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Before anything else, let's get something straight, Dr. Meredith (Call me Mare) Rodney (damn her mother) McKay loves her crazy, adrenaline-junkie, flirt of a husband. She has for years (even though it drives her crazy that he won't join MENSA with her). Hell, she's known him for 17 years. Unfortunately, because of her job she can't be as completely honest with him as she wishes she could be.

Now what one needs to know to understand this is that Meredith works for a top secret, can't tell you or I'd have to kill you, cloak and dagger government agency. She is, to say the least, a genius that was brought into the security clearance game after she had finished her second PhD. At first, she worked exclusively at Area 51 (yeah, it's real). But in 2002 she was brought into the top secret, can't tell you or I'd have to kill you, cloak and dagger government agency main headquarters, the Stargate (explanation to come later) Command (SGC for short), for an issue that she thought was theoretical until she arrived. Not that her berating and nitpicking the, quite frankly, glaringly obvious flaws in the dialing sequence that was created by Samantha Carter helped matters. After that, Meredith was shipped off to Russia for four months; that pissed off both her and her husband. It was hard enough to get time off and find a place to be with each other every few months when one of them was constantly stateside, but both of them out of the country? She was brought back to the top secret, can't tell you or I'd have to kill you, cloak and dagger government agency headquarters to help keep the Earth from being blown up by (wait for it) aliens. Oh yeah, aliens exist, and quite a few different ones at that. Also, there are groups of them that, if you couldn't figure out from what you have previously read, are trying to kill humans. Anyways, after helping save Earth she retreated back to Area 51 to study Ancient technology (Stargates and other thing). Half way through 2003, Mare was shipped off to an Ancient outpost. In Antarctica. Where she is now. Without her husband to keep her warm. And from killing all the imbeciles that she works with.

So yeah, Meredith has some things that she can't share with her husband, like how aliens exist, or that she works in the FREEZING COLD ANTARCTIC! But he's fine with it because he has secrets from her too. Because he is in (was in) the United States military black ops, Air Force edition. Quite frankly, though her secrets are cooler, and her security clearance is probably, technically higher, he still can't tell her anything about what he does (did) for the military. Well, he was able to tell her that he disobeyed a direct order from a superior and simultaneously got promoted to major and reassigned to the middle of nowhere with snow expanding from all directions.

Coincidently, they both were assigned to Antarctica. Sadly, neither of them knew this, and wouldn't know this until her husband, Major John Sheppard was almost shot down by a glowing missile while flying General Jack O'Neill to the outpost.