Alternative moment to Flagg1991's, "Thicker Than Blood".

It has been 1 year since Linka and Lincoln first met, and they've bonded greatly ever since. Linka was on the ride back from the Loud house and was planning on meeting Kyle in a little bit. They ate lunch at a fast food place before making it home.

Linka walked out of her room in a neon orange skirt with a white button up top with her hair down. She walked to the park where she saw Kyle sitting on a bench, "Hey Kyle!", Linka said as she waved. Kyle looked at her smugly before getting up, "So, who is he.", he said. "Whos who?", Linka asked.

Kyle looked at her like she was retarded, "That white haired prick you say is your brother.", Kyle said. "Dont call Lincoln that! And he is to my brother!", Linka exclaimed, not belibelieving what she was hearing. "Bullshit, dont lie to me, and just to make sure your all mine.", Kyle said as he grabbed her by both arms and began dragging her towards the bathroom.

"Let go of me!", Linka screamed. "Oh no dear Linka, im making sure no other boy can have you.", Kyle said with a devilish laugh. Meanwhile, Lincoln was being driven back from the city with Lori after a visit to Ronnie Anne and Bobby. Passing by the park, Lincolns heart dropped as he saw a certain white haired girl being handled by an all to familiar face. "LORI! STOP THE CAR!", Lincoln yelled as Lori slammed on the brake. "What is it!?", she said. But she looked back and saw the boy was gone, only to look right to see Lincoln running towards a distressed Linka.

"Y'know, maybe i'll pay a visit to his little sisters to, show him what happens when you mess with my girl.", Kyle said as he opened the door. "No!", Linka screamed as she struggled. "Get in here you little-", Linka was dropped to the ground and heard grunting as she looked back, only to find Lincoln standing over Kyle.

"Aha! I knew you were seeing him behind my back!", Kyle said. "IM HER BROTHER DIPSHIT!", Lincoln roared as he rolled up his sleeves. Kyle scampered to his feet as Lincoln threw a right hook, connecting with Kyles temple. The boy stepped back before receiving a knee to the gut and another punch, planting on his nose. Kyle threw a punch, Lincoln dodged, grabbed his arm, swung him over his shoulder, and kicked him dead in the head, knocking the kid out.

Linka dropped to her knees and hugged her brother, "Th- thank you.", she cried. Lincoln hugged her back, they heard car doors close as two policemen and Lori walked towards the scene. "Is it the truth that this young man attempted rape?", one asked. "What does it look like?", Lincoln said as Linka nussled her head between his neck. The two nodded as they picked him up and dragged him off.

On the ride to the Randall residence, Linka had not let go of her brother, or in her eyes, her hero.