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March 12, 2019, 9:59 AM

Los Angeles District Courthouse

Defendant's Lobby No. 2

Maya taps her foot impatiently as Lector checks his coin watch. Both are distressed at the absence of a key person.

"You have heard nothing from him?" Lloyd speaks up.

"No…" Maya groans in worry. "I dunno why he's late. This has never happened before."

"The proceedings will begin soon!" A bailiff shouts. "All please gather in the courtroom!"

"Could you just…wait a minute, please?" Maya clasps her hands in plea, dropping them back to her sides when the bailiff gives an understanding nod.

"Perhaps something dire has happened to him?"

"Maybe. I don't think they're gonna allow us much time after this." Fey trails off as she gets more concerned. She then jumps up in shock. "W-what if I'll have to defend you this trial, Lector? I once had this dream that I had to defend this painter who was accused of killing someone…but I never knew something like that would come true!"

Lector tilts his head as he sees the concern disappear from her face, stars filling her eyes.

"Ooh! What if I earn you an acquittal and I become famous!" She exclaims as she pans her hand across the air, Lector chuckling awkwardly. "Maya Fey! Ace Spirit Medium and Attorney! That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?"

The sound of doors being burst open break Maya's dreams as Phoenix rushes in trying to catch a full breath. "Th-there's no need f-for that, M-Maya…"

"Nick! You're here! Wait, did you hear what I was saying?"

His breath still irregular, he shakes his head. "N-no, but I knew you'd be saying something crazy about me being late."

Maya folds her arms, her mouth puffing up with air. "Oh, you're so mean, Nick!"

"Let's not worry about that now." Phoenix, finally catching his breath, walks towards the courtroom doors. "I don't want to be late any longer…I'm so sorry, Lector."

Lloyd shakes his head. "It's no problem, I suppose. It matters most that you're here."

"I guess…but I kinda wanted to ask you about your little hiding spot I found. I guess that'll just wait."

The bailiffs open the doors and the defense team and Lector step inside. And thus, begins the second trial day.

March 12, 2019, 10:02 AM

Los Angeles District Courthouse

Courtroom No. 2

The court is already silent when Phoenix, Maya, and Lector enter. Phoenix figures that the court was already called to order. As he and Maya get behind the bench, Wright takes a quick glance around the gallery. He notices a few familiar faces. Specifically, the Vices and Yew. "Who is whispering to Ruth?" Phoenix wonders as he takes a glimpse at a gruff man wearing suspenders, leaning towards Ruth as he mutters something to her. Ruth is also leaned toward his direction. "They kinda look like they know each other."

Phoenix pays no further mind to it.

"Now then… Court is now in session for the trial of Lloyd Lector. Are the prosecution and defense prepared?"

Miles, from his bench, grins and gives an – almost dramatic – bow. "The prosecution is prepared, Your Honor."

Phoenix nods his head. "The defense is prepared as well, Your Honor."

The judge turns to look at Wright, the attorney already knowing what this will be about. "Now, Mr. Wright, you were quite tardy today, were you not?"

Phoenix tries to laugh it off as he scratches at an itch on his neck. "Oh, I apologize, Your Honor. It's just, I was up very late last night…"

Phoenix trails off, trying to find an excuse, sweat beginning to drop down his face.

"…preparing my airtight defense?"


"Your Honor! The mere thought of Wright preparing his arguments for more than five minutes is a preposterous consideration!"

"I must admit, Mr. Edgeworth does have a point," His Honor nods in agreement.

"No, he doesn't!"

"Gotta admit, Nick," Maya chimes in next. "You were pretty late today. What was up, anyways?"

"I crashed my bike last night, ok? And the courthouse is pretty far from where I live…I had to run over here! That, and I overslept a bit."

"Well, let's not have this happen again, Wright," the judge warns. "Now then, would the prosecution give their opening statement?"

Edgeworth nods as he bends down to fish out a couple papers. "Yesterday, the defense proposed that the coroners made a mistake when determining the time of deaths for two of the victims, who were Carter Fly and Bob Stir."

Edgeworth holds up the photos for the court before continuing.

"After another autopsy, the coroners have determined this to be true. At first, we were under the impression that Bob Stir was attacked first and was alive for some time before his death while Carter Fly was shot and killed instantaneously. This was an error, however, as these findings found their way into the report after a theory an officer proposed when first arriving on the scene."

"Really?" The judge furrows his brows.

"Indeed. The actual findings will conclude that it was Stir that died instantly and Fly that died gradually. I trust you received the updated reports, Your Honor?"

"Ah, yes," the judge nods, "I received them this morning."

"Good. Now that this error is cleared up, let me continue to my second point," Edgeworth smirks as he points towards Phoenix. "Yesterday, the defense asserted that this court lacked evidence to either convict or acquit the defendant and urged for further investigation into the case. Today, they needn't worry about that, as I would like to call an eyewitness that will clear up any doubts."

"Another witness, prosecutor?"

"Verily, Your Honor," Edgeworth nods. "You see, after yesterday's proceedings, Detective Falcon managed to overhear a young man bragging to someone that they managed to keep quiet about being a witness to the police."

"They were bragging about it?" The judge scratches his head, confused. "Why were they even keeping quiet about it at all?"

Miles buries his head in his hand, clearly annoyed at trying to conceive an answer. "My thoughts exactly. Regardless, the prosecution had another witness prepared before this event, but after hearing this man's testimony, I have decided to call him today instead."

"Very well," His Honor nods his head. "Whenever you are ready."

"The prosecution calls Jared Kish to the stand."

Phoenix feels his shoulders sulking, just at the thought of the young adult on the stand. "This…will be interesting."

The courtroom doors close with a slam as Jared walks to the stand, tapping his feet impatiently. His eyes decide to take a glance at several members of the court as Edgeworth straightens out his papers. Jared's eyes connect with those of the gruff man next to Ruth. His tapping foot stops for a second as he averts his eyes and resumes.

"Witness," the prosecutor finally begins. "Please state your name and occupation for the court record."

Jared is silent as he continues tapping his foot and looking around. Edgeworth sighs, being reminded that this next hour or two will not be easy.

"Witness…your name and occupation."

Jared stops looking around the court and drops his head, looking abashed. "Gotta say…I'm kinda embarrassed."


"Yeah…" He lifts his head up, a grin across his face. "I wish I put on some better clothes if I knew I'd be going to the Stuffed Suits club!"

Jared's face clearly shows he was expecting a roar of laughter at the "joke" but he only finds awkward silence in response. His smile is replaced with his usual angry expression.

"Oh, come on. Tough crowd?"

"More like crowd with an actual sense of humor."

"Hey!" Kish turns to his right. "Phoenix, I heard that!"

"What? Don't tell me you got into mind reading as well."

Edgeworth clears his throat, shaking his head. "Mr. Kish, if you are quite done…"

"Oh, shut it!" Kish interrupts. "Damn, I'm sick and tired of seeing uptight pieces of trash, acting like they're better than me, everywhere I go! Can't you all just take out that pole that's been shoved up your-"

Edgeworth slams his bench with his fist, his irritation clearly bordering anger. "Mr. Kish! I demand you to stop this behavior!"

"I said shut up!" He spits back. "Seriously, the last people I want to listen to is either some loser who pisses his pants at a tiny tremor…"

Edgeworth clearly wants to retort back but finds the words trapped in his throat, completely stunned at the comment. Jared turns to Phoenix.

"…or some idiot banging his dead boss' sister…"

The defense team find themselves gasping in shock, also completely stunned, as Kish turns to his next victim.

"…or some old fool whose beard is as wrinkly and dried up as his b-"

"What. Did. You. Just. Say?" The judge immediately speaks up.

Jared pauses his tirade, feeling a murderous intent in His Honor's tone. "W-woah…what's wrong gramps?" He stills tries to joke. "Y-ya need to take your dementia meds or something?"


Now Kish goes completely silent, fear quickly settling into him.

"Mr. Kish!" The judge continues. "Your behavior in this court thus far has been completely out of line and I shall not tolerate it any longer! From this point forward, if you so much as roll an eye at anyone in here, you will be held in contempt! And I will see to it you're buried under the jail as a result! Do I make myself clear?"

Jared remains bug-eyed and silent, starting to tremor in fear.


Kish jumps up, startled. "Yes yes yes yes of course I'm sorry I'm sorry sorry!"

"Now! Name and your occupation!"

"J-Jared Kish. Unemployed."

The judge shakes his head. "Not surprising to hear."

"H-hey…what's that supposed to mean?"

"Prosecutor Edgeworth? You may continue."

The court is silent for a few moments, both parties still stunned at Jared's comments. However, when the judge clears his throat, the defense and prosecution snap back to reality.

"Gotta say…that was low, even for Jared."

"Now then…Kish," Edgeworth begins, still getting his bearings straight. "On the night of…"

Edgeworth sighs, burying his head into his hands, shaking it in exasperation.

"Just…your testimony, please."

"Y-yeah. Sure, man."

Witness Testimony

- Murder in the Hotel Center –

"Alright, so here's the biz."

Jared puts his hands behind his head. "On the night of the crime, I was just chilling in hotel center. Not really doing much of anything, just sitting there."

"That's when, suddenly, the lights went out."

"Now, I wouldn't have cared," Jared adds as he scratches his hair. "If I didn't hear a loud bang a couple minutes later. Obvious what it was."

"Now, that was clear enough for me to hightail it out of there. But then this dude, looking scared, stormed into the place…and I immediately knew something was up."

"So, I hid in a corner and watched another man rush in… and WHAM!" Jared hits one of his palms with a fist, simulating bludgeoning. "And the first guy fell to the floor."

Kish rubs the back of his neck, looking relieved. "Luckily, the second guy didn't see me and left almost immediately."

"Now, Mr. Kish. Isn't there a detail you're excluding?"

Jared turns to Edgeworth, the former visibly confused. "T-there is?"

Miles's face falls. "Yes. The detail that implicates the defendant?"

Jared looks up in thought before it finally hits him. "Oh yeah! The second guy who killed the other had some shiny looking things on him. And…y'know. The defendant's coin suit and all of that. If we're still going off that BS logic."

"Hey, don't say that. I'm sure someone justified that making sense."

"Why did you keep that important detail out of your testimony, witness?" The judge leans forward in curiosity.

"It appears he had forgotten, Your Honor," the prosecutor answers for Jared. "But you will see that in the written version of his testimony, given to us the day police questioned him…"

Edgeworth nods towards a bailiff and points toward him some papers. The bailiff rushes to Edgeworth, takes them, and rushes up the judge's bench, His Honor taking and reading over them.

"…that the detail has not been excluded."

"I see," The Judge nods after finishing reading. "Then, if that is all, the defense may begin their cross-examination when they are prepared."

"Ok, no jokes today, Phoenix! Just focus and tackle the important details of this testimony."


- Murder in the Hotel Center –

"Alright, so here's the biz."

Hold It!

Phoenix strokes his chin. "'Biz?' Would you mind explaining this weird word to the court, Mr. Kish?"

"Hm?" Jared just tilts his head, confused. "Like, I dunno, it's just slang, man."

"I didn't ask you what type of word it was, Kish," Phoenix continues, his eyes clearly showing how serious he is. "I asked you what the word meant!"

Kish stares at him, genuinely processing all that's happening. He shakes his head and sighs. "Biz is just short for business, I guess. Now can I-"

"You say it's short for business?" Phoenix buts in. "But how can we trust you? For all I know…"

Wright slams his palms into the bench, staring bullets into Jared.

"…Biz could be the very thing needed to solve this murder!"

That's when Wright acknowledges the bullets staring into him as well. Stares of disapproval and disappointment, especially coming from the judge.

"Wright, you know I have power over your penalties, yes?"

"I just remembered, yes."

"Perhaps you'd wish to use this court's time wisely, defense?"

From across the courtroom, Phoenix hears Edgeworth clicking his tongue. "Why, Your Honor, it would not be Mr. Wright if he didn't waste our time!"

"I dunno. I think I had something with that biz thing."

Jared puts his hands behind his head. "On the night of the crime, I was just chilling in hotel center. Not really doing much of anything, just sitting there."

"That's when, suddenly, the lights went out."

"Now, I wouldn't have cared," Jared adds as he scratches his hair. "If I didn't hear a loud bang a couple minutes later. Obvious what it was."

Hold It!

"'Obvious what it was?'" Phoenix repeats. "Still, would you mind clarifying for the court, Kish?"

Jared's shoulders slump, trying ever so hard to hide his death state at Phoenix. "Come on, man. We all know what I'm talking about."

"Please. For the record, Mr. Kish," Edgeworth chimes in.

"…The loud bang I heard was clearly a gunshot. Now…is there any more point-"

Kish stops his venom-laced remark when he feels His Honor's glare intense on him. Jared's expression softens as he fakes a smile.

"I mean…I'm happy to answer any other questions."

"Another question?" Phoenix thinks on it, remaining silent for some time. Everyone looks at him expectantly before he soon comes up with an inquiry.

"You've been quite vague regarding details before the power outage and gunshot. Why is that?"

The young adult shrugs his shoulders. "I dunno. I just didn't find what happened before then to be important."

"This is a murder trial, Kish," Wright taps a finger against the desk. "Any detail you may find unimportant to yourself may be important to the rest of us. So, please. Don't hold any details."

Jared sighs, rolling his head back in annoyance as he recounts the night again. "Ok…let's see. I was just sitting on one of the chairs, trying to get a little nap. Then the power went out. And then I heard a…"

Kish lifts his head back up, something clearly hitting him.

"W-wait a minute. Yeah, that's right. I heard a scream that night."

"A scream?" Phoenix leans closer.

"A scream?" Edgeworth parrots from across the room, seemingly irritated. "Kish, you spoke nothing of this in your interrogation yesterday."

"Sorry, I guess. I just remembered, that's all."

"What was this scream like?" Phoenix continues. "Do you think it belonged to one of the victims?"

The young adult shrugs his shoulders. "Maybe? I remember it being high-pitched and girly. Sounded really close too."

"Well, Mr. Wright?" The judge chimes in. "What do you wish to do with this info?"

Phoenix thinks on it for only a second. "I'd like for Mr. Kish to add this detail to his statement."

"Very well, then. Mr. Kish?"

"Yeah, sure."

The judge clears his throat, Kish quickly catching on to the meaning of that.

"I-I mean! Yes, sir."

"There was this girly scream right after the power outage and a little bit after the gunshot. It also sounded close, given how loud it was. It may have been one of the victims."


Phoenix slams on the desk, readying his argument…before he's abruptly interrupted by Kish's annoyed grunt.

"Jeez, man! Do you always have to yell your 'objections' and your 'hold its?'" Jared complains as he rubs ones of his ears, feigning pain. "Can't you just speak normally and not try to tear a hole through your desk?"

"I must admit, Mr. Wright, perhaps it would do well on my ears if you could keep your objections quieter more often."

"Excuse me? Aren't you going to check him for his rude comment?"

Phoenix shakes his head as he lifts his hands up again yet brings them down lightly upon the bench.

"Er…objection, Mr. Kish?"


"You just said that the scream you heard that night may have belonged to one of the victims. You also testified that the scream sounded feminine, right?"

Jared nods his head. "Yes."

"So, then, tell me. How could the scream you heard that night belong to any of the victims if-"

"…none of the victims were female," Jared cuts off, catching the attorney off guard. "Yeah, I knew you were gonna say that. And, yeah, I'll admit, that doesn't make much sense."

"Then, why did you say it?" Edgeworth joins in.

"Well, just because the scream was girly doesn't mean it belonged to a girl, now does it?"

Every head in the courtroom tilts in absolute confusion. "W-what?" Phoenix decides to verbalize his.

"I mean, hey. Maybe one of those guys had a real girly scream, y'know?" Jared throws his hands up, his face clearly believing into the sensibility of his argument. "May have been some real wusses."

"I mean…yeah, that is possible, but…"

"But I have no proof of that, right?"

"R-right." Phoenix says.

"Well, maybe you have some proof that it wasn't one of the victims?" Jared retaliates, sounding more and more confrontational. "Maybe you can show me who else it could be? I'll even take a theory of who you think it is."

Wright finds himself stunned at this sudden behavior. "I guess his dad is a lawyer. He must've picked up a few things from him. Other than talk about me and Edgeworth's personal life, that is."

"Nonetheless, there has to be someone else that the scream belonged to. Someone who makes more sense."

Phoenix finds himself silent as the courtroom looks at him expectantly. Kish smugly taps his foot in wait while the judge etches forward. "Well, Mr. Wright?"

Until a possibility hits Phoenix.

"Perhaps the scream belonged to one of the Vices?"

"The Vices?" Edgeworth questions. "As in Ruth and Sarah Vice? While, yes, that does make more sense than the scream belonging to a male victim…"

Miles ignores Jared muttering "I thought it made sense" under his breath.

"What makes you say it belonged to them?"

"Kish just testified that the scream sounded close," Phoenix gestures his hand towards the witness stand. "And we must keep in mind that Jared was in the Second Hotel Center at the time, which is right next to the First Hotel Center. In other words, where the receptionist desk is."

"Ah, I see!" The judge realizes. "Ms. Vice and her daughter were at the receptionist's desk that night, yes?"

Phoenix nods in assurance. "Yes, Your Honor. Therefore, it would at least make sense to assume the scream came from them."


Everyone turns their attention to Jared, seemingly a bit annoyed. More than usual, that is. "Yeah, we can assume, but the possibility of it being one of the victims still stands."

"Well…" Phoenix glances up at the gallery, catching the Vices staring at him. "We can ask them ourselves. They're in the gallery as we speak."

Edgeworth tries to look up at the gallery booth above him when he notices where Wright is staring. "Ms. Ruth and Sarah Vice. May you please come down from the stand to offer testimony on this issue?"

The Vices tense up when they feel a sea of eyes upon them. "O-of course!" Ruth answers. "It's no trouble at all."

The mother-and-daughter pair wait patiently at the stand, the bailiff who guided them to it reassuming his position.

"Now then, since you were in the gallery just a few moments ago, I trust I don't have to relay any more information?"

Ruth turns to Edgeworth and nods. Phoenix can't help but notice, though, that Sarah seems very intimidated to be at the stand.

"If that is the case," Edgeworth continues, "Then answer to the veracity of the defense's claims."

Ruth looks down at her daughter, expecting her to say something. Sarah turns her head to the floor as Vice calmly calls to her. "Sarah, honey. Don't you have something to say?"

Sarah takes in a deep breath and lifts her head up, obviously faking braveness to the court as she confesses. "I-I was the one who screamed…"

"R-really?" Phoenix tries to assure, Sarah nodding conclusively as her head drops back down in shame.

"I'm glad we could get that cleared up, then," His Honor says. "But why does the young girl seemed to be embarrassed?"

"It's just she doesn't like to admit she was scared that night," Ruth answers through a light chuckle, looking back down at her ashamed daughter. "She doesn't want anyone to see her as a scared little girl or anything like that."

"Mom!" Sarah calls out. "D-don't make it sound like that!"

"I'd understand feeling that if she was in her teens," Phoenix addresses Maya under his breath. "But she's 8!"

"Well, I, for one, think it's adorable and brave that she's trying to paint a different image of herself at such a young age."

"Not…really my point, but sure."

"Back to the topic at hand," Miles intercepts the discussion. "What was it that made you scream that night, Miss Vice?"

"I-It was a sound. A really loud sound, too!"

"A loud sound?" Phoenix's ears perk. "Like…a gunshot?"

"No," The young Vice glances up in thought. "It was more like a 'thump!'"

"A large 'thump' sound? And that's what scared you enough to scream?"

Sarah hides her face away again, eyes focused at her shoes. "I…was already really scared by the lights going out and the thunder…I guess that loud sound really scared me."

"She's right," Ruth steps in. "I heard the sound too. Not really sure what it was."

"Nonetheless, I should make a note of this."

Mysterious Sound added to the Court Record

"Well, now that we have that cleared up," the Judge declares. "May Mr. Kish continue his testimony?"

The Vices walk away from the stand as Jared props himself off the wall he's leaning on, walking back to the stand. As the two pass each other, Ruth and Jared give each other death stares. Wright and Fey don't fail to notice it but pass on distracting the court with it.

"Where was I? Oh yeah…There was this girly scream right after the power outage and a little bit after the gunshot. It also sounded close, given how loud it was. Now I know it was the Vices."


Phoenix doesn't miss a beat as his hand slam onto his bench, Jared's annoyance making a reappearance as well.

"Hey man…didn't I say to stop with-"

"Kish! There's a serious contradiction in your testimony!"

"Well, yeah, no duh. Why else would you be trying to make me go deaf?"

"Ahem," The judge gives a gentle reminder.

"I-I mean… a contradiction? In my testimony? Oh, dear me. What is the problem?"

Phoenix shakes his head and continues. "Just now, the Vices testified they heard a loud sound. A sound so loud that it made the youngest scream. Now…it'd be logical to assume the sound was close enough for that to happen?"

"I suppose," Kish shrugs.

"And yet…I have yet to hear you mention that in your testimony, Kish."

Jared's snide expression vanishes as his eyes widen in fear and realization. "O-oh?"

"So, Kish…why did you exclude this detail from your testimony?" Phoenix strokes his chin. "Especially something as impressionable as a large thump."

Jared's sweating now, his eyes darting as his mind runs through an excuse. He turns his body away from Phoenix a bit, tired of trying to not make eye contact with him, as he ruffles his hair a bit.

"I-I dunno! I…just remembered. Yeah, that's it…"

"Just remembered?" Maya mumbles under her breath, exasperated at how convenient that sounds.

"So, you forgot about this thump, then?" Phoenix folds his arms.

"Y-yeah!" Jared stammers. "I know you're all doubting me but I'm sure of what I saw, alright?"

"Not doubting what you saw…more so what you heard. Strange you're quick to assert that, though."

"I guess…we can't really prove he's lying, huh?" Maya thinks aloud to Phoenix. "I mean, it is possible he just has a bad memory."

"A really convenient one, though. But maybe I won't get anything more with this," Phoenix admits to himself as he turns back to Jared, the young man appearing even more agitated. "Kish…could you continue your testimony."

He breathes a sigh as he shrugs. "Y-yeah…sure, whatever."

"Now, that was clear enough for me to hightail it out of there. But then this dude, looking scared, stormed into the place…and I immediately knew something was up."

"So, I hid in a corner and watched another man rush in… and WHAM!" Jared hits one of his palms with a fist, simulating bludgeoning. "And the first guy fell to the floor."

Hold It!

Though crying that out quickly, Wright takes a second to digest the statement. "That's…a bit vague, isn't it?"

"Vague?" Jared twists his face. "Vague how?"

"You're not awfully specific about how the third victim was killed, I mean. Did you see the weapon? Did you see the killer's face or anything else on them that wasn't shine? Did you try to go help the victim?"

Though, knowing the man he's interrogating, Phoenix figures the answer to the last question.

"I'm just asking for more detail. Or are you saying you forgot those specific details too?"

"W-well, look, I'll be up front with you. I didn't explicitly see the guy get killed," Kish scratches his head, avoiding eye contact. "I'm kinda copying off the autopsy."

"Copying off the autopsy?" Edgeworth's eye twitches. "Kish…that is not what your testimony has alluded to."

Jared decides to take a glance at the prosecutor, after hearing that deadly tone, but quickly looks away. He figures that he'll drop dead any second if another dagger is stared into him.

"I-It's just I didn't see it extremely detailed, alright?" Jared enters defense mode. "W-what, you get off on hearing that type of stuff, huh?

"Besides," he starts to mutter, "Something was blocking my view, anyways."

Both counsels clearly heard the young adult mutter something but can't quite make it out. However, Maya heard him perfectly.

"W-wait, Jared," Maya intervenes. "You said something was blocking your view?"

Kish looks up at the medium, surprised. "H-huh? No, I didn't."

"No, you clearly did!"

"Yeah, I did hear you mutter something," Wright follows up. "But I didn't really hear you. Something was blocking your view?"

Jared folds his arms, huffing with as much frustration. "Ok, s-sure, I said that. Something was blocking my view."

Hold It!

"Hey, that's my thing, Edgeworth!"

Miles slams the bench with his hand, noticeably more frustrated. "Kish! Why did you say nothing about this during your interrogation! Something blocking your view drastically changes things!"

Kish's arms jerk up. "I dunno. It sounded cooler?"

Every other face in the court is connected with one of their hands, an audible clap-like sound echoing through the room. Edgeworth uses the chance to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"Kish. Amend. Testimony. Now."

"You got it."

"There was something blocking my view, so what I saw wasn't really detailed."


Phoenix takes another second or two to look over the piece of evidence he has at hand, before addressing Kish again.

"So, you're saying something blocked your view, right?"

"Sure," Jared says, before correcting himself at the sound of a clearing throat. "I-I mean, yes."

"I see," Phoenix nods, looking back down at the paper he's holding. "And, to make sure, you saw this crime from the Second Hotel Center?"

"Honestly, at this point, I'm starting to doubt he saw anything," Maya comments.

"H-hey! I heard that. And, yes, I did see it from there."

"Then, tell me…"

Phoenix turns the page around for all the court to see, revealing it's the hotel's floor plans. Turned to the page of the Second Hotel Center, specifically.

"Which corner in this area were you hiding so something could block your view?"

Phoenix feels shock grace the courtroom as Edgeworth and His Honor consult their copies of the floor plans. Looking through them extensively, the judge is the first to comment.

"M-My! You're right. There's no corner here Kish could've been hiding in and have something blocking his view."

"Looking through this, as well, the defense has a point," Miles puts down his copy, resuming his death stare into Kish.

"H-hey!" Jared quickly intervenes. "That's still possible. Like…er…the…um. The fountain! Yeah, the-"


"Disregarding that the fountain is not nearly tall enough for that to be possible, we're not talking about the fountain! We're talking about the corners…where you said you hid in your testimony."

Jared's agitation gains more traction.

"So, Kish, I'm going to ask again," Phoenix urges as he taps the picture for emphasis. "What corner did you hide in where your vision was blocked? Or was that another lie?"

Jared's nothing but stumbling now, searching his head for another excuse.

"Kish!" Edgeworth calls out. "Has nothing you said this morning been truthful? Have you been lying to us this whole time?"

Jared finds himself stumbling even more at the prosecutor's now enraged tone. "I mean, no…I-I."

"Well? What's the truth, then? What did you actually see that night? Or did you see nothing at all?"






The court is immediately caught off by the sudden screaming…and the current state of the screamer.

Kish's distress has reached maximum capacity. Sweat drips from his hair and face as his breath is heavy with panic. He tugs at his shirt, trying to get some relief and air, as he looks around the courtroom, directing a stare of annoyance and slight hatred.

"I know what I saw! Alright? I know you don't believe me but I saw something that day! And I know what I saw!"

"You keep saying that," Phoenix doesn't hesitate to rebut. "But, so far, your testimony is filled with inconsistencies. How can we believe 'what you saw' when you've been lying so far?"

Jared's hands clasp the sides of his head, ruffling his hair, as he stares down in anger. "F-fine! Sure, I've been lying so far," he stomps his foot. "I saw something different, then! But there's one thing I am sure of!"

Kish's finger directs at the defendant's chair, its occupant jerking his head back in shock.

"I'm sure that man right there killed those people, all right?" He shouts, saliva spitting from his mouth. "Especially that third guy. That man! That man right there. That sick, crazy, depraved bastard killed those men and he'd like to do it again!"

"Mr. Kish! You're out of order!" The judge taps his gavel, noticing the courtroom beginning to get agitated. "Calm down or I will not hesitate to follow up on my warning!"

Jared slams his foot again as he starts to sweat even more. "And, sure, I've been lying up until now. But I ain't lying now! I know this psycho did it! And you know why?" Jared pans his arms, addressing the whole court. "Because I saw him! I saw him kill the third victim! I saw it clear as day… in the night!"

The gallery's confusion stirs up even more as the once mostly-silent courtroom is buzzing with muttering or just outright talking. The judge gives a few more bangs from his gavel.

"Order, order! Order in this court, at once!"

"Kish," Edgeworth decides to butt in amidst the growing chaos. "First you saw the defendant's eccentric suit, then you didn't see the murder happen all that clearly…and now you saw the defendant's face as he was committing the third murder?"

"Yeah, yeah, doubt me all you want," Jared retorts. "But I ain't lying this time! I saw him do what he did! I know what I saw!"

"That's quickly becoming his catchphrase, huh?" Maya glances up in thought.

"But more importantly…Kish. If everything else was a lie, then would you please give testimony on this truth?"

"Don't say truth like that!" Kish spits back. "I'm telling the truth, ok?"

"Mr. Kish!" The judge commands once more, a strike from his gavel following. "I will not warn you again."

Jared looks up at His Honor and takes a deep breath, his irritation dissipating some. "F-fine. Yes… You want the truth, then? Here it is."

Witness Testimony

- I Know What I Saw! -

"I know what I saw!" Kish immediately asserts again. "I may have lied the first time, but here's what really happened!"

"I was in the hotel center when suddenly the power went out, then the gunshot, and then the first guy ran in. And I hid…but here's the thing:"

"I clearly saw everything that happened! I saw the defendant's face as he rushed in and hit the first guy upside the head."

"There's a…skylight in the area, right?" Kish ponders, as almost he's unsure of that as well. "Well, the moonlight lit the place and that's how I could see everything!"

"Alright, that's what happened! You know why? Because…I know what I saw!"

When Kish finishes his statement, his fist propped on his hips, the young man seems proud. "Y-yeah, how was that for truth, huh?"

The courtroom, however, remains silent. And, unfortunately for Jared, not silent for the reasons Kish expects it to be. Shock, yes, but shock at how mind-boggling the logic was.

"W-wait…" Maya jumps in first. "The moonlight illuminated the scene for you that night?"

"Is there a problem?" Kish snaps back. Maya raises her hand as if she was prepared to slap him, Jared cowering his face behind his hands.

"Well," Phoenix massages his eyes, not knowing where to even begin. "Firstly, is the moon ever that bright for that to happen?"

"Hey, I couldn't believe it too," Jared shrugs. "But it happened, alright? And that's what made me see that psycho's face!"

"But I believe the point Wright is delaying getting to," the prosecutor speaks up. "Even if the moon is bright enough where you could clearly see the face of a man murdering someone…wasn't there a terrible thunderstorm that night?"

Jared's confident expression falters some but his response isn't much delayed.

"Hey! Just because there was thunder and all that doesn't mean the moon can't shine through the…er…clouds."

"Even you sound unsure of that!"

Miles raises his hand, preparing for another objection. But it drops to his side as his face made it clear: Jared has defeated him.

Wright looks up at His Honor and sees him in much the same state.

"Mr. Wright…your cross-examination?" The judge rubs his temples.

"Yes, Your Honor."


- I Know What I Saw! -

"I know what I saw!" Kish immediately asserts again. "I may have lied the first time, but here's what really happened!"

"I was in the hotel center when suddenly the power went out, then the gunshot, and then the first guy ran in. And I hid…but here's the thing:"

"I clearly saw everything that happened! I saw the defendant's face as he rushed in and hit the first guy upside the head."

"There's a…skylight in the area, right?" Kish ponders, as almost he's unsure of that as well. "Well, the moonlight lit the place and that's how I could see everything!"

Hold It!

"So, you could 'see everything,' huh?"

Jared quickly opens his mouth to speak but closes it in suspicion. "What's that 'huh' for?"

"Earlier, you said that you couldn't see the crime all that well because something was blocking your view, right? Even if there was moonlight, isn't that something to still consider?"

"Well, I was lying, ok?" The answer quickly leaves the ginger's mouth. "Next question."

"Wait, hold on!" Maya interrupts. "You can't just hurry through Nick's question like that."

"Why do I need to linger on it, huh?" Jared throws up his hands. "I was lying…nothing was blocking my way. Next question!"

As much as Phoenix wants to continue with the rest of the statement, the uneasy feeling in his stomach instructed him otherwise. Wright wants to assure this vehement denial is just Kish's usual behavior. "But is that where the lie really…well, lies? In what he said earlier or what he said now? I mean, even earlier he was hesitant about adding that detail to his testimony after he mumbled it…

"Think. If I was Kish and I was eager to deny something, why would I?"

Phoenix thinks all over the evidence he has.

The floor plans? "No…I don't think there's anything I can find there."

Perhaps something in the blackout report? "No…I don't think so."

The strange note that dropped from Kish's pocket. "Wait! That's something I haven't really considered. Those numbers were pretty strange…but what does that have to do with him lying right now?"

And, then, it hits Phoenix. He pulls the photo from his pocket and examines it for a while and then back at Kish. "Oh man…I better be right about this."

"Hey, man," Jared snaps his fingers. "You've been silent for a while. Next question, please?"

"Kish. You're lying again," Wright plainly states.

Jared breaks into a cold sweat. "H-hey! I told you, I ain't lying again. Alright? Why're you doubting me?"

"Call it a gut feeling. And, besides, I have a pretty good theory on hand," Phoenix assures. "At least, I hope it is!"

"W-what theory?"

Phoenix doesn't respond, only thinks. Jared watches expectantly, waiting for a response.

"Kish. Did you know that, on the night of the murder, a small shop inside the building was robbed?"

Jared tries with all of his might to retain some color in his face. His attempt is only semi-successful. "W-what? A-aw, man, th-that sucks."

"And what had been taken was an expensive glass statue. A statue that has been described as large and opaque."

A lightbulb pops over every head in the courtroom, the realization hitting them. Only one person has the guts to speak up about it. "M-Mr. Wright. You're not saying?"

"Indeed, I am, Your Honor. For, you see, the reason why Kish has been lying this whole time is not because of his bumbling behavior. No," he shakes his head. "It's because he's been trying to hide something. This was to distract us! Distract us from the very crime he committed! And it's because of this crime that he has mistakenly added a clue to his testimony that would expose him for it."

Sweat drips from the near colorless face of Kish, already knowing his fate is sealed.

"And the crime?"

Phoenix presents the missing glass statue's photo to the court, while directing an accusing finger at Jared.

"You were the one who stole the glass statue!"