Chapter 1 Surprised.

Still standing outside Merriwick house, Henry Jr is standing with his friends. All he could think was that Ethan is standing right in front of him. Someone he hasn't seen in weeks. Henry Jr just can't speak can't do anything. Rose sensing the tension between Ethan and Henry Jr. Rose decides to break up the tension by nudging Henry Jr slightly in his right arm bringing Henry Jr out of his deep thoughts.

"Back on planet earth now Henry," Rose says.

"Sorry, I was just out of it for a second. We better get going." Henry Jr replies.

"Can't stick around for five-ten minutes to talk to little old me," Ethan spoke looking at Henry Jr with a little hope in his green eyes.

"You're not so little." Henry Jr responds irritated.

"I guess, we should get going it was nice meeting you, Ethan," Nathaniel said before he, Henry Jr and Rose walk away. Ethan sighs in disappointment. This was not how he envisioned seeing Henry Jr again would go.

"Great," Ethan tells himself before walking away in the opposite direction.

Ethan walks over to a recently bought bar and grill called Sommers Bar and Grill.

"Hey, there little brother." Travis the older brother of Ethan said. Travis age, 25 has blue eyes and dark brown hair almost black. Travis is wearing grey trousers, black shoes, a white shirt and grey blazer. Travis has a beard.

"Travis, you never told me how you bought this place so quickly in a matter of a couple of days. And how you got our passports and ever else done so quickly so we could live here." Ethan replied.

"I used a little bit of magic a..." Travis started but Ethan buts in.

"Hello, personal gain remember," Ethan spoke up.

"I know about personal gain. I only used a little magic for this place. And I used some old contacts for our passports etc." Travis responds.

"Well, it looks like you might have to sell up," Ethan says.

"And why's that E?" Travis asks.

"I went over to Henry's boarding house and him not wanting to see me, is putting it lightly." Ethan answers.

"And why doesn't he want to see you. He's the one that just left out of the blue. We always planned to move here with, with." Travis spoke unable to finish his sentence.

"With Dad." Ethan finishes his brother's sentence.

"Yes, with Dad," Travis replies.

"Well, I think I wasn't the only one keeping secrets," Ethan said.

"What do you mean by that?" Travis asked.

"Nothing, I'm going to unpack." Ethan lied partly not about going to unpack.

End of chapter 1.