The Pantheon of Nine

By: Finn Mertenz


Chapter 149: Stop It Now! My Life For Konoha.

Sunday 2:18am, October 26th 58SSP.

Born inside an era of conflict amidst an age of war, Konohamaru knew not the innocence he was denied. Taken, ruined and smothered by the untimely loss of so many he once held close.

And now, the mental dread of losing more was his greatest source of revitalized income and faith. Physically standing at the height of a 6 year old child, yet towering like a great shinobi of old.

A sight for sore eyes as Ebisu's naked gaze gawked like a frightened and traumatized victim. With tinted and broken glasses lost in combat, a pure and pristine face examined his olden student.

He's stronger than before... Menma's own wounds were to severe too rise.

Fuki herself was also stranded in place from scratched scars inflicted against premature thighs. Watching with a blushed face as the boy she frequently teased now hovered in front of all.

Especially the fanged, clawed and drooling silhouette of Poodles, an amalgamation of Kiba and Akamaru. More than some living werewolf, each was brought back and driven from the other-side.

"Ruaah!" Spit spewed from a snarling snout.

Blitzing the path between him and his foe, this gigantic beast was instead met by a white-furred ape. "You're dealing with me now!" Shouted Enma the Monkey King, catching a swiped paw.

Devolving into an exchange of muscle, swept limbs elbowed furred palms while feet shuffled across. Reminding the crippled Jonin that watched of bygone battles long past and ninja lost.

But these bulked blows of might couldn't be settled alone, because the foe Enma fought was immortal. Raised and restricted with no fear of death, because its embrace had already been welcomed.

"Sarutobi!" Words rang after striking his opponent true.

Propelling Poodles back with the sheer weight of his fist, the Monkey King retreated with twirled leaps. So focused in the defense of Konoha, his own mind began to lazily drift backwards.

Thinking he still fought alongside the 3rd Hokage, the fleeting image of Konohamaru slowly took place. "Transform!" Enma's hostile cry of aggression was instantly trailed by a puff of smoke.

Giving obstruction before the hurried advance of Hiruzen's grandson parted everything with reached girth. A twin grip was taken on an Adamantine Staff, the heirloom of his fallen ancestor.

Moving with unseen yet mirrored movements to this aged grandfather, he wasted no time to charge forth. Brandishing the black hilted and bronze tipped edge he inherited, eyes burned bright.

Not with the desire of revenge, lust for blood or the creeping sensation to kill any threat to his village. But the defining Will of Fire that acted like dried kindling to ignite the drive in his heart.

Nearing a collapsed home as Poodles regained and rebounded on three legs, the fourth bared sharp nails. Intercepting this fiend upon his land, shinobi shoes scuffled dirt into clouds.

"End this! Sarutobi!" Enma spoke encouragement.

Staff or ape, still or moving, visual or hidden; these realities held no baring on the great Monkey King. Living a dozen lives of shinobi in the blink of an eye, because age meant little to demons.

And these centuries were now fully spent to aid and cooperate in the defense of the shinobi world. A stark contrast to his eternal and prideful grandfather; Son Gokū, the fabled Four Tails.

Swung stiff to impact, this bloodline mixture of demon and ape managed to plow straight through harm. Knocking Poodles five streets back as Konohamaru spun and twirled his staff.

"Don't delay! Every second wasted, means another ally that falls!" Loyalty shone in moonlight.

Nodding in hurried agreement, two hands allowed the upheld reach of his Adamantine Staff to stretch. Plunging and plowing down what little remnants of plastered walls remained.

"Is that... The 3rd Hokage?!" Yoshino and Shikaku finished each others sentence.

Beholden to the rumbled onslaught of Poodles blowback, pebbled rock gushed out like a sporadic geyser. Showering Yamato and Hayate as everyone spotted a swift extension of bronze.

Leaving all in shock and speechless stupor as Hiruzen's grandson was the sole wielder of this assault. Advancing with clasping shoes that struck soil while eyes refused to blink or squint.

"Stop staring and do something! You fools!" Enma chastised without any mouth or body.

Quickly recovering the outstretched tip of his staff, Konohamaru pitted bronze below to pole vault high. Gifting radius and room for Shikaku too hurriedly toss twin handfuls of kunai.

Enhanced, entranced and honed by the instant spring of numbered shadows from behind, Yoshino sneered. "Your aim is getting worse!" She labeled failure and accusations at her husband.

Critiqued and insulted, his hurled hail of blades still managed to lay true after shrouds guided their aim. Piercing and penetrating the furred and jagged outline of a rabid and coarse canine.

"It's not enough!" Hayate stated the obvious as their foe broke free.

Retaliating with raised claws, Poodles shot a sharpened barrage of chakra-infused nails that sundered soil. Breaking dirt as every shinobi in front dispersed before their reach, only one remained.

"Honorable Grandson! Get out of there!" Yamato weaved hands to rescue with wood.

But this scurried reaction fell short as Asuma's nephew perfectly fell with the swirled defense of his staff. Deflecting a hundred claws that rapidly shot before touching terrain without injury.

Far beyond the meek child that quivered and quaked during Orochimaru's invasion, he refused to hide. Leaving many that watched simply unable to believe or comprehend his sudden skill.

"Nice one! Sarutobi!" Enma lavished praise.

To live up to his grandfathers memory, to proudly call himself a shinobi and a Sarutobi without any jest. That was the goal that thrived inside of Hiruzen's grandson, a dream he finally achieved.

Unknown and unheard, he knew not the death that Asuma endured, fighting beside the tree that sealed him. But if this loss was known, will would only harden in the face of such trauma.

Reaching such extended bouts of time, Konoha's fight for survival ran straight through day and night. Brought to total devastation as narrowly every building or home fell to the test of war.

A degree of destruction that only grew as Poodles sought to parry and deflect the Adamantine Staff. Achieving a pinnacled height of shinobi combat that many could only dream of.

Manipulating the stout shaft Konohamaru inherited, radius shrunk while length grew with compensation. Given the chance to readily dodge and evade all harm with the agility and finesse of a ninja.

"Do it now, Yamato!" The Monkey King shouted as bronze struck claws.

Like before, hands hastily clapped and danced through the necessary seals to hone, focus and channel. Enabling and enthralling thickened husks of bark to grow and swell like an unkempt forest.

Sealing the raised werewolf in front much like his former foe, branches conjoined to form a single prison. Entangling and entrapping this third fiend that razed and demolished Konoha.


Choza, Shikamaru, Kidōmaru and Sakon rallied fast in opposition to the azure-coated outline of Choji. Hovered and suspended in place by the propelled flapping of segmented butterfly wings.

Killing his own mother and the father of Ino in one blow, past damage was still felt by his living dad. "It looks like Orochimaru's failed attempt was made successful by someone else." Ukon sulked in moonlight.

First invented by Tobirama before Hiruzen's snaked apprentice sought to perfect and utilize it. Both jumbled thoughts and memories now sat in languish as Naruto pondered their meaning.

With darkened flesh that paled in comparison to bright scalp and eyes, six arms were held aloft and tense. Studying the masterful display beyond with pupils of interest and a smirked grin.

"At least it's night time." Kidōmaru felt comfort in combat.

"I didn't think of that!" Sakon held no pause before slamming naked palms together.

Accomplishing the needed requirements to hone chakra, Wind Style: Great Breach rang true and hard. Emanating from pointed fingertips as pulverized dirt and shredded grass bellowed.

Easily rivaling the heralded technique of a fable Jonin, his scalp of ocean blue rustled in the after-effect. Giving cover to Shikamaru's speedy advance as a fresh cigarette hung from his mouth.

Just 13 years of age, skill and drive overcame every deterrent in place to halt his speedy approach. Left briefly stunned and stuttered as an ethereal yet miniature butterfly zoomed past him.

Detonating narrowly a hairs length from target, the fiery reach of their kindled flames spread fast. Resonating layers of flame like spheres of sapphire that continued to expand and grow.

But each of these enflamed orbs failed to burn their mark, doused by the grasping hand of Choza. Giant and armored limbs paid no hinderance to minor cinders or eruptions of soot.

"It won't end me... But this isn't pleasant!" His resistance to Senjutsu was low.

Still standing at the height of a mountain, enlarged feet and muscles did little to halt boundless fire. Save trampling a myriad of spiritual foes underfoot to earn no reaction or result.

However, this engorged stature gave an easier mark for his revitalized, possessed and flying son. Soaring forth with the speed of a plummeting meteor as decayed linen wavered under knuckle.

Using twin forearms to blockade this blow, its pitted leverage was too much for Choza to bare. Plunged and plowed over ten miles as stray mounds of muck shattered beneath bulked mass.

Clearing and cleaving every object that unfortunately met his path, tumbled momentum soon ended. Falling short and unconscious atop what little ruins remained of the Hokage's Office.

This was the stoic yet crippling sight laid out in front of five stern and stone faces chiseled above. Watching with unfettered yet worried glares as every goal they achieved was undone.

"Old man!" The son of Shikaku flew into panic.

And this alarm only doubled as the shade of his resurrected friend blindsided him like a true sage. Swinging fists too fast to dodge, a bud of ember was brought alight by radiant energy.

Soundly directed towards the living ally from his past, Choji's blow fell short as coiled webs sprang. Saving Shikamaru from harm as his cigarette was instead the singular victim.

"Watch it!" Kidōmaru snarled as four arms tucked him close.

As the hour nearest dawn soon arrived, rays from the moon were all that kept their flight alive. Leaving what was once a great capital as nothing but charred and toppled housing.

Swiveled and swung at the tip of elastic and durable threads too stiff and strong to sever. Golden armor secreted from microscopic pores as every shred of chakra was brought to bear.

Releasing this artificial and webbed net, the ninja he rescued gave distance as ghostly butterflies trailed. Bobbing and lunged between a dozen ripples of blue explosions and eruptions.

"Over here!" Sakon lunged.

Soaring forward with a raised leg and cocked arms, every blow failed to land true as Choji zipped in haste. "Stop moving!" Ukon annoyance was equally multiplied and matched by his brother.

Elite bodyguards and prized students to Orochimaru in the past, both now stood fully loyal to Konoha. Flinging hardened jabs that miserably floundered to breach the reflexes of a Butterfly Sage.

Like Anko, Tayuya and Jirōbō; his preexisting Curse Mark had completely faded from a now naked neck. Denied this once alluring treat and boost in chakra, he was forced to make due without.

Thrust into a moonlit spotlight, this lapse in power became fully apparent as spry arms crossed in front. Forming a thin defense as Choji unleashed the backward directed calf of his left leg.

Holstering too much Senjutsu to bear, Sakon's skin sizzled as blowback caused him to suffer. Pitted and piled against clumps of dirt and soil below before quickly rolling sideways.

Doubling down on this embroiled and clustered exchange to uphold the very future of their newfound home. Six hands from Kidōmaru shot out in rapid repetition like blurred extensions of knuckle.

Evaded or caught by the swift sage they sought to strike, none hit their mark as an aura of azure shone. Unable to achieve even one graze of might until tendrils of darkness arose.

Weaving well-kept secret techniques, Shikamaru's mastery over shadows had no hinderance from the night. Using the radiant miasma of light from a fallen cigarette to fuel his own jutsu.

Like an octopus of black, eight shaded tentacles whipped and coiled amidst a blanket from the moon. Fed and sustained by the firmly pressed palms of a rat seal, well known among the Nara clan.

An offshoot yet improvised branding of the Shadow Stitching Jutsu, he ran as every strand rustled. Used like the lasso of a rope, several stringed voids from the veil struck hovering butterflies.

A victorious advance that held true as soled shoes heavily smooshed dusted soil beneath each step. Earning the dominated ire of his resurrected companion, wings of sapphire sped fast.

Booming into a fierce yet brittle collision between five swept tendrils of black and a singular stout fist. Vibrant sparks permeated the damaged and decrepit remnants they fought beside.

Locked and held in place as battling friends wrestled with conflicting degrees of Ninjutsu and willpower. A balance that continuously shifted as squiggling shade reached into Shikamaru's pouch.

Crinkled from past scuffles, a bag of potato chips was pried open in front of grey-tinted sclerae of envy. Hurriedly crunched and eaten in the midst of a day-long invasion that soon met climax.

"What is that idiot doing?!" Ukon snarled as his brother rose with stiff arms.

Still burnt from past sufferings of Senjutsu, these conjoined twins suddenly spilt into two silhouettes. Gifted the ability to manipulate their own cells since birth, few ever lived to see it.

That's why these demon-like siblings easily stood despite years being spent so close, separating on command. "I don't know, but don't stay gone for long..." Words crept out in annoyance.

Able to fight and live in their own bodies, each preferred to stay whole unless battle demanded otherwise. Reaching this rule of self-input as every past monument of joy abound was ruined.

"I know, I know! We're the same, remember?!" Ukon's bite was far worse than his bark.

Running alongside one another, every step trailed the pre-placed path that familiar brains mapped out. Using instinct and intuition in a blind scramble to overwhelm an undead sage.

Kidōmaru himself spat with two rolling eyes as his third was hidden behind a Konoha headband. Striving to surpass and survive the damned onslaught upon the only place he called home.

Thrusting disconnected yet similar shins forward, blue-haired brothers gathered friction and chakra. Successfully expelling torrential spirals of air as 'Multi-Legged Hurricane' rushed like spillage.

Utilizing this bogged down version of Wind Style: Whirlwind of Feet; kicks continuously lunged forth. Brought to bare like rotating and stout tornados against the revived hero they fought.

Harmful to the living, Choji simply dove straight through with wavering wings that kept his path alight. Barreling without any jutsu or foe strong enough to stop him, he soared like a star.

Paying no heed to the flailed strings of web that coiled to restrain him, azure shone like an eclipse. Enveloping the entirety of Shikamaru's wiggling shape as eight shadows whipped out.

Reduced to crumbs under the sheer weight of Senjutsu fists striking ethereal threads of shade. Flakes of potato chips were sprinkled, decorated and trampled to soil underfoot as battle raged.

Forcibly growing as Kidōmaru entered this melee fray with six arms all coated by grains of gold. An inherited display of Sticky Spider Thread jutsu, he himself wasn't a sage but his mother was.

And these genetics he bore now carried conflict against a true warden of might, long since fallen. Left rigid and stern as numbered hands swung in cooperation with varied shrouds of black.

But each of these rushing tips halted as Choji clasped poorly wrapped palms with vigor and distain. Not towards the lost friend he fought, but the whiskered one that betrayed his trust.

"Butterfly Sage Art: Sparkling Shockwave!" Words dripped like a guttural groan.

Conjuring the swelled husk of a rising tsunami defined and constructed from a thousand butterflies. This escalating count only grew every second as ounces of chakra were freely poured.

Illuminated by this bubbling bulge of light, its aura was brighter than the white and clear moon above. Obscuring the horizon while embroiled ninja in front stood vigilant without blinking.

"That's nothing!" Ukon bit twin thumbs and hastily weaved.

"Triple Rashōmon!" Sakon finished his brothers sentence.

With bloodied flesh pressed to earth, smoke erupted before a trio of iron and metal bridged its radius. Scarlet, emerald and sapphire in tone, each was emblazoned with opposing expressions.

Used to defend as radiant rays of blue washed nearby land, shelter was provided to all behind. Rescuing life and limb as every portion of surrounding terrain was scorched to smoked ash.

Saving Shikamaru and Kidōmaru from all plausible harm that could've been dealt, everyone huddled. Watching with winced eyes as Ukon's famed summoning lost each gate one by one.


Rolling to safety as stiffened hands collided against soiled earth, Shisui evaded all harm from Rock Lee. Shouting with a sweat-drenched face and red skin as veins visually pulsed aside hiccups.

"My friends are risking their lives! I must do the same!" Eyes of glossy white glared.

Standing aloft with the 5th Gate kept open, this Gate of Closing unlatched even more bodily restraints. Gifted profound speed as Lee blindsided Shisui's perfected usage of the Body Flicker technique.

Throwing two bundles of knuckle against his resurrected foe, flaked skin broke off in dispersed chunks. "Nice one, Lee!" Tenten gave praise while following along with racing footsteps.

While this delivered blow was healed in an instant, it gave time for Neji to approach and near with palms. Probing flesh with the precision of Byakugan as pointed fingertips swiftly jabbed.

"It's no good! Even when I disable his chakra points; their just forced right back open." Reluctance was given.

Forced to duck under a horizontal kick as Shisui himself regenerated the missing half of his face. Fuel was given at the price of freedom as the mental image of Rinnegan eyes drove him on.

A host of too much chakra for any Hyūga to break, lifeless hands intercepted flat and flung palms. Hoping to drive battle further before Lee's fiery will bombarded him a second time.

"My youth will disable him!" Slurred spit spewed as gritting teeth cracked.

Breaking through every scrambled hand that sought to withstand him, his bowl-cut hair met wind. Flailing aloft like an unkempt flag in the height of a storm as rays of crimson bathed all.

Splitting his foe vertically in half, crumbed remains fell like ashen piles of grey with speckled soot. Laid still for but a moment until restored movement jostled back like an insect refusing to die.

"Who taught you how to fight like that?" Shisui pondered as living mass rose together.

"Those who need no introduction! Because their own determination speaks for itself!" In truth, he gave credit to more than just one man.

Because it wasn't just Might Guy who gave him drive, or the boundless goal to never give up. Their were countless others, each contributing their own part to play inside his stout heart of youth.

With his olden teacher attaining the rank of Hokage and his newest belonging to the Uchiha clan. Lee understood more than most the overbearing shadow that a great shinobi could cast.

"Not just for their skills or technique! But also the inspiration they gave me everyday, despite the struggle!" His self-rule had been reached.

As lingering seconds bloomed into minutes, every delay meant more deaths on the shinobi battlefield. A reminder that this wasn't some off-handed D-rank mission, it was national warfare.

"And that's why-...!" Weighted soles dug deep into grass-laden soil beneath.

Achieving a rank of power even further beyond what his gawking teammates expected, muscles tore. Too drunk to tell whether his fever-pitched dream was reality or a foreboding nightmare.

"I won't get distracted while those I care about are in danger!" Stumbling suddenly broke once stable footing.

Triggering a shift in pressurized air as the 6th Gate was thrown open with concentrated willpower. The impossible was made probable as his young age was used to advantage instead of hinderance.

Giving commands for his allies to rush ahead and catch up with Sasuke, Lee himself would stay. Whether too stuck in stupor to properly think or too driven in course to diverge or change.

"That's not fair! I'm not supposed to fight back!" Shisui spoke the quiet part out loud.

Left alarmed as blitzing might steamrolled forth with an uprooted blanket of terrain from below. Immortality didn't save this resurrected Uchiha from the brutal beating that loomed ahead.


"I must ask it again..." Naruto stood still in darkness.

Pitted against Kage from each of the Five Great Nations, carefree bewilderment etched itself in place. Lit by glimpses of moonlight from above as passing clouds gave leverage and sight.

Immune to the defeat several of his summoning's suffered, smoke puffed from limp corpses in front. Basked and surrounded by A, Guy, Temari, Deidara and Kisame with an ever-present grin.

"Do you hate me now?" His naked left arm was raised free.

Baked, beaten and bruised in the past, not a single wound or bearing could even be spotted or discerned. Save the singed fabric trimmed from the entirety of his left sleeve and torso.

Responsible for the death of thousands, the execution of children and the outbreak of global war. This orphaned student of Iruka had gone too far to be forgiven, committing too much hate.

"That's a stupid question! I'll grind you under my heel!" The 4th Raikage snarled.

But this response fell upon hollow and deaf ears as Naruto's gaze of amethyst shone like sunlight. Taking hold of his exposed stomach as the Eight Trigram Seal he bore was as black as ink.

"Unless you understand true pain, you'll never understand true peace." Naruto echoed Nagato's meaning.

"And my pain is far greater than yours..." Words dripped like a steady faucet.

Left an orphan on the night of his birth, the parting gift from his parents was a demon sealed inside. Giving raise to hatred and discrimination as numbered civilians dreaded his mere presence.

The death of Iruka, the loss of Hiruzen and Kakashi's sacrifice all served to remind him of the past. Unable to let go or move beyond as tendrils from old continuously polluted swansong memories.

Because the answer to such pain was mucky, floundering in any attempt to break the Cycle of Hatred. Soon nearing completion as every pre-planned part fell precisely into well-timed placement.

Because if the great Kage themselves were asked how to confront hatred, each answer would vary. Falling short to Naruto's fiery will and the concrete reply he gave to Nagato so many moons ago.

Mysterious in meaning and nature, every act was based off this singular determination for true peace. Unbound by the pitted grudges of old or wasted notions of morality too far gone to share.

Even treasured friends were snuffed out of life by his own hands, bearing blood for those he still loved. Offering another tick in the box of loss as prized companions of old were slain without pause.

"Just shut your mouth already." Guy spat with gored gums.

"You have no right to speak of pain when you've caused so much!" He spoke aloud what everyone was thinking.

Labeling this accusation with reason, the 5th Hokage was right to openly bring so much blame to bare. Because it was exactly what his whiskered foe wanted, to drown everyone in pain.

Standing with slouched shoulders and staunch footing as torn Akatsuki robes flailed in an ocean breeze. This rogue shinobi to some was still a hero to others, defined by different definitions.

"You think you're the only one to endure such hardships?!" Bone broke as fists clenched.

Speaking carefully thought words, Guy was right to dredge up what so many in the shinobi world had given. Life, limb and happiness all in the pursuit to find genuine peace and prosperity.

Not a forced peace that grew ever common and prevalent in the ninja world, out of fear from death in war. And not the peace of the grave, achieved only after thousands if not more would fall.

Instead the 5th Hokage spoke only of joyful living, the type of existence when one human would help another. Expecting nothing in return but the sweat upon a mans brow and compassion inside.

"I won't allow you to spit on everything they've sacrificed!" Kakashi's memory turned to fuel.

Igniting his whole body into the epicenter of a crimson shockwave, dusted pebbles sprang loose in all directions. Releasing devastation and demolition upon the engrained shoreline around.

"Lo-... Lord Hokage!?" A himself was forced to wince as arms crossed in front.

Still gathered atop the edge of a circular shaft previously created by the unleashed might of Guy's 8th Gate. Jostled chunks of sand and earth littered the surrounding terrain and coast.

Partially spilt by various ravines carved from the past protrusion of gigantic summoning's, slanted rock was lain. Providing an artificial and inclined ramp that led to the statue-like silhouette of Naruto.

"Now thi-... This is art!" Deidara's sole hand rose to block dirt.

Embroiled and caught by winds too severe to survive, the plastered bird he rode soon puffed into a pile of clay. Losing girth without any ember or detonation, the 4th Tsuchikage freely fell.

Landing with nails that clung to clumps of tan grain, this thud of impact was dampened by Kisame's cackle. "Is this another technique?! How many does he have?!" Temari hid behind her spread fan.

Suddenly cracking the air itself with an ethereal howl, Guy quietly whispered the muffled word "amass". Enabling a surge of scarlet to overcome all as bulging veins burned bright like fire.

Charring soil to soot as skin sizzled beneath the emanating temperature of sweltered chakra and heat. Red locks sporadically danced amidst this wavering breeze, mixing sweat with blood.

Brewing to such extremes that scarlet steam poised the horizon, it resembled a wildly rushing stream. Growing more violent and narrowly controlled with each passing second of gifted chakra.

"Flow!" The 5th Hokage shouted with climatic vigor.

Swollen with an aura too terrible to withstand, his own body smoldered beneath its charring heat. Searing the path ahead into speckled ash as every step sundered sand into baked rock.

"Uu-..." The 4th Raikage was left for a loss of words.

Even Kisame's usual comedic demeanor gave way as a gored miasma took hold of the ocean breeze. Crackling and shattered by the spiritual maw of a dragon-like mass that boiled into sight.

This will be his final attack. Naruto studied the faint chakra network ahead.

Blitzing all distance and room between them, a swift ascension of rising red forced blond strands to waver. Soon congealed by a tangible cloak of violet as the surrounding terrain crumbled.

That technique isn't a joke... Make sure you don't die. Kurama's lazy growl mentally spoke.

Gifting chakra with carefree reluctance, the Nine Tails acted ever so stubborn and quick to enrage or hate. Never one to admit what truly rang through the olden thoughts he bore and carried.

A façade put to the ultimate test as his whiskered Jinchūriki scurried to weave blurred seals. Normally quick enough to outmaneuver even the fastest of Kage, he failed under Guy's shade.

Even the ever-present shield of gravity employed by Rinnegan eyes nearly broke in a sped second. Dismantled and dismayed by the stern and outstretched right heel of the 5th Hokage.

Shattering every bone he brought to bear, splintered shards of skeleton paid the price for a true blow. Breaking his own body beyond the realm of repair, drops of blood were coughed.

Suffering the entire weight of such a loss, Naruto's chest was the first of many things to cave in. Losing much of the same skin and flesh previously lost from Guy's Eight Inner Gates.

But even the organ's beneath gave way to such overbearing brawn and vigor from an ostentatious kick. Truest to definition as every abound and gawking Kage watched with unfettered gazes.

Falling short as muscles tore and ankle weights fell loose, momentum carried the 5th Hokage's foe forward. Plunging the whiskered rogue into a deepened crevasse that grew and spilt under pressure.

Reaching such horizontal depth that the cliff above sudden chipped off, boulders of rock rapidly fell. Unleashing blowback to great too endure, this overhanging precipice soon collapsed on itself.

Like a vomiting mountainside that spat endless spillage of debris, pebbled stone and gigantic rock. This maelstrom of destruction left a once towering edge as nothing but pulverized dirt.

"I can't see! This is an explosion!" Deidara's shouts sounded like whispers.

"Boys always do this!" Temari snarled with soiled hair.

Only Samehada growled with joy as a bountiful feast of chakra permeated the surrounding air. Promptly eaten and devoured as clanking and shredded scales gnawed at thrashing currents.

"Enjoy it while you can... You'll never see this again." Kisame's honed teeth spread to frown.

Speaking the truth, A trailed every ounce of guttered words with perked ears and narrow eyes. Refusing to turn away or hide from the sacrifice of his former rival-turned-friend.

Holding a rigid stance as still and unmoved as a statue while engorged stone of gibber fell like rainfall. He watched with fervor as the vast weight and remnants from Guy's wind rippled.

Leaving pupils that watched in horror as they spotted hideous deformities and bubbling bodily gore. Missing bones, emptied guts and a stolen lung meant nothing to the host of a demon.

"This is why I hate the shinobi world..." Naruto spoke within doused ichor of scarlet.

Rising stiff with twin legs each squirted by droplets of freshly dripped vitality, wounds sizzled aloud. Acting aloof as hung intestines dangled like rope, flesh recovered with the aid of Kurama.

Housed, cocooned and entrapped by dilapidated mounds of ancient, aged and eroded layers of rock. The stretched radius from his past impact left enough room to stand in a puddle of red.

"Because you know my name, but you don't know my pain." Words were outshone by amethyst eyes.

Recuperating every liver, kidney and tendon he previously lost, fluid clumped atop speckled sand. Soon denied its source for boundless drops as every wound healed in the span of seconds.

Taking hold of a jagged piece of overhanging rock, posture was straightened under rays of moonlight. Shifting attention towards the charred and ashen silhouette of an ever-stiff Might Guy.

"And since you never bothered to learn my pain... You'll never see my peace." Limbs lazily locked.

Shambling forth as the blackened legs of the 5th Hokage crumbled beside vibrating and pulverized steps. The last spark of his chakra network faded and dimmed, turning white eyes empty.

Popping ligaments as knuckles hardened at the sight of a lost comrade, A's coating of blue overshadowed all. Accompanied by the audible chew of Deidara's palm while Temari silently stared.

"I'm not so sure about that, I've done some pretty messed up things." Kisame joked about his own misfortune.

But this humor instantly melt as a strangely stern expression took its place, lined by flaring gills. Because the words he spoke carried more weight than most would ever come to realize.

Like every shinobi assembled in attendance, the 6th Mizukage had experienced and lived his own life. Molded and formed by every ounce of bloodshed he witnessed during the 3rd Shinobi War.

With the time span of over a decade since this former bout of global nations, mental scars remained. Left by the lives he stole with past hands, all for the sake of insuring 'stability'.

"So I won't lie, I'll give my honest opinion. You're going too far." Samehada growled amidst his sentence.

Looming tall as the downward scales of his fabled hilt abruptly coiled like the lasso of a thrown rope. They wrapped around the pale and aquatic-friendly skin of its wielders right arm.

Merging two auras of chakra into one, the 4th Raikage stood beside them with repetitive zaps of azure. Joined and rallied alongside the 5th and 4th Kazekage and Tsuchikage from behind.

As minutes turned to hours of day-long battle, every moment heralded another death across shinobi war. An endangering decree that each living ninja would die to halt, just like the 5th Hokage.