Silverwolf watched her patrol border, she was a member of K'Leshya Clan, she was one of the mages and a scout. She stood on a tree branch with her back to the trunk, she was waiting for something, her world's view was slightly different than others of her Clan, her green eyes watched, searching for danger when none was there.

Silverwolf flitted through the canopy, she went to the edge of her patrol and back again, waiting for something, she knew something was going to happen and she would be involved. She shielded her eyes against the sun with her, she saw something flying into her area of patrol. She watched as a gryphon landed with a carrying basket, he turned to the basket and a girl with pale blonde hair. Silverwolf climbed down from the tree and met them.

"Grrrrreetingssss, ssssissssterrrr." Jerven greets in pure Kaled'a'in .

Silverwolf's eyes widen at her mother-tongue being spoken. "Who are you?"

"Jerrrrven, Son of Trrrreyvan and Hydona. Brother of Lytha." The young gryphon answers

Silverwolf heard stories from her friend. "Be welcome, brother. What are you doing here with the Outlander."

"Sssshe isss no Outlanderrrrr, the Goddesssss accepted herrrr." Jerven defended her "I'll ssssponsssserrrr into the Clan if you will act asssss well."

Luna watched the girl, who could be no older than herself. But she couldn't be sure, they were speaking in another language. The girl was dressed in camouflage colors, she didn't look like a Hawkbrother.

"Be welcome, young one." the girl greets, "Follow me, we shall find you a place to stay, even if it's with me!" she turned and lead the way to the entrance to the Vale.

Jerven and Luna followed and entered the vale, where there were different creatures along with the humans. Luna's eyes widen at the different sort of animals within this Clan.

Silverwolf watched the young girl, she was in awe of the fathered, hooved, and scaly members of the Clan. She thought with a few years practice this girl could make a decent Trondi'irn. She wasn't joking about sharing her dwelling, she set the girl up in her eleke. She went to explain her situation to the Council of Elders.