Reality blinked its way into her subconscious followed shortly by murmuring voices far to close for her liking. Her heart was thumping erratically under her ribs, a warmth blossomed in her chest. A tightening sensation was trying to pull her to the left, the more she fought against it the harder it pulled until she shot up in bed.

Draco shrieked at the unexpected movement in his hurry to put distance between them he fell from his chair, landing hard on the floor.

"What on Merlin's name is happening?" The door to the private room swung open, Madame Pomfrey stood in the opening, her hands on her hips perfecting Molly Weasley in all her motherly glory.

Draco scrambled up off the floor, a blush spread across his pale face. "Sorry Madame I just wasn't expecting Hermione to wake so suddenly." Scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

Remus had joined Pomfrey by the door, an amused smile on his haggard face. "We heard a girl screaming." The way his gaze settled on Draco knowingly made Hermione smirk until the werewolf turned his focus on her. "How are you feeling Hermione?"

The insistent tugging forced the brunette off the bed, stumbling under her weak legs. Pushing past the two stunned adults Hermione quickly left the infirmary with a worried Draco following closely behind.

"Miss Granger you need to get back into bed." Madame Pomfrey sternly called after her.

Hermione shook her head, refusing to reply she picked up speed. Running the length of the damaged corridor was tricky as it was dangerous but the pull of thread around her heart wouldn't stop.

Find me my love.

Her heart raced at the words echoing in her mind.

The Great Hall fell silent as the Golden girl rushed in followed shortly by an out of breath Draco and a concerned looking Remus. On seeing Hermione, Lucius gentle detached himself from the Healer slowly making his way towards the gathered crowd.

She stumbled to a stop, her knees colliding with the cold stone. She paid no mind to the pain radiating up her legs, the only thing that registered in her mind was her lover lying on the cold wet stone next to many of the fallen. Her heart stuttered in her chest, this had to work.

Hermione? The dagger..

"I'm here my love. Come back to me," she whispered leaning her body over Narcissa. The rapidly cooling body beneath her shocked her system. Slipping the dagger out of Narcissa's robe pocket she quickly slit her palm watching in eerie fascination as blood rushed up out the cut. She gripped both of their wands in her bloodied hand feeling a vibration rock her very core.

Kiss me.

"Hermione please. Stop." Harry begged. He made to step towards her but Draco held him back, refusing to let up as the boy who lived to be a pain in his arse fought with all his might.

"Bloody hell she isn't is she?" Tonks stumbled over, looking horrified as Hermione pressed her lips to her dead aunt's.

"Dear Godric she's lost her mind," someone echoed.

A golden glow rose from the two entwined wands wrapping around the two women, the light brightening blinding the onlookers forcing them to shield their eyes. The golden thread whipped manically around Hermione her lips meeting Narcissa's in a clumsy wet mess.

A groan jolted Hermione apart in time to meet the most beautiful blue eyes she had come to love. Her cheeks wetted as tears slipped down, the relief of her love returning was everything Hermione could ever ask for.

"You heard me love? You saved me," Narcissa rasped leaning against Hermione for support. She felt her little witch's arms wrapped around her waist. Their hearts beating as one.

Draco was the first to notice his mother, carelessly dropping Potter he rushed to her side. Mindful of the two women clinging to each other, he wrapped his arms around his mother's neck. "I love you so much mother and whatever Hermione did you bring you back I am so grateful." He cried against her steadily warming skin.

"I love you too son."