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This will all be sort of like one-shots taking place in different sections of Hiccup's life, but all follow the same plot. Ideas are welcome, though I can't promise we'll use all of them. Enjoy!

A tiny toddler cried in his mother's arms, squirming and trying to get free. He hadn't learned how to walk do to problems in the development of the bones in his left leg, so had to be carried everywhere if he wasn't crawling. The two year old had the attention span of a sparrow, and didn't like just sitting on a doctor's office bed in his mother's arms.

Hiccup Haddock had been born an odd baby. His doctors knew he was different, and knew something wasn't right in his development. The painful looking structure in his left leg made that obvious. What they didn't know, do to Berk's lack of the latest medical information and professional doctors, was what disability the toddler had that would make his life different forever.

"There has to be something! He's only two, and his development is already showing to be messed up. I'm tired of watching my son go through the condition he has, when I have no idea what's causing it or how to help him!" Valka shouted as the doctor ended Hiccup's appointment.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but we just don't have the knowledge nor supplies to find the rout of your son's developmental difficulties. We're a very small city in a huge world of medical discoveries, and are unfortunately low on up-to-date sources. We're trying as hard as we can." With that the doctor directed the twenty three year old young mother out the door so he could see his next client.

Hiccup was now asleep in his mother's arms, holding onto her chest tightly and cooing in his dreams. Valka smiled down at him, first brushing his auburn hair with her hand, then trailing the same gentle fingers over her boy's swollen leg. She suddenly got a text from her husband, asking how their son's appointment went.

How's Hiccup doing Val?

He's sleeping right now.

You know that's not what I meant.

I'm sorry Stoick, the doctor's got nothing.

Did they at least order testing?

We don't have the money for that, and Berk doesn't have the more modern technology others like us do.

Valka...I'm thinking it's about time we headed somewhere else.


What?! Stoick you can't be serious!



Sorry, was just thinking. Valka think about it. We both can't afford hardly anything here, we're living on the town's rations because of how much money we're spending on Hiccup's doctors and your business...

Exactly! I have a business with the other special needs kids around here. What are they gonna think of me just giving up on my hometown?

Val, I'm sorry, but sometimes the town doesn't care about how poor we are or what child we're raising. I'm sorry, but your going to have to chose between Hiccup's development, or the kids you work with.

Valka waited for a moment, before sighing with a tear in her eye. She tapped the next message with shaky fingers.

Okay...we'll have a talk when you get home.

Okay, I've got a fight going on right now between two head houses here in the main town. The police will probably be dealing with the argument till late. I've got to get to the building and finish up some papers for the business housing. I should be home to talk by afternoon in two days.

Another thing about the Haddocks. Valka worked with a group of special needs kids after growing up in a family of disability. The minimum wage for police officers wasn't very high in the city of Berk, so Stoick managed his own business as well. Problem was, very few wanted to work with him. He was away a lot.

Once again Hiccup opened up big forest green eyes with a wail of confusion as he was sat in his car seat. Valka quickly shushed him with his favorite stuffed dragon she'd made him. The small boy held it close with the tiniest hands, humming little sounds with his face buried in the animal's neck.

Valka ruffled her son's hair, causing Hiccup to smile at her. The boy could smile, mimic certain noises, and crawl. Despite being two years old though, he couldn't say any words, couldn't say 'mom' or 'dad', and couldn't walk. The Haddock's still loved their son though, they just wished they knew how to help the little boy and nip the problem in the butt before he got old enough to enter school.

If only that was the case.

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