The journey back to the lair was quicker than usual, and it seemed the quietest it had ever been.

No whooping or laughing, just chatter by April and Donnie who both seemed unsure about what to say or do- they're small talk carried on over, keeping Mikey busy and amused.

Raph didn't speak to me much- just kept his face stern, looking forward as he marched impatiently to get me back, his eyes held a far away look, and I couldn't pin point exactly what it was for or what he was thinking about.

As soon as we turned to a straight path, he put me down quickly, and then walked directly behind me- distracting me from going to Leo.

I carried on walking; knowing I would get to speak to him at the lair.

Not really knowing what I would say to him when we got their either.

But then my mind was dragged back to Raph, as he marched behind me almost at a bodyguard's distance; his face still gruff and ignoring mine.

Maybe he had begun to hate me, because of the pain my actions had brought to Leo.


My head turned to look for him as I stretched as far round Raphael as I could. I could just see him; he travelled further back, pacing gently with his face thoughtful; his mouth twitching from side to side as my emotions and brain reached for him.

I tried to refrain from thinking back to that night as my stomach barrelled over for the thousandth time.

This was strong; so strong- whatever it was drilling me directly to him. It couldn't be ignored-impossible almost.

Then to my surprise Leo jumped and shot right, taking a short cut down a sewer pipe as I stopped bolt still as my eyes went wide after him.

Raph noticed, his eyes flicking back for minute before shooting back around.

He seemed to understand something I didn't.

Then, as if to distract me from everything, he began speaking.

"mm sorry" Raph grumbled under his breath catching my attention. This seemed to get me moving again as I walked with him, almost feeling like an idiot for falling for his distraction techniques.

But Raphael was apologising. And that had stunned me alone.

Today had been crazy enough.

"What?" I asked him as his eyes looked down for a moment and he sighed.

"Its kinda my fault…I had been…pushin' Leo…been windin' 'im up about ya…an' if a didn't make 'im drink den-"

"Raph…" I started but then stopped, unsure where to go with it. A blush crept onto my face as the realisation kicked in that his brothers thought we had been...busier than what we had been.

Raph noticed my uncomfortableness and swallowed, making things much more awkward than what it needed to be. I folded my arms as I walked.

I could tell Raph was trying to think of a sentence, something to steady my nerves and clear the air.

I looked up at him and breathed.

"Its just dat…maybe t'ings woulda fizzled more naturally between ya if-"

"Raph- stop it" I pressed again and he nodded understanding.

He huffed and walked on, moving forward as we reached the lair door; it clicked twice as Donnie scanned his arm and manoeuvred us through.

The lair was quiet as we entered. All the others seemed to move quickly away as they headed into the kitchen.

I stood and looked round for a moment, taking in my surroundings.

It had been over three days since I was last here- since the night of the concert. I had considered never seeing this place again; that I didn't belong here anymore.

But to be back, to be brought back welcomingly too- I lowered my shoulders and sighed pleasantly relived that I was here.

I closed my eyes and took a few more deep breaths as I rooted my self in the moment.

A lot had happened over the course of 24 hours; when I woke up this morning from the living nightmare, surrounded by a messy flat and a stressed mind- I hadn't even considered that my apartment would be destroyed by two mutants who had watched me in the most intimate place, in the most intimate way. And now because of that connection- I had become mutants most wanted. But because of all of this; Leo was back- and we had forgiven each other.

I rubbed my forehead and tilted my eyes.

I knew I could have skidded off to my room and gone to bed and I knew the others would have done so too- not out of ignorance, but kindness- giving me the space I needed to process my changing day.

They knew me so well.

But my mind was far too awake, torturing me with worry as I felt alert underneath my heavy eyes.

I huffed and walked into the kitchen and set the kettle off whirring as I leaned over the sink, I grabbed a clean cup from the counter top and shoved a tea bag inside of it.

While I waited for the kettle to boil I stared down into the silver sink unit, in the background the radio played dully to its self as my mind registered the sound of a drum beat, slow and steady.

My body swayed slightly to it subconsciously as I waited for the water to bubble. I closed my eyes and breathed evenly.

Then my mind was hit with Leo.

The need to be back around him was uncontrollable- my body curled, my hands gripped the sink as I wondered where he was or what he was up to; somewhere deep in my mind I registered a dreamy haze beginning and I pulled it to me with all my might…

He would walk into the kitchen, look at me for one longing moment before barrelling at me- grabbing my face between his huge muscular hands and kiss me desperately, deeply so that I would fall into him. My arms would find his neck as he kissed me deeper, maybe a little rougher as he pressed me to the sink. I was sigh longingly into him. He would moan at me, just like that night…

I bit my lip and swallowed the lump down.

It was only then when I registered footsteps coming into the room as I turned my hair fanning out as I looked at him.

Leo. He stood in the door way watching me just like before; his face tired and unsure- his eyes the truest blue as his body moved, each part of it rippling underneath the construction of his muscles.

I turned and leant against the sink, my hands gripping the edge as he continued to stare.

We stayed there for the longest of time only really coming back around when the kettle started to fuss louder.

"I'm making tea" I said lamely; dumbly as I blushed a little. He didn't seem to call me out on it as he nodded loosely too; dumbly. He sighed and then softly, a breath-taking smile hit the surface of his face. His eyes melted and mellowed towards me as my heart stammered and churned.

In that moment, it was unbelievable how much I loved him.

"Everyone's gone to bed" he said evenly as I turned back to my empty cup. Instinctively I pulled another cup out from the side and put them both on the table.

"How come?" I said as I turned pouring the hot water into the small Japanese teapot and began feeding the bags of herbs and dried flowers into it.

"Its late. They're tired" he shrugged as the small talk he was making seemed to fade away.

"Did you order them to go to bed?" my voice abruptly asked as I blushed at my subconscious words.

He eyed me gently. His expression calm.

"They offered- its been a long day for everyone"

I nodded and moved to play with the chair in front of me; my fingers stroking the wooden top of it and fumbling with the intricate carved patterns.

"How are you?" he asked as I looked back to him. He had moved a few inches closer in that silent ninja way he had always done. I took a small breath contemplating my options.

"Please" he said gently. And immediately, I understood.

Please don't lie to me…I need the truth…

"I... I don't know" I told him honestly. It was the truth; I didn't know how to feel, except to keep going. They're was no definitive moment where I could feel sadness or anger or confusion or loss over my apartment. I just needed to keep going.

He seemed to nod at me looking down to the floor.

"How are you?" I asked asked crossing my arms.

He licked the top of his lip and swallowed once.

"I don't know either"

I could feel my lips curling up into the smallest smile as I stared down at the table again, copying his action as I nodded just as he had done.

I swallowed. This should have been easy; tirelessly easy as it always had been before.

Had we really ruined things now? And not just because either of us had jumped to conclusions.

I looked down at the table and stared hard my eyes glazing over as I waited for something; anything- I wasn't sure what exactly.

The Leo moved, his footsteps heavier, exaggerated as he moved to stand beside me, leaning against the sink just as I was, his eyes trying to catch the invisible line I was staring at. My heart buzzed and I knew he could hear it, my cheeks blushed and I knew he could see it.

There was no hiding from him anymore.

And it terrified me completely.

"North…I…I don't know what to say" he said quietly; smoothly. I blew out a laugh that followed in a wispy breath. He breathed steadily as I turned, tilting my head to look up at his face. His head tilted gently and his eyes curious to my giggle. I sighed leaving a resting sad smile on my face.

"That makes two of us"

We looked to each other, expectantly, then our expressions faltered when we realised neither one of us could say anything.

I sighed; needing to make the first move. Maybe that would be all it took.

My fingers twitched as they subconsciously moved towards his arm, just letting my fingers touch him for the first time since that night.

The tips of my fingers touched his bicep steadily for a few moments, my face watching them as I felt his skin under mine again.

"I've always loved your skin" I told him, my hands now wandering slowly up over his freed arms. His muscles were hot to touch and smooth under my hands. I bit my lip and sighed admiring him deeply…

I swallowed as I let my hand press against him wholly, my mouth had a new dryness to it which fizzled at my head. There was a second when I felt him move his arm further out to me; eagerly leaning into my touch. A soft supple churr blending gently out of him.

I could have stayed like that forever, just stuck with him leaning into my hand churring like I was his sunshine. I watched him dreamily.

The I pulled my hand away, reality bouncing back.

He stopped and looked up wide eyed.

"I know what we need to do" I whispered slowly.

Then Leo froze; his soft expression turned stiff, his body froze, and underneath his green cheeks, pink blush spread like melted butter.

"notthat!" I said firmly feeling my own cheeks blush.

Then, as if I had broken the ice, we looked to each other and smiled; then a chuckle, then a laugh, until we looked back to each other with warmness spilling from our features; radiating between us.

"We need to talk" I corrected.

"I completely agree" he said softly, not removing his smile, only letting it falter a little as I nodded.

"I think we need to be completely honest with each other; no lying, no covering up- no hiding things" I told him bravely. He nodded back, agreeing as I placed mine and his cup down onto the kitchen table.

"Total honesty" he added. And I agreed with a nod of my head.

He drew out my chair and I blushed at his action; it had meant so much more than when he had done so in the past. His eyes spilling the words he never spoke:

I will treat you properly now…

I sat as he manoeuvred himself down into the one next to me and I poured us tea each.

With a long drawn sip of the warming liquid I felt my self visibly relax, I looked over to Leo as he sighed too; watching him simmer down in his shoulders and breathe evenly.

"Camomile and Lilac?" he asked with a raise of his eye brow.

"I thought it would be calming" I told him. He smirked to his cup as I blushed.

"That and…I know its you're favourite" I blew out smoothly, inside I stammered as his eyes met mine again. "you drink it after a workout, when your relaxing…or after a fight with Raphael…"

He took a sip and sighed longingly, almost dreamily as he turned to me and his expression softened into mine- his eyes bored down at me, looking like I was the most precious piece of gold he had ever seen.

My stomach flipped as he began speaking to me.

"Your's is peppermint; you drink it when you're reading" he told me, his accent licking at the softness of the words, humming it out to me as my body let him roll out his words to me. "But not if its warm outside; that's when you like lavender tea… and when your tired; earl grey" he told me slowly. His voice murmuring and humming out "sometimes you like cinnamon and liquorice…but only when its Christmas time"

I could feel my eyes glistening at him as he looked up at me sheepishly. I could only keep my expression poised, glowing at him as he remembered my traits and habits just as I had.

My elbows fell onto the table as I crossed my arms and leant my hand up to brush my curls back away from my face, Leo sat holding his cup on bent arms too, leaning into our conversation and blocking everything else out of it.

"So we should talk about that night" I said strongly. He nodded and looked down. Another minute passed as I felt like I needed to take the lead here; for the first time ever in my life. And probably the only time ever.

"To set the record straight- you didn't force me into anything Leo…"

He sighed and watched me lowly.

"Neither did you…" he added with a gulp. "That look on your face when you thought you had hurt me…I'm sorry I made you think that, feel like that"

"Leo- you didn't know I was thinking that..." I reminded him as he seemed to shrink back into him self.

"when I looked into your eyes that morning…" he cringed. "I thought you thought I was a monster, that you couldn't believe what had happened between us… and I started to think back our time together…you never really agreed to it…I felt so sick for doing that to you…for hurting you in the most intimate way…and I thought running was the best option- that you would want me as far away from you as possible" he breathed out, and it became obvious that he was still punishing himself for everything.

That he still blamed himself. My eyes caught onto his face in anger and haste.

"Stop" I told him as my hands reached out to grip his wrists. I pinned them down to the table pulling his attention to me; away from his own self hate.

"I wanted it. I wanted everything you were giving me or doing to me. I wanted you"

I could feel my cheeks burning, I could feel my face hot and my eyes drying as they locked onto his.

"It doesn't make sense; why?"

His words were so young and naive. His voice so unsure as I breathed out evenly.

"Because…" I trailed off almost in a whisper as my voice became lost. I kept my mouth parted waiting for the words to come to me- but they never. Leo could tell I needed a further nudge.

"The truth" he pushed gently, just as I had done; my teeth gritted. I remained still for a moment and looked away from him, down to the table as my vision panned out.

"Because…" I breathed stilling my heart beat and looking to the roof.

I owed him the truth; we owed each other the truth.

"You're perfect" I breathed

"You're kind…and gentle and listen to me and…really attractive…really really attractive. Your height and size and skin colour and…and…" I squeezed my eyes shut feeling the echo of my heartbeat in my head and ears. "You're...just the most perfect guy; your heroic and brave and have the most beautiful eyes and are so fucking strong it makes my insides curl-"

My insides began curling as I began falling deeper for him. I turned away from him and lowered my head.

And then I swallowed and allowed my eyes to look at him.

He sat still unreadable. But he watched me almost entranced as he breathed evenly and slowly. The air between us thick and still.

"You think I'm…attractive?" he said in the lowest hum of a voice as I blew out a low breath.

I bit my lip harshly and nodded twice.

His face seemed to pan out as his eyes rolled out away from me in surprise, his mouth fell open in a silent gasp.

"and you're fully sober right now?" he added exasperatingly, and I nodded again a little stronger. He stayed quiet and looked off in a far gaze, further than before as my heart started to crack. I could feel it coming- the rejection the pain.

My mouth found words quickly.

"This is usually when guys run from me" I whispered as I swallowed. "And really its fine if you're not okay with how I view you"

He stood up quickly and paced twice up and down, his mouth flashing words at me quicker than I could keep up.

"Not okay? You think I'm not okay with you finding me attractive?"

I stayed frozen watching his with raised eyebrows.

"Nory- look at me, and I mean really, really look at me" he walked closer to me his hands on either side of my chair as he leant down over me. His face fell inches from mine as a gruff surprised expression flittered across his features.

I looked at him how he wanted me to- I looked deep into his eyes as I felt my own body sigh and fill with love; I knew it was clear in my eyes. He seemed to drop my gaze for a minute and look to the side, crossed, and unsure as if he was trying to work something out.

I moved to catch his gaze.

"I am looking at you; I always have been looking at you" I shrugged softly.

He fell to his knees in front of me, his face ducked from view as he bowed his head at me.

My hands found his arms as I gently placed one either side of him, giving him time.

"I understand if its too much- I totally understand if you haven't been looking at me like that; its completely okay"

Then he raised his head and sighed. His expression calming and kind, his eyes beautifully glowing against the green of his skin.

"Oh I've been looking at you, every part of you…every beautiful little inch of you…for years…"

He blushed a little, but I appreciated his honesty as I felt my cheeks thrum with him. I felt a small appreciative smile flicker onto my face.

"I've looked at you selfishly, protectively, seductively…I find you the most beautiful thing I have ever seen; you're…breath-taking to me"

I breathed deeply and swallowed my anxieties as he continued to watch me.

"So how can a girl like you, find a turtle like me- in that way…"

I cut him off as my eyes found his own.

"I could ask you the exact same question" I shrugged as we watched each other gently, his face still so close to mine, his body kneeling so intimately my way, closing me in securely. Again, a silence floated over us as we allowed the atmosphere of our new feelings to be displayed.

Leo sat back a little and cleared his throat.

"So…neither of us did what we thought we did to hurt the other…and we both find each other…attractive"

I blushed at his words as my stomach pooled in butterflies.

"We should have known…" I commented breathlessly as he chuckled too in the same loose tone.

"Totally" he agreed. My fingers reached out gently, just as they had done before, but not to his arm muscle- to his cheek bone as I brushed the very edge of his cheek. Again; just as before he fully leant into it, my hand now cupping his face. He churred welcomingly.

My smile spread openly into a grin as he followed my actions; our confidence growing in each other as our expressions flitted the chemistry between us.

I nodded at his words as my stomach curled at them, my heartbeat hammered in my chest as I felt a small smile echoing deep down threatening to spill over.

Then out of the blue, his hand found mine and reached for my bruised wrist. He pulled it out into the middle of the table to study it. He held it in his own softly his fingers trailing there over the marks. He sighed heavily, sadly; and it broke my heart.

"There is something I still did wrong though; I'm so sorry Nory…I should have been-"

"Stop it" I told him firmly but softly.

"No- we are being honest now right?" he said as I felt myself shut down from any more unwanted comments. He licked his lips and like I had turned on a faucet; words came spilling out.

"You didn't ever make me do anything or make me feel uncomfortable that night…I wanted all of you, selfishly. When you were…there…on me the way you were; I thought…I can't tell you how ungentlemanly my thoughts were. But I am a lot stronger, and I should have realised that I was gripping you too hard, enough to hurt you."

"Leo it didn't hurt; believe me…I was so far…so…" I waved my free hand into the air to try and capture the action of being lost in him. My head span as flashes of our time together came feeding back into my mind- his lips, his hands on my body, his kisses hot and-

I cut myself off as I shook my head.

"You didn't make me feel uncomfortable- is what I'm getting at" he rolled his eyes in a huff as I turned my wrist in his grasp to capture his fingers; he let me openly as he watched out hands together, loosely holding at each other, feeling our hands connected.

He crossed his eyes and twitched his lip.

"I'm being honest; this is our new policy Leo- I'm not lying to you." I told him a little stronger as he went to challenge my words.

"But what about this?" he said as his other hand brushed against my neck crevice, drawing my eyes down to the teeth marks that were concealed under my loose top.

I bit my lip loosely.

"Honesty remember" he scolded knowing I was going to wave it off. I sat thoughtful for a moment, knowing he would be able to see right through me if I was to lie about it.

I swallowed and turned my face back to him.

"Alright…honestly…it aches a little" I told him with a pointed look as he seemed to accept my words as if they were a punishment he had been waiting to accept. But then my fingers trailed along the red mark again, and I smiled inwardly to myself, my whole face glowy.

"But at the time…when you were…It felt…amazing" I breathed capturing my eyes back with his. Suddenly his face became darkly unreadable as his mouth glued shut, allowing me to continue my free-flowing words.

"Honestly Leo- I know we were really out of sorts but- when you kissed me and bit me there…I…it…it" I could feel my cheeks burning up as my body began humming at the memory of it all, my mouth ran dry and my eyes fell shut at the burning memory…

He licked at the small crevice between my neck and shoulder and I moaned loudly; the softness of his tongue undeniably pleasurable.

He continued his kisses as his hands reached my waist; touching my jeans once, twice, feeling the wet denim just like he did my t-shirt.

His thumbs hooked into my pants as I gasped wildly at the feeling of them lower down on my body. His mouth bit down lightly on my neck as I bit my own lip- my head raised as far as it could up to the sky opening up for him.

"Yes" I breathed in pleasure…

"Are you saying you…liked me…biting you?" I pulled my hand away and grabbed my cup taking a big sip as my cheeks burned. Leo eyed me seriously, a look of research seemed to be set of his face as he listened to my side of the story.

Again, I blushed and it frightened me that I was going to pass out from all this blood rushing to my head.

"All I'm saying is; you don't need to punish yourself for it" I said with a shrug as he nodded to himself.

"It's a primal thing" he said almost into his cup as his eyes travelled to the fridge across from us, his eyes fixed as he opened up.

"It was like this instinct I had…making me want to claim you as mine…when you were in my arms and I had you there- I needed to bite your skin…I needed everyone to know you were mine…of course, I know that's not how it works in the human world- I guess my animal side was a lot stronger than my human side that night"

I muffled a small relaxed giggle as he watched me crazed.

"Some part of me thinks I should take you to Donnie to get your head examined"

I laughed at his rational response to my easiness.

"You can take me- he will just confirm I'm completely sane and you will still have to deal with me"

"I will always want to deal with you Nory- always" he told me with a smile, but it faltered as his eyes turned grave again.

"I can't tell you what it felt like when I thought I lost you…when I thought I'd-"

I cut him off.

"Stop it- its over, that's over now" I told him, my head leaning in to his as he nodded and tried to rearrange his facial expression. "You have no idea what kind of pain I was in, thinking the same thing" I told him in a whisper as he gripped my fingers a little tighter. I turned to look at him again, his eyes burning into mine.

"I'm here now; forever. In any way you want me. I can honestly promise you that till my last breath."

I sighed deeply, my whole body locking onto his as I silently vowed the same to him. We watched each other still, just taking in each others expressions as we scanned them in detail.

"So, where do we go from here?" I asked him swallowing down the worry.

"I-I don't know" he whispered in a silent breeze as I looked to him with a warm expression.

This was hard; really hard- extremely hard. On the one hand I could spill my heart and end up as broken as before- on the other I could end up with everything I had ever wanted…

I gritted my teeth under my sealed lips.

"How do you feel about me now…After all of this?" I asked him. He watched me with a soft expression. His hands found my face just as I had done with his as I leant into his padded palm. I sighed heavenly, closing my eyes for a second longingly. I drew back my heavy lids as I took him in again, he was still there- exactly the same, just as he had always been.

My Leo.

"I feel…l feel…" he started as the words got stuck in his throat. I gripped his hand ushering him on as I comforted him in the best way I could, my hands finding his again as I rubbed the back of his strong fingers.

"Its okay…" I told him with a softness. "I will always be your best friend, no matter what- always…I wont ever leave" I promised, feeling like he was going to let me down gently. I could feel the bubble of hurt springing back as I breathed evenly to keep it down.

"I should hate my self…for even causing a single nicked bruise on you- I-I do…but…I have these feelings…feelings for you that have been there for the longest of time…and as much as sometimes I wished they weren't there- they are…and they draw me to you every day…I think about you all the time- I look for you all the time…and none of it has to do with how much beer I have or if you pulled me into a shower or if I couldn't help be an animal around you…"

I swallowed the tightness in my throat. Could this really be happening? Did he? Truly?

My lips shook as I watched him and he watched me…he was nervous- unsure. His words so delicately chosen to protect himself and myself. After all, we had built an amazing friendship- a friendship that had chemistry and made me happier than I had ever been before. But his eyes burned with a new passion; stronger and more certain.

"It has to do with the fact that…well- I am…completely in love with you Nory…for years now"

He rubbed his face downwards, his eyes heavy as they avoided mine.

Inside I blew out a deep breath I had been holding. My whole body convulsed.

He was in love with me?

I froze. My eyes nearly filling with tears.

"You're…you're in love with me?" I breathed deeply.

"Yes; utterly- besotted, completely…and its okay if you don't feel that way about me…I would never expect you to return my feelings-"

"You love me?" I asked again as a loose tear streamed down my face. He watched me unsure; nervous again as he swallowed, pain leaking back into his face.

My hands found his shoulders as I shook my head trying to rid his pained expression.

"You actually love me?" I said, my face hopeful and bright. He nodded unsure and confused.

"Yes…and I understand if that's hard for you to-"

But I had moved.

I leaned in, my lips finding his silencing them in a small whisper of a kiss. I pulled back just a little, our lips clicking together and trailing off each other once.

My heart stammered and tapped as I lost all my breath and became dizzy.

Leo breathed exactly the same as I did. Nose to beak, breathing like we had both just ran a marathon.

My eyes were still closed, my hands gripped his shoulders as I tried to balance myself out.

"Nory- look at me" his words, brought my eyes back up to his as he seemed conflicted about something, his teeth baring slightly as he scanned my face.

Then he moved swiftly as his lips pressed to mine gently.

And everything fell away.

His mouth moulded around mine, finding solace there. He was warm and soft as he moved ever so gently against my mouth.

I moved with him; subconsciously as my lips eagerly moved back together with his- moving them in sync as we danced on each others mouths slowly. Our imperfectly matched lips so perfect together.

I added more pressure as my hands wrapped around his neck dragging him further into me. Leo gripped my chair seat and pulled me further in towards him as he kissed me deeper, parting his lips as he tasted mine.

I sighed at his movements.

Somehow, he found himself on a chair behind him as he sat now level with my face his hands still holding my chair and his mouth still on mine as our tongues wrestled gently and warmly.

I wanted to be closer again. This wasn't enough.

I moved, standing from my sitting position over him as he leant his head back to keep contact with my lips and his hands rested on my back, skimming my skin again just like that night.

Oh how everything was so much better now that I was sober. The way he touched me; controlled but strong. The way his mouth fit onto mine.

I moaned lightly as he grumbled and pulled me down into him.

My knee lifted, falling over him just as I had straddled his lap like that night.

How good it felt to be back in that position again; and how quick it ignited my senses. I could feel him better here; my senses were no longer blurred but so focused on every part of him- wanting and yearning.

He pulled me into his lap acceptingly as I lowered myself down, my other leg keeping me balanced as he wrapped me up in his hold. My head angling to taste him differently. His lips dragged over mine deliciously as I gasped against the warmth of his body. My hands ran down his chest, the memory of it embedded in my mind as I kissed him a little harder.

I loved him; I loved him, god I loved him in every way possible.

And he needed to know. I broke the kiss breathlessly.

"I love you too" I mumbled against his lips. He pulled back a little, his blue eyes finding mine searching them for truth as he looked to me, mouth parted a little, eyes dancing.

"I've loved you for years Leo" I whispered to him.

He blew out a sigh as his heart thundered underneath my finger tips, speeding up as my words hit his. His eyes seemed to glow brighter as he pulled me back to him, his mouth on mine again.

This time a little more securely, his lips wrapped around me a little more expertly as he moulded into me a little more. His hands pulled me into his lap tighter, his arms flexing tightly beneath my hold on him as our kisses grew stronger more passionate and needy.

Suddenly the chair he was sat on was kicked out underneath him and I was now perched on the table's edge, our lips hadn't missed a second as he leaned further over on me.

My hands slipped up to his cheeks, his on my waist, pulling my hips further into him as I parted my legs.

He growled a little into my mouth as my tongue swept across his lips.

Our kiss grew feverish, our lips moving a lot faster than before and stronger, throwing everything we had into this kiss.

How sorry we were,

How right this was.

How much we loved the other…

My hands slipped down his cheeks, down his neck and across his chest to grab at the little straps that sat across his shoulders.

Our heads tilted the other way tasting each other at a new angle as my core burned again.

Being sober and feeling that shot of intensity was unlike anything I had ever felt before in my life time.

Touching him drunk had been the world.

But kissing him sober was changing my universal outlook.

He churred and purred against my lips causing a few loose moans to slip out from my mouth. His beautiful strong hands held me so securely, gracing down my back, over my hips…

And then hooked under the small edge of my shirt…

Just like that night…

I pulled back a little breathless at the feel of him rubbing my skin softly.

"Oh Leo" I whispered out in a quiet breathless moan as his eyes ignited with a fire that over took him.

And suddenly we were both back on each others mouths messily, kissing with fire and passion that I didn't even know I could possibly feel.

My hands fumbled with his straps as I pulled to get them undone. His hands stayed on my sides holding me gently. I pulled at his pants, accidentally grinding his hips into my core as I gasped wildly.

Suddenly I was being pushed back into the centre of the table, pulling him with me all the way until he was laying down above me; not releasing my lips or tongue even as I gasped loudly as his hands hitched my thigh up over him.

I moaned and groaned again deliciously.

He responded with a growl.

I moved to kiss his neck and run my hands down his chest and arms which were currently supporting himself.

He kept kissing me like I was being worshipped, his mouth never leaving my skin as he licked the crevice of my neck, where his old bite mark was.

I couldn't contain the huge moan that filled the room when he did that.

It was like something spiritual had rocketed within me. Fire blazed through me down to my finger tips, my entire body becoming so sensitive underneath his warming touch.

I kissed all over his chest with a hunger and need. My teeth scraping across his shoulder feeling his smooth scales.

He growled and groaned on top of me, his face nudging mine to bring my lips back to his.

He kissed me back with the same emotions.

"Are you okay?" Another deep kiss "…here?" I mumbled out against his lips, finding a small line of self control worrying that it wasn't the right space for him. He nodded into my mouth his words gliding over my tongue as he said:

"Blame Raph"

I didn't get it, but he smirked into my mouth and caressed my thigh causing me to gasp again.

We were in a full speed hot make out session as he reached for the thin material of my t-shirt,

When a loud creak and vibration rocked through the table.

We broke apart and froze.

I lay my head flat against the wood feeling it creak a little more.

Leo's bright eyes grew wide and icy as his moist lips parted in shock.

And then a snap- loud and underneath me as I squealed and we began falling.

Leo grabbed me and turned me around quickly as I landed on his chest; his shell hitting the floor as the table we were on split in two.

We both froze. Mouths wide. Eyes wide.

Wooden shards around us as the table snapped in the middle, both its edges broken and tilted inwards.

I looked back to Leo as I began worrying in case he was injured.

He did the same, his hands ghosting over me.

Then our eyes caught each other's.

And slowly, in the now silent room. Our mouths curled into smiles.

And then a little giggle.

Then a laugh.

A full laugh as we chuckled to each other and laughed at the mess we had caused.

The broken table had also broken the heated tension in the room.

And probably for the right reasons.

I shuffled off him to the side, still giggling, finding it hard to support my self from such an angle as I lay flat next to him.

The past five minutes blurry and hot.

I turned my head to look at him as he stared at the ceiling above, a huge smile coating his face.

"We broke the table" he breathed out, as his eyes looked down at me from his flat position.

"We broke the table" I repeated. And we broke into a chuckle again.

We shuffled a little more as his arms lifted himself into a sitting position and shook his head. I sat up with him my arms going around my knees as we both breathed evenly.

"We need to control ourselves a little better" I commented quietly as he nodded in agreement.

"I blame miscommunication" He said looking down at me.

"Me too" I whispered.

He seemed to get a shock as he turned to look at me.

"Shit, did I hurt you?!" he began hyperventilating nervously as I stopped him, my hands touching his as he shook beneath my grip.

"No…never" I said shaking my head as he swallowed harshly with pained eyes.

"Promise" I said softly as he started to visually relax a little. He seemed to blow out a sharp huff and shake his head.

"I've never felt a surge like that before…I don't know what came over me…when you said you loved me…shit, it was…" he commented to himself unable to finish his sentence as he breathed out another sharp huff and swallowed.

We stayed quiet for a minute. The exhaustion of the day taking over us as we both stared at the floor in front of us.

Slowly, like a jigsaw, our limbs began to move.

My head leaned into his shoulder gently. His arm which was in front, crept behind until it sat loosely on my hip pulling me into him…

And we just sat, quietly, staring at the shards of wood again, the silence of the room blissful.

All pain of the past few days gone.

And I revelled in it.

"We still haven't resolved anything" he breathed quietly, rubbing down his face with a shake.

I thought his words over, biting the inside of my cheek. I thought about where we go from here.

And suddenly, the answer seemed so clear

"Maybe…we don't need to resolve anything Leo" I told him with a shrug. He tilted his head down at me I watched him, my heart thumping quicker.

"I mean if we've been in love with each other for years…and are still now…then nothing drastic needs to change…only we can explore…ways of showing each other now…we don't have to hide it anymore" I noted. My face the reddest it had ever been.

Leo mulled it over in his head. He swallowed and nodded too, his eyes catching mine.

"Makes sense…like just to try things out…to see where things go" he nodded as I nodded with him.

"That way we're being careful…doing this the proper way." I added.

"Although, I don't think breaking tables and getting so drunk we end up naked is a healthy way of exploring our love" he chuckled as I giggled back at him. My heart pounding and thudding at the way he had worded it.

Our love…

"Call it a learning curve" I said to him calmly as he chuckled, his shoulders bouncing. As he looked down on me, settling as his eyes became soft and he sighed out to me, watching me with an awed expression.

"I can't believe how much I love you" he breathed to me shaking his head as I smiled up at him beaming.

"I love you just as much…probably more" I told him, my voice soft too- looking at him in awe as I nuzzled into his shoulder softly.

He leaned down slowly, just to kiss the top of my forehead longingly, softly. I closed my eyes and revelled in the feeling sighing at it as my arms wrapped around his muscular arm.

"Impossible" he breathed against my forehead as I giggled under him.

We stayed there a little longer, just letting the air settle, just sat beside each other gently, holding each other in the most gentle way.

Knowing this was what true happiness felt like,

Everything else being slowly forgotten.

It was just me.

And Leo.

And the unbelievable clarity in the air that we had yearned for.

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