The following is a transcript of a recorded interview between Dr. Cassidy Red and Dr. Flug Slys following his capture at [REDACTED]. Dr. Red was assigned to Dr. Flug by Director Cardigan. Dr. Red was instructed to evaluate Dr. Flug's mental state and determine procedure for his interrogation and rehabilitation if possible.

Dr. Flug can been seen restrained to a wheelchair by his ankles and wrists upon his entrance. He wears a paper bag over his head and is slightly muffled in the footage.

The bag was removed once by [REDACTED] operatives during his capture, which seemed to cause some kind of mental breakdown. Dr. Flug killed three men and injured six in a frenzied panic. After heavy sedation, Dr. Flug was strapped down and transported to [REDACTED] for evaluation. After many more outbursts once he regained consciousness, and one near fatal attack using his arm restraints, it was decided to replace his bag in the interest of staff safety and completing the mission of the Men Without Hats. Destroying the creature known as Black Hat.

There is no known footage or image recovered from [REDACTED] of Dr. Flug's face. Dr. Red makes references to scars, implying that she has seen what he looks like.

The tape begins with Dr. Red's introduction.

"Patient evaluation number 1: Attending physician is Dr. Cassidy Red. Patient's name is Dr. Flug Slys. He is the head scientist of the Black Hat Organization and the creator of its products. Patient was brought to [REDACTED] in the hopes of rehabilitating him and gaining insight into the possible weaknesses of its leader, the infamous quote unquote 'Lord' Black Hat himself. Director Cardigan recommends a gentle approach, to start with. We'll see how playing nice goes."

Dr. Flug Slys is wheeled into the room by two guards. His posture suggests he is agitated. His fingers twitch constantly and he often pulls at his restraints. The two guards leave the room after depositing Dr. Flug.

"Hello there. My name is Dr. Cassidy Red. You are Flug Slys, correct? I work with [REDACTED] and I've been assigned as your chief physician while you're in our care. Seeing as this is our first meeting, I'm here to give you a sort of check-up. See how you're doing and all that, and find out the best way for us to proceed. Do you have any questions before we begin?"

"Y-Yes. Why am I here?"

"Mr. Slys-"

"Dr. Flug. Please."

"Ah, my apologies. Dr. Flug, you are here because you have some vital information. We'd be very appreciative if you'd share it with us. Some of my superiors feel that we are owed it, seeing as we rescued you. I personally-"


"Yes. Rescued. Rescued you from Black Hat's clutches. Now as I was saying, I personally feel that you need time before you're well enough to tell us anything. I can only imagine what it must've been like living under Black Hat for all these years."

"No, no you can't. But-"

"AS I WAS SAYING, we freed you from Black Hat. You don't have to worry about that thing ever again. We will keep you safe from him. I have been assigned to help you, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Once we're sure you're well again, you might even be offered a new job."

"A new job?"

"Yes. We don't hold you accountable at all for what you did under Black Hat. We're sure you only did what you had to to survive. It's perfectly understandable. I'm confident that once it's all over, you'll be welcomed among us. We've seen what you're capable of. You could do some really good here."

"Um, where exactly is here?"

"I'm sorry Dr. Flug, I'm not at liberty to tell you that just yet."

*sigh* "That's fair."

"I'm glad you think so. I'm sorry, but we can't have you trying to escape or give out your location. It's counterproductive to your rehabilitation. So we must keep you in the dark about where you are. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do. You said your name was Dr. Cassidy Red, yes?"

"That's right."

"Do you prefer Dr. Cassidy or Dr. Red?"

"Dr. Red, please."

"Very well, Dr. Red, I feel like you either got some bad information or you were specifically instructed to lie to me."


"I was not 'rescued' from Black Hat, I was abducted from Black Hat. I was never forced into his employ, I went willingly. As for your generous offer of a new job after my 'rehabilitation', which seems a lot more like brainwashing to me given how you carry yourself, I'm afraid I can't accept."

Dr. Flug seems more relaxed and at ease at this point. He has stopped fidgeting in his chair and his hands are steady. Dr. Red takes a moment to determine how to proceed with the evaluation.

"Dr. Flug, do you truly consider us your abductors?"

"My abductors, my kidnappers, you took me from my home. What else do you call someone who does that? Certainly not rescuers."

"Well, I'm sorry you feel that way."

"So you say."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I think you are quite experienced in your line of work. I think that while you didn't fully expect me to be so bold, you weren't unprepared for it. As a doctor, you must always be prepared for unforeseen complications. Whether you are the medical doctor, the psychiatrist, or the scientist. You're job was to evaluate my condition and mental state, yes? Go on, what have you gleamed thus far?"




"...You've got a strong ties to the Black Hat Organization, you must if you call it your home so casually. You've got a deep seated loyalty to Black Hat, as you didn't even consider our offer once. You did not say 'abducted from the Black Hat Organization', you said 'abducted from Black Hat', meaning you as well as he see yourself as one of his possessions."

"I'm his employee."

"Finally, you have a great attachment to your work and position, as demonstrated by your respect of my own even though we are on opposite sides and lecturing me on my own work and title. You take your place as head scientist very seriously."

"I didn't get all my doctorates just for fun, Dr. Red."

"How many doctorates do you hold?"

"More than everyone else in this building combined. I know that without even having a clue of how expansive this building is or how many people are employed here, or how many of those employees hold doctorates themselves."

"Perhaps you could give a few examples?"

"First was my doctorate in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering. Then I went on to my doctorate in advanced computer programming. Then I went on to Mammalian Biology to spice things up. Then Reptilian. Then Human Anatomy. I have licenses to practice various forms of surgery, but I believe they are all under different names. I have a doctorate in Aerodynamics and two in Genetic Studies. One with a focus on gene splicing and the other on genetic engineering. I hold masters degrees in thermonuclear fusion, astrophysics, and helioseismology. That's the study of the sun and its effects on our planet. I figured that might be an interesting thing to learn about, seeing as the sun affects all life on our planet. I got minors in psychology, philosophy, and botany. I also studied religion and mythology for a year, mainly to occupy my time. There are more, oh so many more, but those are what I remember off the top of my head."


"Dr. Red, could you release my wrists please? My face itches."

"Is it your scars that are feeling uncomfortable, Dr. Flug?"

There is visible change in Dr. Flug's demeanor. He becomes agitated again and his fingers clench involuntarily. He begins moving around in his chair as much as the wrist and ankle restraints with allow.

"What's wrong Dr. Flug? I'm your doctor, there need be no secrets between us."

"My, um, my scars are a bit of a...sensitive topic. For me."

"Did Black Hat cause them?"

"What? Oh n-no! No! These were...long before I m-met Black Hat."

"May I ask how you two met?"

"Oh I crashed a plane into his house."

"And he didn't kill you for that?"

There is a minute long pause before Dr. Flug speaks again.

"Now that was just a dumb question. I'm right here talking to you, Dr. Red. I couldn't very well do that if I was dead."

"...I apologize. That question was beneath the both of us."

"Apology accepted. Please continue."

"How did you meet Dementia?"

"She and a few other lunatics camped out on Black Hat's front lawn for a few days. I think they kept trying to perform a bunch of rituals and things to try and appease Black Hat. Or maybe they just wanted him to actually come out and talk to them rather than throw things at them from his window."

"How many were there?"

"I think there were about 12 or 13 at the beginning. All but one died after six days."

"And that survivor was Dementia?"


"How did the rest of them die?"

"I killed them."

"You killed them?"

"That's what I just said."

"Why did you kill them?"

"I needed test subjects. Let's just say I break a lot of eggs trying to make an omelette."

"What were you testing?"


"Well, if your end result was Dementia, can I assume it had been some sort of gene splicing to create a human-reptilian hybrid?"

"You may if you wish."

"Why don't we move on to the bear? Where did you find the bear?"

"Oh, 505? I created him."

"Using what?"

"Using my knowledge of genetics and the biology of grizzly bears coupled with botanical science. Really, I consider his existence a testament to my capabilities."

"Is the bear-"

"His name is 505."

"Odd choice for a name. How did you pick it?"

"Sorry, but it's an inside joke."

Dr. Flug is assumed to be smiling given his tone and posture.

"You could tell me anyways."

"No, it just wouldn't be the same."

"Why wouldn't it be the same?"

"You just had to be there. There's no point in telling you when you aren't going to understand."

"May I ask you a few personal questions?"

"If it ends this evaluation quicker, sure."

"You said you joined Black Hat willingly. Why?"

"Because that's the truth. I joined of my own accord."

Dr. Red starts to become frustrated.

"I mean, why did you choose to join Black Hat?"

"He made me an offer. I accepted. I've worked for him ever since."

"Was Dementia's situation similar? Or was she forced to work for him since becoming your experiment?"

"Yes and no. She did choose to join, but I question how capable she was of making that decision. Especially after I was done with her."

"Is she considered an employee like you?"

"Dementia is an asset and a service of our company. We rent her out sometimes. She makes great pest control. Perhaps you should order her from the catalogue sometime."

"Is 505 considered an employee?"

"I don't think so. I doubt Black Hat pays him. I suppose since he was created by me, an employee of the Black Hat Organization, he's technically as asset of the company as well. He makes a good housekeeper, so we at least save time and money on the upkeep of the mansion."

"Does Black Hat pay you and Dementia?"

"I am paid quite handsomely. I can't speak for Dementia though."

"I see. Dr. Flug, how would you describe your relationship with these three?"

"Black Hat is my lord and master. Dementia is my co-worker. 505 is my creation."

"Lord and master?"

"That is what it says on the contract."

"And you signed this contract of your own free will?"

"I did."

"You mentioned Black Hat made you an offer. What was it?"

"He offered to let me create the machines of war that will allow him to rule the world. How could I refuse?"

The tape is distorted beyond this point. Little can be deciphered visually or audibly, although the tape continues for several minutes before ending. It is speculated that this is not due to damage sustained in the destruction of [REDACTED], but rather someone intentionally omitting vital information to the mission of destroying Black Hat. Near the end of the recording Dr. Red can be heard speaking, but most of it is unintelligible. It is assumed that Dr. Flug Slys has been escorted out of the room and to his cell, as it is unlikely that Dr. Red would be discussing procedures with him present.

Three sentences can be made out clearly. This transcript may be updated if more phrases can be made out

"Awaiting orders on how to proceed with interrogation...Patient is possibly suffering from a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, though his precise feelings are unclear...The girl could provide some useful insight as well…"