Chapter 3

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Tony, Ziva, McGee and Ducky all just took turns staring at one another. What was the world coming to?

Ducky finally just clears his throat and lowers his gaze a bit. "Oh. I see from all of your reactions, that this is not something that you would like to be placed upon your plates... at this very moment." He mutters a bit downfully, his gaze falling back towards his papers in hand.

Ziva couldn't help but give a groan before rolling her head around on her shoulders to loosen her stiffened neck. She then just exhales before simply replying, "We'd be happy to help you with the paperwork, Ducky."

With this, both Tony and McGee shoot Ziva a look, their faces distraught and pleading for her to take it back.

Ducky on the other hand just beams at Ziva's sincerity. "Thank you my dear!" he rasps happily before turning around for the elevator. "I'll be back with some more papers! A-And Jimmy will bring some up as well!" he calls before he then disappears around the corner.

Tony immediately sighs loudly, his eyes rolling back into his head. "Aww, come on, Zi! Why'd you have to say yes to the guy?" he groans while she just sends him a look. "Oh calm down. What's a little more work to help Ducky out?" She shrugs it off, but McGee gives a small exasperated chuckle at this.

"A little more? HAVE YOU SEEN the Autopsy Review papers yet?" He scoffs, and Ziva just blinks at the young man.

She then glances towards the windows adjacent to the bullpen and notices it going on evening. Close to sun down.

"We might as well get back to work while we can, before it gets late." She suggests next, causing for Tony to stifle another groan.

"I'm just saying, Tony! You'd like to go home at some point, yes?" She questions, just as Jimmy came hobbling into viewpoint with two large boxes in his arms. At this sight, Ziva falls silent simply...

"WHAT?! Boxes? What happened to the stacks?" Tony is on his feet now, as Ducky's assistant walks rather sheepishly into the bullpen.

"Palmer? What gives?" McGee also adds as his eyes meets the boxes.

Palmer just gives a rather guilty smile at everyone. "Yeeeaaah... Sorry about this guys." He mutters. "B-But, Breena really wants to get some more.. you know, alone time with me tonight." he gulps as if he isn't quite so confident in himself on the matter, but Tony just ignores his comment. "Why are you giving us ALL of the Reviews? Isn't there a smaller stack, you hazardous autopsy gremlin!" He practically cries out like a young boy who has just been denied the toy he has found in the superstore.

"I-I-I- Well, this-this IS the smallest bunch, Tony! Honest!" Jimmy tries to get his words out but he was failing to speak clearly due to the rising peer pressure.

"Yeah? Well don't expect it to be done ANY time soon." Tony simply crosses his arms and gives the younger man a stare. With this, Ziva finally cuts in, her eyes on her partner.

"Oh quit whining like a child Tony!" She huffs, and McGee just places his head into his hands, his strength draining just due from looking at the upcoming addition of work.

"Look, I promise I will make it up to you guys sometime. Really!" Is all that Jimmy states next before he turns on his heel and rushes back towards the elevator.. leaving the bullpen only cluttered with more work.

"Oh, COME ON!" Tony finally yells, and with this, half of the entire room stops for a moment and falls silent just to look at him.

Even McGee and Ziva just turn and stare at the senior field agent.

He sure was good at making a fool of himself...

"Haha. Nice, DiNozzo." McGee simply smiles as Tony just begins giving awkward smiles out to other passing agents who were just onlookers to his tantrum at the moment.

"Well? We didn't ask for any of this!" He throws his arms up next and Ziva just exhales loudly from where she sat at her own desk. "Just shut up and please let's just work." At this, Ducky re-enters the room with some final papers, his eyes darting to each agent's desk before settling the last stack down upon McGee's desk.

McGee only stares at Ducky in response. His desk was cluttered full!

"Uh... Thanks?" He mutters rather lowly as Ducky just nods to everyone before hurrying away again.

Ziva couldn't help but chuckle slightly, due to McGee's high-piled desk now. She could barely see past his mountains of paper.

"Ahh, too bad poor little Timmy," Tony sarcastically began, "It hits some of us harder than others." he then just smiles. He laughs a gawking laugh at the Probie, his teeth showing terrifically.

McGee just looks from his desk and then to Tony's- whose barely had any huge paper stacks at all on it at the moment.

"Oh, you think this is funny, DiNozzo? You have less paper than I do!" He points out now, his voice raising to a yell. Tony however just kept laughing, he practically was turning red from his laughter by now.

As for Ziva? She couldn't help herself. Seeing Tony so overwhelmed with laughter and his ongoing snickering only made her begin to chuckle at McGee's situation as well.

McGee stood up now, his chair colliding with the walls of the bullpen just behind him.

"Alright, that's it!" he growls before simply picking up a large amount of paper. With this, Tony began trying to control himself and his laughter fit, but it was too late. McGee hauls the mountain of paper off of his desk before turning and stepping to place it simply upon Tony's desk.

"See how you like it." Is all he says before he then returns to his desk, a satisfactory grin coming to play on his face.

Tony immediately stands from his own chair now, his smile and laughter both gone. He was now glaring at the junior agent. "You get back over here and reclaim your junk before I pile it all back onto your face Probie!" Tony demands, but McGee gave no sign of giving in to retrieve his paper pile.

Tony stomps his foot on the ground to get his attention, but still, McGee didn't move.

Ziva just watched on. This was sort of getting to be entertaining for her... two men... fighting it out, and over what? Paperwork.

"PROBIE!" Tony yells now, his index finger outstretched to the newly unwanted pile place atop his desk.

McGee just kept working on his own papers. He still held his triumphant smile though.

This was it.

Tony grabbed the pile of paper, his arms jerking him around to face McGee next.

He thinks I'm kidding does he? Thought Tony rather deviously. Well then.

He took two giant steps over towards McGee's desk, and with this, McGee finally looks up, his eyes widening when all of a sudden Tony just dumps the pile of papers right on top of the junior agent's chair.

The paper was immense and heavy as the extreme weight came toppling down onto McGee- sending his chair sprawling backwards. The papers all filtered to the ground, carrying McGee with them as he just fell from his chair and into the floor beneath his desk.

Tony began laughing immediately, his own smirk reappearing upon his lively face. "HA HA McPayback! Sucks, doesn't it?" He taunts, and Ziva just chuckles a bit from her own seat. This was clearly going way too far... however... she sort of liked it.

"Aww, HEY! Come on!" McGee groans loudly from his position, his lap swamped with nothing but paperwork and he turns his head to glare up at the senior agent.

"What the heck was that for?! Are you insane?" He snaps from his ground-position, and Tony just wiggles his eyebrows at him. "Oh. You have no idea..." He dramatically replies back.

"So. I'm right. You're completely insane." McGee mutters next before getting to his feet, his tail-bone and rear-end stinging with pain from the rough fall.

"Brush it off, McGee. You'll be alright." Ziva calls over to her friend, who gives a thankful nod back to her in return.

Tony however just scoffs. "Yeah, you'll be fine McPaperwork. Now, get back to your mountains of trees!" He chuckles acutely, while Ziva just turns to give him a bewildered look. "Mountain of trees?" She repeats, as if Tony truly was going insane.

Tony looks at her and sighs at her slow-mind. He liked it though. She was very entertaining in these aspects. "Uh yeah, paper is made of trees, remember?"

With this, she just nods, as if she completely knew that from the start. "Ah."

McGee finally gets back into his chair, his desk still cluttered to the very edges and now papers were scattered everywhere around his work space.

"Tony! They're gonna take this mess out on me!" He growls now, his tone sounding rather worried.

Tony just shrugs. "I'd rather be in trouble for a mess than in trouble for some MISSING SHREDDED PAPERWORK." He retorts back with a small glance towards Ziva. With this, she just gives him a pleading look. "Okay, look Tony, I said I was sorry!" She remarks, and he just nods.

"I'm just teasing you, Miss Ninja!" he flashes his teeth at her and she can't help but smile back at the likeable agent.

"So, now what? Is all of this still mine? Because, I am NOT doing three times more work than you, DiNozzo." McGee points out suddenly, his arms folding across his chest from where he sat.

Tony just ignores him and begins working on more of his almost-finished cluster of paper that Gibbs had firstly given him this morning.

Ziva however just glances at McGee before giving him a small pitied look. "I'll help you if you want McGee." She finally states, and with this Tony's head shoots back up into the air and into the conversation. "Help him? And not me? Ohhh, and even after you shredded my paperwork." He gives her a pouty face and wills his pleading emerald eyes into hers.

Ziva however just shrugs his attempt off and raises an eyebrow at him. "Well Tony, I thought we were past that incident. You even told me yourself that it was just paperwork." She threw it back at him and he just snorts in response.

"...Did I really say that?" he questions, and she just ignored him. "So, whenever you need me to help McGee, just ask." She calls back to the troubled-looking agent, who only smiles gratefully at her next.

"Well, thank you Ziva. Mighty kind of you." He replies while Tony just stares with an unamused expression towards his direction.

After a small moment of silence passes through the field agents, suddenly a deep voice cuts the silence in half and practically startles everyone... (well, everyone except the mystical Ziva, that is.)

"Special Agent McGee!" the voice rang high in authority, and both Tony and McGee wince almost at once at the sound of the booming voice.

Tony swallows hard from where he sat while McGee slowly begins turning around within his chair to face the speaker.

"Y-Yes, sir?" He responds slowly.

Leon Vance stood on the staircase that led up to the MTAC floor just behind them, his eyes steeled with intrigue at what was happening down on Gibbs lane.

"Why exactly is there a massive mess around your work area?"He questioned, his arms leisurely resting against the stairs-railing with this hands entwined together. He was obviously waiting for the entertaining response that would follow...

"Uhhhh... W-Well-" McGee began stammering, his eyes slowly beginning to widen.

Tony was just holding in a laugh, while Ziva straightened herself within her chair to act more presentable to their director.

Both Tony and Ziva knew that he simply wouldn't just throw his co-worker under the bus here.

"W-Well, you see, sir, um... This is my more... effective way at getting things done?" His response came as more of a question than an answer and Leon just gazed on in silence. His face was emotionless now.

"A-And, it really IS effective, Oh believe me. I just complete my work and then stack it... beneath me." He pointed to the papers on the floor rather hesitantly. "And later on I am going to get onto the floor and stack everything neatly again as it was." he finishes with a nod. "A-And even maybe stack it in Alphabetical order... sir." he then adds with a small exasperated exhale.

Vance just stands there- knowingly. He knew McGee wasn't the messy type; however, he also had to give it to him for coming up with such an answer on the spot.

"Very well. If that helps, I guess." He finally states before slowly shifting his gaze around towards Tony and Ziva next. Tony just smiles up at him and even gives a little wave while Ziva just begins on her paperwork again- her eagerness to please never failing.

Vance blinks at the team before finally turning to ascend the rest of the stairs. Gibbs' team has always been the best for delivering some unwelcomed entertainment, he thought.

The moment the director was completely out of sight, Tony finally couldn't take it anymore. He bursts into another fit of uncontrollable laughter before turning to point at McGee like a toddler would. "Oh boy McExcuse-Maker, that was good!"

Ziva only rolls her eyes at Tony's ungratefulness.

"yeah? At least I didn't rat you out there, Tony!" McGee defends himself while turning to glare at the untidy view of papers around his desk. He really hated how this Monday was shaping out to be.

"I thought you handled that... in a rather silky manner McGee." Ziva pitches in suddenly, which, once again, only gain her two more confused looks from both Tony and McGee.

"I think you meant, in a 'smooth' manner, Zi." Tony corrects her quickly while she just casts him a glare.

McGee just shrugs simply in reply. "Well... it could be worst." he began.

"Oh yeah, how?" Tony queries out of interest.

"Could have been Gibbs?" McGee flashes back.

It is then though that the room stiffens from an unsettling feeling at McGee's words.

They were deathly silent suddenly- just withholding that sixth sense that usually told you that danger was nearby..

Tony swallows and Ziva shifts while McGee just holds his breath.

A sound comes from behind them.

"Could have been? Perhaps it's 'Should have been', McGee."

The three agents all then turn slowly towards the elevator to find the speaker.


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