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This fic takes place in the middle of the Sailor Moon S saga, the Sailor Soldiers had just turned 15 (since the episode where Usagi's birthday occurred happened in the S saga and the girls were 14 when the series started) Heero and the other wing pilots are 15, though I don't think other than Heero the other pilots will be in this story but then again, nothing is set in stone.

Chapter 1

Recon missions really weren't Heero's style. He much preferred a hard battle against a skilled pilot but since there really weren't many in this time of peace, he had been regulated to regular recon duties. As Heero scanned the open vastness of space around him, he wondered if this was going to be what the rest of his military life would be devoted to.

'Well, then again,' Thought Heero. 'peace is only a break in between wars…'

"Doesn't seem to be any presence of a threat Heero." Came a voice from his radio, "We can probably head back to the colony soon."

"Fine Quatre." He replied

"I wonder if we will see anymore battles in the Gundams." Quatre pondered.

"There have been threats of rogue commanders from the war with small legions of mobile suits so I wouldn't be surprised." Replied Heero.

Heero's radar suddenly gave out a small alert. Heero looked at the panel in front of him and saw that there was a small energy signature originating a few kilometers in front of him. The energy signal was nothing like that given off by a mobile suit or weapon fire. "Quatre, I am going to investigate this energy reading I have picked up."

"I don't think you should Heero, I am getting very strange readings and it is looking pretty unstable. My scanner is picking up very erratic energy waves coming off of it."

"I can't let this go unchecked. I am going to go investigate." insisted Heero.

Against the mild protests of Quatre, Heero directed Wing Zero over to where he was getting the energy marker thinking it might just be electromagnetic interference from a large sailor flare. What he saw was something that would have amazed a normal human, of course the surprised was repressed, this is the perfect soldier after all. In front of the Wing Zero was a small vortex, probably only 600 meters in diameter which swirled counter-clockwise and gave off small electrical pulses that could be seen from Heero's naked eye. It looked a lot like lightning but Heero had never heard of electrical storms in space. Heero went to get a closer look at the phenomenon. Just as he approached, a charge of electricity jolted out of the anomaly right at Wing Zero.

"Shit!" Cursed Heero.

Apparently the small bolt had acted as an electromagnetic pulse, thus effectively knocking out Heero's systems for a limited time. But Heero soon realized, he needed his boosters now because the small hole was beginning to pull him in with a now apparent gravity. As of the moment, the only things online were Heero's life support and transmitter.

"Quatre, my systems have been disabled and I am beginning to get sucked into this thing."

Quatre wasn't sure but he thought he could actually detect a hint of worry and urgency in the soldier's voice. "Heero I am on my way! Just hold on I'll get you out of there!"

Quatre fired his boosters up to full speed and Sandrock Kai bolted off into the direction of Wing Zero. Unfortunately as he neared Heero, he arrived to see the Wing Zero fall into the hole. Quatre's radar began to go out of control as the hole began to emit more strange pulses of energy and in front of Quatre's eyes, he could see a major amount of light that looked like lightning pulse from around the small hole. Quatre's eyes widened as he saw that the hole began to actually swirl a bit faster and the vortex's size actually began to decrease.

"Heero!" Cried Quatre as he used the full speed of the Sandrock Kai to jet towards the closing phenomenon. Unfortunately he arrived too late. As soon as the hole closed, a large shockwave not to dissimilar to that of a shockwave caused by a nuclear device was unleashed where the hole was. As soon as Sandrock was hit, his equipment was also disabled. But more importantly, the hole that Wing Zero was sucked into was gone, and Heero's Gundam was nowhere to be seen.

"Dammit!" Quatre's cried as his helpless voice called out to the emptiness of space around him.


Well, that's it for this first chapter. I want you to read the fic that helped inspire this one. It is called "Boy Meets Girls" by Julian Soulard. A SM/DBZ fic that is very creative and funny if I do say so myself. Any guesses to where Heero went? Well, since this is the Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon section, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. I'll try and get the next chapter up as soon as possible, but I am a college student, and studies do come first. Oh yeah, if anyone of you are physics majors and say something like "That could never happen…" or "that's not right, the true properties of electromagnetic waves are…" just remember this is fanFICTION. I do know the basics of physics but organic chemestry and microbiology and immunology are more of my forte. Oh yeah, please review as this is my first fic. Adios