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April seemed to gasp a little at the realisation. I couldn't look at her.

And then Donnie growled.

And with that; everything seemed to implode- Donnie shot his bow out electrocuting both animals in a quick movement. He pushed April towards me who then grabbed my arm and dragged me out of my door.

The three beings rolled around; destroying most of my home as they went. I tried not to look; terrified stiff.

April pulled me hard; dragging me down the corridor of my apartment building as so many other apartment owners filtered out, a mumble of screams passed. Unsure what was going on. April kept tight hold of my grip.

We excited the main street, turning right down the back alley and kept moving. I let her pull me, too tired to fight and too emotionally exhausted to stop her. We kept moving swiftly,

down a side alleyway and another two streets when a thud landed in front of us.


The huge warthog, lifted his head up to us slowly, his eyes tumbling towards us greedily. April kept tight hold of my arm, mine on hers too. My body finally kicking in with adrenaline.

"Come on now missies- we can either take one of ya, or both of ya"

"Leave us alone" April growled under her breath.

"Two little tail sucka's…woo-wee! Stockman's gonna be so happy bout this"

He walked forward towards us as we instinctively took two steps back. We kept going till our backs hit the hard wall of concrete.

No escape.

Eyes wide he chuckled evilly as he reached for us.

But then everything blurred again; and above us colour danced.

Bandana tails of red flew down.

Only this time- accompanied by blue…

Leo's POV

"I've always loved your thick body; your muscles" she told me murmuring, her finger nails dragged so lovely over my shoulders, down my arm, over my chest. I shuddered. The feel of her hands on me unlike anything I could have imagined. Making me even more light headed than I originally had been… she watched her hands as they flushed over my skin, almost massaging the water into my arms.

"I've always wanted to touch you like this" She whispered in a tight confession.

Had she?

Did she know how long I'd waited for her to touch me like this? That I had only dreamed of her doing this; fantasied so many times in my room about this…

The closeness of our body's seemed to create a hotter atmosphere as it became so hard to breathe. Her statuesque curves becoming more clear as the water tightened her clothes. I could only watch her adoringly.

I loved her.

Oh how I loved her- in everyway possible.

"I love you Nory" I breathed to her.

She smiled.

But then it turned cold.

I was no longer in the shower with her in our own drunken little bubble.

I was stood in her flat; her eyes watching me filled with horror and pain. Looking at me like I was…

"A monster! How could you!" She gasped looking down at her body "you've ruined me Leo!"

And then a kick and a rush of wind hit my system, rendering me in its pain. I cried as she continued to look at me. My hurt building and with another blow, everything seemed to blur…

I sat up bolt as an alarm rose.

My heart pounded in my chest as I looked to my shell cell.

Donnie and April's shell cells…

They were on their way to-

Oh no…

I tried to find my feet, my legs like jelly as I turned down the corridor. I tried to still my heart as I looked at Donnie's computer screen.

It had come directly from her apartment.

I whipped my phone out and dialled Donnie's number.

"LEO!" he brawled down it, as it sounded like crashing and crushing came from the speaker phone.

"Don? Don!" I called. But it was no use. The line rang dead.

I stood for a moment and froze.

Then all too quickly I was moving; fast. Faster than ever before, almost like the beat of my feet matching the sound of the syllables in her name…

I didn't dare think of it…

I pushed the hurt down, forgetting about my own self pity- she needed me. And hell would boil over if I wasn't going to help.

A feral growl ripped out of my system as I gritted my teeth. I could get to her apartment in less than five minutes, its only when I turned to see her building, did my stomach lurch.

Her apartment; just hers.

The wall blown off the side of it, a huge animalistic shaped hole in the centre.

Feathers scattered into the night's air…


No, no, no,

Not her

Anyone but her…

And then I was racing, my feet reaching forward quicker as I spotted Donnie jumping, ducking and diving as he pulled over the Rhino onto its back, and used his feet to kick the giant thing away from him.

I jumped over, twisting my torso until I flew over the passed out Rock-steady. I looked to Donnie who shook his head and retracted his bow staff. He turned as his eyes took me in.

I eyed him desperately, and he looked to me confused. For a minute I forgot where I was as my leader mode barrelled back at me.

I took in my stats; two team members, one downed Rhino.

I took in my surroundings and breathed deeply for the first time in days.

And immediately became crippled.

The whole place smelt of her. Warm and clean…

My eyes looked at the ruined room. Even among the chaos that had been created on top of it, the floor was still wet, the sofa still ripped and the feathers still floated in the air.

She sat up and gasped deeply in shock, my heavy sleep filled eyes looked to the smoothness of her back, the feathers flew up as she moved wistfully.

I went to touch her back to pull her back down to me, to cuddle her back in.

Then it hit me.

Everything came rushing back…

Feathers dancing again…

My heart stopped dead as my eyes pricked again. I gritted my teeth.


I froze.

"Leo..." Donnie grabbed my attention as I turned slowly to look at him, his eyes unsure as they took me in…

Finally, he could see me for what I was…

I cringed as I looked down, the hurt on my face clear. I swallowed heavily.

"Where are they?" I breathed with a push. He stayed quiet as if trying to work out what to say or do analysing me.

I gritted my teeth and reminded my self it was all I deserved.

"They went west, only his friend was hot on their tails- Raph and Mikey's on them…"

I nodded stoically trying to keep a level face. Trying my best not to disrupt the mission. He was too, knowing more important things were at stake.

The most important thing…ever. And it was thanks to two Donnie they were both out of here- safer….

I felt a breath of relief bubble up.

"Leo…" he spoke gently to me in an unexpected move as my eyes met his again unprepared.

"They said…they wanted Nory…"

I blinked once.

And then I was gone. I turned fast feeling my animal instincts kick in. Smell heightened, pace quickened, growls rippled out…

I moved like lightening and silk over the bounding buildings listening intently.

I knew Donnie would be sharp behind me. I could hear him tinkering as he went. Probably watching my actions…

I couldn't blame him for that.

Then a voice shot out- it came from the left. Deep and rumbling almost mocking as the alley echoed it's taunt.

""Two little tail sucka's…woo-wee! Stockman's gonna be so happy bout this"

I froze. What did he just say?

Thunderous footsteps shot threw the air slowly. I leant over the buildings edge looking down.

The warthog grinned as it's belly bounced. It sniffled twice in the air and grunted.

April was standing as best as she could, an arm extended out.

Then there was her.

Wide eyed and dewy, soft hair…

The most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

The irony of falling even more in love with the girl I had caused chaotic damage to, hit me like a wrecking ball.

I swung down, feeling the joining of my other two brothers as we dropped in sync.

Raphael landed beside her. A feral growl ripping into the air, but it wasn't enough for me- I needed to protect, and again it sprung up on me- that tight feeling of protection and guarding.

I could feel saliva pooling into my mouth locking into my bite.

I shot the balls of my feet down- landing with a thud as I absorbed the concrete beneath me.

I stood level with Be-bop. The strange mutant found my eyes playfully- tauntingly.

He chuckled as he bent down to stand off with me.

"Oh…'ere is the star of the show. Your bro's tell ya what we wanted huh?"

I growled and gripped my katana tighter, pulling it out in front.

"Can't blame ya, if I was you too bro- I'd be protecting that too…damn" he wolf-whistled as I could hear the shuffle of feet. I glimpsed over my shoulder for a minute; Raph was now a foot behind me, getting ready to strike. I lowered my shoulders. Be-bop lifted his eyes raising them at our joint actions

"So do you share 'er? Or is it jus' you she 'puts out' for?"

No one else moved. For a moment the air seemed to still around everything as breathes were held.

Then I felt the psychotic rage filling me again.

He had seen some how.

My face dropped as I ran.

I bolted at him as hard as I could, dodging all attacks and fending him down the street. I pushed and pushed slashing as I went continuing my assassin work as he grunted and rolled.

It was too easy, my accelerated adrenaline bouncing as I scrambled at him expertly. Raph flanked left as a group of foot soldiers dropped in- at least twenty, and my brothers swung getting to work quickly.

The fight wasn't long, almost feeling like child's play as we crushed the opposition with ease.

"Enough of this shit!" The warthog called as his hand struck a wall, sticking something round and black on it.

I turned to my brothers as I grabbed Mikey and swung him back. As I went I turned again at the last minute and instantly, as if instinctually, Nory found me and I found her. I pulled her to me crushing her to my shell as we rolled together nervously until a small explosion echoed in the air, creating enough smoke for be-bop to make his escape.

The air settled and the smoke cleared as I lifted my head looking around the area. Nothing. Only silence fell between us. It was over. They were gone.

Then I felt her breathing underneath me.

She looked up at me in an expression that seemed settled as she watched me relieved, her eyes scanned my body quickly until they met my own. Then her expression changed and pain spilled over every feature she had.

Her face so close to mine again, just as it had been. My body flashed. My stomach rolled in pain as I looked down at her. She lay so soft underneath me; the bruises still clear, her neck still wrapped up in redness. Her heart hammered with mine. I could feel it radiating off my shell.

I immediately felt my self lift and sprang back all the way from her. She did too- retracting her self as she moved so far back into the wall, pressing herself into it.

Away from the monster I was.

Then Raph growled and turned to me.

"YOU!" he raged.

"You mother fucking-"and his fist hit my face. I could feel the crunch of my jaw against his massive fist as my vision impaired for a second. He growled and aimed for me again- I let him. I didn't even try to defend as another punch landed on my face. The crunch of my jaw satisfying.

"Raph!" Donnie called sharply as he moved to his brother but Raph warned him off.

He elbowed down onto me as Mikey looked to me brokenly.

They didn't know what to do, but Raph did. And I was glad.

He shook with rage. Mikey crossed his arms and looked away. Donnie kept April back.

Then a voice filled the air immediately.

"STOP! NO! STOP!" A scream echoed, grating at vocal chords as footsteps flew forward.


It was Nory.

Oh Nory

She stood next to Raph and grabbed at his fist. His anger dissolved into shock as he spun round to look at her. She wobbled at his movement.

"What the fuck do you think I'm doin'- he 'urt ya! LOOK AT YA! HE FUCKING RAPED YA NORY!"

"WHAT?!" she growled exasperatingly. A passing silence echoed quickly after her voice. "HE NEVER RAPED ME!" she yelled harshly and then in a total animal growl her voice rose.

She flew round trying her best to push Raph back. He let her- confused, angry and unsure. She took in their features and then turned to my other brothers and April, everyone watching her as she drank in their confused expressions.

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Then it was her shaking; violently as a rage filled her and her teeth gritted closed.

"IT WAS ALL ME, EVERYTHINGS MY FAULT!" she pulled at her hair and looked each of their faces.

I lifted my head to look at her. She was facing them slightly, her body turned inwardly to me.

Tears fell from her eyes.

"I HURT HIM! IT WAS NEVER HIM! HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT HE WOULD EVER-" her words seemed to fail her as her voice cracked and she looked down to the floor; her features now littered in shame.

I listened intently my face still touching the brick wall behind it as I took in her words.

What was she saying? Why was she trying to protect me?

No one dared moved.

No one could even breath.

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