Chapter 1

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?'s POV

I watch from a distance as Evelyn walks up to the drunk man leaving the bar.

He smiles as she approaches him. "How much you got in that wallet of yours, boy?" she asks him. She slides her hands into his pockets and pulls him closer to herself.

"I've got a fifty," the man says, eyeing her body as she smirked.

"You got a car?" she asks, her smirk widening.

"Yup," the man leads her into the parking lot and I follow them.

'Evelyn sure has wasted her life away,' I think to myself as I watch her. She gets into the passenger seat of the car, then pulls a knife out of her purse.

The man gets into the car as the girl uses the blade to clean under her fingernails. "Pay me," she says without looking up.

"What?! No way!" the man glares at her, but she smirks.

She leans over the seat and kisses the man on the lips. He's confused at first, but he kisses back as Evelyn uses her distraction as a diversion. She presses the tip of the knife into the man's throat and he breaks up the kiss.

"You'd better put that away," he says. She smirks and pushes the knife in deeper, causing the skin to split and bleed around the blade. Then she drags the blade down his neck and over his chest. "Ah! Stop it, you usele-" she cuts his throat, silencing him, then gets out of the car. She opens the door to the driver's side and pushes the body to the backseat, then gets in.

I follow her slowly down the road and towards the woods. She stops near a little tattoo shop and bar, then gets out. She walks around back and grabs the body out of the seat, dragging it into the alleyway between the two stores.

After about ten minutes, a man in a hoodie shows up and cuts the corpse's kidneys out, leaving Evelyn with the body.

She throws it into the trunk of the car and drives off, but I decide not to follow her.

I first heard of Evelyn from her mother. She was one of my victims. I was about to kill her, but instead she asked me to spare her life in exchange for her daughter's. I reluctantly agreed, but had no idea who the girl even was. I just hope that I find out before she finds me.