I just wanted to say thank you to LoudAutomata16 for not only inspiration, but also full on support of this story. I got this idea from his story, "Girl Jordan and Boy Lincoln", which I highly recommend you read considering it is the start of the whole Jordcoln ship. I promised to mix it up for him and i'm damn sure going to! Also the Jordan in this story is the tall, yellow shirt one.

"HYAAAAA!", Lincoln yelled as he ran for a ball, PE class was one of the hardest classes of them all, especially when it involves dodgeball. Today in particular was different considering Girl Jordan was on their team. She had given them tips before, and they started to rub off. But no one could beat her, and Lincoln admired her for that

Her posture, the way her hair swept with every jump, the glisten in her-, 'Back on track Lincoln!', he thought as he launched a ball, hitting Boy Jordan directly in the chest. Meanwhile, Jordan slid under Lincoln and launched a ball, knocking the glasses of Clyde as it knocked him to the floor.

She caught a ball from Cookie and launched it straight towards Kat. She picked up another ball a until she heard a yell, "JORDAN LOOK OUT!", Lincoln yelled as he jumped infront of her, blocking a ball from Liam. 'He- he got out for me?', Jordan thought as she blushed.

It was a 1v4 now, Girl Jordan against Rusty, Zach, Chloe, and Danny. Girl Jordan gave a deadly glare, signifying that defeat was inevitable for the 4. "This ones for you Linc.", she whispered as she lunged a ball, Chloe barely dodged it, but it hit Rusty in the stomach, causing him to fall on his hands and knees.

Zach saw this as a chance and threw his ball at her, though it was unsuccessful as she jumped to the side. Just then the team of 3 knew what they had to do, they each picked up balls, and lunged all 3 at the same time. Jordan slightly chuckled at the thought of their stupidity she caught the first with her right arm, the second with her left, then she dropped both of the, and caught the third, ending the game.

"BLUE TEAMS OUT! RED WINS!", Coach Pacowski said as he blew the whistle. Jordan was surrounded with compliments, one in particular sent a signal to her heart. "Great job Jordan! You did great!", Lincoln exclaimed as he gave her a double thumbs up.

Her face turnt beat red as she gave a smile, her heart beating hard enough to knock someone out. As they all scattered to different classes, Jordan ran into the girls bathroom and closed herself in a stall. "I- is this really happening?", she said to herself.

She walked out and looked in a mirror, her face was very red. She felt her heart beat, still insanely fast and hard. She stared at herself in the mirror, "Oh, wow.", she said as a smile plastered on her face. "I'm in love with my best friend.", she said as she practically passed out in shock.

Lincoln walked by the girls bathroom and opened his locker, he put his bag of gym clothes in it and grabbed his binder. He turnt around and saw Girl Jordan walking out, still blushing. She stopped in jer tracks and stared at Lincoln, he gsve a nervous smile as he walked away.

He turnt the corner and hugged the wall, "Was- was she checking me out?', Lincoln thought as he smiled. 'She might feel the same.', he thought. He almost yipped like a school girl, but calmed down as he quickly raced the bell and ran to class.

Honestly, the only reason this released early is because I got this chapter done way quicker than I thought it would take. And before anyone says anything, yes, I am certain that this was to the best of my ability and yes there will be lewd parts, including a little suprise! ;)