one one the right of the pair and ran smack dab into her.

Both teens fell unceremoniously on their asses with a resounding THUD. Papers flying out of their hands.

"Owwww. My tailbone."

"Ouch...hey watch where you're going buddy." Grace called out to the teen she'd been run down by. Ryan looked up from his spot on the ground and it's like he was looking into a mirror. A really freaky mirror.

"Who are you?" Ryan asked no better question on his mind at the moment.

"Me? Who the Fuck Are You?" The long dark brown haired teen asked him. Kaitlyn just stood looking between the two teens shocked.

Wow fate much. Kaitlyn thought as she saw the papers that had fallen out of both the other's hands.


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