(The next day)

The kumo contingent were standing with their respective senseis and were just about to begin the discussions for their training excursion for the upcoming month. "Alright people heres how things will go. Yugito you will go with Bee to help you get better control over your biju. Samui and Atsui you'll be with me. While the rest of you will train with your respective senseis. Your plans are already ready. Naruto I apologise but we need to focus on the others more. Since you already the strongest one here I suggest you work on your moves." Darui said as he looked at Naruto apologetically.

"Meh I don't mind sensei. I am sure I can create a few shoton jutsus for my use." Naruto said with a shrugg and a small smile. Darui nodded after which he left with the rest of the group.

Naruto shrugged before he left the training ground hoping to get in some lunch before he worked on his jutsus. As he walked a delicious wiff caught his nose and he found himself unconsciously following it.

Soon he came a across a ramen stand by the name of Ichirakus. Shrugging his head he moved inside and sat down before calling out "Anyone here?"

"Hello and welcome to Ichirakus Ramen how may we help you.?" A girl said as she appeared from the kitchen. She had light brown Hair and was wearing an apron along with a white hat on head.

"Ah yes I would a large bowl of Miso Ramen thank you." Naruto said as he flashed Ayame a smile.

"Coming right up." she said as she returned the smile and left to get cooking.

As he was waiting for his food he heard the someone enter the stand. He groaned when he recognized the voice. It was the yondaime along with his family and the toad and slug sages.

The group of five froze when they saw Naruto on one of the seats. "Naruto." kushina muttered.

"Namikaze Sama." Naruto intoned with a nod of his head before he turned back to look at his food being cooked. It was a tense situation for a few moments after which Yui huffed before she sat down next to Naruto and said "Whatcha doing here dattebane.?"

"Isnt it obvious I am here to eat before I go for my training." Naruto said with a shrugg not all minding Yui being near him.

"Oh sorry. Te he." Yui said as she scratched the back of her head as she gave a small chuckle.

"Its ok. So whats up?" Naruto asked as he raised his eyebrow at her.

"Ah I was here with kaa chan, tou san, we were about to get a little lunch when we were joined by Baa chan and Ero senin." Yui said as she pointed towards the two Sannin who were warily staring at Naruto.

Naruto snorted out a chuckle and looked at Yui with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Hey he was a prankster by heart no matter how mature he became. "So I guess that the slug is as you so eloquently called Ero senin and the toad is baa chan?" He asked with a tilt of his head.

Both of the sanins bristled at that but did not do anything as Yui innocently replied " Hell no you got it wrong. Its in the reverse. Say Naruto kun why arent your teammates with you?"

"Sensei wanted to focus on them to get them up to speed. As for me I really hate to brag but these exams are little more than a formality for me." Naruto replied with a shrugg as he put his elbow on the table and palmed his cheek while boredly looking at Yui.

A slight breeze blew his locks which made Yui blush at him. He looked serene. Kushina caught the blush on her daughter and inwardly smirked while storing the information at the back of her mind. She was slowly accepting that she may never be a mother to Naruto however she could attempt to be his friend.

Narutos ramen then arrived and he ate while making small talk with yui. When he was done he paid the bill before patting Yui on the head and leaving. As he left he started looking for an empty training ground. He did soon find one just opposite of the forest of death and entered it.

He then sat down in the middle of it before he began to mediate.

From a far a few anbu nin wearing blank masks with the Ne sign on them were secretly observing Naruto on the orders of danzo. They were instructed to catch him and bring him in for emotional conditioning. However before they could move they felt a presence coming to the training ground. It was the retired sandaime hokage. Who despite his time in the sidelines was still a solid S ranked ninja. The Ne anbu cursed before shuushining away knowing that they couldn't risk being found by someone like the sandaime Hokage.

Naruto opened his eyes when he felt the large chakra signature approach him and immediately took up a battle stance towards its general direction. "Now now Naruto kun that wasn't the type of reaction I expected to see from my surrogate grandson." A warm voice said from behind him.

Narutos eyes widened to exponential proportions as he heard that voice. It was one that he would never and could never forget. Turning around he rammed himself into the figure and hugged him for all he was worth.

"How are you Naruto kun. I missed you and your energy a lot." Hiruzen softly said as he hugged his surrogate grandson back.

"I missed you Jiji." Naruto said showing his childish side to someone for the first time in years.

"How have you been my boy. Have you been eating right? Do people at kumo treat you nicely?" Hiruzen asked as he broke the hug and held Naruto by his shoulders.

"I am fine jiji. I have been eating fine though my kaasan, senseis and girlfriends say that I work to hard for my own good. And I am loved in kumo. People treat me like a hero." Naruto said with a small smile as he reminisced on his life in kumo with his grandfather figure.

"That is good Naruto kun. Now what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be training with your team?" Hiruzen asked curiously.

"I wanted to work alone so that I could create a few techniques on my own but then I thought that this wasnt the way to go for me." Naruto responded as he massaged his chin thoughtfully.

" Oh than maybe I can be of assistance. How about me training you for the finals in a month.?" Hiruzen asked with a grin as he noticed narutos form freeze up.

"Really? Why would you want to train me?" Naruto asked shocked as he looked up at Hiruzen.

"Is it wrong to finally spend some time with my grandson? Besides Had that incident not happened 7 years ago I would have taken you as my apprentice the moment you entered the academy." Hiruzen said with a shrugg.

"Really? Awesome what can you teach me Jiji?" Naruto asked.

"I am primarily a ninjutsu expert and am the only ninja in the elemental nations who has mastered the nature manipulation for all 5 of the basic base elements. Now what do you know of your elemental affinity?" Hiruzen asked.

"I have 3 natural affinitys, wind, lightning and earth. I have mastered the 3 basic elemental manipulations for them and know quiet a lot of jutsus in them." Naruto answered.

"Hmm that is a lot better than what I had originally expected. If you were to ask my opinion I would begin training a new element." Hiruzen said as he looked at Naruto.

"A new element huh? Which one do you think I should go for jiji?" Asked Naruto.

"I am going to teach you fire manipulation and Jutsus. If you manage to complete all 3 forms of Fire nature manipulation I will give 3 fire jutsus made and used by madara uchiha along with some of the ones that I frequently used during my active duty days." Hiruzen said with a challenging grin.

"Youve got it old man. Tell me what is the first step." Naruto excitedly said as he accepted Hiruzens challenge.

"You need to burn a leaf with your chakra alone." Hiruzen said. Naruto nodded at that tidbit before he created a 200 shadow clones surprising the hell out of Sarutobi before sending them to work on the excercise.

"Now then since my clones are busy doing their thing how about a spar Jiji?" Naruto said.

"Sure why not Naruto kun let us begin." Hiruzen said.

(Timeskip 3 days)

It had been three days since naruto had started his training with Hiruzen. And it was something amazing. Hiruzen had a vast amount of knowledge in nearly all of the shinobi arts showing of why he was called 'the professor'. Not to mention Naruto learned first hand why Hiruzen had earned the title of the 'God of shinobi' due to the brutal beat downs he had in their spars.

Currently he standing in front of Hiruzen with a leaf inside his palms. He channelled his chakra into the leaf causing it to turn to ash. When he was done he smirked and looked up to see the shocked yet proud look on hiruzens face.

"Very well done Naruto kun. I am surprised that you were able to get the first excercise this quickly. Now I want you to start practicing these D to C ranked Fire Jutsus while you send your clones for the second nature manipulation excercise." Hiruzen said as he handed Naruto two scrolls.

Naruto nodded with a smile before he created 200 clones before turning to Hiruzen and saying "So Jiji whats the next excercise?"

Hiruzen smiled before he weaved through a few hand signs before slamming them on the ground causing several hundred bolders. "Your Job Naruto kun will be to be able to melt a single boulder that size with your fire chakra alone. I will give a scroll for B and A ranked Jutsus as soon as you are done with this."

"Alright Jiji I will get it done. Alright everyone lets get it done." Naruto said to his clones.

"Ossu." The clones said at once after which they made their way over to boulders and started channelling their chakra into it. Naruto on the other hand opened up one of the scrolls and started learning the jutsus in them under hiruzens watchful eyes.

(Time skip 7 days)

"Amazing once again Naruto kun. You certainly live up to your title as a prodigy. As promised here are the scrolls for the B and A ranked jutsus. I will teach you the Jutsus I promised in the beginning when you get the last excercise done. It involves melting the whole tree and all its leaves simultaneously." Hiruzen said as Naruto just finished burning a whole boulder.

Naruto nodded before wiping his sweat of with a towel. 10 days into his training and he was pretty happy with how things were going. He couldn't wait for the last three jutsus. Taking a drink of water from his canteen he created his clones once again and set them up for the last excercise before he himself practised the jutsus given to him. All the while working on two of his original Jutsus.

(Timeskip to the finals day)

Naruto calmly made his way to the finals arena hoping to catch his team before the fighting began. He was immensely happy with the progress he made and couldn't wait to show it of to His friends.

Finding the kumo contingent he smirked before moving towards them knowing that they would be in for a big surprise.