Let's blow up *()&!, pants the mad bunny.

The lawyers look on with arched eyebrows then shrug..."It's fanfic, no money is made so we can tax or sue."

❝ Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones. ❞
― Anonymous

Lavender Weasley slowly rocks and rub her little Rose's back to help release the buildup of gas. The noise of dual knife blades clacking against butcher blocks echo in tandem as Ginny and Molly chop the vegetables for tonight's meal. The scratching of the fountain pen tip is lost in the rhythm as Fleur wraps up the monthly budgeting for the Cottage. The air is tense as the remaining Weasley wives haven't shown any interest in sharing this time. It has been almost six months since the broadcast of the 'Procreation Act'. The Prophet spouts the positive angle of the slight increase of the British Wizard population and tax breaks as the Quibbler and many papers outside the shores of the United Kingdom take a pragmatic view of the erosion of rights and the further systematic breakdown of the English Enclave' status quo. Especially now the unbalanced power created a worldwide refugee issue. Unlike the Syrian issue, other countries happily welcome with a two-finger salute. The talent and new strong bloodlines introduced into their population bolster their own. Slowly cementing the 'lost generation' with marriages and bright futures. They're also a return of what was thought to be an extinct bloodline or two.


Slowly throughout the latter half of the year bits of stories of the escaped are revealed:

Dean Thomas' marriage to a Moroccan Art History professor, Shefali Kouri.

Both Parvati and Padma married their countrymen, Syed Azad and Rohit Bajpai cousins with a successful textile company.

Each was featured in the Quibbler and their prospective national papers. Predictively the Prophet reduced the articles to just footnotes in the Society pages.

The magical Twitter, Anzu, #SurvivorsOfTheCrustyDragons has hourly updates of lesser-known refugees their lives of contentment without the meddling of the English Enclave.

Placing Rose in the bassinet, with a weak Muffliato charm, Lavender begins making bread rolls for the stew. Pausing she waits for Molly's inspection before placing them in the oven.

Clucking "Dear you must remember to put an extra layer of butter. Then…" Tuning out Molly's unwanted critic she takes up the tray sliding it in before closing the oven door.

Fleur begins reading her paper 'VoxEurop', Ginny sneers at the new pictures of Hermione.

Hermione's life is filtering through the Magical printing network and many social media sites.

Holding her golden-eyed boy and hazel-eyed cherub girl on the black sand beach with bright smiles, gentle touches, and cinnamon curls.

Graceful manners as she greets and interacts with the many diplomats, she comes in contacts such as the Princess Shuri of Wakanda and Attaché Ce'Athauna Asira Davin.

A well-known Casanova, entrepreneur, and philanthropist like Tony Stark.

A few with the elders Maji of Morocco and Master Wong the once apprentice of the Ancient One.

Anyone who hasn't lived under a rock knows the real treasures of 'caught pictures' has yet to be revealed no matter how high the offer. The pictures weren't risqué in the least, just in seemingly domestic moments between a man and women leaving or enter a place. The man's face is always obscured in some way driving reads mad with envy and curiosity.

The floo activates consecutively admitting Arthur, Percy, Ron and lastly Harry. All look pale as they move to sit at the kitchen table.

Worriedly, Molly moves to take Arthur's cloak. Percy disappears into the living room coming back with the hard liquor in the house. Placing a glass and a finger's worth amber liquid all take a swallow.

Wringing her hands, Molly begins to inquire what has happened.

Temper flaring as her arms cross and annoyed with the dramatics; red-faced Ginny loses it. "What the hell has happened now?"

The venom brings the men out of their daze as the women look to her with irritation.

Harry's face becomes stone as he looks to his wife.

"Shut it wife." The bench moves as he stands, "Shut it and sit down, you will say nothing until we have our say. We don't have time for your tantrums."

Ignoring the drama of his only daughter, Arthur shares the news "The Wizengamont has been officially called by the Royal court to repeal all marriages under the 'Procreation Act.'

Initially, Fleur chuckles then let a squeal of delight at the announcement.

Ron grabs Lavender's hand as they look to their little Rose.

Percy looks over to the stack of newspapers, the Quibbler peaks with a single the byline:

"Claddagh – the lasting tradition".

In dread, he nudges the paper for a better view.

The Quibbler accomplished to have achieved the scoop of all papers. The one feature that identifies Hermione is artfully bound with pearls and cowrie shells. She faces the sun, back to the camera, the train of her white and gold wedding dress flutter as she kneels. For a moment her head bows, the column of her neck vulnerable, the man holding her hand crowns her head in ivy. Percy recognizes the golden traditional African wedding suit, the mystery man only seen from behind now is exposed. His gut clenches, instinctually he is looking at an apex predator. The groom's eyes don't close as he bestows the sealing kiss, she has become his, hazel eyes are brutal as his smile is feral.

The next picture the children run to them, smirking he places a smaller version on their heads. Crouching down to their level, each child places kisses on his cheek of acceptance. Hermione looks down as they place one on his head. The glow of the sunset gives them an ethereal look.

Percy blinks, the timing was too coincidental. This will prove to be a clusterfuck of major proportions.

Arthur explains, "Tomorrow the Prophet will announce the Crown has revoked the 'Procreation Act'. Based on the evidence of breaking several human rights, and the British Enclave is proven to be citizens of the Monarchy. This act is considered immoral and illegal. All marriages with the isle in the last four years are to be no longer binding. Restitution is to be given to the proven offend parties, all pending cases of domestic abuse and suspicious spousal death are to be turned over to the Monarch for an impartial investigation. Given the chaos of the Ministry is at this moment…" Percy took another drink then calmly stood.

"Father, I suggest you read this and figure who deserves our attention and loyalty."

Lavender takes the paper, from Percy, before Ginny or Molly can snatch it away. Then she smiles as she watches the pictures reset. "She always had contingency plans". Looking at the men, "You better have one to save your child and granddaughter or you won't have to wait for her wrath."

Turning to her soon to be ex-mother-in-law, "Before you start shrieking, the stew is burning."