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Chapter 8 Part 1 - Journey into the Unknown

1509 Hours. 19 Jul 2015. Ops Div. Dorm Building - Lobby. Alexandria, Virginia.

Ryan expertly dodged and weaved other trainees on the stairs as he made his way down to the lobby or ground floor of the building.

Come on come on I want to see if I really do have French or not? God I hope I don't. Ryan thought as he continued at his hurriedly distracted pace through the lobby.

Grace and her roommate Kait were walking through the doors of the building and barely made it passed the E.C. duty desk before Grace was plowed into.

Ryan continued his decidedly distracted yet determined walking and didn't register the two girls coming toward him. In particular the one one the right of the pair and ran smack dab into her.

Both teens fell unceremonously on their asses with a resounding THUD. Papers flying out of their hands.

"Owwww. My tailbone."

"Ouch...hey watch where you're going buddy." Grace called out to the teen she'd been run down by. Ryan looked up from his spot on the ground and it's like he was looking into a mirror. A really freaky mirror.

"Who are you?" Ryan asked no better question on his mind at the moment.

"Me, who the Fuck Are You?" The long dark brown haired teen asked him. Kaitlyn just stood there looking between the two teens shocked.

Wow fate much. Kaitlyn thought as she saw the papers that had fallen out of both the other's hands.

Ryan looked into the girls' striking hazel eyes and immediately fired back, "I asked you first."

"Well you practically bulldozed into me dude. Didn't your mother ever teach you to not run in the house."

Ryan clammed up at the mention of a practically nonexistent mother figure. That's what he thought of his mother anyway. All he ever got from her was a post card every few months or so. Though he did always get something on his birthday. Wherever his mom was she'd always manage to get him some sort of present and a card even if it did arrive a bit late. Depending on where she was sending it from and the conditions she was sending them under.

"Grace maybe you should lay off him. I'm sure he's sorry right, Ryan?" Kaitlyn said.

Ryan now looked at the other girl next to this 'Grace'. "How'd you know my name?" Ryan asked suspicious.

"Your schedule genius. Grace got yours by mistake and you got her's my accident as well." Kaitlyn told the teen with short spiked brown hair with an impressive looking athletic body.

Ryan looked down at the lonesome papers on the floor and saw his schedule. He went to pick it up and Grace's. "Uh here you go Grace." Ryan handed the teen her schedule with her name on it and kept a firm hold on his own schedule.

"Thanks, uh Ryan was it?" Grace asked.

"Yeah it is. Ryan Scott Ellis. Says so right here on my schedule." Ryan waved the schedule slightly then he actually looked at it and swore. "Fuck, no seriously. I DO have French and the Dance elective, why God why? He hates me I just know it." Ryan lamented.

"I don't think He can truly hate anyone." Kaitlyn informed the other two.

Ryan sent a death glare the younger girl's way. "Okay I think we…" Before Grace could finish her sentence a loud booming voice interrupted her.

"ELLIS! What are you doing standing around. No lolly gagging." The caucasian bald man with sapphire blue eyes barked.

Both Ellis' snapped to attention. "Yes sir."

"Wait. There's two of you?" The man asked clearly confused looking between both trainees.

"There was a mix up with our schedules sir. He…" Grace thumbed a finger over at Ryan. "Had my schedule and I had his…"

"We were just merely returning each other's schedules…" Ryan continued.

"To their rightful owner." Grace finished, looking at the other trainee eyes slightly wide. This was freaky. Finishing another person's sentences.

The bald headed training officer of Delta Squad looked between the two trainees with the same last name. "You two aren't related?" He queried.

"No sir. It's just coincidence that we have the same last name. And happen to be going through training together in the same class." Grace explained.

"Alright then, I'll make sure to talk to your training officer Ellis." Delta Squad T.O. looked at Ryan. "And make sure any further paperwork mishaps don't happen and paperwork is clearly marked with your full names or initials."

Both Ellis' nodded in understanding. "Well I'm sure you all want to enjoy your Saturday so I'll let you get back to it."

Delta Squad's T.O. walked off down the hall without another word. "Is it me or is your training officer actually nice." Ryan surmised after only being in the other man's presence a mere ten minutes.

"Yours isn't?" Grace's friend Kaitlyn asked.

Ryan looked at her incredulously. "I'd peg ole Harkins as more of a stern parental father figure then nice. The man has no smile lines on his face like Agent Coulson does, now he's happy and smiles a lot, Harkins not so much."

Kaitlyn looked at Ryan in surprise. "You got all that from the guys' face?"

"I did. I'm observant what can I say. I can read facial expressions pretty well. My old man helped a lot with that. Even though he only ever had like three."

Grace found that interesting. Her mom was a range of emotions. Whereas Ryan's father apparently only had three.

"So…what do you want to do now Grace you've got your schedule?" Kaitlyn asked her roommate.

"Weren't we going to go over to Carter's Café scope it out, with the girls from Echo Squad." Grace wanted to confirmed that their plans hadn't changed.

"Right totally. We said we'd meet Sarah and whomever else from Echo that was going to meet us there." Kaitlyn confirmed.

Grace turned to Ryan who held his now folded up schedule in his hand. "You wanna come with us Ryan?" Grace asked. "What you're poor schedule ever do to you?"

Ryan looked up into Grace's own hazel eyes. Gah it's like looking into a mirror. It's creepy. "It's forcing me to take goddamn French and a dance elective. I DON'T dance!"

Grace let a small smile grace her face. "Well then Mr. Ellis we can suffer together."

"Whoa you're a girl and you don't like dancing? What kinda girl are you?" Ryan realized what'd he just said and backpedaled fast. "Wait wait that's not what I meant. I mean I'm surprised is all."

Damn haven't even known Nardo for a week and his mouth is rubbing off on me. Ryan thought.

Grace gave Ryan the dirtiest scandalized look scoffed and walked away from Ryan with her head held high. Kaitlyn trailing after her.

"What did I just do? Way to go Ellis." Ryan chastised himself aloud to the empty lobby. His behavior and attitude he ususally reserved for Catherine was coming up. I really should call her I mean I've got the free time…Wait damn it I don't have a phone. Shit…

Well there goes that bright idea…

With his schedule in hand he shoved it into his right cargo pants pocket having already memorized the infernal paper and headed back to his dorm.

Ryan hated his schedule with every fiber of his being. He couldn't understand why he had to take French.

"Am I allowed to hate Agents I don't even know and have never met?" Ryan asked Roman as he stormed into their dorm and shut the door behind him. Roman was working out on the pull up bar shirtless and in a pair of black PT shorts.

Roman levered himself down from the bar and just hung there. "Who do you hate and what'd they do to you?" Roman asked.

"This…" Ryan waved his schedule around. "Is the bane of my existence."

"A piece of paper?" Roman raised an eyebrow.

"My briefing schedule for the next eight months. It's got French and a dance elective on it. That I DID NOT elect to take at all." Ryan fumed scowling at the paper as he if he looked hard enough it'd burst into flames. The more he talked the more hyped up about it he got.

"A dance elective huh, shimmy shimmy shake." Roman said as he dismounted the bar and walked over to grab a towel from the rack in the bathroom. "Dance the waltz and tango with a pretty girl how tragic." Roman remarked.

Ryan shook his head at Roman, "I don't see the point in a dance elective man. How is that supposed to help mes get enemy secrets?"

"Don't know but guess we'll both find out together."

Ryan looked at Roman from his desk where he put his schedule down. "You got stuck with this dance elective too."

"Yep." Roman popped the 'p'.

"Hey Gomez a couple of girls from Delta and our squad are going to Carter's Café in 15 you want to join us?" Ryan asked casually. I mean what else am I going to do might as well explore and get to know my surroundings.

"Sure just let me shower and change first. I'll be out in five." Roman told Ryan as he wrapped the white towel around his neck. He grabbed a set of his dailies and headed into the bathroom.

Roman was in and out in just five minutes as promised and Ryan was waiting for him lanyard with key and I.D. stuffed in his right pocket whistling. Roman grabbed his lanyard with his key and I.D. as well and both headed on out.

1543 Hours. 19 Jul 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy - Carter Café, Alexandria, Virginia.

Carter Café was a large open floor plan space with high tables, low tables, and booths all around. The café was much like a Starbucks, with coffee, teas, hot chocolates, expressos, lattes and an assortment of pastries and premade sandwiches. But the difference between any Starbucks around the world and the one and only Carter Café. This fine establishment not only had high speed wifi connectivity, but it also had a decent sized stage in the back for karoke nights.

Ryan and Roman entered the café and Ryan immediately spotted Grace and her roommate along with a few other members of his squad. Sarah, Leo, Alexei and Chessie among them.

"Ryan glad you could make it." Kaitlyn greeted the older teen. "And who's this you brought with you?" Kaitlyn gave Roman an appreciative once over.

"I'm Roman, Ryan's roommate." Roman introduced himself to the younger girl at the table.

"Nice to meet you Roman. I'm Kaitlyn, Grace's roommate."

Grace waved at Roman and the first thing Roman noticed about Grace was that she looked an awful lot like Ryan. Same hair color, same hazel eyes. It was freaky weird, looking at the two of them.

"Are these two related?" Roman asked, Kaitlyn as he and Ryan sat down across the table from those already occupying the table.

"No, we're not related." Grace stated firmly.

"Just a coincidence that our last names are the same and we're in the same training class." Ryan admitted.

"I don't believe in coincidences. You two have got to be related I mean have you two looked in a mirror lately." Sarah told the two trainee look alikes.

Ryan shook his head and barked out a laugh. "Me related to her. Ha…that's hilarious Carson. And utterly unrealistic. We don't even know each other."

"Well you know we could get to know each other seeing as we both have French and the dance elective, and French is the language of love." Grace reminded the table.

Ryan almost gagged, "Oh yeah don't remind me. I mean not that I don't want to get to know you, uh Grace just not like that. I have a girlfriend, Catherine."

Leo took a sip of his frappichino before he added in. "Right…are we ever going to see pictures of this girlfriend Ellis or she just your pillow."

Ryan glared over the table at Leo, and kicked him under the table. Leo let out an unmanly yell in pain.

The teens all sat around the table chatting and talking just enjoying each other company on this fine Saturday afternoon. Those who weren't at Carter Café had decided to go exploring around the campus instead. Quinn, Kyra and Kiera had teamed up and were exploring the campus they way they wanted to. Kyra was trying to be the voice of the reason for her two ambitious adventurous squad members.

"Relax Kyra we won't get in trouble. Agent May said we could explore within reason." Kiera told Kyra.

"Yes within reason Kiera. Breaking and entering into the faculty and staff quarters isn't within reason." Kyra hissed back to Kiera. It was broad daylight that Kiera was trying to hack into the reader outside of the faculty and staff dorm building. They could get caught, and getting caught would not be good for any of them at all.

Kiera looked up from her task of fiddling with the card reader to respond to Kyra. "You worry too much we'll be fine. And…we're in." Kiera told the other two with triumph as she swiped her I.D. card on the reader. Finally getting it to recognize her.

I don't have be sciencey smart to figure this out or be a Com tech person. I'm all me baby. Kiera thought as she let Kyra and Quinn into the restricted access building.

"Man I'm so glad my parents are instructors here." Quinn told the girls as they made their way to the instructor/staff lounge. "I'd be so dead if I was caught in here."

"Welcome to the lap of luxury girls, all the TV channels we can watch and all the junk food we can eat." Kiera exclaimed arms held out wide showcasing the instructor and staff lounge.

Quinn looked around the sizeable lounge in awe. Okay this is so much better then the lounge the trainees and the cadets have access to in our dorm buildings. Quinn thought.

"Kiera you're my new best friend. Anything you need or want I'm your girl." Quinn said.

Kyra had to agree the lounge was nicer then the one they as trainees had access to. I mean they only had access to certain TV channels and they couldn't play video games. Not that Kyra was one to play video games but still it was nice.

Not yet twenty minutes into their unsanctioned trip to the staff lounge heavy footsteps entering the staff lounge stop all three girls in their tracks.

"Ahem. Excuse me Trainees. I don't believe you're supposed to be in here." A male voice Kiera knew well drew their attention.

Kiera spun around near the couch she was leaning on and came face to with Agent Anton Yohan. Agent Yohan was the same age of her mom and had coiffed black hair and hooded dark brown eyes.

Agent Yohan had his arms loosely crossed across his chest over his navy blue vest he was wearing over a long sleeve sky blue collared shirt.

"Hey Agent Yohan how's it going?" Kiera tried making conversation with the older male Agent. Kyra and Quinn stood up from the couch and flanked Kiera on her right and left side.

"Don't play coy with me young lady you know exactly what you were doing. You know it was wrong and could potentially get you on probation." Agent Yohan told Kiera.

Kiera's eyes went wide and she started spouting all sorts of things. "Please don't tell my moms. They go ballistic well actually only my birth mom will, but still besides the point. You can't tell them Agent Yohan please." Kiera begged. "Quinn and Kyra had nothing to do with this, this was all my idea, they tried to stop me, but I don't them otherwise." Kiera was rambling now.

Anton knew what it was like to be in the young girls' place to be have that adventrous rebellious spirt. He himself was quite the troublemaker at the Academy when he went through about two decades ago. He also knew how hard it could be to be the youngest trainee in Operations. It was a whole different animal then being the youngest in Sci-Tech or Comms, those two divisions it was expected to have youngre Cadets. Where smarts were cherished and praised. In Ops being the youngest, meant you were the weakest link and and that you had a whole helluva lot to prove. Anton uncrossed his arms and started smiling at the three girls in front of him. Two looked confused and another looked relieved.

"I won't tell your moms." Anton looked at Kiera as he said this. "If you promise me right now I won't see you in here again. I'll get a friend to wipe the footage of you all."

Kiera at hearing this strode over to the taller man and hugged him. "Thanks Anton." Kiera whispered. "You're the best. I promise you ever see me in here again."

Anton looked down at the black haired girl hugging him now. "Anytime kid. Now…" Anton spoke up looking at the two older trainees. "You two can't let her walk all over you like that. She'll pull you into all manners of trouble I'd watch her if I were you." Anton informed the girls.

Kyra and Quinn both nodded slowly. "Right Agent Yohan of course." Kyra said. Quinn nodded in agreement with the Agent Yohan had said.

Anton let the girls go and the girls headed back over to the Operations dorm building. It was about time for mail call anyway.

Since it was the trainees first weekend at the Academy, they were briefed on mail procedures both incoming and outgoing. Agent Latimer actually looked surprised when he found out that a trainee had mail already.

After he'd briefed the trainees on the mail procedures he let them go to the cafeteria for dinner. All except two. The mail recepient and his training partner. The trainees had also been told that their roommates that they'd been rooming with would also be their 'work' partners throughout training. Similar to a wingman in the Air Force or shipmate in the Navy. Out in the operational field of S.H.I.E.L.D. many Agents worked with partners on missions for several years. Having a partner and being able to trust said partner was crucial out in the field. So the roots of good partnership were laid down here at the Academy first, before trainees got out into the field as junior Agents with their partners.

"Trainee Ellis you've got mail. I don't know how already, seeing as nobody is supposed to know the address yet, but you do." Agent Latimer spoke as he pulled two envelopes out of a folder and handed them to the teen.

"Thank you sir." Ryan told Agent Latimer, as Latimer dismissed him and Roman to go eat.

Walking to the cafeteria Ryan held the two envelopes in his hands but didn't make any move to open them. Roman thought this was interesting if he'd gotten mail he'd be itching to open it up.

"You gonna open your mail Ryan? See what they say?" Roman asked as they marched to the cafeteria. Marching everywhere was going to take some getting used to. You didn't walk anywhere on campus, you either marched, sprinted or full on ran. At least if you were Operations that was.

Ryan looked down at the two envelopes with the neat script handwriting. He knew of only one person with that handwriting. It's been engrained in his memory. His mother.

"No. No I'm not." Ryan told Roman and he carefully put the envelopes in his right cargo pants pocket.

1739 Hours. 19 July 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad., Tactical Operations Center, Alexandria, Virginia.

The Agents on duty were sat among a dozen or so monitors when the alert came through.

"S.H.I.E.L.D. Base Alpha 6, H.V.T. in bound, Level 8. Level 8 tactical operatives requested." The pilot aboard Quinjet 7 told the command center over the radio.

"Copy that Q7, Code Black, tactical operatives requested."

"We haven't had a Code Black since last year this isn't good at all." One of the command center Agents said as he sent out the alert over the PA to all available Level 8 Agents.

"All Level 8 operational field agents report the air field Code Black I report all level 8 operational field agents report to the air field Code Black".

All over campus Agents dropped what they were doing and ran over to the airfield some from pretty far off. That's why running was an important part of the trainees PT sessions. Clint, Drew, and Aurora Mohren and Mariam Zardari were in the cafeteria eating dinner at their respective tables when the alert came over the PA system.

"All Level 8 operational field agents report the air field Code Black I report all level 8 operational field agents report to the air field Code Black".

"Code Black I wonder who it is this time?" Aurora questioned as she and Mariam sprinted out of the cafeteria. Clint and Drew not far behind, weapons on hand at the ready as they ran across campus to the airfield.

1813 Hours. 19 July 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Acad. Air Field - Air Strip. Alexandria, Virginia.

Bucky cursed the H.V.T. out in Russian for getting the upper hand on him and giving him a good rough up before Steve rushed in. Bucky and Steve both had firm holds on the target in question that they found in Colorado at the Hydra base they raided yesterday. They'd barely gotten out with their lives before the base was blown to smithereens. S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol dictated operatives wait 24 hours after mission completion for extraction, but due to how the mission ended up going it was sooner then 24 hours.

"Move it shit bag." Barnes ordered the brown haired target. Bucky hated the man beside him, with a passion and wanted nothing but to end him. For all the shit he'd been through while under that man's supervision. He had to be questioned though. He was imporant like that and procedure had to be followed.

The man looked around as they descended the ramp of the quinjet and smirked a look of sickening adoration on his face. There were about a half a dozen Agents in full amoured tactical gear and another dozen or so Level 8 operational field Agents armed and ready to strike.

"All this for little ol' me. I feel special Asset." The man leered at Bucky.

"You're lucky there are so many witnesses or you'd be dead already Rollins." Bucky growled as he held the other man's cuffed right wrist just a bit tighter.

"This is for your protection Rollins. S.H.I.E.L.D. aren't killers like you, it's not what we do." Steve told the ex-STRIKE team member and secret Hydra operative.

Rollins scoffed aloud. "Tell me Captain Rogers how's Agent Romanoff doing and that Wilson guy Rumlow roughed them up pretty good. They still with you?"

Now it was Steve's turn to want to punch Rollins for his remarks. "Can I hit him just once?" Steve asked.

"You do that Agent Rogers and I may give you a medal of adoration." Coulson piped up from in the formation, that was leading Rollins to an interrogation room.

"Put the blinders and gag on now shut him up, and blind him." Agent Daisy Johnson ordered.

Bucky gladly grabbed the blinders and gag he had on him and placed them none to gently over Rollins' eyes and mouth. "With pleasure." Bucky commented as he saw Rollins world go dark because of the blindfold.

The blindfold actually provided total sensory deprivation, no hearing or vision for the wearer at all. From the quinjet to the edge of the airfield was one thing there was nothing around but hangars and one building that went with the airfield. Actually in the center of campus was a whole other situation.

1838 Hours. 19 July 2015. S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy - The Bunker. Alexandria, Virginia.

Coulson walked out of the interrogation room of the Bunker, Rollins secured with Agent Mohren and Agent Morse. Coulson turned to the four Agents formed up outside the door.

"I want you four posted up here outside weapons hot. If he gets out of that room, you have permission to use lethal force." Agent Coulson told the four Agents seriously. Clint and Agent Alfred Koeman, a 39 year old heavily built man with dirty blonde hair and green eyes nodded in acknowledgement.

Agent Mariam Zardari and fellow former DIRR member 2IC actually and, current S.H.I.E.L.D. field Agent Ford Necchi gave verbal acknowledgement of the order as well.

Coulson nodded back to the four and took a short walk to the observation room a few feet away from the interrogation room where Daisy and Ward were waiting.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Interrogation Room - The Bunker. Alexandria, Virginia.

"Two women to interrogate me, I've gotta give S.H.I.E.L.D. props for being so progressive." Rollins said. "I'd give you a round of applause but uh my hands are kinda tied." Rollins shook his handcuffed hands on either side of the metal chair he was chained too. "Going for the dark and cold atmosphere here really prison cell like A+ accommodations."

"Who are you working for Collins? Who else is out there?" Bobbi asked. "Rumlow? Schaffer? West?"

Rollins face turned cold as stone. "You think Rumlow's alive? Don't know if you remember but he got a fucking building dropped on him. By best friend is dead. And you killed him!" Rollins yelled.

"That's funny because I don't remember being anywhere near that side of the Triskelion. Do you Agent Morse?" Aurora asked the younger Agent.

"No I have no recollection of the events that happened last year." Bobbi told Aurora.

"S.H.I.E.L.D. killed him, by dropping a building on him. You're a part of a deluded organization and you'll all fall eventually." Rollins told them rather confidently.

"Is that right Rollins. I don't see how that's possible. We crippled you and Hydra with Wards' help." Bobbi had no problem name dropping Ward at all. There were very few Agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. who actually trusted Ward and his status. Bobbi was one of them, who didn't trust him. The man had dropped Fitz and Simmons and out of the airlock of the Bus for crying out loud. In the name of S.H.I.E.L.D. he'd said to protect them, from Garrett. It was the only option he'd said. Bobbi didn't believe Ward for a second.

"If you're all Hydra's got to offer well then we can go out for drinks then, celebrate. The last of Hydra's been captured."

Agent Mohren didn't drink, but she got the tactic Agent Morse was applying here. She'd seen it used before. Rollins behavior cool, calm, collective, flirtatious even was odd to Aurora. Then again he did do a complete 360 when Agent Morse mentioned Rumlow's name, which was even more intriguing to the woman. Perhaps Rumlow was really dead. I mean there wasn't a body of the man recovered last year and his injuries were quite severe.

"I suppose if you're all that's left of the almighty Hydra. We can lock you up in a deep dark hole that you'll never crawl out of and call it a night." Aurora was talking to Bobbi really now. "What do you think Agent Morse?"

"I'm all for that. The last head of Hydra finally cut off." Bobbi said as she and Aurora started walking away to the thick steel door.

Rollins looked down into his lap and he started chuckling lightly, then it went into full on laughter and not the nice laughter either. This was cynical, dark, almost maniacal.

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