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Chapter 40

"Heero what are you going to do!?" Sailor Moon frantically questioned.

"It's simple. Just in case things don't go as you hope, this is the backup plan."

"Are you planning on killing everybody?" Sneered Mistress Nine releasing her hold on Professor Tomoe's neck, "You are a fool! There is no way you would go through annihilating the entire island. Not to mention you'll be taking the lives of your friends down with the both of us!"

"I am quite aware of that. But it is better that than the entire world falling into ruin."

"Heero, you can't do that! So many innocent people would die!" Sailor Moon pleaded.

"Usagi," Heero said addressing her true name, "there is a reason why I haven't fired the rifle yet. For all we know it may be truly too late for the girl but I am throwing away my own doubts and placing my hopes and the hopes of the others in you." Heero looked into her eyes, "You are that girl's, this city's, and this entire planet's last hope."

Usagi's resolve returned with Heero's words, "I understand. I will bring Hotaru back and no one will die. I promise!"

Mistress Nine laughed, "This is amusing! The boy is giving the heroine an ultimatum that he'll blow up the city unless the child that no longer exists can be saved!? It doesn't matter at all! Once Pharaoh 90 is here your little toy will be nothing more than a harmless gnat compared to his power!"

"Well then, I hope he gets here within the next five minutes." Heero stated pulling out his phone. On it a countdown was shown to the defiant villainess, "When this timer ends, Wing Zero fires regardless."

"You didn't mention that part!" Screamed Sailor Moon as her new resolve was suddenly shaken.

"Well then Sailor Moon, I suggest you hurry." He retorted.

"H…Hotaru…" gasped a weakened Professor Tomoe trying to get to his feet, "Please, come back. Return to the Hotaru that we all know is in there.

"Oh it's you again? I completely forgot you were here." Mistress Nine scoffed as she picked Professor Tomoe up by the neck this time using her hand. The woman giggled as she slowly choked the life out of the professor.

"Stop it! Stop it now!" Sailor Moon cried. Professor Tomoe summoned what strength he had left to bring up his hand and place it on the hand of Mistress Nine that was currently strangling him and gave her a weak smile.

"I love you Hotaru."

"Papa?" Mistress Nine released him. She then gave an anguished scream and collapsed to the floor with her hand clutching her chest. "Impossible! This body is rejecting me?"

Uranus saw this as a perfect opportunity, "Now! Finish her Sailor Moon!"

"No!" She screamed back, "Because, Hotaru…Hotaru is alive!"

"Don't be fooled!" Yelled Sailor Neptune, "It's just a trick!"

Professor Tomoe crawled over to Mistress Nine who looked like she was writhing in agony, "Hotaru does it hurt?"

"The…the Grail…"


"If only I had the Grail…"

Sailor Moon cup her hands together as the warm glow of the Grail appeared. "Why? What are you doing Sailor Moon?" Uranus whispered in a hopeless voice. The light slowly took form into the shape of the cup and manifested onto Sailor Moon's hands.

Heero stepped forward and put his hand on Sailor Moon's shoulder. "You do realize what you are doing right?" Sailor Moon nodded, "Then you do realize the consequence of this action if she is acting? The choice you make here could be a choice that saves one child or destroys the world."

"Hotaru is in there. I know it."

"You do have a 3rd option you know." Heero suggested brandishing his gun, "Not making a choice at all. If you don't want to then I could…"

"No!" Screamed Sailor Moon, "This is the right thing to do! You said you would believe in me so please, believe in what I am doing!"

Heero sighed, "Very well then." Truthfully, he did not believe the words of the dark woman in front of them but he did give Sailor Moon his word. As a last resort, he did have Wing Zero, but that would mean the deaths of all of them. 'I've definitely gone soft.'

"Boy! Stop her!" Uranus shouted at Heero. He made no effort to move or even acknowledge his words. "Can you not hear me? You're the only one who can do something about this!" Still Heero ignored her. Sailor Moon walked towards Mistress Nine, Grail in hand. Each step echoed throughout the grotesque room as if Death itself was coming.

"You're not the Messiah! You have no right to do what you please with the Grail!" Yelled Sailor Neptune

"Hotaru is still alive! We can't save the world unless Hotaru dies? Is that what you really believe? Is that the only way? I refuse to believe that!"

"Is that? The Grail?" Asked Professor Tomoe. Sailor Moon nodded. "Please, can I?" Sailor Moon placed the Grail in his hands giving him a reassuring smile that everything would be alright. "Thank you." He hurried over to his daughter with the chalice, "Hotaru, this Grail, this is what you need right?"

"Yes…hurry please Papa." The Professor placed the Grail in her hands, and her face which had a look of pleading, innocence, and pain was soon replaced with an evil sadistic grin. The dark lady stood up holding the Grail high above her head and cackled maniacally.

"The Grail! It is mine at last!" An energy wave of incredible force blew back Tomoe and Sailor Moon and even Heero had to brace himself to avoid getting knocked over. "Sailor Moon." Sneered Mistress Nine, "After I greet Pharoah 90 I will give you a special choice. You may die or continue living as the body of a daimon."

Regaining his balance, Heero looked over at the situation walking over to Sailor Moon. "Am I really going to have to intervene in this?" He asked himself, "Usagi, we may not have a choice now…"

"Hotaru!" Sailor Moon cried ignoring Heero's words, "Hotaru you can hear me right!?" Mistress Nine's face contorted and grunted.

"It's no use." said Mistress Nine is a surprisingly calm voice, "No matter what you say, it's too late now.

'I saw it.' Heero thought glancing over at Sailor Moon, 'It was just for a couple seconds, but there was definitely something conflicting inside that woman's mind. That girl does indeed still exist. But the question is, do we have the time now?'

"Hotaru or the world, I won't let either of them die! I am not going to let you do as you please!" Sailor Moon screamed.

"Why don't you give up? This Grail is the purest crystal that exists. Love, hate, happiness, anger, sadness…all these are concentrated within here. In order to win now, you'd have to find a heart that is even more pure than the Grail itself." Mistress Nine smiled as she took the Grail to a glass capsule and placed it inside. And then, all hell broke loose and everyone watched as the Grail shattered.

Sandrock Kai's sensors were going off the charts. Wave after wave of torrential energy was emanating from inside the building. "What the hell is going on, what happened in there?"

On the ground the remaining Sailor Soldiers could barely hold themselves together. "What is happening?" Sailor Mars shrieked.

"What is going on inside!?" Sailor Jupiter yelled as a daimon bit into her leg.

"Sailor Moon!" Sailor Venus echoed in horror. Back inside Sandrock Kai, Quatre watched as the rest of the building was blown apart inside the barrier leaving only its foundation.

"Heero! What the hell is happening in there?" No response came from his communicator. He looked up at Wing Zero looming precariously over the shattered remains of the structure wondering if at any time it would let loose it's weapon powerful enough to level an entire city. "Heero, I hope you have a good hold on the situation in there." Quatre closed his eyes, and silently said a prayer.

Mistress Nine's psychotic laughter permeated the air. In front of her was a pink dome made of pure energy that she seemed to be almost worshipping. "Yes! This way Pharaoh 90!" Beams of light fired out of the dome in all directions chaotically and without any restraint.

"Look!" Sailor Uranus said in a hopeless and admonishing tone to Sailor Moon, "Look at the result of your idealistic methods! This is all your doing!"

Sailor Moon either unfazed or simply ignoring her words raised her staff up and pointed it at the dome. "Moon Cosmic Power!" A projection of light shone from the staff into the dome but a torrent of energy countered her attack and knocked her to the ground knocking her staff across the floor. Heero could barely make out what had transpired, but from what it looked like, there was a creature approaching them from inside the dome. A tentacled abomination that looked almost Lovecraftian. It gave off a feeling of complete nothingness. An empty void. He ran over to where Sailor Moon had fallen.

"It may be too late."

"No!" she screamed back and gave him a look of pure defiance that Heero had never seen her gave to him personally.

Mistress Nine gave a smug look, "You cannot even undergo your second transformation anymore. How do you even hope to stop the Silence? You should just get on your knees and accept what is coming-" She wasn't able to finish her sentence. A stream of energy from the dome overtook her and left Mistress Nine screaming in agony, "Impossible!" Heero covered his eyes as a blinding flash overwhelmed the area. He opened his eyes as the flash dissipated to see Professor Tomoe cradling an unconscious Mistress Nine in his arms. In front of the both of them was Sailor Moon, badly burned. She had shielded the both of them from the remainder of the blast.

"What do you think you are doing?" Heero asked as he ran over to catch her as she collapsed on the ground, "Do you understand if you die then there really will be no hope for this place."

Sailor Moon gave a weak smile, "Sorry, but I had to." The dome of energy finally stopped its barrage, and turned a pitch black. A type of black that if one were to look into it would be as if they were staring into a void that they would never escape from. Professor Tomoe seemed completely oblivious to the events surrounding him as he held his daughter in his arms.



"Papa, where are you? It's dark in here."

Professor Tomoe smiled, "I'm right here Hotaru."

"Papa, I have to saved Chibi-Usa, please let me out of here." Tears started to flow down the professor's face.

"I'm sorry Hotaru, I don't know how. Please forgive me." The girl in Professor Tomoe's arms opened her eyes and looked up at him.

"Papa?" Sailor Moon and Heero gasped. It wasn't Mistress Nine in that body anymore. It was Hotaru, but she still had the adult body…

The girl grit her teeth in disgust and a dark star manifested on her forehead. She let out a deafening scream as Professor Tomoe was thrown across the room. "Don't come here! Don't come you pest! Just begone already! Even if you live your life is completely useless! Don't get in our way! No! I will not!"

"What's happening?" Sailor Moon asked.

"A battle." Heero responded, "One we cannot intervene in. Mistress Nine and Hotaru are fighting for control of the body." The black star on Mistress Nine's forehead began to crack until it eventually shattered…replacing it was the symbol of Saturn. The woman screamed at the top of her lungs and the body disintegrated into thin air.

Sailor Uranus looked on wide eyed, "The revival of the Warrior of Ruin…"

Mamoru sat on his bed hoping, praying that the others were doing okay. Chibi-Usa's lifeless body was on his lap, sustained only by his own life force. Seeing his future daughter in this state tore his heart out but he had faith that Sailor Moon and the others would pull through. His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of an apparition in front of him. The apparition slowly took the form of the shape of a young girl in a Sailor Soldier outfit, but it was one he had not seen before. "Who are you?" Luna and Artemis ran into the room.

"Sailor Saturn!" The Sailor Soldier smiled gently.

"Chibi-Usa, it'll be alright now." She brought her hands out in front of her and a heart crystal manifested. It slowly floated over to Chibi-Usa and disappeared near her chest. Chibi-Usa began to stir and opened her eyes. "Thank you Chibi-Usa." Sailor Saturn said, and she vanished out of the room.

"Pharaoh 90 is getting stronger!" Shouted Sailor Uranus. The earth violently quaked with enough force to shatter the bindings holding Sailors Uranus and Neptune. The sky was blood red and the pure black mass was starting to grow devouring all in its path. Sailor Uranus limped towards Sailor Moon, "In the end, everything we did went to waste? All our efforts were for nothing."

Sailor Neptune was clutching a horribly bleeding wound on her arm, "This is the end."

The hopelessness that Sailor Uranus had was soon replaced by anger, "Are you satisfied with this Sailor Moon?" Sailor Moon did not respond, just looked forward into the black mass, "Answer me!" she screamed as she broke down in tears. Heero heard the desperation in her voice and started to believe that perhaps the trust in Sailor Moon was misguided after all.

"I have no choice," Heero told himself as he reached into his pocket but stopped himself when a girl in a sailor uniform suddenly appeared before them.

"Sailor Moon," called out a gentle voice. The others looked up to see Sailor Saturn smiling at them, "Thank you so much for protecting my body."


"I am no longer Hotaru. The only one who can stop the Silence now from overtaking the entire world is me. Please, I will handle the rest."

"Wait! I'll go with you!"

"No, you cannot. The only way to defeat Pharaoh 90 is to enter its core and destroy it from the inside. I don't know about your second form, but the way you are now, you would not even be able to even approach Pharaoh 90 let alone stop it. This is my job now."

Tears began to stream down Sailor Moon's face, "What will happen to you when you defeat Pharaoh 90?"

"The reason I am called the Warrior of Ruin is because I possesses enough power to destroy an entire planet. However, when I use that power, I myself will also be destroyed." Sailor Saturn raised her hand into the air and a fearsome glaive that looked it was meant to reap death itself manifested in her hand.

"You can't!" Sailor Moon cried darting forward, only to be met with the end of Sailor Saturn's glaive inches from her face stopping her dead in her tracks.

"Farewell." Sailor Saturn whispered jumping into the black void. The sound of a battle could be heard soon raging within. Sounds that were incomprehensible to the human mind rang out from the source resembling something like a mass of humanity screaming out in pure agony.

"Hotaru!" Sailor Moon ran to the mass but was thrown back screaming by an unknown force. Heero ran over to her to help her up.

"Stop this, this is beyond even you. Let a soldier do her duty." Sailor Moon pushed him away crawling on all fours towards the mass. She placed her hand on her chest.

"Crisis! Make up!"

Nothing happened.

"Crisis! Make up!"

Nothing happened.

Sailor Moon began to cry uncontrollably. "Crisis! Make up! Crisis! Make up!" Each call was sounding more and more desperate. "Please transform!" she sobbed pounding her fist into the ground over and over again in frustration until her hand started to bleed.

"Usagi!" Heero said catching her hand, "Usagi you have to control yourself! You have to realize the limits of what even you can do!" Sailor Moon buried her face in Heero's chest and cried soaking his shirt with tears. Uranus and Neptune looked at the scene even with even their hearts moved by the girl's desperation.

"Crisis…make up…" she whispered though the tone of her voice proved she knew that it wouldn't work.

Incredible energy readings were emanating from the mass below Quatre, however from what it seemed like the void has ceased growing. "Is it over?" he asked. "What is going on down there?" Sandrock Kai's computer started beeping. Four new energy sources were detected. Magnifying them he saw four lights, blue, red, green, and orange. A few seconds later a yellow and aqua color came on screen.

"The girls?" he wondered. Whatever it was, something was about to happen. Quatre just prayed that it would be something good for once.

Heero held Sailor Moon as her body was racking with sobs, "Usagi it's alright. There are some things in this world that have to happen no matter how tragic it is. You must realize…" he stopped mid-sentence. Sailor Moon's tiara began to shine. A menagerie of brilliant colors shone from the center of it like light after it had entered a prism. She slowly stood up closed her eyes and screamed at the sky putting all her anger, frustration, sadness, desperation, and determination into her voice.

"Crisis! Make up!" A bright flash emanated from Sailor Moon's body. Pure wings of light manifested on her back and Sailor Moon's outfit slowly began to change. Heero was at a loss for words. Despite everything he told her about how it was alright and to let it go, she still did not give up. And now because of that Heero could not believe the sight in front of him. Sailor Moon defying all…had transformed into Super Sailor Moon.

"How?" He whispered, as he watched the girl wordlessly make her way over to the void and vanish into the darkness within. The sounds coming from inside intensified, and then slowly became silent. The violent winds soon died down, the black clouds covering the sky soon began to break apart letting the sunlight warm his face, and after that, the void itself shrank and vanished leaving nothing more than a crater where it once was. In the sky, small fragments of light in the shape of butterflies fluttered down to the surface and converged together. Heero witnessed Sailor Moon manifest out of those wings of light and she stood there along, silently clutching a small baby girl. Her exhausted eyes were of those of a person who had just seen Hell itself and had lived to tell about it. The four other girls, battle weary themselves gingerly made their way over to her. Behind Heero, he heard Sandrock Kai land on the ground and the cockpit open. Without looking he waited for Quatre to come over to him.

"Looks like they did it."

"That girl," Heero said, "I think she may be one of the most amazing beings I have ever seen."

Quatre laughed, "That doesn't sound like something you usually say."

"Even after all I had witnessed in this strange world, she still transcended any boundaries that I thought would be impossible to overcome."

"Well, that's just how she is, unbelievable in more ways than one." Quatre saw Heero take his phone out of his pocket. On it the phone read 0:00. "What's that?"

"A bluff." Heero responded putting the phone back in his pocket, "A risky one."

"For what?"

Heero gave a small smile, "Motivation."

That night Heero and Quatre slept like they hadn't slept in days. The battle that the two of them experienced was enough to wipe out even the most hardened of soldiers. They also needed their rest, for this night was going to be the last night on this world. Come morning it would be time for them to leave. Given that fact, the girls insisted on having one last get together to celebrate the end of the Death Busters and the boys' final evening.

"Can you believe that it is all finally over?" Quatre asked as he and Heero walked to their destination.

"I can't believe the last several months I've had here, how am I to believe exactly what the term "over" is?"

Quatre chuckled at his teammate's response. Sure the guy may have been an emotionless statue when they first met, but at the very least, he was happy that Heero's interactions with both the other pilots and the girls have molded him into at least some sort of human being.

"Hey boy!" A voice called out interrupting Quatre's thoughts. Both of them recognized who it was. There was only one person who called Heero "boy".

"Hello Haruka." The two women whose alter egos consisted of Sailors Uranus and Neptune walked over to them. Heero still thought they looked off since the vast majority of the time when he interacted with the two of them was when they were in their sailor outfits.

"Rumor has it you two are leaving tomorrow." Haruka said.

"Indeed." Heero remarked, "And what of you two?"

"We are doing the same." Michiru replied, "I think we can leave things to them. Especially to her."

Heero was a little amused, "So you acknowledge her?"

"She's proven what she's capable of. I think we can both agree on that. But anyone would admit on first glance that there is no way that she would be capable or accomplishing what she has accomplished." Replied Haruka.

Quatre chuckled, "Well she and the entire group have proven that they can handle things on their own, even without us interfering."

"What happened to the other one?" Heero asked.

Michiru responded with a sad but grateful look in her eyes, "She…she made a decision that violated a terrible taboo. But if it weren't for her, we would not be standing here right now."

"I see, if a time comes when you see her again, give her my regards."

Haruka and Michiru smiled, approaching Heero and Quatre they each extended their hands out as a final goodbye, "Don't change too much, you'll forget who you are."

"I'm still uncovering who I am." Heero replied as he shook their hands, "Though, I think we both learned enough that perhaps we shouldn't jump to judgments based on outside appearances or past experiences."

"Of course." Said Michiru as she and Haruka began to depart, "Take care, do try and come back here every now and then, you know just to check up on them."

The two Gundam pilots made their way to Rei's shrine where the festival would be occurring. They didn't even have time to knock before the door burst open as Minako sprinted out to them. "Come in! Come in! You're late! What the hell kept you?" She demanded as she shoved the two of them inside, "Sit! Eat! This is your last night here!" The two boys were placed in the middle of the group which consisted of the girls, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa. Heero even thought he saw the two cats around but he usually makes a specific point not to make too much conversation with them. Even in a world where young girls can flail about with magic powers, him talking to cats is something he wants to refrain from if he wants to keep some semblance of sanity.

"So how are you feeling?" Quatre asked Usagi.

"Great! Professor Tomoe was very grateful, even though the Hotaru as we know no longer exists, she'll grow up now as a normal child." Chibi-Usa looked a little disheartened and Quatre stroked her hair.

"Don't worry, she'll be the same person who became your friend, it's just you'll be the older one this time."

"Yeah!" Replied Chibi-Usa brightening up. The night slowly continued with recollections of their times together, stories of the past that occurred before the two Gundam pilots arrived that the two boys were curious about, and a strange contest to see who could make Heero laugh. Nobody won. Eventually all the chattering and cheerfulness was too much for Heero to handle and he excused himself from the room and sat on the steps outside the shrine and looked up at the stars.

"Why would you leave your own going away party?" Asked Quatre's voice as he walked over and sat down next to Heero.

"Those girls can only be taken in so much at one time. Kind of like a bitter medicine."

Quatre laughed, "You've seemed to have developed a bit of a sense of humor."

"Quatre," said Heero changing the subject, "what is it that brought me to this place? Why am I here?"

Quatre looked up at the sky for a few seconds before responding, "Who knows. There are many things in the universe that we don't know about. We've even learned that our universe isn't the only universe. Perhaps it was a physical anomaly, perhaps it was some higher power. What do you think?"

Heero closed his eyes and responded, "I would think that perhaps I needed them, and they needed me."

"Then perhaps that is what created it. Your hidden need for each other or even a need for a conduit to help you see what it is like to not be The Perfect Soldier. Of course, we'll never know. For all we know it could be some sick prankster who thought it'd be funny to throw a Gundam into this dimension just to see what would happen."

The pondering of the two boys was interrupted as footsteps approached behind then. "Am I interrupting anything?"

"No of course not Ami." Replied Quatre as he stood up, "I'm going to go back in to make sure that Rei and Usagi haven't killed each other. They looked pretty intense arguing over who had cuter feet." The Arabic boy walked away and Ami took his place on the steps next to Heero.

"So this is your last night here. What are you thinking about?" Asked Ami.

"What brought me here and why I was brought here."

"I see." Ami figited a bit and looked away from Heero, "If…if you were given the choice whether you even came here in the first place or not, would you come here?"

"No," Heero answered frankly. Ami grit her teeth as tears threatened to fall from her eyes, "that's what I would have answered before I came here. But now, it's not a matter of me wanting to come here or not, the fact was is that I needed to come here."

Tears freely poured from Ami's eyes as she turned away from Heero, not wanting him to see her in this state, eventually she got the composure to talk, "I...go…"


"I…don't want you to go…" She sobbed starting to freely cry.

"I have to go, we both know that I am needed in my own world. If the situation were reversed, you know full well you would do the same. Neither of us would abandon our duties."

"What if you forget about us?"

Heero stared at her for a few seconds then placed his hand on the back of her head and touched his forehead with hers. "Listen," he began, "if it weren't for you and you alone, I would have been in my apartment not caring at all about what was going on. I would have been in complete solitude isolated from the world around me. The events that just transpired, I probably would have simply looked out the window and wondered what the strange weather phenomenon was over a single building in downtown Tokyo. I probably would have even disregarded the Sailor Soldiers' existence as a trick or some effective but ridiculous crime fighting group." Heero paused a bit before continuing.

"But, you were the one who approached me, who helped me trust the people here. You were the one who opened up to me and first accepted me. You were the one who showed me that even those who are "civilians" in my eyes can be a great warrior. It's all thanks to you Ami, and for that I will always be grateful." Heero placed a light kiss on her cheek as Ami burst into tears and cried on his shoulder. They remained like that for a few minutes with Ami crying and Heero lightly stroking the back of her head in assurance, until they eventually both went back inside and finished Heero and Quatre's final night.

The next morning the group had assembled near the docks of Tokyo Bay for the final farewell. Makoto was the first to make the move, catching Quatre off guard. "I am going to miss you so much! She exclaimed pulling Quatre to a crushing hug.

"Yeah," Quatre choked out, "but you're going to be holding a funeral for me here if you don't realize your own strength."

"Oh sorry!" Makoto moved over to Heero next, "I am going to beat you one day hand to hand! I'm not going to forget that one time when you lost your heart crystal. You really hurt me!"

"You better train then." Makoto moved in to hug him. Heero made a small effort to try and return the gesture, but he still wasn't used to such contact. Rei moved in next but instead of hugging each individually, she wrapped each of her arms around each of the boys' necks and pulled them in.

"You better come back!" she wailed as she began to cry, "You'll come back right?"

"It'll be awhile," Quatre told her, "but we do have the technology. It's just the we'd have to find the time for us to come here again." Rei released her hold and looked at Heero.

"We…probably will be able to find time."

"Yes!" exclaimed Rei and she embraced the both of them again.

"Duo would insist anyway," Quatre stated, "after we tell him of this place he'll probably bother us on an hourly basis until we agree to bring him here."

Minako approached Quatre next, her blue eyes shimmering with tears, she wrapped her arms around his torso. "You're telling the truth right? You'll come back?"

"I wouldn't lie about something like that." Responded Quatre.

Minako pulled back from her hug and looked at Quatre and smiled. She quickly darted forward and planted a kiss on his face causing the blonde pilot to blush, "Just to make sure you don't forget about me." She whispered before moving onto Heero. However instead of doing the standard hug, Minako had a mischievous grin on her face. Before even the Perfect Soldier could react, Minako glomped Heero's back forcing him to give her a piggy back ride.

"I'm not letting go until you say I can drive that thing."

"Guess you're coming with me then."

"Come on," she pleaded, "I won't mess anything up!"

"Perhaps I can save you the trouble and just activate the self-destruct mechanism right here. The result would be the same."

"Minako," Makoto said in a logical voice, "that thing has the power to blow up the entire city." Minako let go of Heero and stuck her tongue out at Makoto.

"Fine! You both are the biggest buzzkills I've ever met!" The blonde quickly got over her pouting and winked at Heero before giving him a proper goodbye hug.

Next was Ami, she was already beginning to cry so Quatre walked over to her and put his arms on her shoulders. "You have changed Heero more than even he would admit. I have to thank you for it. You've shown him what it is to truly be human." She nodded before slowly walking over to Heero. Ami simply leaned her head into his chest.

"You promise you'll come back right? You have the ability to come back so you can come back right?"

Without saying a word, Heero took his hand and pressed her head against his chest. For a moment they stayed that way. Eventually he released her and she looked up at him.

And he smiled.

It was a reassuring smile, one that Ami had never seen out of him. Ami smiled back at him and nodded.

Chibi-Usa then ran up to Quatre and hugged his leg, "Bring me a souvenir from your place next time you come!"

"Of course!" Quatre said to her rubbing her hair. The child then ran to Heero and attached herself to his leg.

"Remember when I did this to you causing you to lose your fight?"

"I still have the bruise on my chest thanks to your interference." Heero curtly replied. Chibi-Usa laughed and detached herself. Next Mamoru approached. Instead of sappy hugs and tears, he simply smiled and nodded at each pilot after giving a firm handshake. There was no need to be emotional. Sometimes, between men, there are ways to express words without actually saying them. However, there was one girl who was turned away from the group.

"Usagi?" Minako asked, "Aren't you going to say good bye?"

"Don't wanna."

Makoto walked over to her, "Usagi, come on you know they're about to leave, we don't know when we sell them again."

"I hate goodbyes!"

"Usagi!" Quatre called to her, "Good-byes are very rarely permanent!" Usagi turned around. Her cheeks were puffed, her eyes bloodshot, it was obvious she had been crying for a long time. She walked to Quatre making sure to avoid eye contact until he wrapped his arms around her torso. "I'll miss you."

"Uh-huh." She sniffled. He released her, and backed away a bit. Usagi wrapped her arms around herself and then forced her head to look up into Heero's eyes. The cold Prussian Blue that looked like they wanted to kill someone when they first met were replaced with a gentleness that she had not seen. And that is when the weight of finality hit her. Usagi cried out and ran to Heero crashing her head into his chest and squeezing his body with a tight hug.

"If you don't come back, I'm going to invent my own dimension thingy and drag you back here!"

Heero let out a small sigh, "Usagi," he said cupping both her cheeks in his hands, "you are a lazy, incapable, crybaby with absolutely no skills for battle. And you are the most amazing leader I have ever met. You have taught me that limits are something that can be overcome instead of impenetrable barriers and that is something I will always be cherish from you. I have learned more from you than any teacher, expert, or human being that I have met." Usagi looked at him and managed a smile before wiping her eyes.

"Then this teacher orders you to come back here when you can!" Heero smiled as behind the two of them, Wing Zero and Sandrock Kai slowly emerged from the depths below, the pilots waved a final farewell to them as they walked to their machines.

"Quatre!" yelled Minako after him, "You'll let me drive your giant robot right?"

Quatre looked over his shoulder at her, "If you're a good girl!" The group watched as the two of them climbed in their cockpits. The eyes of the two Gundams brightened and began to hover in the air. Flying up into the sky, a beam of light shot out from Sandrock Kai's chest and developed into a green mass in the air which looked like a whirlpool in which both mechas flew into and vanished. The whirlpool slowly faded away into thin air and was gone.

And witnessing it all, the five girls smiled. Because they knew that it was true. Farewells are rarely permanent.

The End

It's done! After a decade this is over! I'd like to thank those of you who stuck with me through it, those of you who jumped in part way, and those of you who one day may read this story years in the future.

Sequel? I honestly am not planning on one right now. Time issues are a problem and it is no secret that these shows haven't been seen on TV in years so there aren't as many fans as there were before (though the new Sailor Moon anime may help revive the franchise). Even if I were to write a sequel it would be a bit more "traditional" involving all the pilots and would probably be structured like a series of one-shots connected by a very loose plot. Trying to translate battle scenes into writing then trying to shoehorn Heero and Quatre into them took forever to try to figure out. But who knows, maybe one day I'll get the urge to suddenly sit at the computer and start typing like I did over 10 years ago.

And so, perhaps one day you'll see something from me again. But if not, I thank all of you for reading this work of mine. If I entertained at least one of you, then it was worth it.