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The Boy Who Lives triumphs again!

The Daily Prophet - Les Tenpeker

The brave soul, whom we know as Harry James Potter, under the direction of Dumbledore, has triumphantly taken back our great society! Vanquishing the evil soul who we once knew as the Dark Lord, formally a simple man named Tom Riddle Jr. This twisted excuse of a man was able to cultivate and infiltrate the most upper crust of our society; twist our steadfast traditional beliefs into some mangled mania.

Now with this great stain upon our society has been removed, the people under the Ministry of Magic's direction shall rebuild and become prosperous surpassing our days of the Empire!

The reign of terror has come to an end, The Boy Who Lives triumphs?

The Atlantis PostJurgisr Mikos

Greek newspaper

Hogwarts, a formal haven for children to learn the craft and lore of Magic, grounds have been desecrated in blood. "Headmaster" Dumbledore's, who self-proclaimed Hogwarts quote: "Safest place in Britain outside Gringotts". This "safest place" fell to the followers known as Death Eaters, who prayed on the innocents and the non-magical. However, a reckoning that hasn't been seen within its borders since Merlin fought Morgana, all matters of Beasts native to the Forbidden Forest, came to the aid of the students forcibly turned to child soldiers.

The final battle between the dissident bestowed the name You-Know-Who, a.k.a. self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort and young Lord Harry James Potter came to pass. It was bloody, brutal and luckily for this once is esteemed enclave the child won.

Diagon Alley is most burnt out with all but a few shops open. Both Hogsmeade, the only magical village in Britain and Hogwarts received heavy damage at this time the death toll is currently unknown.

Where were the authorities and adults in this fight?

Reconstruction of the British Enclave has begun all the able-bodied are asked to lend your magic and a helping hand!

The Daily Prophet – Les Tenpeker

For much more than a century, The Daily Prophet has been an integral and important part of the Great Magical British Enclave. We with the Ministry of Magic are calling all able persons to help in a reconstruction of our great society. Let us come together as a people to wipe out the terror, injustice, and destruction that shortly reigned upon our streets, homes, and hearts.

Donations dedicated to constructing a commemoration of the fallen are still being received from around the world. The Ministry of Magic is thankful that others outside our great country are thinking of us and sending in aid.

The Reconstruction of the British Enclave

The Guardian – Eric Aldo

Spanish newspaper

It seems that the call from the Ministry of Magic has been answered by the small population. Many are working towards a brighter future. After all, so much horror has been felt that maybe the Gods will look favorably upon the people of the British Enclave.

Hopefully, lessons are learned, the right people are put in place to govern, long heartfelt grievances will be forgiven and misguided beliefs abandoned. In this society, as a whole will be able to heal and move on from this devastating time.

Has the British Enclave learned any lessons? - a look back

Nuevo Dia – Lyneue Orella

Venezuelan newspaper

It has been ten years since what is now called the Half-blood war in England. The ill-prepared Ministry of Magic was seized by a fanatical pureblood group who took the name Death Eaters, their leader was known as Lord Voldemort, the birth name Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. A charismatic half-blood who easily stoked their fears of any change in society would undermine their power. Their scapegoat: Muggleborns. The magical societies outside Europe deem new-bloods. For eighteen months these terrorists established bigoted laws to tear the society from the inside out.

Many old families, from both sides of the war, whose lineage could be traced back for generations were snuffed out. To this day it is still undetermined how many Muggle (No magi) were traumatized and or killed. The global magical society saw the British Enclave go mad.

Not much has changed. Many of the anti-no Magi and sentient magical creature laws have yet to come off the books. Forcing many to relocate to a more prosperous open-minded enclave or return to No-Magi society as a whole.

The mass exodus has impacted economically, socially and culturally.

Should we use the British Enclave as a cautionary tale? Once applauded as traditionalists now are considered stalwart isolationists. Those who refuse to move forward in thinking discarding detrimental views and actions have become stagnant. The old guard still controls the government thus old habits still run unchecked. Disenchantment is rising with no end in sight especially for the next generation.

It seems a wake-up call is needed for this magical society. I hope dear readers, it will not be a new Dark Lord who does it.

Marcelino with Paulina Granger sit in the study contemplating the news articles and letters from Hermione's contacts, each was read and reread until each word was memorized. Paulina stood and went into the next room looking for their daughter. She found Hermione sitting in the breakfast nook gazing outside onto the Moroccan rooftops. For a moment a mother gives her daughter support by caresses her head, placing a kiss on top of her head.

"We will get through this together as a family."

A masculine voice joins hers "We will never abandon you, Duchess."

The tension in Hermione's shoulders lessens.

The day they found out Hermione is a witch was bittersweet. The unexplained occurrences could be laid to rest and maybe their little one could find acceptance with children her age.

Sadly, it wasn't found, Hermione has always been a practical girl. She earned it honestly between them. Dreams are fine, you would use them to push boundaries and create ideas. But just to leave things or actions without thought was just asinine. Paulina's mother would say "Common sense isn't so common."


Well, it seems the turmoil never stops and it's what, only six years after the Massacre of Hogwarts?

There were too many disturbances left unchecked and unreported, that negatively impacted the total populace. Crimes that reeked of the supernatural and cocked up coverups pointed straight to Wizardry.

It seems that there was an old decree that the Ministry of Magic was to contact the Prime Minister for support in the time of crisis.

Of course, that went over like a lead balloon.

It seems once the Ministry was able to contact the Prime Minister, he gave the new Ministry staff three years to give a total briefing of what happened. When the Ministry didn't and tried to play politics and ignorance, he had no choice but to turn over evidence to the Royal Crown.

The cheeky bastard!

Unlike our government the King's men swiftly and oh so efficiently pieced together the total picture of Riddle's madness.

If it was not so pathetic I would laugh. It seems all this time the Crown kept an eye on us.

Can you please tell me how the Wizengamont forgot we are under the Royal rule? This, of course, has not come out yet. The investigation is being whitewashed as an audit and being swept under the rug.

Seriously, some are buying this tosh!

The howling Niffler

Dear Hummingbird,

I don't know if you heard.

The British Wizarding Broadcasting Corporation was taken over by the Crown. The Prime Minister gave a blinding speech on bringing the Wizard world forward.

And I have to say it has been one of the best programmings, I have ever heard. A grand majority of the shows still on the air but the news. The news has actual facts!

I guess the daily Prophet actually has to be on this P's in Q's.

The speckled badger


No one speaks of the growing mass exodus.

Jobs are not being filled within and outside the Ministry. Important roles like Potioneers, Healers, Clerks, Aurors just to name a few. Our numbers were small before but it shrinks more after every graduation.

Slowly the Crown has repealed a great deal of old dusty, obscure and intolerant laws. Both MoM and the Crown hope this movement entices Muggleborns to stay.

Our economy doesn't look good.

There, of course, is a weak resistance with the old guard complaining of the loss of steadfast practices.

Did you know that they buried yours and quite a few others NEWTS? It may be a moot point by now but I thought you may want to know. Such coincident high-ranking candidates left, escaped, fled the Reconstruction. What do you think as a bi-line?

England's great loss is the world's gain – Bright minds escape being tied

Ministry NEWT granted subjects scores never made it light!

All those with little connections chose to leave behind menial positions and dead-end jobs!

(Tap the parchment twice for an early edition.) ?

Howling Niffler

Dear Hummingbird,

Such delicious things are being kept very hush-hush.

The Royal Crown has stripped all purebloods their titles. Graciously the Crown offered a way to keep the titles. It involves heavy fines, reprocessing fees, and multiple research fees. To ensure the 'said' titles were empty and can be 'legally' bestowed.

Some thought the gold was going into Muggle pockets. Quickly it was found it went straight into the Reconstruction funds, coincidentally monitored by the Goblin Nation. No other party is allowed access.

The nerve! Such distrust! Serves the tosspots right!

Valid (born on the right side of the blanket) magical Pureblood births have dropped dramatically. A majority that venture to the continent or abroad for 'likeminded matches' are being treated as pariahs and rejected. Even the craftiest buggers dare not cross too many lines.

Justice has been swift and lasting. Such a concept?!

The old bloodlines are dying out while new bloodlines are increasing. Grumblings from the old factions speak of a 'Marriage law' to preserve the bloodlines.

The old guards are now desperate and gaining ground. Desperation leads to dangerous things…

The speckled badger