Six beers and thirteen songs later- I had danced with April for the longest of time when Mikey came towards us; he scrambled towards April grabbing her hands as he pulled her with him further into a crowd of people. I laughed loudly, taking a swag at my new drink feeling light and breezy.

Donnie moved over to me as he shouted loudly over the brim of the music.

"This is so awesome! I was right- the acoustics are top!" he called, his voice barely reaching me. I giggled freely, whipping my hair round as Donnie began dancing in front of me; we laughed together and sung at the top of our voices.

"Sky full of stars!"

I burst into a fit of giggles as Donnie's voice broke at the height of his pitch and he began coughing. I turned him round swinging as I went and hit hard into the back of some thing. The wind falling out of me. I turned quickly; it was Leo, still near me jumping with Raph as he turned and brightly grinned down at me.

For once the look of determination had disappeared and he was as care free as Mikey always was.

"He-ey! He called longingly and breezy. For a second I wondered how many beers he had drunk; since he was so easily knocking them back like juice boxes. Definitely more than I had. I caught Raph's eye for a moment; but it was uninterested as he watched the band again and began hollering with Casey.

Maybe Raph had been right to give Leo one drink to many; he seemed lighter- almost happier. And I knew I felt the buzz of it too. Now seeing his euphoria, it seemed to lift me up to his level as I grinned just as hard; although probably happier to see him than he was to see me

I blushed and chuckled feeling more confident than usual.

"Hey yourself!" I yelled over the music as he bent down to my height. I could smell the beer on his breath as I laughed again; unsure why.

"This is amazing" he breathed to me in a low voice, and as the stage lights flickered across, I could make out his face; make out his eyes that beamed heavily down onto me. I blew out the deep breath I was holding; reminding myself in my tipsy state of how in love I actually was with him.

Wait; was this how bad it was?

I didn't care; I had no room for sadness or longing in my filled mind; just this constant wave of happiness and light headedness as he looked down at me.

I wanted to get closer to him; as close as possible- so I pulled myself up to his chest; his face which was shielded by his hoodie came closer too; now only inches from mine, making it easier to speak to him…to listen to him…to touch him…

"You having a good night?" I asked him breathless. If I had been soberer, there would have been no way I would have done this; I must have looked ridiculous; a hot sweating mess with my hair flying everywhere and make up smudged. But I didn't care; it seemed seven beers had started to lift my self control over my emotions…and somewhere deep down I worried what my eighth might do…

I was definitely planning on drinking that eighth beer though- without a doubt.

Leo dipped down passed my face, pulling me very nearly into his hood with him as he leant down to my ear so that he wouldn't need to shout. My senses were alive with him, he was everywhere and everything all at once. The pounding of the music matching the pounding of his heart as my hands went straight to his chest, raking up and down slowly to his collar bone and back down to his abs.

"Its soooo much better now that you're talkin' to me" he breathed directly into my ear and I felt my legs tighten. I bit my lip as he churred slightly with a slur. I felt his hands instinctively find my waist as his dark mitten hands gripped my shirt gently.

In that moment, the music that had been pounding in our ears seemed to dull, the roar of the crowd seemed to settle and I was just standing; with a new confidence in front of the man I loved.

There it was; that word again.


Embracing my new confidence, I decided to flirt straight back. I turned my head towards the side of his face, resting my cheek against his for a few moments as I settled beside him.

"oh yeah? well what's a lady gotta do to get a good-looking guy like you to ask her to dance?" I asked trying my best to be sultry as possible.

"Oh so you're a lady and I'm not still a gentleman?"

"Your words Leo; remember what you said to Mikey" I breathed happily as he grinned at me.

Suddenly I was moving with him my hands finding his shoulders as he moved us around together, the quick pace of the music pulling us apart and back together quickly causing me to laugh at his terrible movements. He pulled me back into him, and captured me close.

He held my back against the flat palm of large hand, almost smothering it. Suddenly we were back in the same position as before, but somehow closer- my legs interweaved with his and my breasts smashed up close to his plastron. My face level with his own as he ducked to me.

"I remember Mikey saying you were too fine to be classed as a lady. but I think you're both"

My heart rocketed in my chest as my stomach dropped. My mouth ran dry as my legs twitched. I slowly wrapped my arms back around his neck, mirroring his movements of pulling him closer. My hands rested on my own elbows as I caged him in.

"Care to elaborate?" I hummed into his ear. He breathed against me, making his movements my own, rubbing against my body as I felt his voice vibrate in my ear delightfully.

"You got that beauty that keeps me lookin' at you; that class of a lady…but girl- I could look at you all day. Every fine inch of you…" he trailed off, his voice drifting to a slur as my breathing hitched higher and higher.

I turned my head to look deep into his eyes, my mouth dry and my lips bitten. We rolled together our chests thumping into each others as I bored my vision into his.

I could see the colour; even here, in the dark; I could feel his blue eyes unravelling me.

And I knew he could smell it on me.

And I wanted him to.

I wanted him; more than anything I had ever wanted in my life time.

I leaned in, almost desperately my body movements more static than I could remember as I seemed to throw my head forward towards him.

But that's when the sky lit up with fireworks above our head and for a moment we were both dazzled by them, staring up at the bright colours above us dancing in our eyes as we were unable to look away.

His brothers joined us, leaning in as we all watched what seemed to be the big finale. April came to stand beside me, unaware of Leo's hands on me as I turned in his grip, his hand now resting on my stomach and one of my waist; holding me as if I was his teddy bear. In our drunken state, his words were gone and our moment seemed forgotten.

'yellow' kicked in and I leaned heavily against Leo's chest; our movements around his family seemed oblivious. They themselves in their own head space as they watched the stage; bright colours danced and the guitars hit my heart heavily.

I felt the emotions of the night lift me up as I rocked gently against Leo's body. My head leaned back to lean onto his shoulder. I began to sing lightly, almost to him as I leant into his cheek rubbing my nose up at it. His hands tightened on my waist; pulling me into him; letting me know he was listening to me and not the music…

"…Oh yeah, your skin and bones, Turn into something beautiful…"

I swayed with him and I swore I could feel him breathing in my scent, almost breathing me up as his head buried down into my shoulder, resting there like it always should have been, like we fit together like a jigsaw...

I felt his lips skimming my shoulder blade and grinned up at the sky, my heart and head pounding.

"You know I love you so…" I sang again, directly aiming it towards him as his head stayed buried into my shoulder. I remained still, almost frightened that if I moved he would vanish in a puff of smoke. I wanted to pour all my emotion out to him, to tell him exactly what was going through my head for over the past year and in those words I felt like I did.

Whether he heard them or not was an entirely different story.

The song moved again as I felt Leo's head lift off my shoulder and look away from me. He looked across to the stage and then down at me, his beak rested on my hair as he breathed me in again. I grinned to the floor, my smile growing bigger and bigger; wanting to remain in this moment for the rest of my life.

With a roar- I seemed to be taken back into the present; the crowd cheered as the band said their final 'thank you's and rounded their concert off. We were plunged into darkness for a moment.

And that's when I felt his arms slip away.

Bright lights flashed on above our heads as April, Casey and I squinted as so many other humans had done.

I turned wondering where my cuddling turtle had gone; but was only met with an empty patch behind us.

"They're said they'd meet us on on the right building next to yours Nory" Casey said; he slurred slightly and walked with a jiggle in his step as we all walked together breezily out of the stadium.

I laughed almost in a bark as Casey flung himself across the road nearly into a yellow taxi. April laughed too- hysterically as we dragged each other, feeling our heads come back to us, up and onto the sixth building fire escape.

Casey kept singing as he went, badly- causing April and me to keep hysterically laughing as we clambered up the stairs lazily.

We reached the roof and rolled onto it together.

Casey ran to a vent shaft and lifted up the grate.

"We ain't done yet!" he cheered as he pulled a crate of drink out. We cheered not wanting this night to end, having way too much fun. Feeling carefree and happy.

As if on cue; the boys landed, a little sloppier than usual but still in control as they jogged over to us with a wobble in their step.

April kept laughing and Donnie walked over to her and grinned cheekily. Casey passed him another beer on the way and flicked his watch and music started to play through a tiny speaker that sat cased in Casey's drink box. I looked over checking if we were high enough so that no one else could see us; my building was much shorter and the one next to this was just as short as well; a perfect hide trap as the boys flicked their hoods down and ripped off their gloves.

"Woo! Woo! Woo!" Mikey hollered as he rolled his hips to the new music. We all grabbed another drink from Casey's box and all turned to sit in an awkward circle; like teenage bag packers around a campfire; all accept Mikey and April, who he had grabbed to dance with him. I flunked down onto my butt, bringing my knees up and laid down to look at the sky. the stars twinkled down at me as I took a deep breath feeling the ground beneath me spin.

"That was fuckin' awesome- no one even suspected a t'ing" Raph called, heightened by his own giddiness.

"Damn straight brother; master of the shadows" Leo's voice was so perfect here, so light and happy. I smiled upon hearing it and sighed loudly, drunkenly- in love…

"Oh hell no- if I have to dance so do you!" April grabbed my hand as she yanked me up with her. This time the music was slow; sensual as we moved our hips near each other's, shoulders moving gently, sexily as I lifted my hands into the sky…

Leo's POV

I wanted her.

Every inch of her.

I turned away from Raph as Casey poured all three of us a shot and we drunk it down desperately.

I found my eyes watching her and only her; like I was the wolf wanting that gorgeous piece of meat. I watched her possessively, almost glaring down Mikey from going to touch her; he didn't; he knew better. she was currently grinding gently on her own near April, her eyes closed- her hair moving freely over her shoulders.

The shoulders I had tasted and touched.

I wanted to do it again, to never stop.

"Damn" Raph said quietly as he tore my eyes away from her for a split second, Casey whistled low as well.

"Tell you som't'in fearless; if you don' want 'er tonigh'- I'm takin' 'er; what I'd do to that…." He said shaking his head. His eyes watching North carefully with a glint of attraction.

Inside my mind I boiled; overly exaggerated as I growled to him, loudly; noticeably. Deep down in my chest I realised he was just as buzzed as I was and he didn't mean what he was saying. But in that moment; I wanted to kill him.

I was going to reach my for my Katana when I forgot I wasn't wearing them; probably why he was being so bold in saying so.

I leaned into him, grabbing him loosely by his bandana tails as I pulled his face down closer to mine.

"She's mine"

Raph leaned away laughing as he punched my shoulder.

"I said 'if' bro; don' worry- I seen the way she looked at cha' I aint gettin' caught up in tha'- I got my feel of a few tonight anyway- right Case?"

"Aww man that girl with the-"he said curving his hands over his chest to simulate breasts.

Raph growled delightfully at the memory and laughed throatily. "She wanted me"

"Damn straight" They fist pumped each other as my eyes went back to watching my Nory possessively, her movements seeming to move slowly; like she was dancing for me. Her eyes caught mine in a longing passionate movement as she smiled and looked away, Mikey spinning her again.

My tail curled violently in my pants.

I wanted her. All of her.

Because Mikey was right; I loved her.

I loved every part of her; and she needed to know…

Because I would never stop loving her.

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