"So what are they going to do?"

"Will the skeksis do something bad now that Curdie and Irene talked to the Mystics?"

"What is written here ought to tell us," Kylie mused. "Back in the village trouble was brewing in more ways than one. Unbeknownst to them, that same morning, a gelfling scout had gone to the Valley of Stones. Many gelflings, human settlers and the Skeksis themselves believed Thall had betrayed them by allying herself with Raunip and the Mystics. That was all the Skeksis needed to wage war on the new creatures that same day."

The children gasped.

One thing was clear: War had come to Thra.

Over the horizon, three Mystics, Raunip, Thall, Irene, Curdie and the creatures approached and were met by a none too friendly reception.

"Skeksis prepare yourselves!" SkekVar commanded, "The moment is here let none of this filth survive!"

He and several of his race were armed to the teeth and more than ready for war.

"Stop!" Thall rushed forwards even as the spears were pointed in her direction. "We're here to see my mother! The Council must…"

"Silence traitor!" SkekVar snarled at the young gelfling, "You have betrayed your people and the Great Crystal!"

"They're only trying to help us, don't you understand?" Curdie cried.

"Kill her! Kill them all!" SkekVar shouted.

"No please, don't!" Irene wailed, closing her eyes in fright.

It seemed nothing could stop them from a violent clash.


The mystics chanting together in harmony stopped the vicious avian beings right in their tracks. The sound appeared to cause them great pain.

"There is no need for conflict. No more need for death." One of the Mystics spoke once the chanting topped, "We are the UrRu. Bring us to your council. There is much to discuss."

Once more, they were all gathered to the council. King Gawain and Carn were relieved to see their daughters safe from harm. They all listened attentively to what they all had to say.

The group explained the creatures were called Makraks, a race of Thra that lived beneath the surface, until the day the Crystal cracked which caused a great fissure. Lost in a strange alien environment the Makraks were driven mad with fear and pain. While exploring they encountered several Podling settlements, which they inadvertently destroyed in attempt to seek shelter from the surface world's weather. Due to their frightening appearances and the devastation they created in their wake, they were mistaken for evil creatures of destruction.

"And you say there's no way we can get them home?" asked Carn.

"If there is a way, we haven't found it." replied the Mystic who'd spoken. "We have spent much of our time here wandering Thra, but we have yet to see a crevasse leading quite so deep. Though there is one of our number who has wandered farther than the rest." He turned to the one they called UrGoh, the wanderer.

"Far from here, on the other side of Thra, I have heard of a place known as the field of fire… UrGoh told them, "It is a valley of molten rock and smoke on the surface of the land. Only the strongest of creatures can exist there, or so I've been told. Perhaps it will be more to our friends' liking than here? But it would be best if someone took them there, and I doubt any mystic, human or gelfling would survive the journey, much less the field of fire."

"I will lead them wanderer." Raunip volunteered.

"Are you certain?" UrGoh questioned softly. "It would surely mean your death."

"Better my death and these creatures someplace safe."

"So be it little one."

After this was decided, the meeting dispersed. SkekVar returned to the castle of the Crystal to inform Emperor SkekSo.

"Defeated by those woolly headed scum…" grumbled SkekVar. "All we needed was another moment then both humans and gelflings would've been ours to command!"

The Skeksis Emperor looked barely concerned with this turn of events. "Calm yourself SkekVar. Things might not have gone according to plan, but this was no defeat."


"They gave us a seat at their Council table, yes? Furthermore, I've heard word of several more humans arriving by sea to establish additional colonies here in Thra?"


"They are still our allies. And allies we can control. This was far from defeat my General." SkekSo said with a malicious smirk, "This was victory."

Meanwhile, Raunip was preparing for the difficult task ahead. He wasn't the only one leaving, to ensure their safety, King Gawain would be sending Irene and Curdie back to their kingdom now that one of the first of the ships have arrived to port by the Sifa shoreline.

"Are you sure you have to do this?" Thall asked them.

"I'm the only one who can. It should be me." Raunip replied.

"We have to leave. Besides, I need to see my parents back home." Curdie reasoned.

Irene explained, "Father wishes for me to be far from the Skeksis even with this alliance, other nobles arriving here have already started political and commercial trades with the skeksis."

Thall then held out some robes and a wooden staff for Raunip. "These are for you, to help you on your journey.

"Thank you, Thall. And perhaps it is for the best. After all the trouble I've caused, it's long past time this old trickster left this world to wiser people."

"You're not a trickster Raunip…" Thall hugged him, "You're a hero."

"We wish you luck, on your quest." Curdie said as he picked up his sack.

"May you find what you need. Say goodbye to your mother for us both." Irene requested.

"Then I bid you two a safe journey."

Before departing, Raunip said a solemn farewell to his mother Aughra, who shed a single tear. And that was the last anyone saw of Raunip, heading out into the wasteland with his new friends, looking for their new home. It was a long arduous journey, but he accomplished his task at high price.

For decades afterwards, human ships continued arriving to Thra. Several have claimed further uncharted lands as new kingdoms, joining alliances with the races of Thra – among them were the kingdoms of Corazion, Saporia, and Aveah.

In time, Curdie and Princess Irene have written their experiences written down by scribes as a part of their legacy, after they married, however they had no children and had to resort to choosing a good individual as their heir – a youngster who would soon found the kingdom of Corona.

But for the humans and to all those that dwell in Thra, this was just the beginning.

"That was enlightening." remarked Izzy.

"But how long before the other kingdoms find out the skeksis weren't playing nice at all?" Kari asked.

Beth snatched the book from Kylie's hands, "Looks like there's something here… oh man, it's in another language."

The kids all groaned, sharing her disappointment; they wanted to find out that part of the story too. Just then the alarms on one of their watches went off – that meant it was time for them to go home.

"Look, why not I find a way to translate this then we'll arrange another meeting here in the manor so we can find out together?" Kylie offered.

They all agreed. It would take some time, they would just have to wait until they received answers to the questions regarding the age of resistance. In time however they would find out what became of Rapunzel, Eugene and the two gelflings before the happily ever after. But that of course, was another story.