Chapter 19 Talking and Confirmation.

Brenda an associate of Elise, Phoebe's boss keeps to her word and gets the earliest flight she could acquire over to the UK. She knew all too well the damage that can occur if someone misuses the power of one of the rings. Brenda begins her search and research on Nathaniel, an hour later, she believes she has found his location. Brenda heads over to the location which is a nearby park from the Merriwick boarding house. She decided to hide behind a tree and watch Nathaniel who is sat down on a park bench next to Henry Jr.

"Cousins, who would have thought it," Nathaniel commented.

"I certainly didn't Nate," Henry Jr said making Nathaniel frown.

"Is it that bad?" Nathaniel asked.

"I don't know Nathaniel, I never really imagined meeting my biological family, I guess it was because there were too many variables to consider. One part of me thought it would be selfish of me to consider looking for my biological family. That I would be ungrateful for my mom and dad taking me treating me as their own. Then there was the fear of me being unwanted that they wouldn't be interested in me," Henry Jr answers, it wasn't like he wasn't fond of Nathaniel it was the opposite, he does care for the young witch. Nathaniel was and is his friend but to be bound together by blood was kind of too much right now. Henry Jr did once imagine what it would be like to have been a born witch would it have made his bond with his family closer?

"I guess that's fair when my powers first manifested, I wished I had my mother more than ever. Someone to teach me, my godmother is a wonderful woman. Someone I truly care for but still, she couldn't really help me in the magical department," Nathaniel said.

"These rings, there powerful, very powerful," Henry Jr started.

"Well, they are called the Rings of Powers, Henry it's kind of the point," Nathaniel says.

"I know, Nate these rings, they're not just powerful, it's their legacy the responsibility are we really the right people to protect them to find the other rings? To recreate the coven? We're just kids, we almost died a few weeks ago against one of your ancestors," Henry Jr tells Nathaniel. They're not all kids Travis, Samantha, Alex and Elijah. But Elijah and Alex were mortal.

"We're the only people who can Henry, the rings chose our bloodlines for a reason, we're special whether we like it or not. True we almost died a few weeks ago, but we had outside help. You forget we also defeated that demonic cult that was hiding in the school. That was all of us, we're already a coven practically," Nathaniel said.

"What if we lose than evil gets the rings of light, darkness, death and souls. We're ot Charmed we're self-taught we lack any true experience and knowledge," Henry Jr responds. Nathaniel sighed.

"If we do nothing then we will certainly lose the rings, we have to try. Henry, Travis and Ethan were trained by their father. We have two hunters on our side, we can do this. Besides, you're a natural witch look how quickly you grasped cryokinesis. You've got the makings of a" Nathaniel started.

"A Halliwell witch," Henry Jr interrupted.

"No, a Merriwick witch and we aren't to be messed with, I'm kind of relieved, I'm not the only Merriwick witch out here having two makes me feel less of an endangered species so to speak," Nathaniel replied.

"I suppose I did get a hand of my power quickly and if there anyone, I would want to be my biological cousin it would be you," Henry Jr says. After the boys left the park Brenda called Elise confirming not only Nathaniel was a Merriwick witch but Henry Jr was also. Although Brenda is unaware of Henry Jr is.

End of chapter 19.