Naruto Senju Uchiha v2

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(A/N: this story will have CJ Kenpachi make brief appearances and for filling the role of the Shinigami as well as a few key points in the story but after the Chunin exams will play no significant part.)

Chapter 1: Judgment

Inside a dark cave with rocks the covered the entrance, spare cloaks and Gunbai cover the wall stalactites and stalagmites dot the cave and a gigantic statue stands out in the center of the room as it sits on a giant flower an old man with white hair and the glowing red eyes of the sharingan, attached to a statue by black rods, and a second man with a mask covering his face as a single sharingan glows in the darkness of the mask. "I will watch your actions carefully though Zetsu, Obito, from this day forth you shall take my name and finish project Tsuki no Me."The white haired man says, and then a black rod reaches out and stabs one white skinned plant man. Then a darkness seeps over the man creating a second face.

"Yes Madara-sama." Obito says

"Poor fool you've played right into my hands." Madara thinks to himself and he cackles in his head getting the report from White Zetsu on how his plan went. Just then a man appears wearing a white robe and a dark red and blue mask with a scythe made from a human skull and a dark black material for the staff on his back.

"YOUR TIME HAS COME MADARA UCHIHA!" A dark voice roars in Madara's head, and his head alone. The figure lifts the scythe from his back and brings it crashing down upon Madara and a black chain emerges from Madara's chest then it divides in half, and the soul of Madara Uchiha is gathered and then the man disappears. Obito looks at Madara's body confused, not having seen the cloaked figure, but he still recognizes the signs of death.

"So the great Madara has fallen and in his place I rise and carry on his work." Obito says then he walks away.


Madara raised his eyebrows as he began to look around.

"Where did you take me Shinigami-sama?"

"Limbo." A dark voice responds sounding right behind him. Madara spins around to see a man he had fought long ago. Madara asks at the face of the only man other than Hashirama to beat him, CJ Zaraki Kenpachi.


"I am no longer the same mortal you knew I have now been given one of the highest honors by Kami herself." Madara's eyes narrowed at this

"And what did you do to gain this rank."

"Watch your tongue mortal if I so desired I could throw you into the darkest pits of hell and play 'Sunshine Lollipops' for the rest of eternity." CJ threatens, and Madara's eyes shrink in fear.

"I'll be good." Madara says quickly.

"Good little whipped Uchiha; however that isn't important, what matters now is the fact that you are going to be punished for your crimes." The Shinigami smiles evilly. "I think I have the perfect punishment in mind." Then the Shinigami reaches for his scythe and slashes a portal open in the darkness. A bright light fills the room and then the silhouette of a body fills the center of the light. The Shinigami grabs the chain on Madara's chest and the chain on the other figure's chest, and brings them closer together and when the ends touch they snap together and bind themselves together. "Bound for eternity to the one you hate the most." Then the light dims and Madara sees Hashirama Senju.

"Who said I hated him the most?" Madara asked

"Don't you?" asked the Shinigami

"No I hate his brother the most, Hirashima offered me the Hokage's position and for that he is not on the bottom of my shit list."

"So you do like me Madara-kun." Hashirama said gleefully

"I never said I liked you Harashima-baka " Madara glares at him Hashirama slumps depressed

"Sooo mean."

"You still get way too depressed easily!"

"This is only a temporary fix but know I know you can't run away." The Shinigami smiles again. "Come both of you, Kami, Yami and I have work to do and you're both a part of our grand plan." Then the Shinigami grabs the chain then opens another portal and dragging Madara and Hashirama with him walks towards it. As they get closer to the portal the light becomes too blinding; so in an effort to save their eyesight Hashirama and Madara shield their eyes. When they open them again Madara is bound to a chair by chains and Hashirama is standing next to him. Both of them look around and see Kami, Yami and the Shinigami sitting in three separate chairs forming a triangle around them.

"Madara Uchiha, you are charged with ruining all the work my brothers and I have worked for ever since the Rikudo Sennin died." Said the woman with white flowing robes and the symbol for God, surrounded by trees and animals.

"For your crimes we have decided that you will spend the rest of eternity bound to Hashirama and you will be chained to a rock with a Komodo dragon with the venom of a Tiger Snake consuming your organs and flesh, you will die but upon Dawn you will be revived and the process will start all over." This time it is the man with black robes with a third eye protruding from his forehead who spoke.

"Come and collect him." The Shinigami said and a group of Devil horn minions walked over to Madara and strapped him to a table and wheeled him off cackling with glee.

"Harsh, Kimono dragon with Tiger snake venom, that shit's painful." Kami said looking at Yami.

"Kami-sama, Yami-sama, and Shinigami-sama I don't mean to be rude by why am I here?" Hashirama asks

"All in good time mortal…." The shinigami said. "All in good time." then he flicked his hand and Hashirama vanished.

"Well if you excuse me I have some personal errands to attend to." Kami says with a small blush on her face, then she disappears in a flash of color.

"Want to go spy on Kami?" Yami asks his brother

"Fuck yea." Yami fades into the shadows while Shinigami just vanishes in a high display of speed.

(Elemental Nations)

Kami was walking along the streets of Konoha hands in her pockets humming a happy tune; she was looking for a certain writer of a series she was very interested in, after about five minutes of walking she found her target, a man with waist-length, spiky white hair tied back into a ponytail, with two shoulder-length bangs that framed both sides of his face. He also had red lines that ran down from his eyes and wore a horned forehead protector with the kanji for 'Oil' on it. He was peeping at a hot spring with a notepad and pencil in his hands.

"Jiraiya-san." Kami says in a normal voice and taps him lightly on the shoulder. Jiraiya turns around with an angry look on his face; he was about to yell at the person when he saw who it was.

"Kami-sama." Jiraiya says bowing. "How may I help you today?"

"I was wondering if you have the latest issue of Icha, Icha Paradise on you."

"You're in luck Kami-sama the latest issue isn't supposed to come out until next week but I have your pre ordered version right here." Jiraiya reaches into his ninja pouch and pulls out the latest copy and gives it to her.

"Thank you Jiraiya-san." Kami lets out a small giggle and pockets the book

"You know something Kami-sama, when you first appeared before me and asked for the first 50 books in the series I never thought that you would be such a devoted reader of my work."

"Well you know what they say about the unexpected." Kami giggles a bit more

"Anyway Kami-sama I am off to visit Minato and Kushina." Kami's face flushed a deep crimson.

"Is Kyūbi-kun with them?"

"Well seeing as Kushina is his jinchūriki I'd say that's a safe bet." Kami instantly disappears in a flash of color with Jiraiya holding on. Just then Yami and Shinigami walk out from behind one of the trees nearby.

"Well what do you know?" Yami says "Kami's a closet pervert."

"She also seems to have a thing for Kurama." Shinigami replies

"This ought to be good." Yami laughs.

"You said it." Then Shinigami and Yami vanished.