Hiccup had one friend.

One very good friend, but still only one friend.

Okay, well, two. Kind of. Does a cat count?

"Hiccup. Did you even hear what I said?" His one human friend asked.

"Yes. I think, but Toothless wasn't listening so… maybe you could repeat that?"

His one friend rolled their eyes and frowned at him. Hiccup smiled innocently and pointed to his sleeping cat beside him.

"Toothless was sleeping. He really wasn't paying attention."

"Hiccup." The one friend drawled out. "This is important. We're seniors! We're going to prom. I need an outfit. We need to match."

"Bryn. We will be the best looking, since we are the most popular-obviously- and we will win king and queen. I know."

"Hiccup Horrendous Haddock! I do not need your sarcasm right now." Bryn shouted. Before frowning and peering up at Hiccup. His friend Brynhild was sitting on his brown rug on the floor looking up at him, still in her pajamas since she immediately rushed to his house as soon as she woke up.

Bryn and Hiccup had been friends ever since Astrid and Fishlegs ditched him for the popular crowd in the sixth grade. She was the shortest in sixth grade and he was the skinniest and only slightly taller than her. He hit his growth spurt in the ninth grade, growing to be 6'3 the second tallest in the school, but she was still only five feet two inches.

"You do still want to go right?" Bryn asked, searching Hiccup's face.

Hiccup sighed and flopped backwards onto his bed staring at his messy desk, avoiding her gaze.

"I don't know. Maybe?" He sighed. "It's just, what if something bad happens. Like we get pranked or something."

Bryn tossed her computer aside and flopped down beside Hiccup, laying her head on his stomach.

"Then, we'll figure it out. Like always. Prom is only a few weeks away and a few weeks after that we'll graduate and go to college. Well I will, you'll go in like a year or so because you want to travel or whatever."

Hiccup grunted and stared at his ceiling. That is true.

"Oh!" Bryn shouted, launching off the bed. "That reminds me. We're going shopping in like now. I found at dress at a store, or at least I hope there's a dress that I will find. It's called Pineapple or something, the store, not the dress. It has all these cute fancy dress clothes and you have to come with me."

"I need to get dressed. And I think you do too because you're in pajamas." Hiccup rolled his eyes and sighed. "Just take something from the closet. You'll find something of yours in there. Uh, probably."

Bryn smiled and ran to his closet, knocking several things off of his dresser near his bed.

"Oh! I'm-yikes, this is… I'll pick it up later." Bryn stumbled as she raided his closet.

Hiccup laughed and rolled his eyes at his friend's clumsiness.

They were a force to be reckoned with considering Hiccup was like a bull in a china shop and Bryn was just careless. They were like the same person.

But, they were definitely different.

Bryn was a firecracker waiting to be lit even by the smallest flame. She had the shortest temper of anyone he knew, except maybe Astrid, but even then, could Bryn rival her temper.

Hiccup was calmer and was basically the only one who could calm her down. Well on most occasions anyway. Bryn was a lot like her mom, short, even shorter temper, and the best person you could ever meet.

Hiccup watched Bryn as she practically destroyed his closet. He thought it was funny that she was throwing around clothes so violently that her short strawberry blonde hair was coming undone from its short ponytail.

Then he made the mistake of snorting.

Bryn turned around so violently Hiccup could have sworn her neck cracked.

"Haddock, I need your help. Are you going to help or not? I don't need you snickering. Now get your scrawny ass over here before I throw you out the gods-damn window!"

Hiccups eyes widened, and he hurried over to the remainders of his closet before he actually got thrown. He knew she wasn't actually kidding. She's done it before in the 8th grade.

Hiccup tried to straighten his already messy closet, but that attempt didn't work so he opted to just get her out of his house as fast as possible. He threw on some blue jeans, a green shirt, and a brown jacket and steered Bryn out of the house when she appeared ready.

They walked out of his house to his car, a black 2018 Acura NSX. Hiccup felt that his car was overkill and he didn't need a sports car like that, but his dad insisted and said that no son of his should drive a crap car like the kind Hiccup used to have.

"Why do you always feel the need to steal my stuff?" Hiccup huffed as he got the car started after he noticed she had none of her clothes, that were actually in his closet, on her body.

Bryn cocked her head and stared at him, confused.

"Because your sweatshirts are so much better than mine? Also, your headphones are my favorite color and your, too-big for me, too-small for you, sweatpants are super cozy? Why else?"

Hiccup rolled his eyes and drove out of his long driveway.

"You know Hic, your house has always been my favorite." Hiccup rolled his eyes and tuned Bryn out and he drove to the mall. "It's so large and beautiful with its stone steps and dark wood and really long circular driveway. And the woods behind your house are so great and beautiful."

Hiccup sighed as Bryn rambled about the best parts of his house along with many other random topics ranging from their future to her favorite type of rock.

When Bryn finally got quiet ten minutes later, Hiccup glanced over to his friend. She had her knees pulled up to her chest and his dark green sweatshirt pulled over them. She rested the side of her face on her knees facing him as her blue eyes were closed and his dark green headphones were blaring music.

Hiccup smiled and pulled into the mall parking lot. He unbuckled his seatbelt and started to get out of the car. Then he stopped.

Snotlout, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Fishlegs and… Astrid were there.

Hiccup took a deep breath and turned off the car. He gently shook Bryn's shoulder and got out of the car, going around the other side to open the door for Bryn as she untangled herself from the sweatshirt.

"Thanks. Now! Are you ready…for…some…prom shopping?" Bryn shouted in an announcer's voice, her stupor already gone, as she dragged Hiccup to the entrance of the mall.

"Sure. I guess so." Hiccup replied as he looked back at his last means of escape with a whine.

"Well don't sound so excited." Bryn laughed as she steered him directly to the store she was talking about earlier. On the way there, Bryn almost crashed into several teens and shopping adults in her haste.

Bryn smiled at him when they reached the entrance and dug into one of the pockets of her pants.

"My dear pops gave me a card of money. To spend. On you."

"What?" Hiccup asked confused.

"Well, I mean, it's actually for me, but I'm gonna use it on you… and me. But, mostly you. You need some help." Bryn laughed as she steered him to the tux section.

"Well excuse me, I can't look so effortlessly gorgeous every waking hour." Hiccup retorted. Bryn smiled in his direction about to thank him before realizing it was sarcasm and flicking him on his arm and scoffing.

"Ha-ha Haddock, very funny." Bryn replied steering them to the tux selection and bumping into several mannequins on the way. Hiccup, already bored, apologize several times to the employees of Pineapple before giving up and following Bryn quietly.

"I will find a suit. Sit." Bryn ordered before dashing off before Hiccup could get a word in. Hiccup took out his phone and played around with it, occasionally glancing around when Bryn flitted by.

Twenty very long minutes later, Bryn came back with about six suits and twelve ties in red, green, blue, and black.

"No." Hiccup protested, but Bryn wasn't hearing any of it. She just smiled and heaved him off of the chair near the dressing rooms.

"Bryn-," Hiccup started, but was interrupted.

"-Thank you so much for taking the time to pick out these suits for my skinny string bean body." Bryn mocked in a nasally voice.

Hiccup rolled his eyes and bent down to look Bryn in the eyes, not even exaggerating the height difference.

"All right, ankle-biter, I'll try on the suits." Hiccup smirked as he flicked a piece of hair out of her face while taking the suits.

Bryn huffed and took a seat at the cushion in front of the dressing room mirrors.

She heard a bunch of rustling, then a thump. A few minutes later there was a grunt and another thump.

"Are you-?" Bryn started.

"Ha! I got it. I'm coming out." Hiccup exclaimed. He timidly walked out of the dressing room with a goofy smile on his face.

"So… sexy or what?" Hiccup asked, with a cocked eyebrow. He slowly turned in the mirror showing all angles of the baggy turd-brown suit that just managed to look even more unattractive with Hiccup's skin tone.

"Stop! Turn the fuck around and change. Where did you even find that? I certainly didn't put it in the pile." Bryn shouted startling a few of the nearby customers which got her nasty glares that she promptly ignored.

"What do you mean? I think I'll wear this." Hiccup laughed before turning around and running back to change when Bryn started taking off a sneaker.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I found it in here, left from one of the previous people." Hiccup stated after he waited in the dressing room after he was done changing.

"Just come out already. This is the actual first suit. We have, like, five more."

"Actually, I like this one. It's a little difficult to put on, but I like this one." Hiccup smiled, coming out for the second time.

Hiccup smiled at Bryn as she stared at Hiccup in awe. He had a black suit with swirled designs on it. It fit him very well. It was almost like it was made for him. A forest green tie was in his hands.

"So, uh, with the amount of press conferences I go to I should really be able to tie my own tie. But, I don't, so… help?"

"I, uh, wow. I'm impressed. You clean up nice, though we should really do something about that rat's nest you call a hairstyle. And yeah, I got it."

Hiccup scoffed at her insult but sat in the seat and let her tie the tie around his neck.

"I'll have to teach you how to tie one because I'm not going to help you at prom."

Hiccup frowned and stood up, standing back so she could see the finished product. He self consciously rubbed the back of his head, avoiding her eyes and taking in the flashy boutique.

"Wow." Bryn said after looking him over. Hiccup looked at her and flushed turning around to the dressing rooms.

"Ah! No, I'm finding my dress and we're taking pictures just in case you decide not to go to prom and we spend 10 hours re-watching all of your little nerd shows until four in the morning." Bryn protested.

"I'm not doing that and besides you can't call them my little nerd shows when you're the one who forced me to watch them with you."

Bryn rolled her eyes and let Hiccup put his regular clothes on and put the suits he wasn't buying, back.

"My turn!" Bryn exclaimed excitedly. Hiccup slumped and rubbed his face knowing how long that would take.

"I'll help." Hiccup volunteered, which took Bryn by surprise. "What? I want to get out of here as soon as possible."

Bryn nodded and together they took off.

They settled on Hiccup's tie color for her dress. They went at it for hours. Long dresses, short dresses, conservative dresses, flashy dresses, ugly dresses. The list went on forever. Hiccup vetoed most dresses because either they were too flashy for him or were too inappropriate.

"You are way too prude, Hiccup. I like this one." Bryn protested after Hiccup refused to look at her.

"That dress… is definitely a no. What would your mom think? I don't want my best friend walking out with her skin bared for all to see!" Hiccup huffed.

The dress was hunter green with a high neckline, but a cutout in the chest area where the top of someone's cleavage was supposed to go. It had jewels all around the torso and long sleeves. There was also a high slit going up her leg to her upper thigh.

"It's nice!" Bryn pouted. Hiccup cocked an eyebrow and stared at the slit, the jewels, and the cutout.

"Hm, yes. Nice, is definitely the word I'm going for. You could definitely become a nun in that dress."

Bryn rolled her eyes and stomped over to the dressing room, slamming the door behind her way harder than necessary.

"All right Mr. Prude, how about you go find me a dress then!" Bryn scoffed at him. Hiccup smiled to himself and quickly walked off to where he saw the perfect dress for her.

Five minutes later, he gave Bryn the dress and stood waiting for her to say something.

She didn't, but Hiccup heard rustling and a few curses before a gasp.

Hiccup stood up and gently knocked on the stall door.

"Damn you, Haddock." Bryn whispered before opening the door to let Hiccup see her dress.

It was a simple hunter green long gown with noodle straps. It was low cut in the front and a high waistline. The dress fanned out around her and was a bit too long, but Bryn could probably make it work.

"I-uh, oh. Wow, um, you look… nice?" Hiccup frowned. "No, uh, sorry, um, you look very… wow, uh-um, beautiful. You look beautiful."

Bryn smirked and cocked an eyebrow at Hiccup.

"I look very wow. Thanks, but can you zip me up. I can't reach it."

Hiccup nodded as she turned around and zipped up her dress. Hiccup cleared his throat.

"So-," Hiccup started before getting interrupted.

"Wow, cuz, who is this?" Snotlout brushed past Hiccup to look down at Bryn, not realizing who he was talking to. "Hey babe, what are you doing here with this loser when you could be at my house-,"

"Shut the fuck up, Snotlout." Hiccup interrupted shoving his cousin back. Hiccup looked surprised at his own actions but was feeling pretty confident. "Don't talk to her."

Bryn's eyebrows raised along with Astrid's, Fishlegs', Snotlout's, Ruffnut's, and Tuffnut's.

Bryn was the first to recover and glared at Snotlout and his friends.

"What he said. You guys need to seriously stop." Bryn made fists and turned to Tuffnut and Snotlout. "Or do you need a reminder of what happens when you mess with me."

Snotlout's eyes flashed with recognition, fear, and disgust as he finally realized who he just flirted with.

"Oh, I knew who she was. I was just messing with you, trying to make her think she actually had a change with someone as amazing as me." Snotlout lied, trying to think of a retort.

"Wow, Snotty, your ass must be jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth." Bryn sneered before stomping into the dressing room to change back into her clothes. Ruffnut and Tuffnut smirked and tried to contain their giggling. Fishlegs just looked very uncomfortable.

Snotlout turned to Hiccup, who was finally starting to feel the aftershock of what he actually said.

"Huh, you really are useless. Where's that courage, you scrawny little prick? Did it get stuck in your uselessness?"

"Wow, Hiccup. No wonder your mom disappeared, she couldn't stand your ugly, useless-," Astrid started, but Bryn burst out of the dressing room, dress in hand. Astrid's eyes widened at what she just said.

"Sorry, guys, Hiccup can't hear you, he doesn't speak bullshit." Bryn snapped with an ugly snarl. She grabbed Hiccup's hand and tux that was left on the cushion and walked to the cashier to pay for their outfits and leave.

"Your total will be $654.75." The cashier rang up. Bryn quickly swiped her father's credit card and took the items, quickly thanking the cashier and dragging Hiccup out of there.

They walked straight out of the mall and to the car.

"It's not true. You aren't useless. You're wonderful and an amazing friend and an amazing person." Bryn stated, while putting their outfits in the car and fastening her seatbelt. Hiccup just nodded and drove off.

The rest of the car ride was silent. Bryn looked at Hiccup worried and Hiccup kept his eyes on the road while driving to Bryn's house.

Bryn was really worried for Hiccup because whenever someone said something about his mom he shuts down and doesn't talk to anybody for as long as he wants.

"Hiccup…." Bryn trailed off not knowing what to say. What could you say to someone who's mom disappeared when he was seven years old. She was eventually found, but only a few people knew that she wasn't dead. She now lived somewhere out of the country traveling with an animal rescue group all over the world. No one actually knows how to get in contact with her because she left Stoick so abruptly and left her phone and most personal belongings behind when she did.

"I'm fine, Bryn. Today was fun. I'll see you tomorrow at school." Hiccup half smiled, but the look in his eyes made Bryn's chest hurt.

"I'll stay with you. Let me go grab some clothes for tomorrow and I'll ride with you."

Hiccup's smile grew into a sad grin and he sighed and nodded, knowing that there was no way she would back down.

"Okay, be quick or I'll leave you." Hiccup smirked. Bryn smiled and slowly got out of the car. Hiccup revved the engine and she tripled her pace into a run, grabbing her dress from the backseat and rushing inside her house.

Hiccup waited patiently until Bryn rushed out of her house with a duffle bag full of clothes.

"Why do you have so many clothes? You're staying for like a day, not the entire month!"

"Actually, dear Hiccup, I'm staying for the next three days. My parents are at it again and I'm trying to get some decent sleep around here. Plus, your dad is on a business trip, right?" Bryn smiled as they drove to Hiccup's house, five houses away from her house.

They shopped for most of the afternoon, so by the time they actually got to his house it was already dark and almost dinner time.

As they walked through the front door, Hiccup frowned at the time and decided to order a pizza since he was too tired to cook something. Bryn immediately around one of the double steps to Hiccup's room to take a shower and change into more comfortable clothes.

Hiccup decided he would take a shower too in his dad's bathroom. He quickly washed off and stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist going into his room to get clothes.

Hiccup just finished putting on his sweat pants when the doorbell rang. He grabbed a sweatshirt and put it on, on the way to the door. He opened the door while finishing putting on the sweatshirt.

"Thank-Astrid! I didn't know-Why are you here?" Hiccup stuttered subconsciously taking a step back. Astrid noticed, and her face fell into a hard mask.

"I'm a pizza delivery girl, haven't you noticed?" Astrid snapped. Hiccup nodded and took another step away from the door and her.

"Yeah. I, um, I did."

"Sorry. I-never mind." Astrid flushed and put her head down, her expression softening. "Um, this is a lot of pizza for just one person, unless you have, like, a really, really big appetite."

"Uh-huh." Hiccup agreed confused to why The Astrid Hofferson was making small talk with him.

"Hey, thanks for waiting for me to finish before getting in the shower," Bryn shouted sarcastically, coming out of Hiccup's bedroom hair wet, shorts, and one of Hiccup's sweatshirts on before stopping mid-stride when she saw Astrid at the door.

Hiccup forgetting about Astrid sent an annoyed look towards Bryn.

"Constantly stealing my clothes. I'm probably going to have to get all new stuff because you're constantly stealing mine." Hiccup scolded before hearing an awkward cough behind him.

Astrid wasn't looking at either of them and her face was inflamed and… a little disappointed? Then Astrid realized both of their appearances and her blush doubled.

Bryn shrieked finally able to move and rushed back into Hiccup's room, slamming the door behind her.

Hiccup, conflicted, quickly rushed to get cash and shoved it in Astrid's hands, slamming the door in her face, putting the pizza on the island in the kitchen, and ran to his room.

Astrid shocked at what she just saw frowned and left, driving back to her job with way too much money than the two pizzas' should have cost.

Bryn was in Hiccup's room in his bed with the covers over her head.

"Bryn?" Hiccup asked, hesitantly as he opened the door.

"That was so embarrassing." Bryn's muffled voice came from under the covers as she shifted.


"Look at your sweatshirt."

Hiccup looked down and realized what the front of his sweatshirt said.

'Bryn's Property' was in bold letters on the front. 'I'm Bryn' was on the back. Hiccup realized what that might seem like to someone else.

"This is yours." Hiccup stated slowly. Toothless decided at that moment to wander into his room and settle down on the bed, with a judgmental cat face that Hiccup ignored.

"Yeah, plus both of our hair is wet, and my comment earlier probably didn't help." Bryn huffed as she sat up.

"Oh. Yikes. Maybe she doesn't think that, and she won't say anything tomorrow."

Bryn and Hiccup both grimaced knowing that that was definitely not true. Even Toothless mewled and buried his head under a blanket.

"Doesn't matter. We'll deal with it tomorrow. Right now, we have pizza to deal with." Hiccup nodded in agreement and walked out of the room bringing back both boxes of pizza.

"Cheese with extra cheese and Meat lovers for milady. Which one do you want?" Hiccup asked when he came back.

Bryn pretended to think before holding her hands out to the double cheese pizza.

"Good choice. Scary movie, action movie, or sad movie." Bryn asked, turning on the tv and searching for one.

"Uh, scary, I think." Hiccup replied, after turning off the lights and crawling onto the bed and leaning against the headboard as Bryn put on the movie.

"We're going to be so fucking tired tomorrow." Bryn whispered. Hiccup quietly laughed and nodded.

"Worth it."