"Dammit" a small 6 year old blond haired boy cursed as he was being chased by a group of villagers. The reason for this was due to the boys constant pranks he would play on the village in order to get attention.

For years he would try to get the attention of others. Why you ask? It was because on his birthday the Kyuubi no kitsune attacked Konoha. The Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze was able to defeat the nine tailed beast and sealed inside Naruto's twin sister Yui Namikaze. Somehow both Minato and Kushina both survived. Yui was seen as the savior of Konoha.

All seemed to be well except for the fact that Naruto's parents didn't really look after Naruto, instead they both put all of their attention on Yui. They started to training her about 2 whole years before they even considered teaching Naruto anything.

Yui was a natural at Ninjutsu. She was already in the academy by the time she was five and was considered just a big genius as her dad was when he was a genin.

For the last few years people would address Naruto as the Yondaimes son or Yui-samas nii-san they wouldn't call Naruto by his name and he started feeling left out and unimportant.

Naruto soon after started his pranking on the people of Konoha and because of that was seen as a disgrace by many people who thought 'how could the son of the noble Yondaime Hokage play such pranks'. Many people gave him cold glares. And thought that the small boy was some how the kyuubis reincartion that was sullying the name of their beloved hokage. Hence most of the villagers refused to even see the small blond boy as the son of the Yondaime.

Now a few chuunins joined the mob and soon Naruto was unable to escape as the chuunin grabbed him and pinned him on the wall before harshly punching him.

"Today we restore the honor of the Yondaime!" one of the men in the mob yelled as other roared in agreement.

"Why, why are you doing this." Naruto cried as he was being restrained.

"Don't worry, we won't kill you demon but the shame you bring to the Yondaime ends today". One of the chuunin knocked the small blond out.

Soon some jounin came to the mob one of the chuunin handed Naruto to one of them and said "You know what must be done. Take him out of the village and dump him somewhere where he can't be found."

The jounin that now held Naruto nodded in agreement. He ran away leaving Konoha and ran at a very fast pace. Soon he came accross a river into which he tossed little Naruto and then turned back and ran away.

Back in konoha his so called family didn't even notice that he was missing and went on with there lives which revolved around there daughter who despite knowing her brother was missing didn't speak up as she thought it was one of his usual pranks.

The unconscious naruto started flowing in the direction of the flow of water. To somewhere, where konoha wouldn't bother him.

With a team of kumo nin.*

"Alright then that completes the mission said Darui. He was a tanned man with white hair that covered one of his eyes. He had a tattoo for Black lightening on his arm.

The other 2 chunnin with him nodded and were about to leave when one of the chunnins noticed something in the river that was moving towards the water fall. Looking at it closely he noticed that it was a small boy.

He immediately rushed towards the boy and Pulled him it. The boy was non other than Naruto who was now shivering because of the cold and him being wet to the bone. The second chuunin looking at the kids reaction immediately Used a small fire jutsu to heat the boy up. And to dry his clothes.

Soon Naruto stopped shivering and gingerly opened his eyes to see 2 concerned looking chuunins and one bored Jonin. He quickly looked around his surroundings and realized that he mustve been thrown somewhere in the water and was now miles away from Konoha.

He looked down dejectedly and unknowingly channeled chakra into the ground that caused a few small crystals to emerge something that the kumo nin didnt miss. Darui then looked interested and asked "Oi kid whats your name?"

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." Naruto quietly replied as he waited for them to lash out and kill him.

"You are the hokages son what are you doing in a place like this?" Asked Darui who was now shocked.

"My parents ignore me for my sister. They havent even started training me and hardly pay attention to me. The villagers all dont even know my name. So I started playing pranks to get attention. The village ninjas caught me yesterday and threw me into that river saying that they are restoring the hokages reputation." Naruto was now crying openly. He had never shown his emotions in the village but today he couldn't control himself.

Darui was a very laid back person and rarely became angry. So when you saw him shaking in anger at Narutos story you knew that the matter was beyond serious. "That fucking village how can they do this to someone. Specifically a kid. And he has a kekkai genka as well. And he also made my tattoo react. Boss will be interested in this. I am taking him with me back to kumo." Darui furiously thought.

"So kid what are you gonna do now? Do you want us to drop you off back to Konoha?" Darui boredly asked.

Naruto frantically shook his head and with desperation said "Please don't take me back, my parents ignore me, the villagers hate me. Kill me but dont take me back please!."

Darui was now heartbroken just what had that wretched village done to this young boy. He immediately hugged the hysteric Naruto who was sobbing loudly. He rocked the boy a little calming him down and said "Hey shh calm down we wont take you back to hell hole. Do you want to come back with us to Kumogakure? I promise you will treated much better over there."

Naruto didn't answer and only nodded. Darui shifted naruto on to his back and nodded to the two chuunin who nodded and all 3 of them started jumping towards kumo. Naruto soon couldn't control his emotions and showed his side as a kid as he cheered into the air as it felt he was flying. He was inwardly happy he was free from his shackles and was now moving to a brighter future.

Darui and the chuunins didnt stop for a break and were determined to reach Kumo as soon as possible. After 2 days they finally arrived and as soon as they signed themselves in at the gate darui dismissed the chunnins and himself proceeded to go the Raikages office. He was walking in a leisured pace as Naruto was now safely in the village.

As they were walking naruto who had awoken when they stopped at the gate started taking in the sights of Kumo. It was a place full of Mountains that were surrounded by clouds. There werent all that many trees but the place In narutos opininion was more beautiful then konoha. The place was lively with shinobis running on the roofs and the civilians moving around the city completing there day to day tasks. Naruto strangely liked the setting.

Soon they entered the raikage building and after exchanging a few words with Mabui the raikages secretary Darui made his way and knocked on the raikages office after receiving a come in. He and Naruto walked in the room. As soon as Naruto he was awestruck the man was huge. He was very muscular and was very tall. Naruto was so awed he couldnt help but exclaim "Woah he is a mountain."

The exclamation caused both Darui and the Raikage to chuckle in good faith. Ay the Raikage then turned to Darui and said "Explain."

Nodding darui said " Mission was a success all the missing nin were eliminated. This is Naruto Namikaze we found him unconcious, and floating in a river near to us before he woke up and left with us on his own will."

Ay was now surprised why would the son of his arch rival would willingly leave them and join kumo. He eyed the kid who was looking at the floor with fear evident on his face. What surprised Ay was that he wasnt fearing where he was. Naruto was comfortable being in kumo so what was he afraid of? Ay then eyed Darui and sent him a questioning look.

Sighing Darui Placed his hand on naruto prompting him to look at Darui. Darui then nodded as Mabui entered the room with a stack of papers. It was then that Naruto began his story this time telling the unedited version and revealing everything he had to live through. Near the end he broke into tears again causing mabui to rush and pull him into a hug.

Ay was shaking in raw fury. How could some one favor one child over the other and then forget about the other one. And how blinded were the villagers and ninjas?, every kid plays pranks why did they kidnap and then dump him out in the open at the mercy of literally everything. His hatred for konoha skyrocketed at that moment and he decided one thing he was going to take Naruto as his apprentice and train him personally in the ways of the shinobi.

He then looked at the sniffing naruto who was still in Mabui embrace and in a tender voice spoke and said "Naruto would you like to join Kumo and become a shinobi here?"

Naruto immediately nodded. Ay smiled at him which caused naruto to relax. Ay then stood up and said "Very well then. I will draw up your paper work to live here. Also I will be training you personally so you better be ready to put in a lot of hardwork."

Naruto nodded strongly. He had stars in his eyes. Being trained by a kage was a still an exciting prospect for the young boy. Darui tho was surprised and spoke saying "If thats the case I will be training him along with you. He has the ability to use black lightening. My tattoo react when I first saw him. Also he has a kekkai genka."

Ay nodded before looking interested. He then asked "Which one?"

Turning to naruto he said "Naruro imagine a Rose and channel chakra into your palm."

Naruto did just that and soon a shiny black crystal rose appeared. Ay now had a shit eating grin. His student had a very rare Kekkai genka and an un usually high affinity for Lightening. He would grow up to be a very strong shinobi. Ay however then asked Naruto a question that would change him forever.

"Naruto if we train you and you become strong what would you do if konoha and your family came to get you? Also what would you do with that power?" Ay asked.

"I won't forgive my family including my god parents ever. They dont deserve my forgiveness. And with that power I will protect kumogakure from any and every thing. I will become the ultimate protector and will then take your seat as the Godoaime Raikage." Naruto finished with a grin.

Ay chuckled the boy had given a better answer than he had expected. "Alright then the only thing left now is to decide where you will be staying." Ay said.

"I would like to adopt him as my son." Mabui immediately replied. Causing Darui and Ay to raise their eyes amusedly as Naruto looked at her in hope.

"Y-y-y-you would really adopt me?" Naruto shakily asked.

"I would if you want me to Naruto. Would you like to be my sochi?" Mabui asked in a tender voice.

"Kaachan.!" Naruto shouted as he lunged into the open arms of Mabui.

"Well that settles everything. Mabui you can take the rest of the day of Take Naruto home and get some shopping done I will draw up the necessary paperwork." Ay said as Mabui nodded thankfully and left with Naruto in her arms.

As soon as she left the room Ay activated the Privacy seals before smashing his table into smitherins. "Those fu*king bastards how dare they do something like that to a child." He growled.

Darui nodded and said "Well they will soon see what they missed out on. He is gifted you saw how perfectly he manipulated his shoton without any previous manipulation excercise. Also his lightening affinity is strong. I felt a good jolt when I saw him. We may have someone with the shodaimes power."

Ay chuckled evilly he would turn naruto into a freakishly strong shinobi and when the time came konoha would pay for its mistake.

Meanwhile in konoha.*

Yui Namikaze was a worried girl her brother had been missing for 2 whole days now. She rushed into her dads office where Her father mother god parents and the 3rd hokage were discussing something.

"Yui whats wrong baby?" asked kushina as she walked over and scooped her daughter into her lap.

"Its Naruto nii I haven't seen him for 2 days now he isn't home and hasn't done any prank since his last one last week." She urgently said.

Before any one could reply the sandaime shouted "WHATTTTT. ANBU MOBILISE 3 TRACKING TEAMS AND BRING BACK MY GRANDSON." After a chorus of hais the anbus in the building left leaving a fuming Sandaime and 4 confused others.

"Why are you worried Hiruzen it will be one of his pranks. Don't worry they will be back soon." Minato nonchlatantly said.

A furious hiruzen turned to Minato and snarled "Are you kidding me? Your son has been missing for 3 fucking days and that is what you have to say?"

"He does it all the time sensei. I always reprimand him and tell him to be like Yui chan but he never listens." Tsunade said trying to diffuse the situation.

"She is right sensei I mean he is hardly social with any of us and always bugs Yui chans training. He is just a trouble maker I am sure there is nothing to worry about." Jiraya added.

"I will be sure to punish him when he returns home. I will completely remove his prankster tendencies dattebane." Kushina said.

It was after this that Hiruzen completely lost it. He was already worried about Narutos safety after he heard murmurs in the crowd. And the insolence of the Idiots in front of him was making it all the much worse. So he finally shouted.


Non of the 5 mentioned knew anything about Naruto. His likes, dislikes, his dream, his talent every thing was an unchartered plane for them. All 4 of the other adults looked down in shame when they realized that they had in deed neglected a 6 year old from his birth. However the decided to make it up to him as soon as he came back and then start training him seriously.

However all there plans were dashed to the ground when the ANBU commander reappeared and said " Hokage sama, kushina sama, Jiraya sama, tsunade sama and Sandaime sama, Naruto namikaze is not in the village. According to the talk in the street some konoha nin kidnapped him and dumped him far away from the village because they felt that he was sullying the your name."

As soon as he finished a potent very potent killing intent filled the room and was felt by half the village. It was one that couldve matched the kyuubi on its day. The one emitting the Killing Intent was non other than the sandaime. Everyone except Minato was shaking under the pressure.

Hiruzen then calmly said "Am I to believe that the anbu stationed by me to watch over naruto were defeated?"

The commander began to sweat under the pressure as he replied "No sir we had a large number of A to S rank missions and the ANBUs were out performing them."

"I see well your next Mission will to catch every single bastard involved in the kidnapping before sending them to Ibiki. Tell him that I give both him and Anko a free reign Into doing whatever they like on them." Hiruzen calmly said as he stopped releasing his intent.

When the ANBU left The whole room was quiet no one said a thing. Until minato spoke and "Hiruzen I..." but was cut of when Hiruzen spoke and said

"Its sarutobi dono for you Hokage sama. I may not publicly announce you as an enemy as that will be bad for the village but privately we arent friends any more and perhaps never will be."

Next to speak was Jiraya who tried and said "I am sorry sen...". But he too was interrupted by Hiruzen who said

"There is no need to apologise to me. The way you 3 turned out was a failure on my part. God I should've taken Naruto as an apprentice when we talked and he told me everything. It would've have been nice to have at least one student who wasn't a complete failure as a human being. I resign my post as an advisor hokage sama and I shall be taking my leave."

He stood and left leaving 4 hurt shinobi and one passed out academy student behind. All of them having the same thoughts. "please be safe naruto."