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( Afghanistan, June 2nd 2008, 6:49pm)

Anastasia did not like Afghanistan. It was hot, sand was everywhere and she always got dehydrated whenever she was in the country.

Still, she had a job to do. Rescue one 'Anthony Edward Stark' from whoever the hell was keeping him captive. The eight year old didn't expect that much trouble, though. She and her teammates had been surveilling the cave the terrorists were in for three weeks now.

Said surveillance had shown that while they had been smart enough to capture a billionaire, they were not smart enough to have secondary locations. In other words, they kept their asses parked exactly where they were.

Stupid mistake, really. You should always assume your enemies knew where you were hiding. Anastasia wasn't going to complain, however. It just made her job that much easier.

She stood up and stretched, mentally preparing to go inside and steal Stark right from under their noses. Isaac, her partner, copied her movements before speaking.

"So," the ten year old beside her said. "You know the plan?"

Anastasia rolled her eyes at the question. "Yes, Reaper. You go in first, locate Stark and radio me when you have him. I portal into the room then portal us back to the rendezvous point."

Isaac gave a firm nod. "Good, no screw ups, okay?"

"In and out, twenty minutes tops." Anastasia confirmed, pushing down any annoyance she felt. Isaac just had to be sure, after all if they did screw up there would be a high possibility of them dying.

Isaac studied her face for moment before giving a smirk. "Let's go liberate a billionaire then, shall we?"

Anastasia laughed as she nodded. Isaac let his smirk grow slightly as he raised his hand to the commlink in his ear.

"Alright Command, we're good to go." Isaac informed the person on the other end.

There was a small burst of static before a young female voice came through. "Copy that, Reaper. You and MH are good to go. Stay frosty."

Anastasia and Isaac shared exasperated looks. "Seriously, Command? Do you have to be so official?" Anastasia muttered, rubbing her temples.

Command could be heard harrumphing at that remark. "Just because you don't care about radio decorum, doesn't mean I can't, Hatter."

"Mia, we're the only ones that can hear you!" Isaac exclaimed, facepalming.

Immediately Anastasia and the newly named 'Mia' chastised him. "No names!"

Isaac merely groaned in defeat.

A sudden male voice drifted over the comm. "Now, now children. Don't make me separate you."

Isaac brightened instantly, recognizing backup when he heard the voice. "Zane! I mean, Guardian! Help me, I'm getting ganged up on!"

Zane snickered at that. "Tell you what. You and Hatter complete your mission and then I'll tell the ladies to stop bullying you, okay?"

Issac mock pouted. "Fine." He murmured sullenly.

"Come on, you big baby. We need to do this, get your butt in there." Anastasia nudged him none too gently.

He turned to give her a glare before heaving a once again defeated sigh. "Going in." he said into the comm before getting a concentrated look on his face.

A shimmer began to fluctuate around his body, his form beginning to seemingly vanish into thin air. Anastasia knew better though, he hadn't gone anywhere. He had simply manipulated the light surrounding him to make it seem like he had vanished.

"Ready?" Isaac's disembodied voice asked one final time.

Anastasia gave a sharp nod. "Ready."

"See you in few then, Hatter." Isaac told her.

Anastasia watched his footsteps travel down the hill they were before going off into the cave a minute later.

"He's in." Anastasia informed her commlink as she settled in to wait for her partners signal.

"Copy," Mia's voice came through before falling silent again.


Anastasia had been sitting on the ground boredly waiting for her signal to portal in for ten minutes when she heard the sound of gun fire.

She perked up immediately when she realized it was coming from her comm, more importantly from Isaac.

"Reaper, report." Mia ordered tersely, having picked up on it as well. "What's going on?"

A few seconds went by before he replied sounding dazed. "Command, Stark is fighting his captors. In a metal suit."

Disbelieving silence was all that was heard.

"Reaper," Zane's incredulous voice said. "Would you repeat that please?"

"Stark's fighting his way out. In a huge metal suit." Came the quick response.

"What!?" Naomi's voice suddenly demanded through the comm. "I'm gone for thirty minutes to eat lunch and this happens?"

Isaac gave a slightly hysterical laugh. "I don't know what to tell you, Blizzard. That's what I'm- holy shit!"

"Reaper!?" Four voices shouted as one.

Anastasia rolled to her feet and prepared to throw a portal when she saw the reason for Isaac's sudden exclamation.

"Holy. Shit." Anastasia echoed her partner as she stared at the shocking scene in front of her.

A huge figure stepped out of the mouth of the cave, completely incased in metal. It imposingly stood there, unflinchingly taking the bullets fired at him by the terrorists.

"Hatter?" Zane questioned her. "What's going on?"

"Zane, I don't even know how I would begin to explain this." Anastasia told him absently, all of her attention focused on the metal man in front of her.

"Try." Naomi urged her.

Anastasia ignored her as she watched the metal figure, Stark, start using flamethrowers built into his suit's arms to torch his captors. Anastasia had never seen anything like that before. It scared her honestly. How much destruction could that thing cause?

She didn't have much time to dwell on that thought as Isaac seemingly appeared next to her, startling her.

"How the did her build that?" Isaac asked, his expression showing shock and admiration.

Anastasia shrugged helplessly, continuing to watch the slaughter in front of her. She turned alarmed however when she realized he was torching the stack of Stark Industries weapons she had noticed when scoping out the area.

She quickly smacked Isaac's arm. "Is he gonna…"

The rest of her question went unspoken as the weapons cashe exploded. Isaac tackled her to the ground while she threw a portal under them. They flew out the other side as the explosion expanded, the two of them now a safe hundred feet away.

Isaac slowly lifted himself off her back and rolled onto his side, Anastasia copying his movements. The two of them stared at each other in shock for ten seconds before having to duck back down when something crashed down ten feet away from them.

They lifted their heads and scrambled to their feet when they realized it was Stark. They rushed over to him, all the while ignoring their other teammates shouting at them over the comm.

Anastasia skidded to a halt a foot away from the barely conscious billionaire, Isaac right next to her. She slowly crouched next to him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. His eyes flew open and stared at her dazedly.

"Mr. Stark," Anastasia soothingly spoke. "We're going to take you home."

He stared at the two of them for a second longer before finally succumbing to his concussion.


Welcome to my new story! Hero's for Hire will be about five kids who have been used and abused by society and thusly decide to use their abilities for profit. To charge people who want to use their power.

They do so until they get a call from one Colonel James Rhodes, a desperate man willing to do just about anything to get his best friend back.

They accept and that's where our story begins.

Who are the five kids you ask? Well, here's a quick explanation.

Anastasia O'Conner: Half Russian, Half Irish. She's an 8 year old fiery blond with violet eyes and a penchant for trouble matched only by her unsatisfiable curiosity. Luckily her powers are usually able to get her out of most of the trouble she gets into. Her ability is the power to make portals that can take her anywhere in the world with a flick of her wrist if she can picture it in her mind. She also has a magical top hat, that she can't remember where she got, that when she puts it on a glamor covers her to conceal her identity. It turns her hair short and purple while changing her clothes into a black long sleeve shirt, black tactical pants, steel toe combat boots and a dark purple suit jacket with a slight trail. Her parents gave her over to the KGB when she was only two once they saw what she could do. She escaped after two years of constantly being a lab rat. She met Zane and Naomi two and a half years later. Her codename is Mad Hatter.

Isaac Jackson: 3/4ths American 1/4th Cuban, he was raised in Tallahassee, Florida. He's fluent in both English and Spanish and has no qualms about cursing you out in either. His power is Light Manipulation, allowing him to seemingly disappear. At the age of seven he was an up and coming mixed martial artist when his powers kicked in during a mock fight when his opponent took things a little too seriously. Everyone saw and proceeded to freak out, calling him a 'monster' and 'freak' including his parents. He ran away from home and lived on the streets, stealing what he could. Naomi found him a year later curled up in a dishwasher box hiding during a rainstorm. Skip two years, he's a ten year old skilled in the art of stealth and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty occasionally by beating somebody up. His codename is Reaper.

Mia Ford: A native of Northern California, Mia was used to hippies and weird people. Then she turned five and was suddenly able to electrocute people. Her parents having died when she was young, Mia knew if she stayed in the foster system she'd be in a lot of trouble, so she bailed. She learned how to hack proficiently by the age of seven which introduced Mia to Zane who offered her a place with him, Naomi, Anastasia and Isaac. She's sweet and innocent unless you piss her off, then she's liable to freeze you out of your bank accounts and set the I.R.S on your ass. She's the groups communications liaison and coordinator. Her codename is Command.

Zane Sheppard: He's the oldest at twelve and accepts reluctant responsibility over his ragtag team of prepubescent kids. He has super strength and the power of flight which he got from being experimented on by a company called I.G.H when he was six after he was in an elevator accident. He escaped when he was seven and searched for his mother, his only relative, only to find that she had committed suicide after he was pronounced 'dead' by the hospital. He ran away from his home state of Missouri and has never looked back. He met Naomi three months later in Arkansas and the two have stayed together. He's the leader of the group and is fiercely protective over all of them. His codename is Guardian.

Naomi Donovan: She's Zane's second in command and the second oldest at eleven. She lived in Oklahoma all her life until her powers kicked in. Her ability is control over ice and water to a lesser extent. She accidently gave a neighborhood friend hypothermia and when faced with a town full people angry and disgusted with her, she ran. Two months later she met Zane in Arkansas and agreed to become partners. Not only is she proficient in MMA, she's a seasoned gymnast. She's warm, sarcastic and motherly. If you piss her off or hurt her new family, prepare to die. Her codename is Blizzard.

What's my plan for the story? I want to 'fix' things in the MCU that I didn't like and overall just get more involved in the fandom. This is going to be a Peter Parker/OC story but it's not going to take over the story, nor will it be the entire story. There will be more young heroes joining this team, they will be OC's too but it will come MUCH later in the story.

I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what you think!