I give credit to nuuo for an upcoming line, if youve read one of his comments you should know. Also some of you may have been wondering why I decided to update this again, even though I stated otherwise last chapter, just let me explain after this, read on!

Lincoln stared into the eyes, the boy counterpart, the only other boy Lincoln hated as equally as Chandler... Boy Jordan. The perverted little snake, Lincoln hated his guts. "What do you want." Lincoln asked with his fists clenched, "Nothing to do with you, I was hoping to speak with her.", Boy Jordan said as he pointed at Girl Jordan. "Then why the hell did you hit me?!", Lincoln yelled, his eye twitiching. Boy Jordan ignored this, "So Jordan, I was wondering if you would like to go out to eat.", Boy Jordan said smugly, right infront of Lincolns face.

"Uh, you might be living under a rock, me and Lincoln are dating.", she replied. "Oh I know, I was just wondering because he is a complete waste of time.", Boy Jordan said as he crossed his arms. Lincoln was seething with anger, "No, he is not!", Girl Jordan exclaimed, "Yes, he is, think about it. We would go so good together, out ship name would be Jjoorrddaann.", Boy Jordan replied. Just then a loud crack was heard as Boy Jordan fell back on his ass.

Lincoln cocked his fist back once more and struck him in the nose a second time. Boy Jordan wobbled back onto his now weak legs and winced, "Go to hell Loud.", he said as he spat at him before wobbling away, only to trip on a rock. The young couple laughed, "You alright Linc?", Girl Jordan asked in worry.

"Im fine, just dont like the way he was speaking to you.", Lincoln replied as he gave her a peck on the cheek, he picked up the frisbee and got their bags as they hopped on their bikes and rode off. They reached Jordan's house again as they walked inside. Jordan's parents were gone, most likely at work. "Hey, you wanna swim?", Jordan asked Lincoln, "Sure, we'll make up for last time.", Lincoln said with a smile, "Dont remind me, you scared me so much.", she said.

The two got into there swim wear as they hopped in, Lincoln wielded his Super Soaker as the two splashed around firing like they were on the beaches of Normandy. Lincoln then dropped his and dissapeared under the water before lifting Jordan into the air on his shoulders, "Hey no fair!", she exclaimed as she jumped off and tackled him. The two laughed before Lincoln leaned against the wall of the pool, he chuckled along with Jordan until she grasped his hands and leaned in and kissed him. It lasted for a while until Jordans phone rang.

The two dried off and headed inside as Jordan picked up, "Hello?", she said, "Jordan honey, get ready, your father and I are coming to pick you up, were going to see your Great Aunt Jenny one last time.", Jordans mother said on the verge of tears. Jordan gasped, she began to visibly shake as she dropped her phone on the floor, catching the attention of Lincoln. He stood up from the couch and looked at her, he then saw tears begin to hit the floor as he rushed over.

She turned around an embraced him in a strong hug, he hugged her back as he felt his t-shirt getting wet, they remained like that for five whole minutes until a car horn was heard outside. Lincoln grabbed his bag and put it on as he locked the door behind him. He watched Jordan walk towards the car sadly, he sighed, feeling sadness for her, he walked over, kissed her on the cheek and began the walk back home.

As he turnt the corner onto to Franklin Avenue, and idea struck him as he ran towards his house, without a word from his sisters he ran into his room, locked his door, he pulled a walkie talkie from his pillow and radioed Clyde. "Hey buddy whats up? Over.", Clyde said through the radio, "Clyde, tommorow meet me at the stash.", Lincoln replied silently. "This must be serious, whats going on?", Clyde asked his friend. "Ill tell you tommorow, its time for Operation Love is Loud.", a gasp was heard from the other end of the radio before Clyde silently said OK before the two ended there talk.