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Harry was sitting at another restaurant, enjoying the intriguing contradiction of being alone in a crowd. He scowled as four rather familiar, and yet completely unwanted, magical signatures appeared. While he didn't use a wand anymore, not using one would be indicative that he had become something inhuman. He poured another glass of wine, savoring it as he read another page. His magic already was working on the quartet and the people around the table, bending what they perceived.

Harry and Helena had long discussed what to do when those that betrayed him found him again. It was time to put that plan into action.

Harry felt magic settle in a ward around him, preventing apparition, portkeys, and anyone from noticing what was occurring. Harry neutralized the recording ward, tracking charms, and a confundus geared towards convincing him to return to the Wizarding World.

Harry continued reading as he was surrounded. He had to smirk as Hermione recognized that all the spells directed at Harry weren't working. She theorized that whatever magic Harry had wrought to confuse Gringotts and their spells was at work right now.

Harry rolled his eyes as the quartet approached. He looked over the top of his book and frowned, "If it isn't Adriana, the Cheating Tart, the Useless Ferret, and the Bottomless Pit. Go away." He turned the page and used his Vampirific abilities to lightly Enthrall Ginny and Draco. They wouldn't speak unless spoken to.

Ron frowned. "We're going to take you back Harry."

Harry snorted at the redhead. "You've put on some weight Ron. An excess of gluttony and sloth will do that to you." Andromeda had informed Harry what had happened. "Violating the laws concerning those we are not to trifle with has severe repercussions. Hellsing can be a nasty bunch. They attempted to recruit me and I declined their offer." Harry smirked at the man's flinch. "Then again, word is that Adriana there is working as a petrol station attendant. I saw her there once." Harry unwittingly mirrored what Minerva McGonagall had said to Hermione. "You had such potential. And you squandered it."

Hermione scowled. "My name is…"

"As you have routinely endeavored to inform me, it is from a play authored by Shakespeare. However, in A Winter's Tale Hermione is the beautiful and virtuous queen of Sicily." Harry scowled right back at Hermione. "We both know that those no longer can be said of you. If we're going with a character from a play of Shakespeare, Adriana suits you."

Hermione sniffed authoritatively. "You don't know what you're talking about. You never read anything I didn't badger you to read."

Harry smirked right back. "In A Comedy of Errors, Antipholus refers to Adriana as a 'dissembling harlot.' Her temperament suits you too." Harry toyed with his glass "So tell me, is it true that your parents still aren't speaking to you?" At Hermione's twitch, Harry merely smiled. "Life is funny like that. When you think you can make decisions for others, oftentimes, your own are taken away. Let me guess, you haven't apologized and insisted that it was 'for their own good' and even tried to modify their memories a second time so that they would forgive you?" After apologizing for any role that he had in what had occurred, Harry had spitefully told the Grangers what Hermione was planning for him. He had found the spell used by Hermione to reverse her memory modification. He later enchanted their wedding rings to neutralize the modification should Hermione attempt to cast it at a later date.

Hermione flinched backwards as if smacked.

"And you wonder why I left." His tone dry and condescending, Harry sipped from the wineglass. "Let me ask you something, what is it that you are hoping to accomplish? If by some fortuitous happenstance you do return with me in tow, what will that achieve? I refuse to recant what has been stated. Those were certified memories." Harry lifted up his scarred hand. "I will not deny the truth. It is so liberating."

Harry looked at Malfoy. "Nothing to say Ferret? Not even your vaunted 'when my father hears of this?' How intriguing. Could it be that your own hubris forced some sense between your ears?" Harry released the control on Draco and Ginny.

Draco frowned. "My father and I aren't talking."

Even though he knew what had happened, Harry feigned surprised. "Really? You are sleeping with a Pureblood. What else could he want?"

Draco rapidly colored. "You're the reason I was disowned and cast out Potter!"

Harry shook his head and sipped from the glass. "Disowned? I would venture that your own actions are what wrought that event." Harry shrugged negligently. "The Weasley hospitality is such that I'm sure you'd be welcome there."

Ginny flinched.

Ron now had his face redden in anger. "We're banned from returning to the Burrow."

Harry shrugged. "I hardly see how that is my problem. Your actions caused me to leave, why wouldn't they be the cause of your problems?" At the anger that was now directed at him, Harry smiled vindictively. "It is said that the lowest circle of hell is reserved for traitors, betrayers, and oathbreakers. I just brought your treachery to light."

Ginny frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"You mean Adriana there doesn't recognize the reference?" Harry sniffed disdainfully. "It is from Dante Aligiheri's Divine Comedy."

Hermione frowned "You mean Dante's Inferno."

Harry smirked. "Inferno is the first part, followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso."

Ron snapped. "We're going to take you back Harry."

Harry shook his head. "No you're not."

Ginny spat out, "We're not here to discuss Muggle books! We're taking you back with us."

All four drew their wands. Harry's illusion had him flicking out a wand as he magically pulled the wands from their grips.

Now all four wands were arrayed next to Harry. "And how do you plan to do that?"

Ron gasped out, "Wandless magic."

Hermione frowned. "Don't be silly Ron, I saw his wand in his hand. Only Dumbledore and Grindlewald were strong enough Wizards in our time to use Wandless magic."

Harry smirked. "You mean you never learned Adriana?" He shook his head. "Wandless magic can only be used by those with a sufficient amount of Magical Creature heritage."

Hermione frowned. "Unless a Wizard is sufficiently powerful…"

Harry continued, ignoring Hermione's interjection. "That's why Hagrid could use just the broken pieces of his wand. Grindlewald helped a division of Hitler's Reich with experiments. That is also an established fact. He and Dumbledore were the initial experiments to gain that ability before they went to turning Muggles into Magical Creatures. Wizards were the stepping stone. That would also explain his rather extended life, even for a Wizard. It's amazing what could be found in the Black Library. One of the Blacks helped before they realized what was happening. Since it went against their ideas of blood purity, they left the project. There were secrecy vows, but a diary charmed only to open after the death of the individual in question worked well around that."

Hermione was nervous. "That can't be true."

Harry smirked. "I'm tempted to send a copy of that notebook to Skeeter, if she's still writing. She could add another chapter to the Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore." Harry drained the glass. "Now that I've disarmed you, I will ask you again, how do you plan to do that?" Harry's smile was downright victorious. "You thought that just because I was living as a Muggle that I'd forgotten my training didn't you?" He shook his head. "Wizards don't have an ounce of logic." Harry stood and paid for his wine with a passing server. "Or maybe you all are idiots. Either is feasible." Harry used a charm to cut through the wands so finely that they wouldn't notice it until they grabbed their wands. Which they did as Harry went to leave. At their exclamations of shock, Harry cast a very powerful compulsion charm on the group. "I give you advice and a warning. The first is to accept your lot in life. It is your own fault, after all." Harry's hard emerald gaze pinned the quartet in place. "If you try to find me again, your lives will get far worse. It would be best if you forgot all about ever thinking that Harry Potter was still alive. Harry Potter as you knew him is long dead." Harry grinned at Helena's appreciation of the inside joke. Harry disappeared into the growing night.

About a week after the encounter with his former friends, Harry frowned as he was out in search of a new book. Alucard was televised slaughtering a police force in Rio de Janeiro.

Helena's voice echoed, "A mad dog indeed, serving an equally mad master."

Harry had to nod. If Alucard had so desired, he could have simply phased through a wall. Granted, he might have needed his coffin after traveling over so much water. Integra could have ordered the vampire to enthrall the group to report back that no one was present and enthrall others to carry the coffin to a safe place for later retrieval.

Harry's eyes had to widen at the clearly magical playing cards that were featured on the news. He only knew of a few dark cutting curses that would inhibit vampirific healing. Harry idly wondered how people would rationalize away the fight since clearly something supernatural had occurred. The Ministry might not even try to contain it since it was all 'Muggle Business.'

The truth of the matter was that recent advancements in instant messaging and satellite based telecommunications had the information spreading faster than it could be contained. A civilization that relied on owl-based communication couldn't keep up.

Harry shook his head in disgust as the carnage was described. He stepped into the bookstore and nodded to the clerk. The scent of old books had become cathartic to Harry. Helena enjoyed it as well. At the end of the shop's hours, Harry walked out with a pair of titles that looked interesting.

Harry went to an outdoor restaurant near Picadilly Circus and ordered a single bottle of wine. He brought along an extra pack of blood, just on the off chance that he would have more time than usual. The moon was large in the sky tonight. It was blocked out by a dark shape. Harry frowned. It was a dirigible of some sort. The air felt heavy. Vampires. A lot of them. Thanks to his sight, Harry saw a legion of small craft launched from the larger craft. Harry frowned and sent as many as he could reach with his power back towards the large airship. They detonated explosively before reaching it.

Harry desperately reached out as far as he could to stop more of the bombs. About half of the explosive craft were neutralized thanks to Harry's efforts. People began fleeing. Harry's control over his vampire side dropped as he smelled blood in the air. Harry saw ten figures flying through the air, launched at the main area of the Circus. Harry focused and their heads were separated from their bodies by a band of purple.

The bloodied corpses fell to the street, further goading the pedestrians into a frenzy.

Aboard the Zeppelin, one of the officers frowned. "Major, an entire group was neutralized before they touched down near Picadilly."

"Send another group. By the way, arm some of the men with extra grenades and send them to the streets. Whatever sent our little bombs back towards us must be found and destroyed. Have them bite as many people as they can. They are to make their way to Picadilly. There is likely a a group of magic users in the area. We will overrun them."

"Of course Major."

Harry ran to the Circus. It was cleared out. Harry created a pair of wolves of blue fire. "Protect those still alive, burn the Ghouls, and do your best to burn the other vampires to ash.

The pair took off, not hesitating to head towards the east, where central London lay.

Harry shielded against a spray of bullets. He levitated a pair of vampires armed with rifles. White fire blossomed and they were instantly ash.

The rifles clattered to the street and Harry took them. He charmed the bullets with a spell from the Black Library. It would cause them to let out a strong burst of fire as they impacted flesh.

Several people were cowering near Shaftesbury Memorial. Harry cast a powerful ward to stop bullets and any other projectiles around the memorial. "Stay close to the statue." He tossed the rifles at the two largest men. "Shoot anything that gets close."

"What are those?"

"Vampires. Soon, there will be Ghouls. They are the spawn of a vampire bite. They look a little like zombies. Just shoot them. If you see anyone with a bite mark, don't hesitate to end their existence. It takes only a few minutes before they turn."

"How can we trust you?"

Harry shielded another barrage and sent a grenade back into the mouth of one of the red-eyed soldiers. "You don't have a choice." He repeated the spells with the guns and tossed them to other people.

A woman stumbled into the square. "They're monsters." A black uniformed figure leapt at her, but Harry intercepted the vampire by his neck. A gurgle heralded the end of the creature's life.

Harry shook the blood from his hand. "Disgusting filth." He looked at the woman that was clearly in shock. He detected no spreading vampirism.

However the man that stumbled into the square next was holding a bloodied arm. "Help me..."

Harry levitated the man in mid air. He was almost a Ghoul. Within a minute, his eyes went vacant and his teeth sharpened. The Ghoul flailed in the air, trying to reach the gathered humans. "Do you believe me now?" Fire blossomed once more and the man was ash. Harry shielded once more as another dozen vampires descended from all sides. Falcons of flame dove at the vampires from behind, catching a third of them off guard. Harry caught a knife in his teeth and it dropped into his left hand. It buried itself in the mouth of a lunging vampire a heartbeat later. Again Harry pulped its head. He caught the knife and it sunk into the chest of another before spinning and ripping the arms off and shoving a grenade down the vampire's throat before throwing it back the way it came. An explosion could be heard muffled by the buildings.

A legion of Ghouls burst into Picadilly Circus. Lions of flame attacked, incinerating the Ghouls as they neared the group. Shots rang out and several ghouls burst into flame. The rest were killed after a firefight. Blood ran through the streets like a crimson tide.

Harry grinned, his fangs extended and eyes burned gold. He negligently caught the final swastika wearing vampire, draining it's soul from the body. He might need a backup tonight. He had no desire to lose Helena. The thing's blood tasted vile. Harry almost choked.

Helena kept the new soul from affecting her love. She knew why Harry was doing this.

One of the men was shaky. "What are you?"

He turned towards the group, blood running down his shirt, staining it scarlet. "I'm a Vampire, but not like these filth. I only drink medical blood. I'm going to save as many lives as I can."

Harry summoned all the knives of the soldiers present. "Stay safe, and don't hesitate to shoot anyone that is bitten. Heart or brain. Don't waste bullets."

Harry apparated away towards where he felt the greatest concentration of Ghouls. Fire obeyed his command. The horde was quickly thinned. They were immolated by Harry's abilities, as they were attacking a group holed up in a church.

Harry ensured that there were none bitten and he moved on. A group of another ten vampires were coming.

Harry stood in the middle of the street. He slid around the bullets. His newly acquired knives removed heads from shoulders, A single bullet pierced a lung and Harry used the spare soul to heal it. He took the final vampire as another insurance policy. Harry cast a charm on the chapel to draw those nearby that were not afflicted with a vampire's bite to seek shelter.

He summoned the grenades of this group, there were almost forty in all. Harry left a guardian of flame to protect the chapel. Once again, he apparated atop the tallest building he could see. After using a sticking charm that would keep the grenades in place, Harry banished them towards the Zepplin that was bearing down on his location. He then summoned the cords, setting off the timers.

Less than five seconds later, the engines for the Zeppelin gave out. The command center exploded and lit up the night. Harry hit the floundering zeppelin with a powerful banishing charm, sending it into a spiral as it crashed into the Thames.

Harry stood, panting for a moment. That took a lot out of him. To replenish his energy, Harry leapt into the fray once more. He drained blood from easily a dozen Ghouls.

He ripped them away from a police group that was pinned down. He then summoned the pair of vampires that was pinning the police down so that the Ghouls could do their work. They flew through the air to have their hearts ripped from their chests.

Harry tossed the corpses down. "There's a church three streets back. Several people have holed up in there. They need guidance and protection."

One man leveled a gun at the newly arrived fighter. "You move just like those things do. What are you?"

Harry smirked. "This is the road between Jerusalem and Jericho. But there is no Priest, no Levite, just me." Harry waved his hand, healing several wounds as his eyes burned gold. "More of the enemy approaches. Make haste you fools. I will contend with the bloodthirsty horde."

One of the officers nodded, understanding the reference. "Then I wish you luck."

This time thirty vampires charged down the streets. As he dealt with the first three, blades and fangs sunk into Harry's flesh as he was surrounded. Harry spat out a single word and a chimera of flame burned the air. It incinerated the vampires that had pinned Harry down. A single hand stopped it's claw from impaling the figure at the bottom of the pile. The Chimera bowed as the body was pieced together, blood flowing into it's open mouth.

Harry looked up, the fires of London colored the sky a truly disturbing hue. That had taken three of the souls to fix. Well, it was a good thing that Harry had taken extras.

Harry continued to fight, saving people, killing Ghouls and Vampires. He sent the Chimera into an area where he couldn't hear a single heartbeat, but there were a staggering amount of shambling bodies. He froze as a pyrotechnic display lit up the night. A maniacal voice was heard as a contingent of helicopters appeared in the sky over the city. Harry frowned. Just before they opened fire, Harry cast a spell on the armaments that the helicopters carried. He couldn't reach all of them, but the ones that he could, as soon as they opened fire, the guns exploded.

The soldiers of the 9th Crusade scowled. These guns were blessed, but as they fired, they exploded.

Harry began to feel tired as he drank in yet another vampire to protect himself. Helena kept him appraised of what was going on with those souls. "Harry, while I despise sharing you with those things, I'm glad that you don't wish to lose me."

Harry felt Helena's feelings for him repress the foreign presence once more.

Harry continued the bloody work until he froze. Alucard had returned. Harry continued to do his best to save lives and eliminate the soldiers. His kill tally was currently over three hundred Vampires as he also dealt with the Ghouls in the city.

Harry apparated out of the way of the veritable tidal wave of vampire Familiars as the sun rose. Harry made his way close to the center of the battle as the crimson flood dealt with the Ghouls. Harry had no desire to be targeted by the attack dog of Hellsing. He felt a rocket impact him in the back from a large zeppelin as it landed.

As he healed the wound, Helena spoke up. "That is the last of them. It would be wise to stop. The Butcher will deal with the rest."

Harry nodded and extinguished the fires around him. He looked out over the devastation that was the cityscape of London. "We did good, didn't we Helena?"

"We saved many lives tonight Harry. That ought to count for something. I'm a better person having met you."

Harry watched in shock as the army of Familiars burned away with a fire that felt vicious. As the sun rose, Harry saw a figure standing at the base of a distant cupola. "Helena? What is he doing just standing there?"

"Nothing that bodes well for us. The sun rises."

Harry nodded. "We will keep an eye on him as our final act. I think that we'll sleep for a few days after this."

"I agree wholeheartedly."

When the cat-eared boy brought out a dagger and slit his own throat, Harry pulled the blood to him so that it wouldn't fall into the flood below. Harry suspected some sort of trap. Helena agreed.

"Harry this could kill us both."

"It could, but we would go together and the Butcher would complete his work. We could die knowing that we saved as many as we could. I love you Helena."

"And I you Harry."

Harry drank the blood and absorbed the essence of Schrodinger. He apparated to his apartment as it began to take effect.

At the center of the deluge of blood, Alucard regained his strength. He negligently crushed Walter Dolnez, drawing the Angel of Death in as another Familiar.

Integra smirked at the Major. "Clearly you underestimated Alucard. He is the crystallization of Hellsing research. But I don't need him to defeat you."

Integra drew her sword and approached the shield. It shattered against the over-engineered barrier.

The Major was staring at the screen in shock. All of the information that they had obtained indicated that the plan would work. He began violently swearing and cursing the very name of Hellsing. The shock of being wrong was such that he lost focus and control.

The Major screamed and emptied the clip of his gun into the screens showing the grisly defeat of Walter Dolnez and the approach of the Nosferatu.

Integra smirked and reloaded her gun. She would have Alucard shatter the barrier and she would put a bullet in the Major's head.

Alucard briefly spared a thought that Seras needed help against the werewolf, but something drew him to another part of the ship. The Doktor was Alucard's next meal. He left the medbay to burn, destroying all of the research forever.

Seras smiled as she rejoined Alucard. "Master!"

"Come Seras, our Countess needs her servants."

The pair of vampires were soon in the control room. Integra smiled. "Seras, Alucard, break the barrier down so that I can put an end to this monster."

"As you command Sir Integra."

When Seras' Harkkonnen wouldn't breach the barrier, she ripped a cannon from the guts of the Zeppelin.

Alucard merely observed.

The barrier shattered from the attack. Alucard negligently blocked all shots from hitting his Master. Only one was a real threat.

As the Major lay dead on the floor, Integra sneered at his mostly mechanical body. "Alucard, Seras, let's go."

The trio leapt from the exploding dirigible. Integra looked at the rising sun. "Let's finish mopping up this mess."

There were pockets free from damage and carnage. There, groups of people were wary of them, especially with Seras' phantasmal arm. Integra was able to find a phone that worked and make a call to one of the members of the Round Table to let them know that the main force was dead and they were mopping up Ghouls.

This was cause for a sigh of relief from the remaining members of the Round Table as well as the Queen herself.

Integra found it interesting that several people said that they were aided by creatures made of fire and a gold eyed figure that told them to get to safety. Seras spoke up, "So did the Firebug vampire help protect people?"

Integra nodded. "It sounds that way."

Alucard got an odd look on his face. Seras mirrored it moments later. Integra asked, "What is it?"

"There is a vampire presence here. It disappears and reappears, like it's fighting to stay."

Integra's eyes widened. "Schrodinger..."


Integra outlined the Major's plan.

Alucard's eyes narrowed. "That would have worked. I would have been forced to destroy myself until only that soul remained."

Seras frowned. "So did Firebug drink Schrodinger?"

"It looks that way Seras. Track this presence down. Do not harm him. I have yet to see a group of people on our path that wasn't aided in some way by him. That is if the description of a pair of dogs made of blue fire were his doing. Considering that ash from defeated Ghouls have their identification present, it certainly indicates that yes, it was Firebug. Alucard, come with me. We are going to find some police officers."

"Of course my Master."

Seras found that the presence was closest around a certain building. Seras went floor by floor. She soon found herself on the roof, squinting in the weak sunlight. The presence was around a bare patch of roof.

Her encounter with Zorin firmly in mind, Seras opened her Third Eye. A rooftop apartment shimmered into view. However it was hazy, even to her sight. Seras walked determinedly towards the rooftop apartment. She opened the door and was surprised at the sight that met her. The interior was far larger than the exterior suggested. The first room was clearly a library. Candles beneath purple bell jars gave the room a soft light, more than enough for a vampire to read.

A pair of chairs and a table were the only furniture. However, a small refrigerator, sink, and a wine rack were tucked into a corner. A pair of goblets was on the table, but one held dust. Seras looked at the chairs. One hadn't been used in some time.

A door was cracked and Seras stepped in. A painting was on the wall, likely brushed by the the occupant of the casket that kept flickering in and out of existence. Seras' eyes widened. It was Harry Potter and a young girl, likely no more than twelve or thirteen. Her eyes had Seras freezing in place. They were golden. Harry had one green, one golden eye. Both figures had a faint smile on their faces as they read a book together. Seras' eyes shot open wide as she remembered what Firebug had said. 'It was the blood of my Mistress as she lay dying.'

Harry Potter was the mystery vampire...but how? She had seen him eating. Seras shook her head. Magic. It had to be magic.

Seras watched as the young man flickered in and out of existence. Seras reached with her power and found the mind of Alucard. "Master, I found him."

"Good work Seras." Alucard paused. "Our Master has asked how he fares."

"Not good. If he only has one person inside of him, and he is fading in and out of visibility like this, the effect would have been compounded with you Master."

Alucard nodded, "My future may have outrun my past."

"What should I do?"

"Stay there. Once we are finished, we will join you. He saved literally hundreds of humans Seras. Integra wishes to speak with him."

"It's Harry Potter Master. He's the wizard that I met."

"Curious, it looks like your instincts were correct Seras. You said that something about him reminded you of me."

Seras nodded off to sleep against the wall in the near dark room. She didn't know how long it was before Alucard's voice woke her. "So this is the Firebug? Harry James Potter."

"Hadrian Black now Master."

Alucard examined the young Vampire. He wondered what kind of vampire would shut themselves away to read works of literature. Maybe this vampire sought meaning in the written word. "We are to take him back to Hellsing Manor. A truck will be by soon. We are going too."

"What time is it Master?"

"It is dusk."

"Is everything cleaned up Master?"

"The Ghouls are all destroyed. The humans will rebuild and per the orders of our Master, once we return home, we will rest."

Seras nodded. She picked up the casket, careful not to jar the sole occupant. " I will watch you and Sir Integra as you both rest Master."

The remaining Wild Geese had gathered the corpses of their members and built a pyre. The handful of mercenaries saluted Integra and Seras.

Integra returned the salute. "The Queen herself has agreed to pay the death benefits to all those that lost their lives here. The danger has passed and we are victorious." Integra paused for a moment. "But the cost was high. Well done men. Find a room that isn't shot to hell and get some rest. You look dead on your feet."

One of the men nodded. "The same goes for you Ma'am."

Integra nodded. Seras took the coffin to a room in the basement and settled it gently into place. Seras then stood vigil over the damaged manor. Part of her mind was taken up with worry about the flickering presence that registered on her senses.

Six months later, most of the damage had been repaired to Hellsing Manor. Today Integra was playing host to a group that she wished had never darkened her doorstep. The delegation from the ICW and Britain's Ministry of Magic had requested a meeting with her. Integra had put it off as long as she could but after half a year, she ran out of excuses.

The group wasn't even in her office two minutes before insulting her. Integra took a drag on her cigar. "You dare to insinuate that Hellsing didn't do enough? What did you do? You hid behind your wards, pissing yourselves in fear as filth slaughtered your countrymen. You're nothing but gutless cowards that only come out after the danger has passed. Where was the aid of those magic users that were out and about that night? Where was the aid of your so-called skilled Aurors? How much magical blood was mixed in with the rivers that flowed through London?"

A blonde man with a cane spoke up, a sneer in his voice. "Who are you to talk to us like this you stupid Muggle whore?"

An ominous echoing laugh was heard in the office. Seras stepped from a shadow with a foreboding look on her face as Alucard's voice was heard. "Who is she you weak fool? She is Sir Integra Fairgates Winbrook Hellsing. Master of two Nosferatu."

Alucard rose from the floor, crimson eyes staring at the assembled group. "And who are you? You're nothing but my next meal." A scream was heard and cut off as the shadows swallowed the man. The rest of the magic users tried to apparate away, but found that they couldn't. The black tendrils kept them bound in place. Seras' arm lanced out and shattered the wands.

Integra stood from her desk. "There is one and only one reason why I haven't declared you all traitors to the Crown and threats to the country to be destroyed. Make no mistake about it, I would love to do so."

One of the ICW delegates stammered out, "What's the reason?"

Integra took a long drag and blew it out. "Harry James Potter." Integra ignored the mutterings that the name caused. "I have several eye witness accounts of him saving his fellow countrymen as well as hindering the initial bombing efforts. Unlike you fools, we knew that he was still alive. One of my operatives met with him on a few occasions. He had no desire to join our ranks and I respected his decision. However when the time came, Harry Potter helped save lives. He refused to hide. He refused to ignore the fact that those around him had no magic. From our best estimates, Mr. Potter personally saved almost three hundred thousand lives that night just by stopping the bombs and fighting Vampires and Ghouls. His actions blunted an attack from both Millenium and Iscariot. This spared easily the same amount, if not more. From the bombs that hit we can guess that they targeted popular areas, cultural landmarks, hospitals, police, utilities, and emergency services. Our best estimates say that one man saved easily over a half a million people. If any of you had gotten off your lazy arses, this could have been mopped up within an hour or three with a fraction of lives lost. But no, it didn't concern you because we don't have magic."

"Do you know where he is?"

Integra nodded. "Dead. Mr. Potter took an attack meant to kill a Nosferatu. I saw his corpse myself. The arrangements for his body were handled by me personally. The Queen is considering awarding him posthumously. But given everything that is going on right now and the nature of Mr. Potter's assistance, it must be handled quietly. From what he had told my people and his actions to avoid you idiots, he held you in the same contempt that I do. He wouldn't want you to use his actions to justify your inaction in any way."

This shocked the listeners.

Integra continued, "Now how about we get down to business? Alucard, release them."

"As you command Sir Integra."

The frightened Witches and Wizards clustered together like scared sheep. Alucard loomed over them. "Boo!" Two passed out.

Integra grinned. "Now then, I believe you wanted something from me?"

"We are here to demand that you put the Hellsing Organization under the direct control of the British Ministry of Magic."

Integra stared at the delegation in disbelief before disgust colored her tone. "Get out."


Integra's tone was now icy and clipped. "The Hellsing Organization fights monsters. That is our mission. We protect the people of England. Since when have you protected all the people in Britain? Because the most recent evidence is clear that you won't, even if there is a dire threat. Get out of my Manor. If I ever see you again, you will be the next snack for these two."

Seras grinned. "Alucard said that the blood of a magic user has a fizzy taste. I would love to try it."

The delegation retreated. Even Integra could smell the fear on them.

Integra shook her head. "Fools the lot of them. Seras, any change in Mr. Black's status?"


"Understood. We received a report from MI-5 about a vampire that previously was not a threat that has begun targeting children. Seras, Alucard, my orders are simple. Search and Destroy."

Three months after the visit from the wizards, Seras was sitting in a chair in the room that had been designated for Mr. Black. She was reading out loud. Her voice was soft, but more than enough to be heard. Seras was interrupted by Integra. "Oscar Wilde?"

Seras looked up. "Yes Sir Integra. I could tell he loved reading. I thought that if I read to him, it might help him fix whatever happened. You know, to tie him here. Even if he is a vampire, he's still a good man Sir Integra."

Integra nodded and tossed Seras a blood packet. "I brought you your blood. We will have new recruits in a few days. I expect you to show them the ropes. You did a fine job with the Wild Geese."

"Of course Sir Integra."

Integra retired to her study. "You're right Alucard. As is frustratingly usual. At least she's reading classics."

Alucard nodded. "She is growing up."

The city of London continued to rebuild, to heal, and time moved forward.

It was a year after the attack on London when Seras was reading in Harry's room once again. "Forlorn! the very word is like a bell, To toll me back from thee to my sole self! Adieu! the fancy cannot cheat so well As she is famed to do, deceiving elf. Adieu! adieu! thy plaintive anthem fades. Past the near meadows, over the still stream, up the hill-side; and now 'tis buried deep. In the next valley-glades: Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Fled is that music:-do I wake or sleep?" Seras nodded to herself. "It is a nice poem."

A groan issued from the coffin. Seras leaned over and smiled. "You're awake!"

Harry blinked a few times before groaning. "Either this is a nightmare or I truly am cursed."

Searas blinked a few times. "Huh?"

Harry sat up, "Let me guess, I'm a prisoner and you're going to kill me after you torture me?"

"Why would we do that?"

"You're with Hellsing. Do you intend to toy with me before you kill me?"

Integra had walked into the room. "Nothing of the sort Mr. Black. We only deal with threats and Vampires that cause problems. Someone that doesn't attack humans and saved as many people as you did is clearly not a threat to Queen and Country."

Harry's nose crinkled at the scent of smoke and he slowly extinguished the ember of Integra's cigar. "Those will kill you."

Integra sat in the only other chair in the room. "So why did a Midian save Human lives?"

Harry shook his head. "I wasn't aware that someone needed a reason to do the right thing."

Integra didn't respond to that.

Alucard phased into the room. "So why did a Wizard become a 'Dark Creature?' Did you search for power?"

Harry snorted and looked at Seras. "Does he practice those entrances? Are you trying to look as foreboding as possible?" He shook his head. "In response to your question, No-Life-King; I was turned because my Mistress was lonely and I was the only soul that she had met in her time as a Child of the Night that wasn't abhorrent. I did not ask nor choose to become a Nosferatu, but it wasn't necessarily an unwanted change. It was a rather dark time for me and she was the only one that didn't see me as more than a man."

Seras frowned slightly. "What do you mean?"

Harry sighed. "When you defeat a wolf in a land of sheep, the sheep think you are more than they."

Integra nodded. "Voldemort."

"Exactly. I wasn't a hero, I was just a man set on defeating one that had become a monster. When I succeeded, what I thought was a good life turned out to be nothing but a house of lies. My life with Helena held what I was searching for. I wasn't held to unrealistic expectations. I could discover new interests and new things. I was free to decide who and what I wanted to be. I had someone in my life that encouraged my personal growth outside of the mold that I had willingly stepped into. While I didn't ask Helena to change me, I wasn't exactly averse to it either. It further separated me from my past and drew us closer together. It was a life that was cut short by the Valentine Brothers. I apologize for trespassing on that day. I wasn't in my right mind, but I don't think my help was unwelcome."

Integra nodded. "It wasn't."

"So what now?"

"I would ask you to join us."

Harry shook his head. "I threw off the yoke and became my own person when I left my old life behind. Also, I don't fully agree with your methods. With the burgeoning technology, increasing subtlety will be required going forward. Given your recent actions in Rio de Janeiro, I have to wonder about your ability to be circumspect."

Heat crept into Integra's tone. "And how would you have handled it?"

"Enthralled the lot of them to move any equipment that you had there and slipped out without anyone noticing. While I understand the occasional need to resort to violence, there are other alternatives." Harry gestured to Seras and Alucard. "After all, aren't they supposed to be able to transform?"

Seras looked slightly nervous. "I couldn't at the time."

Harry shrugged and stood. The coffin at his feet shrunk and flew into his hand.

Integra's eyes narrowed. "I see that you maintained your abilities as a Wizard. I assume that is how you have avoided our notice for so long."

Harry shrugged. "While my methods of obtaining blood don't end in loss of life, they aren't ones that you would notice anyway."

Seras frowned. A report had said that witnesses stated that he drank Medical Blood. "But no thefts of medical blood are ever reported."

"And they won't be. Magic is a wonderful thing."

Alucard chimed in, "The Queen wishes to speak with you."

Harry paused at that. "So she survived? Good." Harry took a deep breath. "Provided that the Wizards and Witches are kept out of it, I will meet with her at her earliest convenience."

Integra spoke up. "Six months ago I told a group of them that you were dead. It's not a lie."

"Six months?"

Alucard's voice was slightly derisive. "It's been a year since the Battle of London. You took a long time killing the only other soul within you."

Harry stared balefully at Alucard. "Who said that I did? Helena is still with me. However, Schrodinger is no more, but his ability remains within me. It took quite a bit of work and magic to make that happen."

Seras looked at Harry, "So you're like him then, you can't truly die unless you want to."

Harry nodded. "Other than an invitation from the Queen, my stock portfolio to update, and a years worth of book reviews to read; was there anything else?"

Seras chirped out, "We really would like to have you work with us. You could help more people."

Harry felt the sincerity in Seras' tone and paused, opening himself up slightly to her emotions and motivations. She did honestly want to help others where Alucard simply reeked of bloodlust and Integra would do whatever it takes to destroy her enemies. However, just like before, Seras caught Harry off guard. While she had killed and was a full-fledged vampire, she still held a general playfulness and joy of life.

Seras fidgeted under the golden gaze that was riveted on her. "What?"

Harry was interrupted by a hand spearing through his chest. His body crumpled before reforming. "Was that really necessary?"

When it happened a second time, Harry cast a spell on Alucard that shocked him, having his long hair stand on end. As Alucard lunged a third time, he missed entirely. He then began laughing and fighting an imaginary opponent. His hands made motions of shooting his guns before falling to the ground as if struck. "At last, a battle worthy of one that has the title of Nosferatu!"

Integra scowled and drew her gun. "What did you do to him?"

"I merely supplied an illusion providing what he wanted. He gets some of his bloodlust taken care of, I don't have to have my heart crushed again, and if this was able to be recorded, you could probably find it amusing to watch in the future."

"Release him."

Alucard looked around in confusion. "You entrapped me in an illusion. Master, may I make him pay for that?"

"You struck first. I merely defended myself. Good night." Harry twisted slightly and disappeared with a pop.

Integra sighed as she stowed her firearm. "He had a point Alucard. I didn't want you to attack him."

"It has been a year since I had a decent fight." Alucard sounded almost petulant.

It was a few very busy days for Harry. Luckily, his portfolio was diversified enough that he didn't have too much to deal with. He also surreptitiously cast a few Reparo charms on various buildings as he went about his business. A piece of paper, charmed to be invisible while in transit, winged its way through the night to land on the Queen's desk to verify Sir Hellsing's claims.

As he was relaxing after catching up on a years worth of inactivity, Harry settled into his chair and a spell kept his wineglass full. He had only read two pages when a presence registered passing through the wards and a knock sounded on the door. Harry's eyebrows rose as he spelled the door and saw Seras on the other side. Harry canceled the spell and the door creaked open as he approached. "Can I help you Miss Victoria?"

Seras smiled slightly. "Well, I wanted to know if you wouldn't mind some company. There's nothing that needs doing over at Hellsing. It's been a quiet week."

Harry studied Searas. There was honesty and nervousness as her surface emotions. Something else was buried, but Harry couldn't make heads or tails of the emotion.

Inside him, Helena just shook her head fondly. She would always be with Harry now, until he decided to pass from this life. Harry deserved happiness. "You will find out what it is soon enough Harry. Let her in."

Seras fidgeted under the golden gaze but smiled brightly as Harry stepped aside. "Come on in."

"Thanks." Seras pointed to the second chair. "Can I sit here?"

Harry hesitated for a long moment. That was Helena's chair. He nodded. "Sure."

A fresh goblet floated over and filled itself. Seras took it with a smile. "Thanks. I read that poem that you told me about, Ode to a Nightingale. It's really nice." Seras barely avoided rolling her eyes as Pip commented about the swill that passed itself off as wine.

It was several hours before Seras left.

As Harry shut the door and slept as the sun rose, he realized he didn't mind Seras' presence all that much.

...Years Later...

Harry nodded to the Hellsing guards as he entered the manor. Harry had recently been hired by the Queen to be an Electronic System Security Expert on loan to Hellsing. With his speed as a vampire, he could literally code a fix during a cyber attack. That is, if the computer could keep up.

Seras turned as she was training some troops. A grin was on her face as she called a halt and sunk into a shadow.

One of the recruits was new and looked confused. "What is going on?"

One of the more experienced soldiers grinned. "Her 'boyfriend' is here."

Thinking of the female vampire's rather healthy physique, the man shook his head. "She has a boyfriend? Lucky bloke."

The soldiers around the newbie chuckled. One of them spoke up. "It's clear that they like each other, but the instant someone brings it up, they get all flustered. Physically they are both just under twenty."

The new soldier frowned. "Huh?"

"Her bloke is another vampire."

Seras appeared out of a shadow in the entryway and smiled as she hugged Harry. "Hi Harry. I heard that you're the new computer security guy."

Harry smiled and nodded. Seras leaned on Harry slightly as they walked through the hall. "Does this mean I get to see you every night?"

"It is within the realms of possibility. Given your Sire's tendencies, that realm may be vast or minuscule. I have no desire to fight him."

"He just wants to fight another vampire Harry. He told me that he likes your illusions. They give him a battle that he longs for. Are we going to Sir Hellsing's office?"

Harry shook his head. "I'm supposed to report to room SB215."

Seras grinned. "That's in the sub-basement. Let's go."

The pair walked through the Halls of Hellsing Manor. A darker hallway led to a room with a scanner on the door.

Seras frowned slightly. "That's new." She took out her ID card and slid it in the slot. A green light lit up and a beep was heard as well as a click from the lock. Harry and Searas stepped into the room and looked confused. A large bed dominated the room and a silver bucket held two bottles of wine and several blood packs. A small fridge was in the room as well.

Seras emanated confusion. "What the..." The door swung shut and another whir was heard. A magic circle was inscribed on the inside of the door and a red shimmer ran over the room.

Integra's voice was heard on the opposite side of the door. "I'm tired of all the dancing around each other you two have been doing. It's driving me spare. I'm not letting either of you out until you've shagged each other rotten. I'll be back in a week. I expect you to walk with a limp that even your vampire healing has difficulty healing from Seras Victoria. That's an order."

"Life is one fool thing after another…Love is two fool things after each other." Alucard stepped away from the wall. "Shall we go?"

Integra nodded. Hadrian's influence had even the No Life King reading Oscar Wilde. "It's time to put some fear into these new recruits. Come Count."

"As you command Countess."


There you have it. I hope that you have enjoyed this small jaunt through the results of my muse.