Nory POV

"April- this is stupid; no one is gonna even see us in the dark!" Casey complained as he sat on a chair while April colour chalked at his face.

"Oh come on Case- its fun! Coldplay are all about colour! Besides- I like doing it so sit still!" April growled out as she stuck her tongue out to the side concentrating on Casey's face.

We all wore different t-shirts with colour splattered on them and the bands logo on our back- jeans were the best option since there was a chill in the air; I paired them with my favourite white sneakers.

Tying my usual jacket round my waist, I grinned at April.

"well I think she's done an awesome job- I love the chalk idea" I told her leaning over to pat her back. I looked at my face in the mirror.

April had swirled and lined different tones of blue and green across my right eye, sweeping it down diagonally like an eye patch. At the bottom she had drawn the smallest line of turtle silhouettes- making me giggle. I had blow dried my thick brown hair into soft waves and fluffed my bangs out of my eye fussing.

"I'm so excited to go- what time does the gate open?" April asked looking over to me- I inspected the ticket carefully.

"It opens at seven- but we gotta hang near the back, for the boys" I told her and she nodded with a smile.

"Where are they anyway?" I asked and Casey looked over.

"They went for a quick scan over; Leo just wanted to double check the place was secure enough, he worries way too much for a 22 year-old; me and Raph planned to get him so wasted tonight" I spun on my heels looking at him with a concerned gaze.

"Leo? Good luck with that" I told him "he'll string you up with his katana's like deadpool if you're not careful" I chuckled and Casey laughed with him.

"Oh he'll drink alright- he promise Raph he was coming off leader mode. Raph is gonna make sure he never has an empty glass in his hand and we've got our secret weapon…"

Casey wiggled his eyebrows at me mischievously as I turned to fuss with my hair in the mirror. I would have to keep near by to make sure they weren't being too full on with him- Leo would kill them in the morning if he was even the slightest bit tipsy.

"Oh yeah- what's that?"


I spun on my heels my eyebrows crossed opening my mouth to say more when in ran the four turtles looking excited and whooping louder than usual.

With a breathlessness, they all exchanged a glance before coming over to us.

"Aww yeah face paints!" Mikey cheered nearly knocking Casey out of the chair bouncing his knees up and down.

"I'm all yours Angelface- how do you want me?" he looked at April seductively and she burst into a fit of giggles.

"I can only do it if you hold still Mike; like a statue for the next ten minutes- Nory can you grab the guys stuff?"

I looked up at her and smiled turning on my heels as I walked over to the table picking up the black hoodies we had made.

Donnie was busy whirring around with his watch when I grabbed the back of his shell and with jumped, lowered his body down and pulled the jumper over the top of his seven foot 5 frame.

"Hey!" he complained as I shrugged it down, he pulled his arms through and looked down at the hoodie

"oh wow!- these are awesome! Thanks girls!" he commented with a grin as I turned him around and pulled it down over his shell.

"Put your hood up and- ta dah! One perfectly-blended-concert going- ninja turtle" April looked over and grinned to Donnie; Mikey's wide eyes flicked him a thumbs up.

"Wow- we can totally pull this off dudette"

I threw Mikey's jumper into his lap as Leo and Raph came over to me to collect theirs. Leo looked to me blankly for a moment; his body going stoic as he took in my face paint.

It was only then I realised April had matched my colours to him. I flicked my eyes to her as she seemed to watch with a knowing amused blush.

I froze, feeling suddenly very self conscious thinking I had some how offended him. But he seemed to bite back his lip in a quick motion and walked over to me, the same gentle composed smile flicked across his face.

"Hey, we match" he chuckled under his breath as my cheeks burned.

"Yeah you can blame April for that; she did my face first" I told him as he laughed and crossed his arms. His bright eyes bored into mine excitedly; almost matching Mikey's.

Inside my heart swirled; I loved when I could see him like this- not just the fearless leader he was titled; but a brother, who looked and acted like his other siblings. It was cute and refreshing. He leaned a little closer, looking at the detail April had applied and chuckled.

"Turtles April? Really?" he called to her and she shrugged.

"Hey, I had a good canvas to work on and I thought it was pretty on Nory's face"

April was currently swirling lines across Mikey's forehead working hard to avoid his mask. Leo turned back to view her work on my face.

"Can't argue with you there; very pretty" he mumbled so quiet only I could hear it as I felt my expression change; I could feel my stomach pool into liquid mulch as his smirk turned into a smile.

He had called me pretty

No he had called April's work pretty and that was a whole different thing.

I was suddenly aware of the jumper in my hands. I looked down feeling silly. He hadn't purposefully sought me out; he just wanted his outfit. Trying not to let it bother me- I plastered a fake smile on my face and sighed sharp.

"Arms up" I told him brightly as he looked down at me amused and started to remove his Katana's from his back placing them down beside me. I tried my best to reach up to his height and he let me; his shoulders started to bounce laughing at me.

"hey!" I told him pulling the jumper back down in front of my waist.

"Sorry sorry- you're just so short" he shook his head as I gaped at him feeling a smile brew on my surprised lips.

"hey! I am probably one of the taller humans in our entire female species, you just have to bend like Donnie did" I commented and he shook his head. He leaned down a little as I stretched on my tip toes to reach his head and pulled the jumper down over it.

His face became level with mine, and so close- I could clearly see all the dark and mixed green speckles on the top of his head. The scar that he had been given when he was younger was still thin and silver, framing his left eye and cutting down across his lip.

I felt saddened to know he had been hurt like that before. I swallowed the dryness in my throat and pulled his jumper all the way down over his shell, smoothing it out over his huge chest. Secretly and shamelessly feeling his chest structure as I went.

I swore underneath my hand I could feel the thumping of his quickened heart beat. But I moved it away too fast; trying not to cause suspicion as I looked back up at his face, dropping down from my tip toes.

"Perfect" I told him softly, not meaning for the word to come out so filled with love. I bit my lip nervously as his face scanned my own; it returned to its blank expression- the only thing remaining was the softness in his eyes.

"Yo Nor- you finished feelin' up Leo?" Raph commented. Both mine and Leo's faces flew to the side towards him, he stood watching us with a wide grin on his face and raised eyes. I swallowed the lump again, wondering if all this emotion was going to give me tonsillitis.

I huffed, reminding my self that this flame needed to be extinguished.

Leo moved away from me and towards Raph, he turned quick on his heels and nudged his brother with his fist as he passed. I felt deflated; he must have really hated the idea of me doing that…

I gritted my teeth ignoring the hurt; of course he wouldn't like it- I wasn't like the girls he would probably want. And I was human; did he even find humans attractive? did he find any being that way?

Raphael chuckled as he made his way over to me; my cheeks matching his bandana as I threw the jumper at him.

"Where's my special tailor' down service?" he asked knowingly. I rolled my eyes at him and put my hands on my hips.

"Leo is a gentleman; he wouldn't try to get an eyeful of my wrack when I dressed him"

Raph snorted. I turned away, grabbing my phone and shuffling the items in my bag again; checking I had everything.

"Trust me Princess, you 'ave no idea what Leo really looks at when your doing anything near him"

I scrunched my nose up and turned back to look at his face. Raph remained posed, still grinning that 'cat got cream' smile. I was about to ask him what he meant, but Donnie's alarm echoed throughout our ears making me jump.

"Time to go guys!" Donnie called from his tunnelled area. I looked to Raph who shared a rare excited look with me as we walked together back to the living area.

"Casey told me about your plan" I mentioned as we walked, he looked over at me with a wink.

"Come on Doll, admit it- it'd do Leo som' good"

"I'm more worried what it will do to you more than Leo if I'm honest" I told him with a half hearted laugh, he grinned down at me triumphantly.

"Didn't know ya cared so much" he winked again and I rolled my eyes.

April stood beside Casey and Mikey- while Donnie and Leo grabbed their remaining things. I took note of how April must have attacked them as well- as they had very small- not very noticeable Chinese symbols on one side of their face.

I giggled at them lightly, as Leo caught my eye and narrowed his gently.

"Hey we match" I repeated his words as he looked down and smiled. The blue symbol on his face was circled; looking like a turtle with a Chinese symbol on the back of it's shell.

"Yeah; you can blame April for that" he copied as I laughed freely glad he remembered my earlier statement to him. I smiled maybe too strongly, as my whole body lit up. I wanted to lean against him again; to touch his chest like I had done earlier.

Instead I bit down hard on the inside of my lip, almost too hard as I began to loose feeling in it and turned away from him, needing to came myself down.

I turned back composed and took a deep breath

"So- are we ready?" I asked.

Our eyes all fell left to where Master Splinter suddenly stood. He came up to us slowly as if from the air as he smiled calmingly.

"my sons; you are young men now; I cannot keep you from the outside world, or from its many leisurely pleasures; I only ask that you keep safe, keep together, and look out for each other"

Splinter passed each of his sons touching their arm.

"We will dad, don't worry" Leo said calmingly to his father. Splinter passed by myself and April brushing our shoulders as he left.

Before exiting the room, he turned to both of us, looked at us carefully and eyed his sons and Casey.

"And make sure you look after your lady friends; I may be a rat- but I am aware there will be a lot of drinking and closeness from unwanted boys. Keep them just as safe as they will keep you"

He pointed giving us a soft smile as he turned. I smiled down at him with a small blush.

They would need to worry more about boys going to April than me…

We headed out onto the east side; April and I decided to go in the main gate while the boys ran overhead; even though they had their tickets- Leo wanted to go in the south side- it was darker there and they could blend in around the back border; looking like security guards more than concert go-ers.

The echo of microphones being tuned up and guitars having their first strum flew at us from all sides, exciting me through to my core as instruments thumped a few times; warming up. I laughed with April as we pushed through the security barriers and grabbed a round of drinks in for the boys- each of us holding four beer bottles each in our hands.

We found a spot perfect secluded near the back area- knowing it would get busy, and there would still be a lot of people buzzing around near us- it kept the boys backs to the wall- and stopped any suspicion being raised about their height.

April and I eyed around the arena unable to see the guys.

"you think they got in okay?" I asked her my eyes scanning the dark area around us.

"Yeah- don't sweat; they would have called if there was any trouble" April told me. She popped the lid off her bottle and then did the same to mine.

"Relax- tonight we all have the night off; lets let our hair down for once" she said with a cheeky grin. I shook my head at her and peeked up from over my beer bottle; I took a swig- it tasted cold with a twist that flicked the insides of my mouth as I licked my lips to clear residue.

At that moment, Casey skidded over to us; his excited face beaming as April handed him his beer.

"Aww thanks Ap- takin' care of me" he said with a wink as she blushed and shook her head.

"Yeah yeah- where are the boys?"

"Over 'ere Ap" Raph called, his hood was up and in the darkened room, and he wore light leather mittens to hide his three fingers. He waved an oddly human looking hand and all four of them moved closer to us.

I wouldn't have known it was Raph, if it wasn't for that distinct accent of his.

I passed round the beers until each of the guys held one in their hand- three of them took a swig, a big one I might add, and chuckled at the taste.

"Damn dats da stuff" Raph moaned lightly. "Come on fearless- you promised" Raph's voice was taunting and light as Leo looked down and shook his head.

"Fine" he said with a shrug of his head and took a good sip; Casey exchanged a glance with Raph; a look of amusement crossed his features and I guessed Raph was doing the same.

Leo grunted minutely at the taste and I could hear him licking his lips as he took another sip.

"Its alright; I prefer whisky"

"Yeah well whisky's damn expensive and we got all night 'ere; so drink up big bro" Raph told him clinking bottles with him.

I moved to Donnie whose eyes were busy watching the stage.

"Wonder what acoustics they have going on; oh and I bet the sound equipment is gonna be top notch-"

he muttered away to me, keeping musing to himself as I smiled and looked with him; enjoying the ease of his company, trying to ignore my need to look back to make sure Raph and Casey weren't harassing Leo with drink- we moved forward slightly, shuffling closer into the last line of the crowd as the lights started to go down.

April came to stand beside me. I could just make out her facial features as the music started up; growing louder as a wave fell across the crowd.

My insides burned as I whooped with them, shouting loudly with the crowd. Behind me I felt a presence, and then with a loud cheer I could hear Leo's voice, just as close as I did this morning…

When the incident occurred

I blushed but turned instinctively to look at him. He stood directly behind me and grinned down at me in the darkness; his white teeth the only indication of his action.

I grinned back and yelled with him; excitedly, adrenaline fuelled as the music swept across the crowd.

And then it seemed everyone was jumping with hands in the air; waving and whooping together as we moved with the beat of the music; lights blaring excitement moving with us.

I sang loudly, not caring if I couldn't carry a tune and moved my hips; April turned to look at me with a grin as she mirrored my actions and around us the brothers moved too- jumping and ducking each other as they yelled and sang chorus after chorus.

Casey dived into the middle of us as he bounced with this adrenaline high; the incredible flow of the bands voice and movement stretched over our bodies- making us feel alive, free.

Like we could do anything we wanted to….