DarkPriestess66: Before you fans of Mercedes Lackey and HP say anything, I DO NOT OWN. I am just writing this for the enjoyment of both series. And yes, I known its the "Star-Eyed Goddess" but this is Luna, she has her own way of doing things.

Luna Lovegood felt in her heart, she was not of Valdemar, as much the food was good, the clothing nice. She often dreamed of two beings, who were in a vorcel-hawk form, she knew they were from the Starry eyed one. For they in turn had starry eyes themselves.

Only problem was that she had no idea how to travel to the the People of the Starry Eyed One, she decided to seek out Jerven.

"Good Morrrrring, Luna." The young gryphon greets as he was sunning himself by the river in the Companion's side of the complex.

"Are you planning on visiting your sister?" Luna questions as she came to rest beside the gryphon

"Yesss, why do you assssk." Jerven responds, "You wissssh to go too?"

"Yes, I belong with the starry eyes' People, I do not know where to find them."

"I will make arrrrangementssss forrrr yourrrrr ssssafe passsssage in the People'ssss landssss." Jerven replies

"No need, young brother." replied a unfamiliar voice, as a person wanted up wearing midnight blue, Jerven looked mildly shocked this was a Swordsworn that assisted the Shin'a'in envoy.

"The Lady has shown me this girl. She has been accepted as one of her People, so she may chose any place to call home among our People or yours." the Swordsworn explains giving, Luna, token and maps. "Young Jerven knows the way, but take those with you, so you may pass safely." she turned on her booted heel and left.

Within a few days, Luna was being carried in a magically endowed basket, a smaller one then Treyvan and Hydona used for their young. Jerven could carry her without problem in it. Together, they left Valdemar.