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Dozens of Akuma circled around Allen and Lenalee. They were all level twos so they would be dead pretty quickly, considering how much stronger Lenalee and Allen have become.

"Retrieving the innocence will be easy as pie if the mission is easy as this." Allen was confident.

"Well if it's easy as this then expect some trouble heading our way." Lenalee giggled, patting Allen on the back. "Let's go get the innocence before the akuma catch up." Lenalee flew with her innocence, passing tree to tree.

"If there is any left." Allen responded, hurrying along.

It was late out which didn't help because they were in a large secluded forest. This made Allen remember Tyki literally killing him in a similar forest, causing him to shake his head.

"Look!" Lenalee shouted before stopping seconds later.

"Huh?" Allen stopped behind Lenalee, panting. His eye wasn't responding so it wasn't an Akuma.

When Allen looked back up after panting, he spotted a kid that seemed to be lost. What was so weird was that the forest was nowhere near a town or station. This kid Lenalee and Allen saw was crying, his head down. He was definitely lost.

"Are you okay? How'd you end up in the forest?" Lenalee went to the kids level. She was just as concerned and confused as Allen was.

The kid looked up at Lenalee before opening his mouth. He seemed so happy, so safe since he had found people here to save him. "W-Well, I was in town with my mom. We were about to go home but then I saw something catch my eye. I decided to see what it was so when I got there, I ended up here." It was hard for Lenalee and Allen to understand what he was saying since he was just getting over being lost.

"That might be the cause of innocence. What's your name?" Lenalee pat the boy's head, her head tilting.

"My names Oliver." The boy wiped away a tear before going in for a hug.

"Well then Oliver, it seems how you got here was from innocence. I'm pretty sure you're going to be just fine. Now we just need to get back to town, since I'm pretty sure that's where you were from." Allen said as he helped up Oliver and Lenalee.

"We should go back to the town then, if that's where the innocence is." Lenalee agreed.

Allen picked up Oliver. He seemed to be not much heavy. This is where they ran back to town, using their footsteps from before to trail back. When they returned to the town, Oliver was set down as they looked at the streets of people.

"Now we just need to find your mother. I'm pretty sure getting you back home is important just as much." Allen was generous.

Before Lenalee could say something, Oliver was running inside the town.

"Oliver wait up!" Both had said, chasing after him.

"Here! This is where I saw th-" Oliver's eyes widened, following a scream.

"Huh?! Oliver!" Allen ran straight to him, his eye transforming into his cursed eye. An Akuma was guarding the innocence, and right in front of him was Oliver.

"Akuma!" Lenalee shouted. "Innocence, activate!" Lenalee jumped up at the Akuma, bashing its head with her dark boots. This made the Akuma fly back until all was left was air.

Lenalee landed back down, going straight to the kid. "Are you okay?!"

Oliver gave Lenalee a hug. He was hugging pretty tightly, poor kid.

"We got the innocence, thank you Oliver." Allen nodded at Oliver. He was happy for him, being all brave.

"Thank you." Lenalee said to Oliver as well, getting up to brush the dust off her dress.

Oliver had nodded back before seeing his mother, going straight to her. He was so happy to see her, as well as his mother. She was looking for him everywhere. For her to see him again, made Allen and Lenalee smile.

"Well since that's over I guess we can go back to headquarters." Allen said.

"Hey Allen, for some reason.. All this time, I felt we weren't alone. I mean, even with Oliver." Lenalee was scared, holding Allen's hand.

"Now that you mention it, I do felt like we were being watched. Do you think it was an Akuma? I highly doubt it since my eye was triggered. For all we know, it could've just been a silly mouse." Allen scratched his head, having that usual smile of his.

"You're right, I'm sorry Allen." Lenalee smiled back.

"We should get back to headquarters, I bet this innocence would love to have a new home." Allen nodded, along with Lenalee.

They walked out of the town, catching the next train back to headquarters.

There was a shadow figure on top of a house. Nobody had noticed the figure since he/she was being stealthy. It was pretty obvious this figure was watching Allen and Lenalee. The figure disappeared right after Lenalee and Allen had left. The only thing that the figure gave was a smile of interest, along with the word..