Chapter 2

Reader's POV

Most people tell me that I'm wrong for what I am doing, that it is unholy. They think they are so whole and correct, but they can't see true justice when it is standing three inches from their face.

They say that I am wrong for "selling my body" and that I am going to Hell for my actions. I willingly chose to be this. To most of them I'm just another girl who sells her body off to any old guy with ten bucks, and to the others, I'm a murderer.

I am neither of those. I am a dealer, and I sell death.

I just use my body as a shortcut to get what I want.


Evelyn has always kept to herself. The only reason that I know her is because I caught her hauling a body towards the woods one night.

I watched her for a while, then offered to help. She agreed and I introduced myself as Jack. She seemed puzzled by the fact that I would help her hide a body.

I took my mask off to reveal my blackened eye sockets. She nodded, then began to bury the body, but I stopped her. There was no way that she was going to get my help without paying me.

I asked her for the victim's kidneys and she let me have them, then I helped her bury the rest of the person.

Ever since then, she has been giving me the kidneys in exchange of my help. I help her bury the body, and then later, I don't have to kill anyone. Not unless Slendy tells me to.