Hiccup hated Macy. She was a bitch.

Always around Bryn, constantly, as in every single moment of the day. Her annoying voice bounced around in his head.

"Oh, my gods, Bryn, you are so funny!"

"I don't want to hang out with your friends. I just like you."

"Let's go shopping, I'm sure Hiccup doesn't mind."

Ugh, the say she says his name makes him just want to make her walk on Legos for all of eternity.

"Haddock!" His name was called, and he smiled sheepishly as it was his turn for the obstacle course. It was in a forest, the air was scorching, which didn't happen often. The course was set amongst the trees and relied on speed and strength more than strategy or skill.

"Sir, yes, sir!" He yelled as he walked up to the line where four other people were. Three women and one man.

The whistle blew and Hiccup was off like a shot.

Run, run, run, tires, crawl, crawl, leap, duck, climb, balance, arms.

He ran to the tires, putting his foot in one after the other for at least a dozen tires. He then immediately started crawling underneath the net and through the mud, the net lowered after a while making him drag his chin through the mud. Then he had t over the barrels while paint balls were flying at him. Hiccup got hit, making him falter, and then he heard a thud as his competitor fell and began getting pelted by paint balls, her t-shirt and pants giving no protection.

Hiccup clenched his teeth and made his way over to her. She seemed to be a few inches shorter than he, tanned skin and natural blonde hair made her interesting.

He heaved her up and together they made it to the wall, her limping slowing then down.

"Run and pull yourself over, I'll catch you on the other side." Hiccup said as she nodded, dark hazel eyes filled with gratitude.

Hiccup ran up and over the wall climbing down the rope on the other side. He waited a second and saw a tan hand reach the wall, he quickly climbed up the rope and grabbed her hand, pulling them over to the other side, him falling on his back and knocking the wind out of his lungs as she landed safely on his chest.

"Go, go, go." He said as he wheezed but got back up and together, they ran to the balance rungs that were spaced out too far to just use their arms without jumping to reach the next one.

He went first, climbing onto the first rung and jumping to the second, grabbing it with his hands and pulling himself up. The woman behind him did the same thing before they were at the top.

There were two people in front of them and one behind. Hiccup went to the back of the platform and ran to the front jumping to catch the rope that were swinging on the beams above. He made his way through. One rope. The other. There were sixteen ropes they had to make their way through, climbing a bit higher each time to reach the platform that at the end and was at least two feet higher than the one he started on.

"I'm good," The tanned woman, with strange red hair and blue eyes shouted to him. "Go on without me."

Hiccup nodded and left, jumping down from the platform and ran as fast as he could, just barely passing the person in second place at the finish line.

Hiccup all but collapsed at the end, sweating profusely and having trouble breathing. Everyone cheered as he fell to the ground, congratulating him and the private in first place.

"Haddock." His commanding officer said, as she came up to him. Her neat platinum blonde hair in a bun, not a hair out of place. Her icy blue eyes betrayed nothing.

"Yes, ma'am." Hiccup said as he stood up, his chest heaving.

"Good work out there. You helped Private Mandell and still managed to place second." She nodded and walked away leaving Hiccup glowing with pride.

"Hey," Private Mandell said. She finished fourth.

"Oh, uh, hi." Hiccup smiled politely.

"Thanks for back there. I'm Penelope or Penny." She didn't smile.

"Uh, no problem." Hiccup said, a little confused. "I'm Hiccup."

"We're free for the day after this, right?" Penny asked, scratching the curly fluff of blonde on top of her head.

"Uh, yeah, but I was just going to head to the base to shower and then go for lunch.

"I'll come with you. I wanted to go eat something anyway." She said, monotonously.

Little did Hiccup know that helping her during the course would be the worst mistake of both of their lives.

Hiccup showered and put a plain green shirt and dark brown pants on.

"Hiccup." Penny said, tapping him on the shoulder as she saw him about to leave the base. She was dressed in a calf length flared black skirt and a neon pink t-shirt with six-inch neon pink wedges on.

"Oh!" Hiccup exclaimed as soon as he saw her.

"Hi. Are we going to lunch?" The corners of her mouth twitched, but other than that she stayed stoic.

"I, uh, I guess. My friend is making food at his apartment. I was just going to head there."

"Lead the way then." Penelope said motioning for Hiccup to move.

Hiccup moved to the bus stop and waited beside the five-foot eight girl who was now six foot two.

They stood on the crowded bus pressed up against each other. Penny seemed unaffected, but Hiccup was nervous and honestly a little bit scared.

Penny was scary. She had no emotion in her voice and her face was always expressionless. The only thing that seemed expressive were her eyes. They betrayed everything she thought, except they were almost always empty except for when he saved her.

Just as they pulled up the street they were going to get off at, a bold man slapped Penny's butt emitting a loud slapping sound.

Penny's eyes widened as she turned to him. The bus slowed down, and she immediately grabbed his hand and snapped his wrist to the side. A loud snap sound occurred, and he howled in pain, bone protruding from his wrist. People gasped, screamed, and the bus driver fainted. A few women and a man clapped.

"You do not touch people like that. Especially people you know nothing about," was all she said, her eyes cold and soul-sucking. Penny, then, walked off the bus and dragging Hiccup with her.

Hiccup led the way to Dagur's apartment and knocked.

"Most of these people are in college." Hiccup said. He couldn't think of anything else to say and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"I see."

The door opened and a bare-chested, aproned Thuggory opened the door.

"Haddock and company, welcome." Thuggory said, as he looked at Penny with interest and moved out of the way.

"Thanks, Thug. Sorry again about your sisters." Hiccup was still vey awkward because of what happened with Thuggory's little sisters.

"Again, not your fault. My sisters areā€¦manipulative." Thuggory said, before shrugging and turning to Penny.

"Hello, I don't believe we've met. I'm Thuggory, this is my apartment."

"I am Penny. You are a very attractive person, Thuggory. Your apartment is also nice to look at. Do you have food? I'm hungry." Penny said, throwing Hiccup and Thuggory off guard.

"Oh, um, thank you, but I have a complication right now."

"A complication?!" Camicazi shouted, coming out of the kitchen where she only had an apron, jeans, and a bra on. She was wilding a spatula with frosting on it. "I'll show you complication!"

"Do not worry, Miss Complication. I was only stating that Thuggory is attractive. He's not my type." Penny said, drearily, and walked to the kitchen.

"My name is Camicazi!" Cami shouted after her. Bryn and Dagur came from Dagur's room, both shirtless. Well, Bryn had on a sports bra.

"Is this a shirtless party orā€¦?" Hiccup asked, feeling awkward. Toothless ran out of nowhere and meowed at Hiccup's feet. Toothless didn't have a collar on.

"Okay, this is definitely a shirtless party. I'm going to take off my shirt." Hiccup smiled, as he tossed his shirt onto the nearest couch.

"Hey!" A familiar voice shouted. Gods, not-

Macy popped up from the couch, her long brown hair fanned around her, covering up her lacy bralette.

"Macy." Hiccup said.

"Synchronous diaphragmatic flutter," Macy replied, before standing up. "This most definitely isn't a shirtless party. You can put your fashion disaster of a shirt back on. Your pale freckly chest is blinding me."

Hiccup narrowed his eyes.

He hated Macy so much.