It had been 2 months since Felix came to stay at the Agreste estate. His summer with Adrien was nearly over. After their first date, Marinette and Adrien had a second and a third, and a tenth before officially becoming a couple.

Felix was laying across Adrien's floor, fiddling with a wooden puzzle ball, while Adrien laid on his back on his couch, with Marinette curled against his chest. He drew circles along her back, aimlessly, while she held his hand in hers, examining his bruised knuckles.

Felix dropped his hands in front of him, still clutching the puzzle ball and looked towards Marinette and Adrien. After a minute of silence, Adrien looked over at his cousin to see him still staring at them. He quirked an eyebrow at his cousin in a silent question.

"I think that, for me, the absolute best part of all this is that you two could have been dating for basically forever if you weren't both gigantic imbeciles," Felix said with a small, sly grin.

"Felix, what are you talking about?" Adrien asked rolling his eyes, annoyed that his cousin was there, intruding on his precious alone time with his princess.

"I just mean because you've both been rejecting feelings for the other because you were too in love with their alter-egos," Felix said bluntly.

"Wait what?!" Marinette and Adrien shot up in unison, staring hard at Felix. He had both Marinette and Adrien's full attention now.

He gave a mildly annoyed sigh. Clearly he had to spell it out for them.

"What I'm saying is that Adrien was ignoring his obvious feelings for Marinette because of his love for Ladybug, and on the other hand, Marinette was brushing aside Cat Noir's flirtations with Ladybug because of her love for Adrien. It's hilarious!" Felix roared with laughter. He opened his eyes and saw both of them staring at him pale and wide eyed as if they'd just seen a ghost.

"Oh yeah, uh surprise? Or, spoiler alert or whatever. Guess I was supposed to lead with that."

The resulting explosion after he'd dropped that bombshell was too much for Felix to handle, so he excused himself from the room to let them figure that out in private.

He went back into his room, that had become his home over the past two months. He absentmindedly fiddled with his cat head ring as he peered out the window. He looked down at his ring, tracing the emerald gem eyes, before running his thumb up to the ruby on the cat's forehead. He let out a heavy sigh and returned his gaze to the window.

'I really wish I didn't have to go back home in two weeks. I forgot how nice it was to have someone around that I could talk to. Even if I am mostly listening while Adrien talks, it's nice not being alone. I'm not ready to go back to that house. To that stifling atmosphere. To pretend like everything is normal.'

For what felt like the thousandth time, Felix began organizing and tidying the few belongings he had brought with him. He felt more calm when everything was in exact order. He needed to calm down or he feared he might have a panic attack.

'I'm glad I was able to help Adrien find happiness. He's a good kid, he doesn't deserve the emotional exile his father has put him into over his grief for Emilie.'

Felix was suddenly aware that the room was darkening at an alarming pace. He glanced down at his watch the see that it was already nearing 9:30PM. He squared his shoulders and let his sight trail down his arm to his ring once more, watching the eyes light up bright green, the way they did every night. He heaved a sigh and crossed over to the other side of the room to lock the door. Then he sunk to the floor to await the inevitable.

AN: Oooh, what is Felix's secret? What is this inevitable? Why is his ring glowing? Tune in next time to find out!

P.S. I am so sorry this chapter is so short, but I was happy with it the way it was and although I tried to add more, I didn't want pointless filler and this break made more sense between this and the next chapter, which is in the works now and I hope to finish it tonight, but with Christmas coming it might not be posted until after. Santa has a lot of work to do tomorrow night for 3 sweet little children! ;3