"Hey, peaches!"

"Mom!" Sebastian's face turned tomato red, "I asked you not to call me that!"

"No, you said not to call you that at work," she answered cheerfully, "but you're at home now."

"Well," he looked flustered, opening the door to let her in, "I just don't think that you should get in the habit, that's all."

"I would never embarrass my sweet smart boy in front of his friends!" she patted his cheek as she stepped inside, "Even if I don't understand why he has put himself in danger, and carry a gun, and arrest very bad people."

"Aww, mom!" he protested, "I thought we went through this before I went off to FLETC."

"Yeah, but I didn't think that you'd really do it."

"I've been a agent for over a year," he reminded her, "and I love it."

"I thought you were happy working with Dr. Wade in the lab," she said, tearing up a little, "and then I heard that you were almost arrested-"

"Aww, come on, mom," he was growing frustrated, "I am happy in the lab and I'll always love Loretta-but when I got kidnapped and helped them capture those guys...I just liked the feeling of doing more and I still do."

"But, that's not you!" she argued, "That's not the sweet smart boy that I raised! Remember your fifth birthday party? You-"

"Mom!" he snapped, "stop it! I'm not five anymore! And, another thing, I helped them solve that case when my own butt was on the line too! I figured that one out and they arrested the guy that framed me!""

"I'm still the boy you raised!" he continued, after pausing to collect his courage, "Only now I'm a man who can carry a gun, and help people who are in trouble, and stop terrorists, and protect the people I love, and protect the city I love-"

He stopped when he noticed the tears sliding down her cheeks, "What?"

"I just realized that my little peaches is all grown up," she choked up, "You're not my little baby anymore, are you?"

"Aw, mom," he turned tomato red again as opened his arms for her to run into, "I'll always be your baby. Just-just don't cry anymore."

"I love you, peaches," she said, brightening as she stared into his eyes, asking a silent question.

He took the hint and hung his head for a moment, feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, but finally gave in.

"I love you too, cream."

Author's Note: So, how many people think that it's weird that they've never brought Sebastian's hyper-protective mom back into the plot? They've had ample opportunity with him becoming an agent and then being accused of murdering an unarmed man, so where is she? Here's hoping that they'll bring her back sometime in season 5!