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Tony came strutting back into the room now, his head still held high and his smile shining endlessly like the sun.

Ziva and McGee quickly moved so that they positioned themselves in front of the Three-in-one-machine, where Ziva had accidentally shredded Tony's already-completed papers.

"hey gang, why aren't you both bookin' it to catch up with... yours truly?" Tony asks now, as he comes to place his hands on his hips- a smirk replacing his smug smile.

Ziva was at a lost for words. She couldn't even hardly think! What was she to tell him?

All of his hard work.. ruined by my carelessness! She began taking it out on herself within her head, while McGee just stammered for an explanation. "U-Uh, look uh... Tony.. we, well, we-" He trailed off as his gaze fell to the floor in utter defeat of his tongue-tying words. Tony just stared, baffled at the two.

Ziva however, was still trying to get her head straight. I should just tell him. He should know. We can't hide it forever. And eventually Gibbs will somehow find out.

She cleared her throat as suddenly, as if on the perfect que, Gibbs came trudging into the room, his eyes sharp and glancing around at his team's work. "What do we got so far?" He demanded, heading for his desk and taking a pen and a notepad to write something down onto it.

All three agents just turned to their boss. Two were at a loss for their situation that they were in while one was looking rather boastful. "Oh hey boss! Paperwork is comin' along fine!" Tony begins rambling now, making the moment just less and less bright.

McGee and Ziva share a look before Ziva quickly just cuts into the senior field agent's rant on how fast he was on his paperwork so far. "Oh, y-yeah. Mine isn't nearly close to being finished Gibbs." She states and McGee joins in at this.

"Uh.. mine neither. No where near done." he admits, and Gibbs looks up from writing on his notepad at this.

"Well, what the heck are you two doing standing around?!" he snaps next, which causes McGee to shift uncomfortably. Tony however, notices their ominous state and just falls silent now. What had gotten into them?

"I'll be back to check up on you guys in about another hour or so. Just get your work done. Completely!" Gibbs instructed before finally just strutting out of the room. Before he left however, he did send a glance towards every agent's desk to check and see how things were going... He only paused and blinked when he saw DiNozzo's halfway finished stack- as if nothing special was to come of it.

Once he was gone though, Ziva finally grabbed Tony by the arm, causing for him to turn towards her in a more personal manner. He cocked his head at the motion. "Ziva?" Now he totally knew that something was up.

Ziva sighed. She had to say it. "Erm... Tony.. I guess I will just come narrow with you." She began, causing for McGee and Tony to share a confused look with each other. "Y-You mean come straight? Not narrow, Zi." Tony corrected her with a broad smile at her butchering the usual American idiom.

"Uh, yes." She confirmed, before dropping her gaze. "Look, I accidentally went to fax your papers for you." She slowly started, and with this, Tony became a little slighted. "Sense when do you help me, David?" he mused, but she just ignored his humor and continued. "Well, the thing is... Instead of faxing your papers Tony, I actually ended up," She paused, "Shredding them." She winced slightly at what his upcoming reaction would be, but instead of the enraged and incredulous Tony she thought she'd create, he only just blinked at her.

He swallowed hard after a few moments of taking this news in.

"...You did what now?" he finally squeaked out at last, and McGee finally turned to pick up the trash-bin with the remains of Tony's papers littered within it.

"It was an accident, Tony. I saw the whole thing." McGee inputted now.

Tony however was still rather bewildered.

"W-Wait, my papers? You shredded my papers?" He now began regaining his words.

Ziva just sighed and placed her hands on her hips. "I apologize Tony, I do. But I can't undo it. It is done." she stated next as Tony simply peered into the bin that McGee was still holding.

He grimaced next.

"W-Well, why didn't you FAX them instead of SHRED?!" Tony questioned, still wrapping his brain around it.

"I don't know! I thought you had already switched it over to fax! Gosh!" Ziva growled in defense, and McGee's eyes just glanced between the two of them. "G-Guys we could get into major trouble you know?"

Tony only exhales irritably before glaring at the Probie. "Oh, right, 'We'! It's me whose going to take the wrath on this one, McKnowItAll, Thanks!" he snapped, and McGee just glared back at him while Ziva came to stand between the two. "Enough! It was my fault too!" She yelled, causing for the two male agents to disregard each other.

"Well, while that may be the case, how on earth are we going to get those files back, Zi?" Tony looked to the female agent now, his eyes burning hers for an answer. She opened her mouth and wanted to give a solution to this, but she honestly had nothing to give.

"I-I don't know how we can get them back, but we just have to do something. Those files were hard copies of cases! Some even included cold cases and even ongoing ones!" McGee began fretting, his eyes darting back to his own papers still piled atop his deck.

"Yeah, I know that! So what do we do?" Tony questioned. "There's no copies of them at all? No computer we can log onto and reprint them over?"

McGee only shook his head. "No, Tony. I don't think so. These papers are important. Ohhh, what are we gonna do?" he whined next, his head beginning to spin on ideas. Tony just sighed before glancing to Ziva. She still had her eyes directed at him and she looked a little guilt-stricken, which really wasn't a thing you'd see Ziva feeling quite often.

Tony finally had the audacity to just crack a small comforting smile at her. "Hey, it's alright. They were just papers anyhow, right?" he tried to make her feel better, but she just gestured towards the frantic McGee.

"Didn't you hear him? They were important papers. How are we going to get them back?" She huffed, taking it out on herself more than anyone else. "Besides, it is not like we can just reconstruct the confetti bits..." She sarcastically suggested, which suddenly only made McGee stop his brainstorming to cast her a look.

"...Ziva, that's it!" he beamed suddenly, which only caused for Tony and Ziva to give him ridiculing looks.

"What's it?" She asked.

"Reconstructing them! Abby has done that before? Why couldn't she do that for us now?" He questioned, sounding the smallest bit hopeful. Tony however just narrowed his eyes at him.

"Let's be realistic here, McGeek. Abby has only had to do that a number of times, and I had done quite a lot of papers already. There's no way she can reconstruct about forty documents or so!" Tony scoffed, halfheartedly.

"Well, you know what then Tony, fend for yourself then! I was only trying to help." McGee finally just retorts before heading back to his own desk.

Tony gives him a baffled look and frowns. "And just where do you think you're going?" He queries.

McGee looks up and shrugs. "To do my work. I want to get it done. And besides, like you said, there's nothing we can do for your shredded papers." he pointed out rather matter-of-factually.

Tony grimaced at McGee's sudden surrender before turning to look at Ziva for an answer.

She just sighed. "Perhaps he is right. Let's just focus on the rest of our paperwork for now and hope that we can figure something out later?" She suggested sullenly before heading for her own desk.

Tony was left standing in the middle of the bullpen, his mouth agape.

"B-But.. my beautiful work?" He questioned, beginning to act dramatic now.

McGee just nodded back towards his desk. "Yeah, uh, you have some more beautiful work you can still try and complete. Because, I don't know what to tell you." Is all he left off on before continuing back on his own paperwork.

Ziva cast Tony one last sorrowful look before taking her seat at her desk.

"Look on the bright side Tony." She began, which only caused the agent to look at her with defeated eyes. "At least you'll be the first to finish?" She tried a smile, and he only smiled back at her rather slowly.

"Yeah. guess so."


About twenty minutes had passed by now with the three agents still hard at work on their papers. Ziva was still bothered over the fact that she had accidentally shredded her partner's paperwork. And for what?

Perhaps that's the last time I should try and help him. She thought to herself. She only made the situation worst.

On another note, she really didn't want Gibbs finding out about what had happened. What would become of Tony? Would Gibbs just take it out on him? Could he even lose his job over some silly paperwork?

Nonsense, Ziva. Now you're just fretting over anything. It is fine.

On the opposite side of the room, McGee was beginning to feel rather bad about giving up on Tony so quickly. Perhaps he should have tried harder with the senior agent? Maybe there would be a solution for recovering his shredded files?

But in the end, McGee saw no way of regaining those papers... perhaps he should just keep this to himself though.

And Tony?

Tony was beginning to feel bored again. He had already gone through more than three fourths of his remaining paperwork and he wasn't feeling too keen on finishing at the moment.

He was dead bored.

Uggggh. He thought rather scornfully.

He didn't know what the boss would do if he found out about Ziva shredding his papers, but for some reason, Tony didn't want his partner getting into trouble over just some stupid paperwork incident.

Besides, it was my work to begin with. Why should she take the blame?

He finally shook the troubling thoughts from his head and grabbed another sheet of paper from his pile. Yet again he began constructing an airplane out of the paper. He smiled slightly to himself when he had finished.

The wings of the plane were sharper this time, so it would be able to travel farther and perhaps faster than his last one.

He glanced towards Ziva to find her head down, busy at her work at hand. Her dark curls draped around her shoulders, making her look rather stunning at the moment. Tony couldn't help but smile to himself as he then hurriedly scribbled some writing down onto the wings of the plane before throwing it into the air and towards her.

It sailed towards her desk and before she knew it was coming, it landed against the side of her head, causing for her to frown at it. She lifted her annoyed eyes to Tony before she then just softened them. She still felt too guilty from earlier to become irritated at him.

Tony only blinked back at her, waiting and wanting for her to read the plane's carried note.

She finally got the notation and picked the plane up, reading what was on the wings.

It read, 'Having fun over there? Cause I am really done with this'

She smiled to herself after reading it. Sometimes Tony could really portray himself as a boy. She liked that quality about him though. Even though these were important papers, as McGee had already continually stated, she actually didn't mind that he was still trying to have some fun through it all.

She glanced up to meet his gaze and was about to open her mouth and respond to the note he had so skillfully sent her when suddenly Ducky came walking into the room, his glasses shining and his face mellow.

McGee perked up at the sign of life. "Oh hey Ducky!" He welcomed, leaning back now from his tiring paperwork.

Ducky smiled happily at the agents working so diligently. "Hello there my dear workers! Are we almost done here?" he questioned nonchalantly with a look towards Tony and Ziva.

Ziva just smiled back at Ducky. "Uh, well, almost. We're getting down to the end at last." She responded.

Tony however suddenly noticed just what was within Ducky's hands.


"Uh yeah, almost done here Duck. So uh, what brings you here?" Tony quickly questioned next, a sickening feeling starting to rile itself within him.

Ducky paused for a second, a look of hesitation coming to build itself on his face. "Well, you see, Jethro had earlier informed me of your diligence to working on your... well, your paperwork today." he began, and with this, Tony glanced at Ziva in an unknowing state.

"Yes, we've been doing this all day. Something wrong?" McGee just continued.

Ducky finally heaved a sigh before holding his handful of papers up. "Well, I thought, since this seems to be your paper day..." he began, and Tony stiffened from where he sat.

"I thought perhaps you would help with some of the Autopsy Review papers from downstairs, seeming Jimmy has to leave later today to meet Breena somewhere." he admitted finally, his eyes casting a sorrowful look towards each agent in turn.

Tony just swallowed hard; not knowing what to make of this.

McGee's eyes shot wide open and Ziva just sighed.

"You want to give us more paperwork?!"

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