Hiccup used to actually like Astrid. What was not to like? She was smart, athletic, beautiful. But, she also had a shit personality. She was Miss High-And-Mighty looking down at all the lowlifes, including Hiccup. She and Fishlegs made that very clear when they ditched them in the sixth grade.

"Hiccup! Get up! I need a ride and we're late!" Bryn shouted slamming a pillow into Hiccup's body repeatedly. Toothless, looked up from the dresser, uninterested in helping his owner.

Hiccup slowly got up, ignoring Bryn, and slowly made his way to the bathroom to wash up.

"Useless, feline." Hiccup mumbled, shooting a withering glare at Toothless.

(*Note: Bryn's name is pronounced Burr and in (like in and out) but only one syllable. *)

(*Note 2: Toothless is a large cat. He is not the average house cat. He is (btw, you can't actually have these cats. It was given to him from his mom before she left for the last time.) a black F-4 Savannah cat. *)

Bryn shouted at him and banged on his door until he came out, still lethargic from the four and a half hours of sleep he got.

"Hurry up, I'm getting something to eat."

"I'm hurrying. Clam down." Hiccup whined taking out some jeans and a red hoodie to put on. Bryn groaned impatiently from where she was in the kitchen.

Hiccup quickly got dressed and went out of his bedroom. He looked at Bryn from where she was toasting a bagel and waited. Once she turned around, she sighed taking a bite out of a second bagel.

"What? It's not like you ever actually eat breakfast because of this graveyard that you call a refrigerator."

Hiccup smiled and waited for his bagel to be ready before grabbing his keys and heading out the door.


Bryn nodded before settling in her seat and trying to get at least ten extra minutes of sleep. When they arrived at school, he was greeted by the one and only Dagur.

"Brother!" He exclaimed, clapping Hiccup on the shoulder. Hiccup took a deep breath and half-smiled at him.

"Hey, Dagur." Hiccup drawled out. Bryn slowly got out of the car and poked Hiccup's shoulder, signaling her leave.

"Hey squirt. Leaving so soon?" Dagur smirked walking around to block her path. Bryn glared at Dagur but dismissed him with a wave and walked around him.

Then, when she was in the clear, she blushed.

Bryn practically loved Dagur. Where other people saw danger, insanity, no future, Bryn saw a really smart, intelligent, gentle person, who loved his sister more than anyone else and would definitely end up as a teacher. She also loved his fiery red hair and green eyes more than anything.

Dagur loves kids, astonishingly enough. He's always wanted a daughter because he practically had to raise Heather himself because they were both constantly moving from one foster home to another and Dagur would refuse to move far from her. And even though, he was barely four years older than her, he took it upon himself to take care of her and whenever they were moved to different foster families he protested, but eventually had to let her go when he was fourteen. He tried to keep tabs on her, but they lost contact until she turned eighteen at the beginning of her senior year of high school, right before Hiccup.

(*Quick note, Heather and Hiccup are in the same year. Heather is slightly older than Hiccup. *)

She was so happy that she found her brother, but then her adoptive parents died not soon after and, let's just say, it was not fun to be around.

"So, Dagur. What, uh, what are you doing here?" Hiccup asked warily as the first bell rang.

"Well, H, I am graduating this weekend and I want you to be there. Also, I had to drop off Heather." Dagur replied, nonchalantly as he started to walk back towards his car, not his choice of transportation, but Heather refused to ride his motorcycle.

"I'll be there." Hiccup sighed as he walked towards his school, only to break out into a run when the warning bell went off, signaling he was about to be late.

When Hiccup burst into his first class of the day, his books and papers flying, it called unusual attention to him that he tried to avoid.

Luckily, Bryn was in his class and quickly helped Hiccup collect his stuff. They both walked to the back of the class, where they usually sit and dumped his stuff there, immediately sorting his stuff.

They year was already almost over and none of the teachers cared for the students anymore. Prom was in two weeks, the week after that was graduation for the seniors and three weeks after that was the end of the school year for the rest of the unfortunate souls who would have to suffer for another couple of years.

"Seriously Hiccup, when was the last time you sorted your stuff? Your first birthday?" Bryn laughed, quietly. Hiccup rolled his eyes.

"Ha, ha, Bryn. Hilarious of you to laugh on my age."

"Well, I mean, you are only four years old."

"Four and a half, actually."

"Whatever." Bryn laughed, smiling. Hiccup was that one unfortunate baby to be born on a leap year.

The rest of the class was mostly quiet. Everyone joked around here and there, but mostly kept their heads down.

When it came time for lunch, they headed straight to the lunchroom.

"What do you think they're serving us today?" Hiccup asked.

"Mystery meat, purple mac 'n cheese, refried bean paste pizza. Shall I go on?"

Hiccup mimed gagging and shook his head. "Well, we aren't going to find out."

Bryn smiled and grabbed his keys from his back pocket, shaking them.

"The Forge. I'm driving." Hiccup nodded his head at her words before walking out of the cafeteria.

"I'm walking." Hiccup joked.

Only to slam straight into Astrid Hofferson, the she-devil herself. Hiccup knocked her flat on her back almost tumbling on top of her, but somehow keeping upright as everyone gasped.

Hiccup, realizing they had an audience, tried to fix his predicament.

"Oh, Astrid, hi, um, sorry about knocking you down. We were just leaving." Hiccup stammered, a blush spreading across his cheeks from all of the stares.

"Huh, there they go now. The fuckbuddies, of the hour." Astrid sneered. Taken aback, Hiccup looked towards Bryn, who was glaring fiercely at Astrid.

"And how would you know, Pizza Bitch?" Bryn retorted, much to Hiccup's dismay. Astrid looked shocked for a second before her face falling into a mask of disgust.

"Because, don't forget that Snotlout lives across from you, Bryn-hoed. He saw you get in Hiccup's car and drive to his place, where Useless's father wasn't even home because he's on a business trip. And imagine my surprise when my uncle drags me into helping him on a Sunday night pizza delivery and I see you, with a skimpy little towel on practically moaning Hiccup's name as you and him both get out of the shower." Astrid sneered. "His shirt barely even on. With your name claiming him, all over his chest."

Hiccup's eyes widened and grew cold as Astrid threw blow after blow at them. Hiccup was about to interrupt, but one look at Bryn's face he took a step back. Bryn, on the other hand, was beyond furious. Practically shaking with rage.

"Listen up, bitch. I know that you've been pining after Hiccup for years, but this is a new low for you. I've tried to understand you and see from your perspective, but I can't get my head that far up my own ass. I am Hiccup's friend and nothing more. Sure, I'm at his house and I stay over, but that doesn't mean we're fucking. My parents cheated on each other and fight to the point where I've accidently been hit by a vase because my mom gets so mad at my dad. So, excuse me, for using my only means of escape to my fullest advantage. So, with all disrespect, move bitch because I'm hungry and I don't have any more time to waste on you." Bryn finished, and walked out of the cafeteria.

Hiccup, with his socks literally rocked off, wordlessly followed Bryn as the entirety of the cafeteria rioted in praises for Bryn's comeback, with very little shouts of displeasure for Bryn.

Hiccup, words lost on him, drove a seething Bryn to their favorite place to eat, seeing that his life was in danger if she drove them anywhere.

When they arrived, Bryn calmed down enough to not make a scene stomping around and fuming to silently brooding.

Hiccup, still slightly frazzled, led Bryn to the counter and went into the kitchen.

"Oy! You cain't be- Hiccup!" A large man with a blonde mustache exclaimed coming up to Hiccup and practically squeezing the life out of him.

"Gobber! Hey, I was just wondering if you could call my school and say that we aren't coming back for today." Hiccup wheezed, getting Gobber to back off of him.

"Laddie," Gobber started. "I can't keep doing that. I'm surprised I haven't done it this year, but I had to do it a lot in the past."

Hiccup sighed and nodded.

"Do you still need help sometime this week?" Hiccup asked, eventually looking around the Forge.

"Of course. Your father is coming home this week. If you want to not-," Gobber replied.

"No, I'll be in. Can we have our usual order, extra whipped cream? Thanks, Gobber." Hiccup interrupted before quickly walking out and to Bryn.

"Hey, food will be ready in about ten minutes," Hiccup told her. "Do you, y'know, want to talk about it?"

Bryn shook her head and grabbed his sleeve, shaking it slightly. Hiccup took off his hoodie and placed on the counter in front of her, sighing.

"Y'know, you sigh and roll her eyes a lot." Bryn pointed out as she shrugged the hoodie on over her long-sleeved shirt.

Hiccup, for emphasis, rolled his eyes and sighed loudly before answering.

"And you steal my clothes a lot, so I guess we're even." Hiccup grinned, looking around.

The Forge was a garage and diner. Some food tasted like gasoline, but only because Gobber makes it. The rest was made by Bjorn, a 6'4 beast of a man with recipes that would make Thor weep. In a good way, of course.

Hiccup worked in both parts. Sometimes he was a dishwasher, other times he was an assistant mechanic, working on motorcycles and cars. Hiccup loved his job, but inventing was his passion, however he also loved seeing the world. Bryn was just there for the food. Or an escape from her homelife with conversation from Hiccup.

The garage part was like an actual garage. Office, workspace, tools, uniform jumpers, you know the type. But there was a window where the kitchen can send food to the workers and Gobber can manage both. At first, the idea of a garage and diner was strange, and people had their opinions about it, but in the end, everyone loved The Forge and was almost always packed with people. Famous for their mead, milkshakes, and meat. The three M's.

Hiccup was just about to take out his phone to check his phone to catch the time when their food was put in front of them.

A chicken sandwich, fries, and coco-vanilla milkshake for Bryn and a beef burger, fries with extra fries, and a double choco-chocolate milkshake.

"I really don't know how you eat beef like that." Bryn spoke while stuffing her face with food. Hiccup rolled his eyes and took a bite from his burger.

"I don't know how you only eat chicken and occasionally turkey. That's not real meat!" Hiccup exclaimed, slipping easily into their lunchtime banter. It had been easily thirty minutes of talking before Hiccup and Bryn finished their lunches. Hiccup checked his phone, hastily remembering that it was a Monday and not a Saturday afternoon.

"We have to go. Thanks, guys!" Hiccup shouted back as he quickly paid the bill. Bryn reluctantly followed him back to the car.

"Can't we just skip? We only have seventh and eighth period left anyway." Bryn whined. Hiccup ignored her and drove them right back to school.

"It's a wonder how you'll actually be graduating. You skipped so many classes, I don't know how the teachers actually know your name."

Bryn rolled her eyes slipping into the school and walking to her locker. Hiccup followed her, ignoring the stares and curious glances from the other students going to class.

"I'll see you later." Hiccup nodded and walked off down another hallway to his locker.

The rest of the day was relatively boring. Hiccup went to class, Hiccup got out of class. Bryn went to class, Bryn got out of class.

When Hiccup and Bryn got to his house, however, they were in for a surprise.

"Is that my dad's car?" Hiccup wondered aloud as they pulled up. Bryn's eyes widened and she made a face.

"Maybe you should just take me to my house."

"You still need your stuff though, we can just sneak in through the back." Hiccup offered and when there were no protests from Bryn, Hiccup quickly drove past his house and parked it a couple houses down, far from Hiccup's house and out of sight.

He quickly went through the woods and in about ten minutes later he was around the side of his house with Bryn following behind him. They crouched down and peered through the windows and saw Stoick sitting at the kitchen counter with a bottle of alcohol of some kind.

"Hurry." Hiccup whispered as they sprinted around the house to the back where his room was. Hiccup opened the window and allowed Bryn to climb in before following her himself.

They quickly gathered up her stuff and straightened up Hiccup's room.

Hiccup straightened his dark green duvet, brushing stray crumbs off of the bed. Bryn picked up her clothes and put dirty clothes into the hamper. She packed away all of her things and finished cleaning up when she heard Stoick's heavy footsteps moving around the house.

They both froze and heard his heavy footsteps coming closer. Panicking, they both scrambled towards the window. Hiccup shoved Bryn and her bag out. He was halfway out of the window when his door opened. Hiccup pitched forward out of his window just as Stoick came inside of his room. He and Bryn were on the ground, still and quiet, in a heap underneath his window as they heard Stoick sigh and plop down on Hiccup's bed.

Hiccup grabbed Bryn's hand and bag and sprinted through the woods, stumbling over plants and roots. After a few minutes, Bryn tugged Hiccup to a stop, panting.

"Okay, pause. I'm tired, so unless you want to carry me, we need to stop." Bryn stated as she walked to a tree, sliding down and resting against it.

Hiccup, starting to feel tired too, sat across from Bryn. They sat for a few minutes before Bryn started to laugh.

"You know, you really should have tried out for track. You're like really fast." Hiccup laughed.

"Well running from life or death situations will do that to you. Come on." Hiccup helped Bryn up and they continued their way to his car.

The quiet was comfortable, and the woods were nice. The light filtering through the trees was a nice change from the foggy, cold, snowy weather Berk was so accustomed to.

When they arrived, they both sighed and Hiccup drove Bryn to her house.

"Hopefully, nobody's home." Bryn half-joked. Hiccup smiled, wistfully and waved goodbye and drove off.

Hiccup arrived at The Forge not twenty minutes later, going around the back to stash his car and start working.

Hiccup changed into dark blue overalls and a white muscle shirt. Hiccup was not the scrawny twig everyone made him out to be. Sure, he wasn't Snotlout-steroid-ripped, but he was fairly muscled. He was tall and lean, basically a dreamboat. To everyone, not at his high school at least.

Hiccup looked towards Gobber who was working in the kitchen at the moment. They caught each other's eyes and Gobber sighed and nodded.

Hiccup clocked in and started working on a new truck that came in earlier that morning, that nobody had time to work on. Hiccup, silently really upset, turned on some random radio music and started checking out the car.

Hiccup was deep into the hood checking on the oil and… other stuff (I have no idea what's in the hood of a car.) when someone cleared their throat, startling Hiccup, who was in his own little world, into banging his head on the hood.

"Ow! Shit!" Hiccup shouted, grabbing the back of his head. He looked up, his eyes watering, and turned towards the intruder.

"Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't think I was that quiet." A feminine voice cried. Hiccup rubbed the back of his head and blinked his eyes clear.

Standing about three feet in front of him was a girl.

Wild, curly, honey blonde hair in a messy braid framed a round sun-kissed face splattered with freckles. Her braid was down slightly past her waist and it was so large it threatened to swallow her frame. She was short, shorter than Hiccup at least, with the most expressive light brown eyes that bored into his soul. She was curvy, her black jeans sitting snugly high on her waist. Her long-sleeved, lace up brown shirt matched with her brown suede boots.

He stared at her for what seemed like eternity, but in reality, was only a couple seconds. 'At Last' by Etta James was playing softly in the background, not exactly the music that fit the vibe of the garage, but it seemed perfectly perfect in that moment.

The girl, realizing Hiccup, was staring blushed and avoided her gaze.

Hiccup, realizing the same thing, avoided his gaze and cleared his throat.

"I, um, did-you, uh. H-my, I didn't-uh." Hiccup stuttered, blushing profusely. The blonde girl, not fairing much better tried to form words, but only managed to make a high-pitched squeak sound.

After a few moments of awkward silence, they both looked at each other and cracked a smile.

"Hi." Hiccup managed to say, his voice oddly husky.

"Oh, um. Hi."

She immediately shuffled forward and held out her hand, only to trip on an uneven crack and slam face first into Hiccup's chest and bring them both down to the ground.

Hiccup grunted, wheezing as the air was knocked out of his lungs. The girl, legs on either side of Hiccup with her head and hands on his chest, groaned.

"Yikes." The girl whispered, trying to sit up, only to ground herself into Hiccup's crotch, making Hiccup grunt and half moan. Hiccup's hands, involuntarily, found their way to her hips.

She, realizing what that sound meant, and what his hands were doing, rolled off of Hiccup as she blushed. Hiccup sat up, thoroughly embarrassed and blushing, and put his head between his knees.

"I swear I'm not some pervert. I'm sorry." Hiccup blurted out at the same time the girl spoke.

"I didn't mean to fall on you. I'm sorry."

They both nervously laughed. She stood up and looked around awkwardly.

Hiccup got up and held out a hand out to her.

"Hi, I'm Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third."

She stared at his hand for a moment before smiling and shaking it.

"Hi, I'm Sigrid Sage Onfroi the Second, but you can call me Sage."

Hiccup smiled at her before releasing her hand and looking back on the truck he was working on.

"So, did you need-?" Hiccup asked, trailing off. Sage nodded.

"So, I have a car that broke down, but I also want a job. Just not, out here. In the diner, but I didn't know who to ask and you're the first person I saw who wasn't too busy."

Hiccup nodded and smiled in her direction.

"Yeah, we needed someone else to waitress. I tried, but I broke seven plates, shattered eight mugs, spilled three coffees, and accidently sliced my arm open during the first thirty minutes of my first shift. So, if you can do better than that, I'm pretty sure you'll be hired."

Sage laughed, her nose crinkling.

"Well, then. I'm pretty sure I could do better than that. But, I have tripped over my own feet before so, maybe not."

Hiccup smiled at her comment and started walking towards the door to the diner, motioning for Sage to follow.

"Well, I have to work double shifts sometimes, first in there, then out here, so maybe Gobber, my boss, might have a job for you. That is, if you want it?"

"Yeah, I would actually." Sage smiled and followed Hiccup to the door.

"Oh, um. Your car?" Hiccup asked as they made their way towards Gobber. Sage nodded.

"It's, like, half a mile away. We can get it after."