By: Evil Upons

Flippy x Splendid

Flippy's P.O.V

The stars are shining glimpsing through the sky as I was just sitting on my bed with a mournful look on my face. Whelp, I guess I messed up again.. messed up big times. People are afraid of me, people can't hardly trust me now, and they see me as a hawk that will hunt their prey. I mean.. It hurts when people can't trust me. I tried helping others but every time I see one single sharp object. My mind blows up and I just start going insane. I hurt others. I hurt my friends.

I can hear Splendid in the other room sniffling. I did a small sigh and got off the bed and walked out of my room.

Splendid's P.O.V

It hurts... it really hurts. I'm sitting on the floor in a room with tears rolling down. I just.. can't take this feeling of messing up.

"D-Damn you, Splendid.. you have to screw up, huh..?" I said to myself with a shaky voice. All I had to do is save a citizen but yet, I got them killed. I just want to save people and become the better hero. But no! I feel hated! What if Flippy hates me? Oh god.. He will see how a terrible boyfriend I am by screwing up..

My ears perked up when I heard a knock.

"Splendid? You in here?"

Damn it.. it's Flippy.. what do I do? I don't want him seeing me like this.. I quickly wiped my tears, got up and opened the door.

"F-Flippy!" I sniffled. "Hi! You alright?" I tried sounding enthusiastic. But instead. He had a face expression.

Flippy's P-O-V

I looked at Splendid with a lifted brow. I could tell he has been crying..

"Um. You alright?" I asked.

"Yea, why?" He answered. Pshh, no your not alright.

"You sure? I see a tear forming."

He growled and gave me a look. Okay, seriously. Why is he so growling? Was it something I did?

"Im. Fine." He said with a cold look.

I got tired of him and huffed.

"Splendid. tell me what's wrong. Im serious." I said with a stern voice. Then looked at me like he has fresh tears.

"F-Flippy.. I.. I just can't take it anymore.." he said having fresh tears rolls down. That's when I shut the door behind me and went over to him.

"Splendid.. why are you crying? Please.. tell me whats wrong.." I hugged my boyfriend close. He sobbed into my chest and I shushed him comfortingly.

"J-just... screwing up! I tried saving people, I tried be the best role model there is, I tried to impress some of my fans, and you know what? I pretty much screw up! What kind of a hero am I?! Huh?! This is why I can't do things right! I end up killing people!" He yelled while sobbing on my chest. I rubbed his back and sighed.

"Babe.. listen to me.." I huffed, getting ready of what I have to say. "Your not the only one who messes up.. I mess up too.. when I help others, I see a sharp object, I just go... insane. I kill.. brutally. People don't want to be around me. It hurts when many people I use to be friends with don't want to be near me any more. When I flip out, It gives me a headache.. its like glass shattering in my mind.. so your not the only one.." I said and kissed his forehead. He looked up at me.

"O-oh... mm.. I.. I guess were meant to be for each other.. huh?" He said while wiping his tears. I chuckled and lifted his chin.

"Of course.. my dork.." I kissed him on the lips. We remain staying like that for a while.

After a good 3 minutes. We pulled away. "Love you.." he said.

"Love you too.." I purred. I grabbed his hand, we walked out of the room and decided to go make food together in the kitchen.


First story I have ever made. Yea I tried Anyways, I hope you all like it. I don't own Happy Tree Friends nor the characters. They belong to Mondo Media.